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  1. FinnArild
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    In the pine right outside my balcony two magpies has started building their spiky nest. Last year they had 3 little ones, and I wonder if these are the same ones - they probably are - but more importantly: it's a sure sign spring is just around the corner. An especially long, cold and snowy winter looses it's grip, and to celebrate me and my wife will be off tomorrow for a week of R&R in lovely Prague.

    If you have followed me on my Facebook or Twitter pages you will have known that I have been featured on many radio shows throughout the world lately. Tomorrow (April 4) I will be featured with a longish interview on the Oslo based Rock FM from 23:00 Norwegian time. I can also recommend Progulus on-line radio where you can easily preview my album by requesting tracks. Reviews are continuing to come in - check out the review page.

    Between PR work and day job I am also getting together a band - we are still short of someone on keyboard, so anyone interested should just contact me.

    That's all for now - I'll be back soon with more info about the band!

    Finn Arild


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    (1st Verse-Rapping)

    The world's changing,it's only getting worse/

    And one day humanity's bubble will burst,the truth bound by a terrible curse/

    Nothin' can save us from our fate, spittin'this verse won't let time reverse/

    There's no point preparing for our doom day, 'coz' we're doomed anyway/

    It's set in stone so you can weep and moan all you want,nothin'will change/

    And it's sad that we're living lives of pain, waitin' for the day it all ends in a terrible way/

    I bet when we're in the blackness we wonder why the angels never came/

    But we know the answer, none of us deserve to keep living for sinning and cheating each other out of winning/

    Spending Saturday nights doin' drugs and binge drinking/

    Men ruining the lives of women and children, I guess it's just what we do/

    But remember that the brats and bitches do their fair share too, you know it's true/

    The only reason I was offensive to women and children then was to prove a point, somethin' I just had to do/

    So smoke a joint, play the life game/

    If you forget your troubles you'll earn ten points and if you forget your name you'll gain twenty/

    I hope you're listenin' to this message, if you don't you'll certainly regret it/

    I'm tryin' to say that you should do whatever it takes to numb the pain of Gods merciless wrath, his fatal frenzy.

    (Chorus- Rapping)

    I know this seems unbelievable, too mystical to be real/

    But doom day approaches, it's comin' to smoke us, logical yet mythological/

    Predictable but unstopable, unescapable, we're unable to avaid our dieng day/

    Think outside the box, the end could come anyday/

    Listen to the words I say, listen for f*ck sake!

    (2nd Verse- Rapping)

    It's the second verse and the preach continues, for the good of you/

    Don't bother arranging funerals funerals, the world's gonna end, what good will billions of hearses do?/

    I'm sayin' this to all of you, don't waste time planning for somethin' you can't avoid/

    So just listen to my lyrical warning, your spiritual calling/

    Don't get me wrong, I'm not here to stop you from falling 'coz' death can not be prevented/

    And on your last day,on everyones last day you'll lement 'coz' there's no time left to repent, life ends with sorrow and regret/

    The question is when? When will the world end?/

    Life's hard enough already, how much harder will it get before our grand finale?/

    Maybe we'll get hit by a tsunami of biblical proportions, maybe an earthquake will make our world shake/

    But maybe my vision's distorted and I'm rapping nonsense, am I making sense?/

    I'm just thinkin' outside the box, just escapin' the barbed wire fence, a metaphor not a mental assylum/

    When the apocalypse comes you'll run for miles then, get killed like stupid characters in horror movies/

    And this is an action thriller so watch out for Godzilla 'coz' he's comin' to kill ya, brace yourself for a good stomping/

    It's times like these that we need a hero to save the day, the world, the universe, the whole of time and space/

    But nobody will come because everything has to end eventually, ussually gradually but not in this case/

    What happens after death? Do we blink out of existence or do our souls carry on?/

    All we can do is hope and prayer, just live our lives the way we want until the day life ends, it could be just around the bend.



    Wait! Take me seriously, don't run away/

    Stay and come to terms with this f*cked up world, the shimmering stars/

    Feel the galaxy slowly spin, twirl, watch a vortex whirl and feel good while walking on this Earth/

    Enjoy life now 'coz' I don't need to tell you how quickly time is running out/

    Twenty four hours, a dramatic rate/

    Does the fear of it all make you dribble and shake? Does the pain erode away at your brain more and more day after day?/

    Certain death in an apocolyptic way, accept this as your fate and enjoy life before it's too late.

  2. Hecticity

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    My life is hectic…

    Always feeling like I’m on the grind but I’m never working.

    I’ve always tried to get ahead but someone is on my behind, tuggin, pullin, jerking.

    My life was screwed up since I was a child, from abuse to the neglection… you could say I’d rather choose the abuse as my overall attention. You never heard anything so real until you’ve seen it with your own eyes. Picturing the sounds of someone screaming your name, stuck behind a door that don’t exist and holding back, making the reality a lie. Lust be happenin in the house without a care of the little birds ears, listening in on the sidelines. It’s not right, he don’t even live here! I wanna start a fight. I should have had justice, but I stayed in my bed, feared the unknown and let time flow, never to forget this.

    Try to make voice as loud as my town, only to have who matters never hear it, never know who you are, never know what your capable of. This isn’t righteous. Is this only the beginning to my life, yes.

    We use to be happy family, just call us the Brady bunch. Yea, how times had changed those fainted memories are now haunting us…

    No one cared if I cried, but if I lied it was like blaspheming the king. I tried my best, I knew what to do… it was said done and stuck like glue. I was to be successful on that journey to greatness, make the money, get the girl make my parents so proud but I fell to the ground, it all be came what I like to call great-fakeness.

    That’s not all, for my problems come from more then my nest. I flew away south for the winter but only to get lost along the way. I gave up dreams, goals and loved ones for reasons that got in the really crazay; they bring me to my knees to this day. I thought I was seeking happiness with money and freedom, though I missed a couple steps in that recipe, it burnt to the ground, I wouldn’t even serve this to a bum.

    I felt I was in love, I masked it so real. You should have been there with me, you could taste it, smell it, hear it… so bitter, so raunchy so real.

    Had my heart up on a pedestal, but year after year people kept leaving. I gave it all to some girls, only to seek some guidance, something my life was lacking I needed to keep it real. It turns out what I lived for was farfetched and not worthy to share. Nah, they didn’t care they didn’t know how to feel. I couldn’t bare, though, I moved on without the rest of y’all. I had friends, yea they drowned my sorrows and kept me flying in the sky, away from the pain, away from the ground, where fear wasn’t an option it was a way of living before the almost inevitable decision to keep livin. That year the grim reaper almost became my best friend. I almost gave in. Can you hear me now… that’s right it’s tuff to hear, because everybody dies old but not everybody lives young on earth, this place we like to call here.

    A war broke loose, and my battleship almost sunk to the shadows of the deep blue sea. I lost my job, my home, my friends… my education was no where in sight on the horizon, I didn’t even know who I was, or who I was supposed to be.

    You ran away from me just like the rest did, you said these people would never lie to you. Though you forget a lie from me was unacceptable and I would never do so, for I was on the rise then… I never give up; don’t you ever believe in me so?

    This all seems so surreal, but what makes you think is completely what I feel. I gone fall down, lay for a moment but never underground. Failure isn’t the option; I’ll always be around. I wish that I could have this moment for life, for life, for life. Cuz in this moment I just feel so alive, alive, alive.

    I did it Grandpa; I wish you could see this Grandma. I finally feel real. From my troubles to this day where problems are so minuscule. I’m back in the post-secondary, this isn’t gonna be temporare. Soon enough I’m moving and all those haunting memories will wash away, and all you who didn’t believe, didn’t holla at a brotha better freeze for you’ve just been caught with your foot in your mouth… mmm can you taste it that’s the sweet flavor of guilt with a hint of fear. Damn, that’s gotta hurt but I’ll keep it PG and say you’ve just been kicked down south. I’m on my way to success; we will call it happiness. My life may be hectic, starting from the ground rising to the top, you’ve all got a lot to learn, before you judge others be sure to judge yourself accordingly. If you don’t you could fall, just as I did but it won’t be no warner bros plickity pluckity plop… it could be the end, and we are not all as strong willed as I am, I got my family back and before I leave I’d just like to tell you I’m BACK.

  3. Dee
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    Everything I Do has come to a halt only because I thought I might try to put a melody to one of my own songs - well a chorus anyway. I tinkled on the keyboard and was happy with the very simple/basic tune and even wrote the music down on a... stave! Me a composer! Who'd have thought it. Played it over and over and then proudly showed it to my piano teacher.

    She smiled a sympathetic smile and said "er... not bad... not quite right though."

    She pointed out the various things I had done wrong, which took half an hour which is all the time I have with her per week - last lesson next week.

    So my bubble has been pierced but that's ok. I didn't expect it to be perfect. If I can just get the basics hopefully I can persuade some musician to do the rest.

    Oh but something else I learned today is I can use my p.c. to record ha ha! I knew I could, I just didn't know how and now I do - so watch out I might be posting very basic, less than ameteurish recordings on here!!!

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    So..a couple of weeks ago i contacted a Music Publisher called Paramount Songs...they sent me a letter today telling me they loved my lyrics and they want me to sign a contract with them!! I am so happy right now i can't wait to get this off the ground and into process :D

  4. For those that have read my past few blogs you will notice a short gap (of a couple of months) since my last post! I have been studying away at trying to nail the Swedish language... pleased to say that it is going well!

    Anyhow, on the music front things are moving along and it looks like 2011 could develop nicely. I've been chatting to a guy I used to work for in Stockholm, who owned a studio, he's looking to open a new place sometime this year. Should be a nice place running Pro Tools HD and doing a range of activities from band recordings to voice over and general audio work.

    On the producing front we are starting a 3 track EP for a UK artist next week. For this project I will be in on the songwriting side as well as the production. Its paid work, so I am not moaning!

    I am heading back to the UK next week for a few weeks of buisness development with my company 'Kayto Sound', I am working with a couple of people on developing a range of studio training days and other programmes, should be fun! (Also managed to get in a visit to Liverpool to watch a football match at Anfield and have a chat to a few guys up there about some project management ops and tips and tricks on online marketing and promotion),

    I am looking forward to looking around this site again and seeing what everyone has been up to in the last couple of months. Speak Soon, AndyC

  5. In being a newer member of MAS (Minnesota Association of Songwriters), I received word of an invite from David K Rockstarwannabe.tv to local singer/songwriters for a contest Dec 18 at the World Theatre in Minneapolis. Rockstarwannabe.tv is shown on Twin Cities cable; it is a reality show in which David K happens upon towns in Mid-America literally asking residents, "who should have 'made it'?" and featuring that unknown artist. Secondly a famous artist is featured. David K's own story of continuing his musical journey is woven in as well.

    I immediately signed up. Several email exchanges took place with David K, from whom I sensed a sincere goodwill toward the singer/songwriter. In viewing Rockstarwannabe.tv's Dec 2010 Show, there was much to like, including one of David K's originals Border Ride, and especially the interview with Jon Anderson of Yes.

    The Suburban World Theatre is a true theater, picturesque, cathedral ceiling, substantial stage. The first person to speak to me was another contestant, and I ended up sitting in the same alcove with Troy Castellano, his wife and their friends.

    There were about 15 writers in all, including a cat whose original was traditional Mexican (he was runner up, good writer/singer and a very sweet guy). The format was David K calling up writers from his list, and there were giveaway raffles interspersed between blocks of performers. Following the contest was a short set of originals by David K's band and lastly, a free-for-all jam.

    We were to check-in with the sound engineer Kevin Hovey, whose resume includes international acts from Prince to Celine Dion. Amiable and easy-going, with a real smile, I immediately appreciated him.

    On a related note, I must mention David K's nephew, Nate. That young man adopted me, ceaselessly offering assistance (and pleasant company) including an escort at night's end to my car.

    The introduction I was given, was when I learned there were no other women writers, which I thought a little odd. Although the contest parameters may have had something to do with that, and not only for women. Winners were chosen by applause and writers were heavily encouraged to "bring your posse". [Mine consisted of zero people btw. That is not why I signed up, esp. on short notice. A number of folks said they wished to, or would try to come, nice that. I saw a great opportunity to do something I find difficult (playing solo), on that World Theatre Stage. David K's good attitude in email correspondence also had a lot to do with the follow through]. My goal was simply to do the best justice possible, in that moment and setting, to this song that had come through me.

    The contest was taped, the winner to be featured in the January TV show. I had heard that other clips from the contest would also be aired (which prompted my Facebook question, "is white OK to wear on TV?" to which there were dozens of replies).

    Fellow MAS writer Rod Kinny performed during the second half of the show. I'd only learned about a week ago that he has CD's (as in multiple) available. It was really nice, having been to the MAS songwriting critique meeting Dec 14 and seeing Rod bring in his latest fare, and then seeing the cat onstage playing those beautiful chords and voice melodies, notably enjoying himself, and later saying hello with a big smile.

    I'd a preoccupation with my car being at a parking meter, plus it was chilly in the theater (which I dealt with in part by going here and there within, and sometimes without just to get a cold blast to make me grateful for the theater temp again). During one of these forays came the first highlight of my night (besides getting up there solo). A man looked me in the eye and said, "I liked your song." What more could a songwriter want? To my delight I found out a moment later that I was speaking to Jody Ray, of The Flaming Oh's. He told me of his current project, RebbyRay (later I was given their CD). I stumbled in trying to tell him how I'd heard of him long time, that he was of the tier 'so high' and etc;

    Troy Castellano became the headliner of the show - after he was done, the writers were placed onstage and one by one, given the definitive applause to be judged by. Four writers received the most, then these four (including Troy) played an excerpt to refresh the memory. Then the final judged applause. Joel Kachel, who played a great song called Crow, won. And soon my second highlight in that Joel sought me out. That was an amusing exchange, repeating mutually "I liked your song!"

    David K introduced Troy by revealing that Troy was chosen by Tommy Lee of Motley Crue via an online collaboration contest, to record with Tommy Lee. Sure enough, in our conversation bits in the alcove, which included the Castellano's children, Troy's studio set up, and confrere Mike explaining some friend/family history, Troy showed me pictures of his session with Tommy Lee (but first he showed me pics of his 3 children - smart man). We exchanged contact info; and those guys were really nice in watching my guitar whenever I ran out.

    David K's band performed - I was delighted that one main b/u vocalist was the drummer (Bob), and had to nudge Troy, whose view was blocked, to point out who was doing those spirited backing vocals. It was a good set, the band sounded right on. The jam followed, and it was with happiness that I made my way to a drumkit. We did some originals from various writers - and notably (or perhaps not as it may've sounded not-so-good "out there")

    (eeeyow!!). I hate to be a broken record, but really everyone was very nice, especially Bob, David K's drummer, his brother David (guitar/vox) and Mike the (fantastic!!) piano player.

    I was offered a couple gigs afterward: the one that would pay right away, however, was out of the running for me as it involved road work. It was a great night, and I look forward to furthering musical relations with two last contacts made, and hopefully solidified right there (the final highlights of my night).


    It's hard for me to judge, but I think in the interim between the last couple entries and this one, there have been significant steps I've taken, some of which come through in what's written above. There is so much going on that's hidden - it can require 20 steps to get to a single Big One. It made me uncomfortable to write about every little (or big) new thing going on: it seems vain and narrow-minded, because my world (and certainly your own!) is much bigger than that. Also, it's as if I don't have the words to open things out these days. Maybe there's less to say when one is doing more. I do want to mention that I'd been keeping some musical company lately with a Twin Cities' artist well known locally. I'm currently learning a lot of his music, and hoping that early 2011 will see me gigging some (drums). I think he's brilliant musically, and a fine writer.

    Thorny Swale, (the band I'm in) continues on amidst recession and all the rest, like everyone else in these lands. We're up to 5 of my tunes, and strangers continue to like the songs to the degree that I'm starting to get used to it. Each new original gets a strong reaction. I've just finished (er I think!) another song, and in some ways it's my favorite EVER. I have a great memory of our last gig: the 6 of us standing in a circle in the parking lot discussing which songs to learn next. We decide on one cover, then bassist Ken says, "and originals!"


    It was beautiful to come back home. Kayla is staying over, currently tucked upstairs somewhere, among 6 of the 7 Dwarves. It was warm here, nicely lit. I was greeted by Dylan, Kayla, and the new puppy who was beside himself with excitement in seeing me; then snuggled up close and quiet wherein I felt graced.

    Gloria in excelsis Deo, et in terra pax hominibus bonae voluntatis!

    ~ Merry Christmas ~

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    This is a song that I wrote the chorus to a year ago that I never seem to have the right verses or title for. This song is about girls in high school that seemed to fit a certain mold that I often felt like I didnt fit (a lot of the time I felt like I didnt fit in at all!). Sometimes I would get a little depressed about it. But this song is about changing all those negative feelings, and realizing that maybe I'm better off not fitting any of those labels. I'm ok just to me, and that's enough :)

    I'm not the prettiest girl that you never knew

    Or that hometown girl that's gonna make it here soon

    Or the girl that's got a ways to go in life

    I'm not that head cheerleader with that beautiful face

    You're gonna remember for the rest of your days

    Or the girl that's meant to turn this world around

    I've already got enough going on for me

  6. How I Got (and YOU can get!) Nominated for Best Song at:

    The HMM (Hollywood Music In Media) Awards (Thurs., Nov. 18th, 2010)

    (by Cheryl Hodge)

    I'd like to take a moment to share my recent experience with you all, and to let you know that - YES! - there is hope for ALL of us to be acknowledged in the industry for our work & talent... and plenty of room, if you do the right things. And, to be competely honest, I'm also hoping that you will join me at Reverbnation.com after you read this article. I'd like for all of us to immediately join each other's fanbase there, and mailing list. It is an awesome site!

    It isn’t often in this life that we unsigned singer/songwriters experience true recognition for our craft from our peers in the industry; especially in the highly competitive world of music. When I received my nomination for “Best Jazz Song” from the Hollywood Media& Music Awards committee for my song, "INDIGO"; I’ll be honest; I thought there must’ve been a mistake!

    However, it turns out that I was in fact, nominated for my song INDIGO (hooray!). I thought to myself, this was going to be a good month. I knew I would have lots to share with my Songwriting and Business of Music classes – especially when it meant that I would also be attending the Interactive Music Symposium (sponsored by the NAMM show folks). In my case the nomination was mostly due to the visibility I have recently garnered as a top ten jazz musician for Canada on the ReverbNation charts (to check out my site, go to http://reverbnation.com/thecherylhodgegroup)

    Of course, the whole awards show was done with impeccable taste. The red carpet walk at the Kodak Theatre Complex in L.A. was a long one, though; and while in line, I talked with many of the honourees and managed to make a few (always valuable) contacts.

    Once inside, I immediately began connecting with other potential winners and various giants of the music industry. The night flew by, and I barely even shrugged my shoulders when it came to my turn to hear my category - and found that my name was destined to stay in the nominated (not winning) category. It didn’t really matter to me. I had already felt as if I had won, just by being present as a nominee. I was rubbing elbows with “the Big Boys”, like members of Matchbox 20, and producers like the infamous Nile Rogers.

    I was most impressed, though, by the executive producer of this event, Jim DeCicco, who has a mandate and purpose for this whole event: to help unsigned (should be signed), and talented songwriter/composer/performers, through honouring them and providing them with a slew of contacts in the industry.

    Naturally, I was curious about the selection process, and here's where YOU come in... I want you all to realize that there are still avenues out there for you that WORK. I was selected by submitting my music through the HMM contest at Reverbnation.com I went ahead submitting, even though I didn't think I had a chance in hell. Turns out I DID.

    Unlike some other sites I have read about and even joined, and put money into (like Sonicbids.com - which was a complete BUST, and yielded NOTHING after pumping money into it for over a year!), it turns out that Reverbnation is quite reputable, and actually comes through with real, tangible opportunities.

    Contests, my friends are THE way to go, for unsigned artists. Keep your heads up, and hang in there. It may be your turn next!

    All the best, Cheryl Hodge

    http://reverbnation.com/thecherylhodgegroup]http://reverbnation.com/thecherylhodgegroup :thumb23:

  7. TFunny old day today sunny but not very warm eh?

    Now on to the serious stuff how are we all ?

    Tues is our first gig since The Mint a while back and it's back to macsorley's in Glasgow and with us will be our mates from Fife The other side

    we are looking forward to this one, It's been a while

    we are still doing what needs done on the search for a perminent bassist and we have someone else comming to the studio on Monday for a try our fingers crossed

    the new tracks are comming on a treat and have been improved with slight adjustments and will only get better as we play them

    We have been short of a guitarist over the past week our mild mannered led axe playes sloped of to spain for a wee break lucky git!!!!

    However!......... being Mild mannered but rather vain he decided to go get himself a little browner before hopping over to spain, and went for a wee sunbed and did he not have a 15 min session well blow me down he was burnt to a crisp the big dafty

    so its true what some might say vanity kills or in Neils case burns your legs arms and other parts lol

    Last week i finished another painting that was inspired by a image taken bu Greig Stott from Dundee of the "Rowan Gorilla VII" in the sunrise

    You can check out Greigs work on his Facebook page as well ar the original shot

    Greig Stott Photography


    Sunday 3rd October we are off to Lochore to play along side our mates again The Other Side also on the bill are The fireside Aliens and storm in a D Cup, a 3 piece all female rock band should be a great day & Night

    The reception we receved the last time was fantastic and due to the high demand the gig has been moved to a larger venue in the Lochore Institute

    That will keep us busy for a few weeks

    so for now its bye bye

    Be Good

    Thomas x

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    Hello world,

    While life is dull for me now, I find that music is always a hot ticket to a rockin world for me. The muse of my dreams, the meaning of this life here, is simply art and music! Whether its making music, creating songs, making art/paintings, listening to rock bands' music/songs, RnB or Classical music- well now! That's music to my souls ears! Here, these are just some of my random thoughts I had running through my thick skull! Lol Any ways, I hope you all have a great rest of the night. Ima hit the hay and enjoy listening to some more... music! :) *waves

    By the way, here is a short poem I wrote like an hour ago. Maybe I'll re-write it and use it as a song?


    Pushing, flowing like the waterfalls. Making my way to the devils lair, for there the stolen souls before me! Moving the moon to framing the the artist. Mastering life and time in a UFO capsule. Staring out at the darkness of the open waters. I plunged to the depths of the oceans, where in my dreams, the mermaids dwell there awaiting my singing soul of a humans tale, of my innermost agony. She is I and I do not belong here. So this is my shelter from the storms and the fires of life and hell? So won't you save me whoever you are, to where should I belong? For in time alone I can tell, that I am not one of them. And I'm nothing like them.

    It's all I have for now sooo, peace out!

  8. How quickly moods can change. Just 3 weeks ago I was really into my up coming gigs, both last week. Then, without any forward planning or warning decided that I was not into doing gigs full stop. Why I don't know. The first one I cancelled by getting in touch with the promoter who was pretty cool about the whole thing and the second, well I got to the gig and the first act on blew the goddam PA preventing anyone else from performing anyway. Divine Intervention me thinks. Someone once told me that when your not into it anymore don't do it. You'll be shortchanging yourself and the audience, whether they are listening or not.

    Where do I stand now?

    Well I haven't touched the guitar for a week, the longest single time that I've went without playing guitar in 5 years. I havent written any lyrics or attempted to work in any capacity with my songs, I feel totally deflated and have hardly listened to any music since Saturday passed. I haven't felt like this in many years. I did have a gig planned for November but I don't feel that I can achieve that goal either. It has been decided that I should take a break and go find my mojo as it were then when I'm into it again then come back and kick acoustic ass. Lets hope as I miss the guitar :-/ but lets give it some time and see where my moods take me. Off now for a lunch break.

    Live long and strong

  9. I have got this mad idea - and it's probably been attempted before. Mixing pop lyrics with rock music. If by now you're scrolling madly trying to get away from this mad blog, think about this: "The plasticy catchy lyrics would be a perfect complement to the powerful beat of rock n roll!" I actually never recognised this in a song before, and naive as I am, was also wondering if anyone who wasted their time reading this blog might have heard a song like this.

    On another note, Telephone music video? It's the perfect piece of artistic videography to put with the music - can't get it out of my head, and it wasn't a complete waste of 10 minutes of my life. Also, I think the director, whose name escapes me, must've been gay to not have a permenent 'b' during the filming O.o .... I couldn't stop staring. :3 Yes, I'm bisexual, but still, it was awesome ^^

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    How do you write a lyric?

    Well for me it could be the title first or the theme, then you have to think what genre? You must remember that the first verse is very important' well the first two lines really; this is what is called the "hook". The hook itself could be vocal or instrumental' for me as a writer it would be vocal, you will find that artists that write and sing they're own work can use both. If you are looking to write a commercial pop lyric you must think between three & four minutes long, as the music industry only wants you to listen for that amount of time' time is money after all! If you are staying within the old rules 'you must think verse, chorus, verse, chorus, bridge or instrumental then Chorus again.

    This is not set in stone though, find your own style & write from your heart. It is so important for the reader or listener to feel you! The biggest thing you should remember is' think of the composer & the singer if not you. Well I would say that's it for now. I will add more later.

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    Well what a night it was last night!! I arrived at CaVa studios around 6.30pm after battling through the traffic (nnggrrrr) to a cheery Bill at the front door. Bill Matthews manages The Gospel Truth Choir and booked myself and Malky (drummer) to record bass and drums for the Choir's album, their first.

    All we were originally told was we'd be re-working some Scottish Classics and that is all I'm giving away just now too :-)

    Once Malk had set up his Gretsch Kit (what an awesome sound) he started to soundcheck, which can for some drummers and studios take forever but with Malk and Geoff from CaVa on-board we were ready to start recording at 8.30pm!! No mean feat It tell you. I've been in studios before where its taken 3 hours to get a good drum sound "Is that all the Moon Gel you've got??", "What about gaffer tape....we might need more rolls" etc.

    We had Steven (from Nightshift) on keys and Stuart (Matthews, Bill's son) on guitar. We set the click and away we went. Track One took about 4 takes but we were playing live and had only 2 rehearsals prior to the recording to get it right. Track 2, we're warmed up now and after two takes we were there. Quick break for some pasta,chocolate,tea and a beer (ahem, not my idea but yes please!) and we started on track 3. This took a bit of time to get the feel right. As we were reworking Scottish Classics we wanted to be generous to the original but add a little flair as well, we all like to play and stretch our legs but going all out on a fill to show off might not be the best way to get a callback :-) We managed after a few attempts to get the feel, a few times through, yeah, much better, right this is the one...take 2....take3...got it!

    Track 4 was a bit easier, getting late now, everyone's tired and most had work the next day too so....first part Malk recorded with a Cajon52169_p.jpg its got a great sound. He sat on top and just hit away with his hands, Geoff miked it up and it sound great! Bass, Cajon, keys, guitar and guide vocal...one take!

    Then Malk got behind the kit and played from the top of the track himself so we could dub in the drums over the Cajon for the 2nd half of the first half - keep up!

    Then, we reset the click to a much faster tempo :-) Bass and drums started then the whole band kicked in, repeat many times so we could do a fade on the album but added an endig so the Choir can use the recording for their live shows but on the album the fade out would kill the ending before it happened.

    That's a wrap!! 12.15am. Tired we all drove home. The Choir now go in in a few days to record their parts.

    This is the first time I've recorded with/for a choir so I'm keen to hear the finished results.

    I'll keep you posted :-)


    PS Images of the recording can be found here


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    The Infinity Circuit

    The Daze of Mother Earth


    Out Monday Feb 8th 2010

    The Infinity Circuits' debut release is a dark combination of abrasive breaks and sinister bass lines with a wickedly fresh and complex vibe. New to the scene, but very hard to categorise, the Infinity circuit originally began as a purely drum n bass project, but grew into something quite different from the commercial scene with its darker tinges and political undertones. If you are into something truly cutting edge, give this a listen.

    Available to download from the abr website and your favourite digital download store now.

  10. Welcome to the Wonderful World of LYNZEE…



    ORDER your copies of LYNZEE's three new albums

    available at Retrospect Records NOW.

    In celebration of our Retrospect Records FIRST THREE big releases of this year

    we bring to you the “Lynzee Combo Pack”.


    You can get all three of the new Lynzee releases:

    1. “Victim of Nirvana” (the Two Cover Edition)

    2. “Man of the People”

    3. “Lost in America” (includes FOUR all new recordings from the reformed line-up)

    PLUS your FREE Limited Edition Retrospect Records “Victim of Nirvana” T-Shirt.<br>

    ALL four (4) Lynzee items for one low price of $30.00

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    Bursting onto the Southern California metal scene in the 1980's Lynzee hit the Hollywood strip performing at many of the legendary strip clubs and regional nightclubs throughout California. Lynzee offered up a serious serving of In Your Face Arena Rock, progressive grooves with Metal and Rock roots influenced by the masters; The Scorpions, Motley Crue, Judas Priest, Whitesnake, KISS, Dokken, Y&T, Ozzy, Iron Maiden, Hurricane, Alcatrazz and Van Halen to name a few. Lynzee had Metal to spare and more. Lynzee played with many of the Big bands and Hollywood Strip headliners from the Decade of Decadence and was a staple of the Hollywood Strip scene. Melodic Metal, Meaningful lyrics, Ripping guitar, catchy riffs, soaring guitar solos, MONSTER musicians and Classic Kick Ass Rock n Roll.


  11. indieshoegazer
    Latest Entry

    Trying to write songs, focused on alternate tunings. Came up with some stuff that seemed to have potential at the time but lost interest in them later on - probably because I didn't record them right away, I should have. I will record these ideas at least the next time I practice - I probably won't be able to tonight due to having to go to my mom's tonight. There are two to three ideas - fingerpicking in full step down standard on the fifth fret to the chord progression of Atlantic City transposed to a different key, which is fun to play, strumming shoegazerish song inspired by the Dodos Fools in open G tuning, then a vocal melody I came up with to a vamp on a fingerpicking pattern based loosely on That's The Way in open G. Vocal melodies are still hard to come by, the ones I come up with are droney and uninteresting. Need to always have the iPhone around to record ideas while brainstorming for ideas. I also played around with my recording equipment, especially my new condenser mic, by trying to record some covers. Had some problems with gain levels recording fingerpicking songs and singing - I still have to work these problems out. Had problems recording a semi difficult fingerpicking cover while singing - it always takes me so many takes to record anything decent and I don't have much time to record usually. I have to record while the wife and baby are out or when everyone's asleep. It's really inconvenient, I don't know what to do about it. I mean I could set up a room in the basement or something but I'd feel bad about going downstairs to record and leaving the wife with the baby for more than a half hour or so, or renting out a practice space and going away for hours to work on my music. This is a hobby after all. If I was younger and a single guy I'd be able to record all day. I'd probably write different songs too. Anyway, that's my problem. If I want to have a lot of videos on my youtube channel and a good set of songs for an EP this year then I'm going to have to find a way to do it. I shouldn't spend more than an hour recording at a time anyways, if it takes more than an hour then I need to rehearse more.

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    I have been a music fanatic all my life and I can't live without a radio by my side. I love my mp3 player and old-school boombox, be it blasting rock and death metal screams and growls or just cuddling me to sleep with soothing reggae and jazz cafe tunes. Take my cellphone away, even the television, my PSP and my laptop but don't dare touch my iTouch or there will be blood; steal my iPod and they will have to clean you off the streets with a bloody mop. Seriously. Music is my life and I can't sleep or think without a song caressing my ears and relaxing my mind. If silence could kill, I'm dead ten times over.

    I grew up from a family of musically inclined brothers and they each have their own bands and cult following now; they are pretty popular in the underground and indie scene and they continue to grow and hone their talents everyday. As for me I know that I have no musical talent whatsoever, a frustration that has haunted me for life, the nightmare that I have come to accept and be at peace with. I admit that I can't sing except in the shower, I can't play the guitar or bang on the drums and I can't even carry a tune with a wheelbarrow. But I know that I have an impeccable music taste and I have this foolproof radar for identifying posers and wannabes and separating them from the legitimate and bona fide musicians and artists. I know if a fad is just a fad that will pass away with time and if mainstream bands are just one hit wonders that grow cold after just a few hits.

    But some of my friends criticized me and told me that I shouldn't be dissing bands because I'm not a musician myself and I don't have the experience and skill to back up my criticisms. And I realized that although I have the freedom to choose what I like and hate about music, I have no right to put down bands who worked hard and spent hours in studios and garages to hone their craft, no matter how crappy it is. It takes guts to write your own songs and perform before a critical crowd and I know now that I have been a gutless coward all my life for not trying to make music, music that I love and live for. So now, when I am not writing custom research papers and other school requirements like projects and assignments, I pick up one of my brothers' guitar and start learning how to play, slowly but surely. I believe that now is the time to shut up and just play. Soon, and watch out, I'll be rocking the show, on stage and not just another face in the crowd. Till then, I'll be developing blisters on my poor fingers. But it will be all worth it.

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    News from the Texas Music Journal.

    Larry W. Jones completes 6,000 song lyrics

    01 Sep 09 Larry W. Jones completes 6,000 song lyrics

    Larry W. Jones, aka Kingwood Kowboy, has completed his writing of 6,000 song lyrics. Two collections of songs are currently available.

    Real Country Lyrics is a collection of 2,000 classic and vintage country, cowboy and western songs, published in eight volumes of 250 song lyrics each.

    Island Song Lyrics is a collection of 4,000 island-themed songs written in the vintage style of “Territorial Hawaii” and other Pacific islands, which was popular in the early 1900’s when tropical dreams came true, published in eight volumes of 500 song lyrics each.

    All his lyrics are properly copyrighted and the titles are registered through BMI, therefore ready for YOUR editing, arranging, music, recording and marketing.

    To view one or all, visit his website Kingwood Kowboy Song Lyrics Site

  12. such a pathetic day yesterday was !!

    early in the morning, dad wasnt feeling well..so i was sent to my granma's home..when coming back..some guy coming from wrong side hit me..and i hurt my leg..

    day was boring and painful. i went to hostel in the noon and slept over there..and room-mate didnt see my spects and he broke them..so it was hard for me to come back home on my own..

    i asked him to drop me of home on my scooter..he was riding too fast..he couldnt manage to hit the breaks..and whole front part is damaged..it have been only a week since i had got my new scooter !!

    whole front part will have to be replaced..such a gross !!

    thats it..it still pains in the leg though !

    current mood : apathetic

    now playing : grimskalle trell - borknagar

  13. Graham Coxon 14/05/2009

    OK, sorry about the huge gaps here, and the missing gigs, but I am poor, and assuming there's no-one as really cares anyways :P I'm afraid this one is also a bit of an album review as well as gig, for a fairly obvious reason...

    This gig was too big a chance for me to pass on - probably my favourite famous person, and indeed musician, playing at an awesome (small) venue, playing his entire new album "The Spinning Top". The venue was the Thekla, which I'm sure I waxed lyrical about already, but that had a different feel, it wasn't sold out last time for a start! This gig was acoustic too, so made it feel lots more intimate.

    The support was pretty cool, I've forgotten the name (and he said he is usually the singer in a band as opposed to usually a singer songwriter), but he played some cool acoustic songs, with nice riffs and a good voice.

    Graham Had a backing band, a drummer and bassist anyway, the bassist having an electric double bass for most of it - very cool. As the new album is quite folky and acoustic, that was most of the gig, but it was nice to see Graham whip out the electric guitar and rawk away for some of it - it wouldn't be a Coxon album without it!

    The first few songs are nice acoustic finger picked things, had me wishing I could finger pick better. There's something special about Coxon's voice, a little thin and not too strong sometimes, but it fits his style perfectly, it always makes me smile, whether it's a sad or happy! On board the good ship Thekla, being up close and personal (almost close enough to lick!) really added to the already special feel of the album. Graham seemed to have an odd effect on the crowd, everyone seemed to get very giggly (I'll confess I did too), laughed at all his jokes, indeed, at all his comments, right up to the point he asked 'So, you all going out to a discotheque afterwards?', after we had chuckled away, he seemed a little confused and said 'That wasnot a joke, you know, it was a question!'

    It was my first listen to any of the new material, and I wasn't quite sure what to expect, and it is certainly different from his last record ("Love Travels At Illegal Speeds") which was very much a punky piece, full of energy. In fact The Spinning Top is more like a return to his first few albums stylewise, but better. His first albums are something of an aquired taste, and certainly don't demonstrate the songwriting skills he has obviously developed in the 10+ years since his first solo work. One example of this is 'In The Morning' 8+ minutes of somewhat perculiar sounding catchy happy.

    'If You Want Me' was the first song he brought out the Telecaster, it has a nice, the first half of the song is clean and quiet, and not knowing the song, it was a real kick when he slipped on the overdrive and effects and it all went grungy and nasty (in the good way). The only problem with the song I had was that I had the 'why so serious?' meme from the last Batman film brought to the front of my mind by the chorus 'It's all so ser-ri-ous', which distracted me somewhat! This kinda rawky burble of a song ended and we were told 'This next song is about bunny rabbits and fishes. Trying to make babies on the riverbank. There really are rabbitfish out there, you can google them when you get home'. I regretted doing that - real rarbbitfish are hideous! nothing like the cutesy image I got, especially after listening to the song, as it is an example of Graham's odd skill with getting away with the silliest lyrics, and indeed music.

    "Out of the tree and into the sea, swam my perfect love for thee"

    C'mon! But some how, with the fun, happy little guitar riff, and a kickass sax solo (performed by Graham himself - he's something of a multi instrumentalist, having played all the instruments for the recording of all but his latest album), it is just a silly happy summery song.

    The rest of the set started to get a little confusing as the album progressed, as the last half of the album seems to switch between electric and acoustic pretty much every song, and with 'Caspian Sea' hitting you in the face with an actually somewhat annoying repeatative rawk for a little to long at roughly the halfway point, it felt a little odd. It did make a bit more sense when I listened to the album, and found out that it has a backing concept - it is meant to follow a boys life from birth to death, which somewhat explains the confusion in places - who isn't confused a lot?!

    The end was reached far too soon for me, and the encore was a little odd, as it was two songs, both excellent. However, the last song on the album has a slightly funeral dirge in the background, and that combined with the last song being dedicated to a musician who had died last year (I'm afraid I didn't know, and don't remember, the name :s), led to a slightly odd elated-yet-sad feeling as I walked away.

    Overall a great gig, a really special experience. I can't wait for his full electric tour that is apparently coming in the Autumn, as while I love his acoustic side, the punk side of Graham is essential to the mix, and is guarranteed to be a fun gig!

    Sadly the only upcoming gig now is Blur, and I will not have regular internet access by then, so that review may be a while. It will be an awesome gig though, it can't really fail at that!

    Providing everything works out well in September with my new job, usual gig levels should hopeful return then! :D

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    Hi, just some basic info about me and who I am.

    ~ My name is Ash.

    ~ Location: Smyrna, TN.

    ~ Sophomore at BHS.

    ~ Music is my life!

    ~ JROTC is....fun?

    ~ My boyfriend Taylor is AWESOME!

    ~ We've been dating Sept. 24, 2008.

    ~ I love writing stories and songs.

    ~ Drawing is a passion.

    ~ I do have slight OCD and ADD.

    ~ My room never stays clean.

    ~ My parents are AMAZING and all my friends love them.

    ~ Favorite colors are Black and Red.

    ~ I can't text. =(

    ~ I'm very random!!!!

    ~ I'm the peace maker in my circle of friends...I keep people from killling each other.

    ~ I hook people up all the time, I'm a match-maker too.

    ~ All my friends are insane but I still love them.

    ~ Spelling is not my forte!

    ~ Birthday: July 14, 1994 (ya I know, I'm young)

    ~ MTSU is da bomb!!!! UT is okay too.

    ~ I have a Gaia, and I love it!

    ~ I prefer Facebook, over Myspace.

    ~ I love Pandas and Penguins.

    ~ Glee seems like it has potential, so I'll watch it.

    ~ I LOVE JOURNEY!!!!!! But then again who doesn't!

    ~ I mostly listen to older rock, some newer rock and country....occasionally some rap.

    ~ Bon Jovi's Livin' on a Prayer is ROCKIN! \m/>.<\m/

    ~ I can seem very childish at times, but usually I act very adultish....Facebook Quizzes says I'm a 40 yr old. -_-

    ~ Ummmm....ya if I think of anything else I'll add it and leave a space between each addition so you pplz don't have to skim. :D

  14. Currently Listening to - Dont Jump - Tokio Hotel ( I love the guitar riff at the start, you should listen to it)

    Current Mood : Moderatley Happy

    Time : 00:32

    I Scream Into The Night For You, Dont Make It True , Dont Jump, The Lights Will Not Guide You Through, They Are Decieving You.

    I love this song.

    Anyways I now have a nice cup of tea and a lit cigarette so to my day.

    I finished my work experience as part of my course for college today and now have a 2 week break for the easter holidays.

    Hmm Easter...

    I have never been a fan of religion to be honest, it all just seems so fake, I may aswell take up believing that a pepsi bottle is the ruler of the universe because its all the same, actually a pepsi bottle could be a ruler of the earth because of how much the companies are making these days that they could do anything they wanted.

    Sorry for the off point rambling but thats me...

    I had an hour of rearanging my bathroom today thanks to my OCD which I dont get that often these days but there you go.

    Im glad my work experience has finished because on top of my real job and writing it gets a bit overwhelming.

    And the fact that I was being told to use like 4 different towels to clean a fridge it all seemed a bit stupid so im glad its over.

    I havent done much writing these few days and I havent played my guitar much either.

    Oh and today I was woken up with a cheese grater and a spoon being smashed together by my grandfather because I wouldnt get out of bed, I was supposed to be up at 11am but was told I had to be out of bed at 7am... I seriously think he is loosing his marbles slightly but I guess thats excpected seeing as my grandmother has been in hospital for 9 months after suffering a stroke.

    And an interesting thing I heard today was that if an eldery person doesnt drink enough water then it can seem as if they have dimensia because of not consuming enough water and I noticed that he all he drinks is either tea or beer.

    The ammount of alchohol that my father and grandfather drink is unbelievable it is shown by how much food is in the house, not a lot, so it's left up to me and my 16 year old brother to pick up the pieces and fend for ourselves and feed oursleves with our own money that we earn.

    Dont get me wrong I love my father to bits because of all he has done for us over the years (my mother left when we were 5) but I mean if I ask him to buy some groceries or something then its always the same reply " I have no money"

    Right thats enough for now

    Good night all

    Shows how long I havent been on here, this has been sitting as a draft since Easter 2008 LOL.