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Lisa Gates

What happened? Have I really been too tired to write? Ugh! Maybe it's because I've been busy, distracted, and uninspired. Perhaps the few projects I've been working on have been enough...but I really do want to write. There's a song on the tip of my pencil just waiting for me to find the time to get it to paper.


I wrote three songs for a specific project. I'd like to do two more for it. Somehow writing for someone else isn't as rewarding to me. When I write for me my brain goes on this journey like nothing else! It's hard to explain. I've noticed that when I help with other people's songs my brain functions much more structured. or hesitant. maybe uncertain? I wonder if anyone else has every had this happen?


Ah well, in time it will all be worth it.

Lisa Gates

Working with a licensing publisher by shear chance has opened my eyes to the uses of all lyrics.


My current grief has all these poems, thoughts, and full fledge lyrics pouring out of me. I kept thinking there is no way they can be of any use. They are dark and personal. Can anyone really identify with this? (enough to make it worthwhile?)


When I write, I try to make it a timeless scene. One that young and old, present and future can all identify with. Grief can be so specific and then it changes as time goes on. It never dawned on me that my lyrics about grief could be taken out of context and actually be used! Take for example this verse from "This Road":


This road

No telling where or when it will end

All I know is nothing                         

Looking round for the next bend

It was written about my grief, my path, my road. But my licensing publisher thinks it might make a great jingle for a car commercial. Hmmmm my grief a car commercial? or perhaps in one of those "destination vacation" advertisements? movie trailer?...

It's all relative at this point...

I don't think I will ever hold any lyrics back again. The possibilities are endless and if I'm willing to release them to the Lady Luck of Music.


Lisa Gates

I was thrilled to have a week off to go visit friends up North and take a jaunt to Nashville. Yes, it was colder than Florida by a long shot. The warmth came from visiting with friends and moving toward my goal to move to Nashville this year. It amazes me what we will put with just to see friends and visit new places. All well worth it.

Nashville was as expected. A big city with more crime than I want to live with and tons of traffic. On the positive side, the cost of living in the area is much better than where I am now, I love the weather, and well it's "Nashville"! What songwriter doesn't want to live there?!

So I start the new year wishing all of you the very best and looking forward to what may come.

God Bless!


Lisa Gates

Nashville in the air

Ah the smell of coffee! The empty page looking at me. The pen in my hand, patiently waiting for inspiration. Then WHAM! My Twitter lights up with some new followers from Nashville! YES! Love it! That starts the conversation with a co-worker (yup, the day job scenario...) who used to live in Nashville, has contacts there, and knows a realtor there! If you could only see my happy dance. (OK maybe you shouldn't see it! LOL I'm a writer not a dancer!) James, my co-woker, is on board to help me get the heck out of Florida. He personally has a two month plan, four month plan, and six month plan. Add me to the six month plan please! 

I've done some basic research and I can survive in Nashville. I can get a decent paying day job. The rents are lower than here in FL. I'd be around musicians and much happier. hmmm this is sounding more and more like a "No Brainer"

June 2017 sounds like a good month to start!