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It's an easy process.

Start a topic in our Showcase board

Add your lyrics and either embed your mp3 link or YouTube video link using the media tag (or use the insert media button in the post editor).

For mp3 media links it must link directly to your mp3 file on the internet, otherwise simply add a normal link to a page where the song can be heard using the insert link button.


Please welcome Marcel Tiemensma as an author with the Guitar Area on Songstuff. Marcel will be focusing on Classical and Spanish guitar styles.

Marcel is a Master of Guitar from Rotterdam Conservatory and the University of Utrecht with a lifelong fascination for the Spanish guitar. For over 20 years Marcel has been performing throughout Europe as wellas within the United States. He remains in demand as a studio musician as wellas by popular artists as a stage musician.

Watch out for Marcel's first tutorial for Songstuff, "Tirando and Apoyando".



Many chord progressions in popular music are based around a formula whose basis can be found in the Harmonized Major Scale. Of course there are exceptions to the rule but generally if you become familiar with how to Harmonize the Major Scale you can use this to good effect in the basis of your playing.

Harmonizing The Major Scale


We're building a refernece library of Bass Guitar articles covering all stages from beginner to advanced. To help Graeme hone his articles for your needs and interests please leave a comment here:

Please show your support! Pass it On!


In this the 3rd part of a 3 part tutorial on crash cymbals, Crash Cymbal Drills For Skills introduces 2 exercise to hone your crash cymbal skills. The lesson is presented in a mix of text and video.

Crash Cymbal Drills For Skills


You can catch up on the previous parts easily by visiting the following links:

The Fundamentals Of Cymbal Crashes

Crash Cymbal Skills


Articles Updated

Two articles have been updated:

The Compressor

Recording engineer and musician Graeme Young writes in detail about the compressor, typical controls and uses in recording music.

Reverb, Delay and Echo

Graeme Young explains the mysteries of reverb, echo and delay in a recording environment, and gives some background to the origin of the words. A must read for all aspiring engineers and producers.



Ok so you love AmpliTube 2... and you may be thinking of upgrading to the latest version, or maybe you are considering buying AmpliTube for the first time. This article is an in-depth review of AmpliTube 3, from IK Multimedia, by John Moxey. Building on the reputation of AmpliTube 2 this simulated amplifier environment modeling software has a lot to live up to.

AmpliTube 3 From IK Multimedia




In order to try and make it a little easier for you we've collected lots of useful drumming related content together in one place!

From percussion techniques, to rhythm, and equipment, have a browse through our list of articles, and our categorised selection of links. If you are not sure of a term, try looking it up in our Music Glossary

Visit the Drums and Percussion area and bookmark the page.

Come and discuss drums and percussion with your fellow drummers and percussionists. Let others hear your beats in a relaxed and informed community within the Songstuff Drums and Percussion Board


Writing Songs

Songstuff has a dedicated songwriting area, with many songwriting articles, and resource links for songwriters, plus an active songwriting community .

If you are keen to develop your songwriting skills, or simply just interact with other songwriters and musicians, our music community is the perfect place to spend some time with like minded people.

Giving and receiving feedback is a great wway to hone your songwriting skills. Songstuff has many critique boards dedicated to lyrics writing and songwriting, recording and production.

So don't hesitate, become a member today. It's free!