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Forced-rhymes are for new songwriters, something that just tends to happen by accident. They appear in songs with no real forethought other than "I need something to rhyme with this".

Rhymes of course appear in many forms and can be used in many ways. There are circumstances where forced-rhymes stand out like a sore thumb and others where although it is a forced-rhyme it somehow blends well with the song.


In his first article for Songstuff, Songstuff site author Jon Hanover takes a look at the usage of forced rhymes within song lyrics, why and when forced-rhymes work or don't work. He also discusses how you can use forced rhymes in a more subtle way so that they sit within your song more easily.

Read Doing Time, For 'Forced Rhymes'

Please lease Jon some comments on this article, or suggestions for future articles by replying to this topic

Jon Hanover


Jon Hanover's Site Crew Profile


Hey, my friends over at Songstuff.com - what's shakin'??

Wow; Hollywood; just like I pictured it! No, no kidding... I'm actually nominated for BEST BLUES SONG, "THAT'S WHY I'M HERE" :luxhello:. Guess songwriting has it's occasional rewards! Last year I was nominated for Best Jazz Song (Indigo). Didn't win. Who cares? It's great just beingaround all that talent and energy. Y'all should think about entering a contest, now and again... or going to a songwriter's seminar.This year at te HMMAs (Hollywood Music In Media Awards) they are honoring Smokey Robinson. So excited just to be in the same room. John Moxey, wish you were coming, too.

Cheers, y'all... see you when I see you,

Cheryl Hodge; Jazz, Blues Singer; Songwriter


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Discussing songwriting is something that some songwriters question the need to do. Songwriting can often feel like a very isolated experience. From our imaginations spring ideas that we shape into finished pieces of music, so what is the benefit of discussing that process with other songwriters or lyricists? Music should be naturally expressed for it to be a pure distillation of my imagination, won't talking about how I write contaminate my writing?


Songwriting, like any aspect of music, does not need to be done in isolation. Labels and publishers regularly encourage their writers to collaborate, and they do it for good reason. The chance to exchange ideas, techniques, experience are very worthwhile benefits, add in new songs as a result and inspired songwriters moving forward make collaboration and the simple act of meeting and exchanging ideas with other writers vital, essential aims.

A Place To Meet Other Lyricists And Songwriters?

Wouldn't it be good if there was a place where you could meet other songwriters? Somewhere you could frankly exchange views. A place where you could discuss techniques, the best ways to transform ideas into finished works? To talk about how to write a song? Somewhere you can learn about the history of songwriting, the details of song forms, rhythm and rhyme, the use of alliteration, synonyms, metaphors and more? Somewhere to share your appreciation of melody, harmony, chord progressions, cadence and song form?

The Resource For Songwriters

Perhaps not a huge surprise but Songstuff Song Writing And Music Resource is the resource you are looking for.

For lots of articles about writing songs, look no further than our Songwriting Library for information on a huge variety of topics.

Visit the Songwriting Discussion Forum in order to meet lots of other song writers and read back on years of songwriting discussions. It is thee place for discussing songwriting!


In this rockin' article Tom Hoffman explores some alternatives to using rolls in percussion parts and gives great examples and clear video demonstrations to show how practical applications of the techniques can effectively be used.

In other words he'll show you what to do so that you can improve your drumming skills!

Substituting Complex Beats - For Rolls


Tom's Profile

Tom's Community Page

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It's time for the Songstuff Collaboration Competition 2011. The rules are published on the SCC 2011 Competition Entries board.

This competition is for fun and prestige only. There is no huge prize fund!

The SCC 2011 Prizes

Winner, 2nd prize and 3rd prize

Featured on Songstuff and all of it's portals.

Featured in the Songstuff community newsletter, including all of the members who take part

The Winner will also be interviewed and the resulting article will be published on Songstuff

Any further prizes are still to be determined. If any further prizes are determined they will be posted here.

Competition Rules

Both songwriting and song recording should be a collaboration between Songstuff members

Original songs only! No covers or remixes.

You can enter as many times as you wish, but the same song can only be entered once!

Submission Guidelines must be followed. these are posted at the top of the SCC 2011 Competition Entries board

Submit songs by attaching your song to a SCC 2011 Competition Enries board topic. This board is ONLY visible to members.

Entry must include:

  • Song Title
  • The Song MP3
  • Lyrics
  • Details of songwriters and who took part in the recording
  • Name of your "act"
  • Cover image
  • 80 - 100 words of promo text for your song
  • Completed Copyright Permission Statement

All entries should be submitted by September 2nd 2011

Chosing a Winner

A final 10 will be selected by staff from the entries submitted. Selection will be based on the overall pack submitted, not just on the song.

Each finalist will then be posted in a seperate topic within the public area of the forum.

The winners will then be voted for by the members themselves in a poll topic created by the Site Crew.

SCC 2011 Marketing Competition

A seperate prize will also be awarded to the song entry that recieves the most views within our public forums. Members can post their song in a topic clearly marked as "SCC 2011 Entry Song Name" within the Music Lounge. It is views of this topic that will be counted. This competition will be closed on Septemper 30th 2011, giving 4 weeks to win the marketing prize for marketing their song on the web.

Note: Our software can detect and eliminate bots from those views!

SCC 2011 Marketing Rules

Do not spam other sites. Only post where that sort of promotion is allowed. Breaking this rule will result in elimination from the competition.

Do not use bots to artificially crank up your views. Breaking this rule will result in elimination from the competition.

SCC 2011 Marketing Prize

Winners will be receive the popular acclaim of all members :) and they will be featured on the forums as the SCC 2011 Marketing Prize Winner.

Good luck and may the best song win!


The NAB Show is coming up April 9‐14, 2011 in Las Vegas – it's the essential destination for professionals who share a passion for bringing content to life on any platform.

Want to go? We have a code that will get you in for FREE! Just register for the NAB Show here with the code SM05 for FREE ACCESS to the exhibit floor, the Opening Keynote and State of the Industry Address, Info Sessions, Content Theater, Exhibits and PITS - $150 in value!


I'm looking for some help from Songstuffers, for a fellow Songstuffer (not me).

Many of you will know Finn Arild as a member here, and as one of the Songstuff admins. For the last two years Finn has been working hard on his second album and it was released just before Christmas. i couldn't have been happier for him. He's not made a song and dance about it in any way (coughs at the play on words). He's not asked for any special promotion as a member of the site or the staff.

Well, I was greatly saddened to here that even without a big promotion to raise awareness of the album, it has already been ripped and placed on illegal download sites:

Read about it in Finn's blog

Sad really. He works hard at a job to earn the money to put it together and release it, he spends countless hours honing it, recording mixing and production... and then this. Just when he was getting some press attention and radio airplay. This is the other side of the illegal downloads market. It's not about the big acts and the big labels, it is very much about the little guy because the track rippers just don't care who you are.

It pissed me off.

So... unprompted by Finn (and I hope he is not annoyed) I wanted to ask you, members of Songstuff, readers of Songstuff, lurkers and occasional visitors.... can you do something for Finn? I'm not asking you to go and buy it (but in case you do here is the link to buy Testament, if you like progressive rock I think you'll love it. it's very well written and performed).

What I am asking you to do is help spread the word. Can you post about it on your FB page? Your Twitter? Myspace? Forums?

A big ask I know, but Finn helps make Songstuff possible, and he didn't deserve this. You guys can make a difference. Seriously.

Finn, I'm sorry if my doing this causes any upset. People really  shouldn't piss me off. ;)


First online on 29th November 2000, the first 10 years has flown by.

It's a decade that has seen massive changes in the music industry with the rise in music downloads and a global recession. It's also been a decade that's been one of the most innovative regarding changes in the way artists engage with fans, with the way music is marketed and sold, and lets not forget within the music itself. Not only that but music has become a far more interactive, multimedia experience. Music videos are now an essential element of viral marketing, social media is a contentious but dominant fact of everyday life with fans interacting with each other and with the artists themselves.

The modern artist now has so many ways to engage fans, and most of those ways are available whether you are signed to a major or releasing your music from your bedroom. Mobile apps, blogs, micro-blogs, forums, social bookmarking, social networking, newsletters, gigs and performances, video blogs, online radio, viral marketing... the list goes on. The challenge has really become how to stand out from an ever growing crowd of artists

The accessibility of music creation to those with no musical training or experience and the dominance of television talent shows, especially in shaping the dreams of aspiring performers, has really and truly reshaped the musical landscape. The modern day aspiring artist has a huge range of ways to express themselves, to find apparent short cuts in creating that masterpiece, or that one piece that will "get them noticed". At the same time the modern day fan is spoiled for choice when it comes to their listening habits.

We've also seen the resurgence of band after band from yesteryear, with re-releases, new material and tours galore as artists struggled to adjust to the changing marketplace. For many, if not most, performance income and merchandise have come to replace mechanical royalties from recordings.

It's also a decade that's seen a feeling of marginalization of songwriters despite a reported growth in earning by songwriters overall, a blurring of roles between songwriter, recording engineer and producer, and a growth in the number of roles small bands play in pushing themselves forward through social media aware Online Music Distribution sites.

So what next? How do we rise to the challenges of the next decade? Are mash ups the future of music and video production? Will musical works have to be wrapped with 3D, 24 / 7 reality shows?

Putting aside the crystal ball I can say that I continue to find encouragement through the optimism, resilience and creativity in abundant supply from musicians expressed in groups and seen within musical and songwriting communities like Songstuff, and no doubt within bands and songwriting groups the world over. There's a huge rise in collaborations and there continues to be a huge appetite for information and tools to help with everything from the creative process, through performance to distribution. There is still a massive desire to be successful, to communicate with others and a gritty determination to make the best music we can.

Bands, musicians and songwriters can have many misconceptions, but there is a broader, earlier awareness of music as a business than there used to be. Pandora's box has been opened and now rather than the machinations of the music industry being hidden, the modern muso is overwhelmed with tools and methods but there remains a lack of information on how to best use those tools and how to safely navigate through the flood of business information available.

In all these regards I hope that Songstuff can play a role in aiding our members, our visitors make the most of their talents, to help them connect with other musicians and with fans, and to continue to provide a friendly environment in which to do so. I started Songstuff with the grandiose vision of helping to improve the awareness of musicians and to provide a safe harbor as they sought to expand their understanding and hone their skills. To this day that continues to be my aim. The realism of that idea continues to evolve, and is to a huge degree down to the members of Songstuff itself.

I would like to take this opportunity to offer thanks to all of our community members and site visitors for their many contributions to debate, to music, the many articles contributed, and to spreading the word about Songstuff over the years.

In particular I would like to thank those who have taken time as authors, moderators and staff members, who have all volunteered to dedicate their time and effort towards shaping Songstuff into what it is today. Truly a community of musicians and songwriters shaped by the community, for the community.

Many, many thanks to you all.

Here's to making music over the next decade!

John Moxey


Please welcome Donna Dahl as a new contributer to our drumming sub-site.

Donna is drummer and a singer/songwriter. In recent times she has returned to the study of her first love, drums. Dahl is currently involved in teaching drums, recording and composing, appearing live most often as a singing drummer and singer/songwriter with Thorny Swale, a blend of Twin Cities and Wisconsin players. Dahl sings regularly with the St. Augustine Latin Mass Choir of South St. Paul, Mn and is a member of MAS (Mn Association of Songwriters).



How do you create the ideal drum part for an original song? Tom explores beat creation for both drummers and non-drummers alike, drawing attention to working with melody, understanding genre and developing an arrangement in this the first in a series of articles exploring this perspective on songwriting, arrangement and production.

Crafting Drum Parts For Original Songs Part 1


It's an easy process.

Start a topic in our Showcase board

Add your lyrics and either embed your mp3 link or YouTube video link using the media tag (or use the insert media button in the post editor).

For mp3 media links it must link directly to your mp3 file on the internet, otherwise simply add a normal link to a page where the song can be heard using the insert link button.