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    Well I am real busy lately since I was accepted into an honour choir ready to tour Europe! Between Europe and the release of my new website, and production of my newest videos, I am wiped! I am thirlled to have Doug Deforest of Lake Paradise Studio producing my newest songs. He found me on YouTube and was determined to get me to go to Arkansas (with me living in Tennessee) to have him work with me!

    Well, It's time to go to bed now anyway haha. Add more soon. :)

  1. I’ve always been drawn to songs that seek to inspire or build the listener because I feel it’s so needed in our seriously stressed society. This is one of the reasons that I became a Fun. fan as of late.

    My guess is that “We Are Youngâ€, FUN.'s latest hit off their “Some Nights†album would ring a bell with music listeners instantly, but there’s another song that I would urge you to play.

    “Carry Onâ€

    "Let your past be the sound of your feet upon the ground."

    This is one of the greatest lines I have ever heard in a song in my entire life. It spoke to me immediately, and it has dramatically reshaped the way I look at life.

    It takes courage and inner strength to overcome obstacles, and that’s not a cliché, that’s just truth. It talks about the ability to just keep going even when things are challenging. You might fall many times but you can still always get back up and start again. This song communicates that message well. Even with this one line, I see the whole picture.

    “Carry On†also brings a sense of community as it shows we as individuals are not alone. Everyone struggles, but within us, each one of us, there is a power and even on the worst day of our life, we will find the strength to rise above, and we’ll do it together.

    “Cause' we are, we are shining stars, we are invincible, we are who we are. On our darkest day, when we’re miles away, we will come we will find our way home.â€

    Aside from its motivational message, “Carry On†is filled with unique lyrics from start to finish that perfectly illustrate an inner hope, that although not rational, still make some form of sense. An example of this would be the second verse, which talks about the inevitable death of everyone you know.

    “But I’d like to think, I could cheat it all, to make up for the times I’ve been cheated on.â€

    This song also has a “bar†feel to it, similar to Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin’â€, I can imagine a group of friends singing this after a rough day, and after having a few.

    Definitely give this one a listen, and check out lead singer Nate Ruess’ impressive vocal range


    Also, check out FUN.'s recent opening performance of "We Are Young" at the 2012 MTV Movie Awards.


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    blog-0368179001333481912.jpgHello nobody,

    I've never tried a blog. I don't count on people flocking to read my thoughts, but hey.. this is my meager

    attempted at talking about something that takes up most of my time.

    For the majority of my life, I was not into music. I listened to it, but I didn't LISTEN to it. Also, my main musical choice was rap which usually on the radio wasn't very thought provoking. I really got into rap for a while until one faithful day I did someone with a group of my friends that i'd never done before and it flipped my world and thought process upside down as far as music, and a lot of other things, go. This experience let me see the true beauty in the world of music, but just a glimpse. As soon as I saw it, I knew that is what I had to per sue. I decided to buy a guitar around the same point because I knew I wanted to participate in this world, even if just in my living room.

    The majority of my interest in rock music lies in the 60's-70's. The Beatles and The Doors, though not similar to each other are my oldest favorites. John Lennon of The Beatles is my personal hero as far as writing, developing a person sound, intelligence, and in world views of peace for all. I could write a lot about him. Jim Morrison of The Doors is such an interesting character to me. He stood for pushing the limits and following your hearts desire if it even meant it wasn't the greatest idea at the time. Right or wrong, Jim Morrison was someone to respect, for that fact - to me at least.

    Well next post will be a lot more music and less me. Enjoy if anyone is out there.

  2. Word itself is a strong word for it is the source for all communcation.

    Deaf people use sign words, blind people use braille words and all others use verbal words.

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    I see this charged collision of two things that were meant for each other: film and song.

    I wanna be Tom Waits, the man who has the smallest part but commands the screen.

    I wanna be Jean Gabin, totally careless with a song in my heart.

    I wanna be Clint Eastwood, leaving on the last bus out, backed by brooding instrumentals.

    I wanna be Bob Dylan, an alias...an ellipsis...a parenthesis.

    I wanna be David Bowie, wrapped up in stardust, frequent and far between.

    I wanna be Steve Van Zandt, a right-hand man.

    I wanna be Johnny Cash, warm, loving, eternal.

    I wanna be Elvis Presley, with tears as I face Amazing Grace.

    I wanna be Frank Sinatra (From: Here, To: Eternity)

  3. blog-0487539001329905437.jpgFeb 21, 2012 Thorny Swale performed 5 of my original songs at Northwestern Community Television (http://www.nwct.org/) a public-access cable station west of Minneapolis. This great opportunity came through a partnering between NWCT and the Minnesota Association of Songwriters (http://www.mnsongwriters.org/), of which I am a member. "Minnesingers" the original music program consisting of MAS performers is the brainchild of MAS member and NWCT Executive Producer Rita Fox.

    This was an ambitious undertaking because just weeks before the taping guitarist Scott Iverson and I began playing our respective instruments (Scott had played drums on the originals while I fronted and played rhythm guitar) and I also began using an in-ear monitor system with my own mixer. In addition, there were three new songs - one of these (Be My Love) was so nuanced that it necessitated drawing up huge charts on gigantic-child paper (4 in all -- the Out took up one page in itself). I cleared my mantle, took down the painting over the fireplace and fastened the charts to the wall, where they remained for 2 weeks.

    Guitarist Mark Rocheleau and I additionally spent an afternoon one-on-one with this song, for which I was very grateful.

    Because of circumstance, we lost 2 rehearsals (I had wanted 6) and I think ended up doing four. I must thank "Sneakers" (http://www.reverbnat...om/sneakersband), the other stellar band I'm in for an intense period of regular rehearsing, the results of which were so edifying, I could come to T-Swale with complete confidence that we could and should do the same kind of focused hard work. I try to remain mindful of the sacrifices the wives and families make in letting their men go - bandmates who have full time dayjobs, busy families, and some of whom drive from out of state to rehearse.

    Thanks to a new mini digital recorder, we were able to record and and I supplemented w/ other MP3 files (rhythm & lead guitar motifs, etc;) so the guys learned the new material increasingly with each rehearsal. I hoped to encourage them (within some strict visions I had of the songs) to make their parts their own. They did, to the point of re-arranging the 4-chart song Be My Love to a manageable complexity, and it was the right decision. I watched as the short weeks rushed by, my busy bandmates keeping up with MP3 files & accompanying musical ideas/notes/proddings, plus the logistics of my new monitor set-up, and increasing technical/practical details of the NWCT taping itself.

    Myself, I was in athletic training mode 2 1/2 weeks prior to the taping. Number one, I practiced drums at a much slower bpm than normally played, to a click, recording everything and forcing myself to listen to all playbacks in a very focused way. I knew from the past (http://forums.songst...studio-lessons/) this was crucial for getting inside the groove; and since I hadn't played these songs on drums live (save one), I was writing parts and shaping the songs. Many tools were needed to above all try to communicate the vision I had to my bandmates, and I learned that intimately knowing that vision could be an obstacle in said communication. I had to try to listen to what they were saying, try to understand what information they needed. They were very patient and dear with me.

    Our bandmates are our best and only allies in very real ways. They deserve respect, gratitude, and sweetness wherever possible.

    Vocally I had my work cut out. The 5 songs seemed quite different in power, style, etc; Be My Love uses the highest end of my range purposely breathy almost throughout, while There's Gonna Be A Storm is to the wall heavy. I practiced all vocals sitting down, because that is the way they'd be performed, sometimes a single phrase repeatedly...then 2 phrases in a loop and so on. That kind of care was needed in analyzing strengths/weaknesses vocally, not only because I was playing a different instrument now, but a loud instrument. I'm no stranger to this nit-picky work, it is how I learned to sing my own songs. A satisfying day when I was ready to concentrate solely on singing & playing as a whole.

    The material came together at the eleventh hour. I wished for more time to reflect on how hard T-Swale had worked. These guys are accomplished soloists. As I learned (again) in drum prep, I needed restraint most of all in order to let the groovy licks shine. The whole band learned a lot about the discipline of doing this. I cannot express how pleased I am with our result. Simple to say "The Song Is Queen - Serve Her", but it is much harder to do. I know at least some of the guys wanted one more rehearsal (bless them!), but our time had run out.


    We arrived at the NWCT studio intact. I'd been sick for a few days, striving to remain calm above all in the face of sore throat/sinus woes. We were one of 2 acts scheduled to tape and thus slated to have 90 minutes to set up a 6 piece band, sound check and then film, a challenging undertaking that we accepted, yet were nervous about being able to fulfill. Yet various supportive and buoying things had happened along the way. The people were sweet and really for us, in various email and other exchanges concerning gear & logistics -- notably Wayne Hamilton (President of MAS), Rtia Fox Executive Producer, and Ray Dahl, Sound Engineer at NWCT. It was an unexpected happiness therefore, to find out at the studio that we were granted additional time, as the second act couldn't appear that evening.

    The studio was large and felt expansive, housed in a modern, sound building. There were amenities like a large, clean break room (w/ treats) and a great ladies room (LOL). Ray Dahl, Rita Fox and Wayne Hamilton (himself nursing a winter illness) all helped us load our gear into the studio. I was especially touched and felt supported to see Wayne there under that circumstance. He immediately asked if we wanted to use risers and began discussing some set design. Risers seemed like a good idea, so people began getting various set pieces and hauling them in. I was so happy to be vocally warmed up and confident I could sing.

    (Sidenote: Tenor saxman and vocalist Jeff F and I are both hairdressers - I cut his hair last month, and he cut mine a week before the taping. So it was to him I showed the clothing I'd brought and we discussed possibilities. It's a comfort to know he's there on-the-gig for hair tousling or any aesthetic needs).

    Once our stage set up was completed, we got a chance to sound check & actually rehearse. That was my favorite part - maybe because the studio door was open, and there was a buzz in the air. Producer Bob Woods then sat down with me, introduced cameraman Mike (we later met cameraman Mark and lighting tech Nikki), and we mapped out the songs in some detail regarding soloists and other cue-like info the camera crew would find helpful. The last few minutes before taping I listened to a recording Jeff F had done with new sax parts, which I was to yay or nay (he ended up doing them).

    We were fortunate at being able to do some second takes of songs if we weren't pleased with the 1st result. I had one monitor in my ear and the other bare, to hear the whole stage sound. I love in-ear monitors, I can finally hear myself sing in a way I never could before. It felt so good to be playing those songs -- which happen to be my songs, but as writers tell it, often enough the song writes you. It's really been in the last 2 weeks that I have ever heard some of them, the way they've been in my head for so long. It is rare & thrilling in a deep-down way to behold. And frankly, it was wild to have an audience and be filmed right on the heels of still kind of in shock about the tunage being realized outside one's head.

    This is T-Swale -- exceptionally able, tasteful and never robotic. Yet it had been a long day. In the end, we were tired and our own worst critics. But I have the little rough draft tapes of tonight, already listened to....even without hearing them, this writer couldn't be more pleased. But I am totally stoked! I am not the only songwriter in Thorny Swale, for one. And we are up to at least 7 originals live, with more of mine waiting in the wings, if the guys want to do them.

    So grateful to God for this wonderful opportunity via the MAS, NWCT & Thorny Swale!


    -Shrove Tuesday, 2012

  4. Dear Blog

    Ok so I been like talkin to my ex and he kinda started liking me again and I was super excited

    Cuz he's the one I wrote young forever for and call me Angelina and sacred love and he's the one that

    I was scared to love but I'm not anymore and ya!! But we get to school Wednesday right and he's walking me to class and my friend Julian calls me up! And he's all dude get off his jock and I'm all huh?! What that's not what I'm doing! And he kindly informs me that there's another girl in a different school and he likes her a lot and my ex is head over heels for her... Ya...

    So I ask him about her cause lets face it I don't wanna look stupid by falling and then just getting screwed over again!!!! He says she is just a flirty thing and he doesn't really care for her and he says I'm a fun girl he loves to flirt with but I'm also a deep girl with a brain and he can talk to me when he can't say that about this chick..

    Today I go up to him and I just start a pleasant conversation cuz I've been avoiding him in person and he totally goes all bipolar and I asked him what's wrong and he says I'm too egotistical for him.... And I'm like dude I have the worst self asteem ever??? And be freaked out on me...

    Ok but major prob is that this was upsetting me well my bestie texts me and she says this guy I wrote my overy first song for and have been pining for all my life Well he like loves my bestfriend...

    And that kinda shot me intheface...

    And Im dealing with the end of life as I know it

    Drama? Ya ... But it still hurts like a mofo...

    Fall out boy is usually the cure all ...

    Night (;

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    Don't give up on me

    I know I seem like a failure now

    A bastard child at best

    I know that I've fallen from grace

    Fallen harder than the rest

    I swear I'll be myself again one day

    I swear I'll be here for all the words you say

    In the end my friend

    Don't give up on me

    I know you've tried a thousand times

    Don't give up on me

    This place of my regret

    Will burn like a pyre in my mind

    I'll burn it all every moment

    Until your heart I find

    I swear I'll be myself again one day

    I swear I'll be here for all the words you say

    In the end my friend

    Don't give up on me

    I know you've tried a thousand times

    Don't give up on me

    What do I have to do?

    To come home back to you.

    How much do I have to cry?

    God knows I tried.

    Help me.

  5. No More Gray

    darling when my world is gray all it takes is that smile to brighten up my day babie i swear there is no reason to fear cuz unlike the others im not the type to disappear so let me make things clear grab my hand and we will make through the sands of time and not a soul will make me remove your hand from mine sweet heart one look at you and my heart beats faster and i think to myself those gorgeous blue eyes could be my ever after and i seem to loose all ability to breath but one thing i can say for sure babe if this a disease i hope ill never get the cure and your heart i will not break cuz i know for my sake when my world is gray all it takes is that smile to brighten up my day

    babie i know lyrics are just lyrics and this wont be your first time to hear this, but just hear me out because it your name that over these speakers my heart will one day scream out over the radio cuz i know that when my days turn to gray that breath taking smile will be there to brighten up my day

    they say chances are we wont last but don't be afraid cuz with a girl like you ive got every reason to stay cuz girl with a smile like that there's no possible way i could see gray

    Who would have thought i could meet a girl that could be my girlfriend and my best friend babe its obvious your a god send and if its up to me this hand of yours will hold to the very end

    darlin i could right a book on how that smile and them pretty eyes hot me hooked like a fish on a line but i figured id write about how lucky i am that your mine cuz i know when that smile brightens up my day and erases the gray ill live to see another day

    well theres not much left to say besides babe its impossibe for me to be any happier than i am today because its indescribable how i get lost in your lips and ot just the gray but the whole world fades away


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    I think no one into indie and electronic music would deny that one of the best records released in 2007 was Justice's Cross. Talking about more underground music, certainly there have always been records sounding more ominous, distorted, and mangled. But when a whole genre (say, rhythmic noise or dark ambient) is characterized by a specific – or even unpleasing for the most ears, – sound, that is quite different. Within mainstream music Cross does quite look like a white crow among its imperturbable companions. For a more exact metaphor, this imaginary pack of crows is covered in coal – so that to make a stronger emphasis on how much of an albino derelict a white one looks like in their company. (Or to be extremely precise, as opposed to dominating in the industry polished and overproduced sound of both electro- and rock albums, with its warped synths it's rather Justice's debut – together with a Crystal Castles' eponymous one, – actually covered in coal.)

    The thing is, today I stumbled on a classical piece which pretty much impressed me to the same extent as Cross back in days. Improvisation sur le 'Te Deum' – written, by the way, by a French electro-duo's compatriot, – sounds more of a raw arena rock than generic organ music. In a field of classical music Charles Tournemire, its composer, at all looks (slightly?) not fitting in – exactly like uncombed Justice's tunes sound on a dancefloor (in a recent interview the duo's Xavier de Rosnay admitted that he never heard non-remixed versions of their songs in a club). That's jazz that emboldens improvisation, in a barely standing on its last legs classical music there is no place for it – a situation I'd rather see to take a different turn: lots of long-deceased mastermind composers were able to freely improvise rather than mechanically play memorized opuses. Back to Tournemire's composition and what it has to do with Justice, the introductory chords immediately brought their Genesis to my mind; honestly, just add a straight beat and that would almost be it.

    Perhaps it's not that surprising as it might seem, considering Justice themselves referred to a 2007 album as an opera-disco; given that The Knife recently composed no-gimmick opera as well, it's hard to say electronic and classical music have no cross-points. No matter what, noticing such is always quite curious. Check out Tournemire's improvisation below:

  6. Hey everyone,

    For some time now, I have been trying to improve on my singing and practice till it's easier for me to get up to the whistle register (like without having to climb up, if you know what I mean).

    So, I've learned this thing about singing to songs that you think you would like to sing like the person that sung them. I hope that made sense lol. So...I have been listening to Christina Aguilera. I love her voice, but I must add, I don't like all her songs. I can sing, but I'm still working on to perfect the following songs by her, 'Hurt,' 'The Voice Within,' 'Pero Me Acuerdo De Ti,' 'I Turn To You,' 'Por Siempre Tu,' and 'You Lost Me." I'm going back to classical singing, well...not technically going back, I'm just going to be singing classically too. I used to be known for classical singing, but then, I started singing with my chest voice/register and I completely quit classical singing/singing with my head voice. I did however sing a classical song last year and earlier this year, one on stage and another just in a room with 3 other people. So, I love Tarja's voice, Tarja Turunen, from Nightwish, but now is a solo singer. I love metal music that's how I know her. So, Tarja's my inspiration. I've been singing some of her songs now and warming up first, I can sing her songs effortlessly. Listen to, 'I walk alone' and 'Rivers of Lust.' Also, I have been listening to songs from The Phantom of the Opera (woot! woot! lol). I have been singing 'Music of the Night,' 'The Phantom of the Opera' and 'Think of Me.' All the songs/parts sung by The Phantom, since he sounds tenor-ish, I raise the key and sing it because I'm a soprano singer (my range is from a low C to a high D). So... I am going to keep on singing these songs and improving on my singing and some day, I pray I see my name in lights, I could go on worldwide tours and do what I love - singing.

    Hope my blog didn't bore you lol

    Bye for now.


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    I don't know what to do.

    But I know this, I'm tired of pretending. That every things great, every things good, and every things fine.

    Because its not. It's awful, it's horrible, it's empty. :pianoplay3:

    And I go through it time and time again.

    Give me freedom, please give me some faith.

    I'm only here because you have been through way too much.

    But how am I suppose to believe, :acoustic:

    Anything you say to me?

    So far it's mostly lies,

    That only make you cry.

    And I stay strong

    And hard as a stone.

    The hurts too much,

    For anything else than that, anything else than silence.

    I'm tired of pretending. That every things great every things good, every things fine.

    There's a fine line. Because its not, it's awful, it's horrible, it's empty.

    And I go through it time and time again.

    Time and time again.

  7. quadrant5
    Latest Entry

    How many people watch TV? Whew, wild crowd on hand tonight. Anyway, I was watching the tele (heh heh, I feel kind of Bratish British. Hahahaha, I'm just pullin' ya lag chum. Aussie?) a couple of days ago, and this retarded guy (obviously a paid actor who gets paid too much and doesn't know how to act) walks into this room and starts doing all kinds of things like he's some kind of hot shot. While this is going on, there is this lovely young lady's voice singing to the viewers. It's like I'm in heaven looking down upon this moron on the television. Then it shows the singer!!! This lovely, gorgeous, beautiful, she should be the new face of the highest praise of beauty, I can see hear it now, "How do I look?", "Aw, hun, you look (Mette) Lindberg.", "Really? *eyes begin to water* You're the sweatest husband/ boyfriend/ lesbian lover/ person on th eface of the planet". There we have it folks, I'm in love the the Dannish Delight (why should the Turks get all the fun),

    :001_wub: Mette Lindberg. :001_wub:

    From the moment I heard her voice, to the moment I saw her face, I was head over heels. I now know that she is in a (my new favorite) band called "The Asteroids Galaxy Tour". I have only heard one song, "The Golden Age", but I think that they (she) are (is) the greatest of all time.

    Now's where you people come in. I would like to ask her to marry me, but I don't know how? Should I stalk her for a couple of months and finally jump out of a bunch of bushes with a ring screaming "Be my wife, forever shall I hold your hand. Through the thickest of haze, the lightest of night and the darkest of day, I shall be for you, and for you only shall I be! Take me young damsel! Take me to your father, the man whom shall hand to me his daughter's hand. A man who shant exist should he deny me my love. A man who sould be a fool to resist his child's well being. Take me love, take me home, take me far, take me there, take me my heart. For you my love, are the love of my life, the life for which I live for, the one I yearn to be with, the only I can say no more nor no less than I remain true of the heart and lie of the death. I cherish thee. Now, you hand me your hand, and this lie that we have accepted as fate shall be removed from the universe, and you shall be my wife, and I your husband"?

    I haven't a clue what to do. My mind is in ravages from her sheer beauty. I can barely form a sentence, and it feels like 25 years to life without her. I need her, I love her.

    Please help me.

    ~ Daniel ~

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    Why, hello!

    So, recently, I joined this forum, bringing my songwriting forum grand total to 3. If you're on any other forums, lemme know, yeah?

    I also realized that my conscience, while small and mislead, speaks with an English accent.

    I'm doing 50/90!!! I have 15 songs already, but I've only posted one. I'm such a winner. :D

    I just whistled. And it was to the tune of Misery Business.


    'Sall for now.

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    How are you doing, I'm Iain and like many others I appreciate music. I just started learning an amazing instrument, the guitar, and I want to share my journey with you.

    I've realized the more I listen to music the more I want to become involved! If you are curious to find out some basics about restringing and tuning the guitar, stick around So, today I made a decision to find out how I could re-string my guitar- since both my E strings have snapped, and all the other strings are so old they will break sometime soon.

    The two questions i first asked myself was :- how often should I have to re-string my guitar? and how do I re-string the guitar properly to prevent the strings from breaking so frequently?

    I've learnt how to re-string the guitar now, thanks to some help from a friend.


    First Step- Unwind the tuners, until the string becomes very loose.

    Second Step- Just pull out the string from the guitar machine head

    Third Step- The string at the guitar bridge, on my guitar, goes through a hole in the bridge and is then looped around itself three times or more. Once the string is loose enough, you can de-loop the string and pull it out from the hole.So now you have taken off the string.

    Fourth Step- Make sure that the new string is the same gauge as your broken/old string, (unless you are trying to change the note you will play on purpose). Put one end of the string through the hole in the bridge of the guitar, and then loop the string at least three times around itself.

    Fifth Step- Put the open end of the string in the empty machine head twice, entering from the same side each time.

    Sixth Step- Tighten the string till you are able to play the note properly, and you are finished So does anybody have any idea how often I should re-string my guitar, to keep them from getting too old? After reading this post I found a useful article on the subject, check this link to learn more on how to re-string a guitar.

    If you are learning the guitar as well,we can keep up on how each other are doing or help each other, you can mail me through PM, thanks!

  8. In Defence of Kirlian Camera.


    Far-Right Tendencies in the Wave and Gothic Scene

    Artical by Arne Gräfrath, posted by Strelnikov.

    After reading the article in the link above, I feel compelled to speak out in defence as a fan of the band Kirlian Camera and point out the irony of anti fascist campaigners accusing artists of taking a white supremacist stance on the flimsiest evidence imaginable without realizing that their own actions are also the thin end of the wedge.

    The basis for the claims against Kirlian Camera are comments made in 1999 by a German sociologist Alfred Schobert who stated in Der Speigel that,

    "The band uses original audio-documents from the leader of the fascist Iron Guard in Romania, namely Corneliu Zelea Codreanu. The bands says that they want to build a monument in his honour." and also accused them of performing a Hitlergruß (Nazi salute) on stage. This was as part of an interview with Martin Wolf where Kirlian Camera, along with several other artists, were accused of being in some way guilty by association for the Littleton massacre in Colorado.

    Kirlian Camera are an Italian electronic darkwave band, their creative kernel being Angelo Bergamini along with front woman Elena Alice Fossi. The band has been around for over thirty years now, their first release being in 1980. Looking at the line up of the band members alone over the last thirty years illustrates how absurd the claims that the band endorse white supremacy are. Sarah Crespi, who plays violin, viola, keyboards and guitar has oriental ethnicity. Nancy Appiah was a dark skinned Ghanaian and guitarist and keyboard player Paul David Sears, who was officially involved with the band from 1982 to 1985 was Jewish. The bands producer from 1982 - 1987, Allan Goldberg, was also Jewish.

    The band were not allowed to reply to the allegations made against them in Der Speigel, so they responded by including a statement on their next CD release stating that they do not align themselves with any political ideology. They denied the accusations that they were right wing extremists and pointed out that as well as being officially involved with Jewish people and people of other races, they sing lyrics by the Jewish German poet August Stramm. This testimony is backed up by statements band members have made during interviews.

    Cyber-angels: "Who is Elena Fossi?"

    Fossi: "One who would like the world to get joyful instead of continuously seen people slaughtering each other, one who would like justice to become a simple and clear concept for the whole humanity, not for the “intelligent” ones only... one who would like to uplift and build up rather than destroy, who likes making and singing songs more than anything else."

    Didier Becu (Dark Entries magazine): "During the Kirlian Camera history, there were some annoying periods in where people were accusing you from things you weren't. I thought it's frightening to see how much power people can have who are the so called right ones."

    Bergamini: "Well, yes, we have paid a hard bill for facts we were only supposed to be involved in. Rumours, gossips... it was enough to giving shape to a Great Enemy. But today everything is going on a bit better, as many people have realized that political involvement is by far an alien, to us. We have proved that many, so many times it looks even weird! How can I be involved in any “totalitarian/populist” ideal, if I live like a hermit and I don’t trust “people” at all!?! How could I be communist or even fascist?!?!?"

    In appearance, the band have photographs on their site where they are dressed in a military type attire, with everyone including Elena Fossi and the obviously oriental Sarah Crespi wearing shirts and ties while Angelo Bergamini has very short cropped hair. After trawling through hundreds of photographs and videos of the band's performances, I could not find one example of any fascist paraphernalia being worn by any of the members or of anything that looked remotely like a Hitlergruß being executed.

    If Schobert was prejudiced by the band's stage appearance, something that a sociologist should know better than, then perhaps he should have to look at Kate Wax, who also has a penchent for wearing ties, as a potential suspect and completely ignore the fact that she is of mixed race. Then there is Madonna, who has been filmed in military uniform, she must be suspect as well. Kate Bush was also guilty in this respect.

    If Schobert was simply basing his attack on the band on his own assertion that "The Gothic movement is attractive to unsteady and doubtful characters." then he would have to mark Shania Twain as being in some part responsible for the 2006 firebombing of Fallujah. Country and Western pop music seems to be attractive to Southern U.S. chickenhawks and she did appear dressed in a shirt and tie in her video "Man, I Feel Like a Woman."

    As far as the use of a sample of Corneliu Zelea Codreanu goes, why not have a listen to side two of Pink Floyd's "The Wall" and check out some of the fascist language and rhetoric used in that album. Is Roger Waters a fascist? Of course not, he's an unabashed left winger. He was making a valid artistic point in having the character portrayed in the album saying hateful things.

    How about the example of the Sisterhood, a side project of Andrew Eldritch, where he used a sample of a long monologue on the specifications of the AK47 assault rifle. It would be a stretch to describe Eldritch as a man who endorses arms proliferation.

    While there may be people involved in the Gothic Rock / Darkwave scenes with political ideals that are questionable, that does not account for the vast majority of artists and fans and there is certainly no evidence that it is applicable to Kirlian Camera. In fact, any musical genre and indeed any walk of life put under a magnifying glass will reveal people involved with political leanings that offend the moral majority.

    For the record, I am not a right winger.

  9. kisswithguns
    Latest Entry

    retrace the vacuum condenced in your mouths grasp, to store new air filling lungs and ideas with care,

    in which i dare to cast away to where the caves has its root, no shades to fall again, no lines - we

    seed dispute. to fear capsuled in the peaces on the floor that is you - so we wind and we seek, truth be the

    kinds from which spirits are shaped like minds seizing the pain of fear relying your most beheld spheres to what

    the reer has stained, the silence crime's sirened in the floods that breeds evil like obsolete, incomplete fetus

    bite the hand that feed us out wit mass consumputions, virus left us numb like rats in suited blunts when,

    time begun when we start counting, and coining our fellow dreams to lie values in the scene of the right, centers

    the third eyes sight yeah

    so fight, cause there's so much to see when darkness is fused

    to light up the bombs lasting echoes - in cries lies refuge,

    we sought redemptions - instead we sentenced compromise.

    recruit monsters in men, cloned souls lie in droves of ten, so now i fight this trend - this silenced root

    Hit it like pain from painkillers - you overdosed your ignorance levitation complicating medicinal termed tense,

    on the articulate refillers of life, replacing lungs with states of demise, and the heart by christ, instead of breathing

    the aspiring life thru the invites of my, blood runnings like ideas which blaze up like winds of spirits empires,

    So this is empirical, not rooted in any funeral fetish of truth sought out by breathing lies, their weeds they deprive

    by teaching the insight in labours goodwill, but this is the filling of crime, outpouring essense of minds, and your

    lessons type vague, life plannings are fake, so please stay awake for these words to shake paradigms; enslaved is to

    murder, is to governents deferred ya, so its to property called liberty well set me free from boundaries of posessions

    that is tyranny no blessing word write just to me, to you, to who the big brothers rule their game to condemn the sane

    to thoughts we reject it by names of cruel, but still the ignorance is tame, and property is theft of shame,

    I left thru drains, guessed through the veins that set my state by villains hate, so hearts beating bloods - they thrill

    the same unshield true saints, we wield our shades to guilt sustained

    - can you explain? Explore your mind, evoke the right, sync oath in time right? truth comes incarnated

    machine bourne agony money flood times are me - i am inflated,

    so flowing will be to skills seas of quill, ease to thrill so hand me your sympathy and i show the Liberty! quiver me!

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    As a pastor, Michael S. Martin communicates God's Word with clarity and conviction. He succeeds at delivering messages that are accessible and challenging. As a singer/songwriter he brings us that same sense of connection.

    Michael was born in Flint, Michigan where he began to develop his godly character and his love for music. Coming from a musical background, singing has been a part of Michael’s life since childhood. He grew up admiring his father’s singing ability and his mother and father's consistent love and care for people, especially family. “We thought our father could do anything, musically or otherwise.” Michael and his brothers grew up singing in their church choirs, as well as in their own group, sharing their talents in area churches. In Baltimore, MD and now in Los Angeles, CA both music and pastoring have been passions God has called him to pursue.

    Committed to communicating from a Christian worldview, Michael Martin is now delivering God's Word in all the forms he has been gifted in; displaying his talents as a writer and sharing his beautiful voice that so expertly speaks to the heart, mind and soul. He captures his audience with thoughtful and simple messages that are too easily forgotten in our busy world.

    Sing, celebrate, love God, have purpose, embrace truth, value your relationships, care for your family, smell your flowers, build your castle, walk in solitude, refill your love cup daily, pursue contentment; number your days.

    To listen to him singing, visit his website: Remaining Days Music

  10. Jessie
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    You dont care

    About your hair.

    I respect that,

    And that's a fact.

    You don't care

    If you're alone.

    You're just there.

    You're not a clone.

    You don't care

    If people hate you.

    it's not fair.

    You know too.

    You don't care

    What you eat.

    Because people stare

    At your feet.

    You don't care

    If you have money.

    You are aware

    That you have plenty.

    You don't care

    about your clothes.

    You'll just wear

    whatever go's.

    You don't care

    about reputation.

    People glare,

    There's no solution.

    You don't care

    where you live.

    There's no where

    That festive.

    You don't care

    what you smoke.

    Your throat will flare

    But you won't choke.

    You don't care

    If you have kids.

    They won't dare

    Disobey your forbids.

    You don't care

    about this song.

    You will share

    That it's too long...

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    Just thought i'd create a blog to capture all my thoughts on how to improve.

    I've been thinking about how to start playing the guitar. i would like to achieve a high standard of singing as well. I like the idea of being able to do both at the same time however, I have realised that you need to be able to do both separately before trying to combine the skills.

    I have also become interested in learning how to write my own lyrics, since most of the singers and songwriters i admire seem write their own stuff. Not quite sure where to start on that though...

    I have started to browse through peoples YouTube chanels, mainly SongStuff artists, and admire how far they have reached. It seems to me that this site is more likely to help me than most others, to achieve a better understanding of how to improve my skills.

    Thanks to seeing some of the profiles, I have a better understanding of what kind of artist i want to be!

  11. Evidently, there was a chance

    Seeing you was likely, feeling you was likely.

    The heavens began to rain, it was never a stance

    I never thought we could speak, not even hardly.

    Even if I can't see you,

    doesn't mean we have to quite, now.

    Is it wrong that,

    I don't want to!

    If it's better

    I'll travel to you.

    Is it,

    Is it,

    just wrong to wait?

    It's blnding,

    but the stars guide our way

    I's blinding,

    so what's wrong with wanting to wait?

    We're all blind,

    but if we wait,

    it will open our sight!

    Is it wrong that,

    I don't want to!

    If it's better,

    I'll loose everything,

    gain something,

    and travel to you!

    Is it,

    Is it,

    just wrong to wait?

    It's impossible for me to see how things could end up,

    I didn't want this,

    Is it impossible to be packed?

    I need to clear peices of the first life,

    I had before I promised this, and missed it!

    Some things, people, and places

    are worth the wait.

    Sometimes wide spaces,

    just bring two states

    a little closer...

    Is it wrong that,

    I don't want to!

    If it's better,

    I'll loose everything

    gain something

    and travel to you!

    Is it,

    Is it,

    just wrong to wait?

    Song Bio: The bio of this song is a little confidential. But, all I can say is some places and people are worth waiting for. Waiting to see them, in this case. Some things aren't worth giving up. What do you accomplish? Loosing something important, when you can wait and accomplish gaining more out of what you already have.

    Fact: In the third line of the first verse, "the heavens began to rain" was a Doors refference, from their song Touch Me. Always has been one of my favorites by them.

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    Ah there always has to be a first and this is it.

    I'll be talking on all things musical in this blog, looking at the industry, discussing ideas and concepts, picking at new tech, and examining trends. It will be interesting for me to do and hopefully it will be interesting for you to read!

    With so much happening in the industry and with so many new items of gear and music tech coming along there will be plenty to write about, then of course there is the star acts who I will no doubt have an opinion on.

    I'll keep this short as I am only really going "Tadddah!" to let you know what the blog is about. After all I am known for write briefly on any topic. *coughs*

  12. Strategies for Submissions to Music Publishers

    Now you’ve gotten the green light to submit some music to a music publisher either through networking, an organization event, a reference book, an online listing or whatever, the question is, “Which songs out of my catalog do I submit?” You need to put yourself in the music publisher’s place to fully understand what they’re looking for.

    This is not an easy question to answer, but here are some rules of thumb to guide you:

    1. Research the music publisher you are submitting to!

    Be sure to submit appropriate material. If it’s a publishing company that focuses on country music, you’re going to naturally want to send in the most country style songs you have. Try to find out about the other songs and songwriters they represent. Be ready to discuss those you like. The quicker you can move from strangers to partners, the better.

    2. Submit your most ‘commercial’ songs!

    How do you determine which of your songs is the most commercial? Ask yourself these questions:

    “Does it have a killer hook?”

    “Can I easily picture hearing this song on today’s radio?”

    “Does it have a universal theme?”

    “Is this song unique, and different from other songs about the same subject?”

    The answer to all or most of these questions should be a confident “Yes!”

    3. Put your best songs first.

    Publishers usually ask for around three songs for submissions. After determining which of your songs are the most commercial, put the strongest one first. If the first one isn’t strong, they often won’t listen to the second song.

    4. Get to the hook asap!

    Often the person listening to your song is swamped with material to plow through. If you don’t catch their attention in the first twenty to thirty seconds, the war is over and you lost. Always put the best verse first and get to the hook quickly. Some songs even start with the hook like “She Love You” by the Beatles.

    5. Submit the most polished demo you can afford!

    I used to hear music publishers say “Just submit the song as simply as you like. If the song’s great, I’ll be able to hear it.” What a bunch of bunk! Some of these guys have tin ears and wouldn’t know a hit if it bit them! So make it easy on them. Submit a demo that already sounds like a hit! Do the best demo you can afford. Make it so nobody can deny its commercial appeal. They’ll also like the fact that they won’t have to invest time and money into a demo.

    Jim Bruno

    Foothill College Songwriting Instructor


  13. Everyday is another try,

    Not to find another disguise for me,

    To believe in me.

    Tryin hard to see my life,

    In the mirror when I see myself but now,

    I've made up my mind.

    I will never change,

    I will never change for you.

    I was nothing,nothing to believe in,

    Just another pawn in your game,

    But now I have to break your stupid rules,

    I have to find my place(myself)

    And I will never change

    Let the world be all against me,

    Im gonna be what I was meant to be