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Title track of 7th Sun's album "From The Beginning" is now the featured song on the Songstuff Channel.

Songstuff Channel

If you are interested in having your song featured on the Songstuff Channel, then please post a link to your video in your own topic here:


You can also submit your video to be considered for inclusion on the channel here:

Recommendations for the Songstuff Channel


If you have ever suffered from stage fright this article is for you.

Performing your own songs, particularly for the first time, is often a nerve wracking experience. In this article Songstuff author Cheryl Hodge provides 5 confidence building tricks to help with stage performance.

Tricks To Developing More Confidence On Stage


Cheryl's board profile


For further reading and reference check out Cheryl's book: A Singer's Guide for the Well-Trained & Powerful Voice


The Songstuff Recording and Technology Module provides an ideal platform to build your knowledge of recording processes, equipment and the recording environment.

We provide a breadth of articles including software reviews and in depth artcle on subjects such as EQ, Compression and Mastering.

The Recording and Technology Module is complimented by our community Recording Studio board, the Hardware board and the Software board.

Coming soon:

Cakewalk Rapture review

Amplitube 3 review



Musician? Songstuff is end to end targetted at helping at every stage from begining to play an instrument through writing a song to selling the final product.

Get a great start, come visit our Instruments and Performance boards.

Looking to improve your writing? Try our Creativity boards.

If you are interested in recording, making a video or discussing album artwork take a look at our Recording and Media boards

If you are into your music gear then drop into Gear boards

For talking music business, general music and off topic chat try the Musicians boards


If you are a singer and you are interested in improving your singing technique then our vocals area and vocals board are an ideal place to pick up tips and exchange ideas with other singers.

Vocals Area

Vocals Board

Vocals editor Cheryl Hodge has been teacher to many students; including pop icons Grammy winner Paula Cole, Juno winner Frazee Ford, and Canadian Idol finalist, Alyssa Klazek. She graduated from and taught at Berklee College of Music (voice faculty for 8 years), and for the last 18 years she has been the head of the Selkirk College Vocal Department. Cheryl has recorded 7 CDs and writes and gigs regularly with jazz guitar great, John Stowell.



The development of a 3 finger style playing technique on the bass guitar is one way for a finger style bassist to achieve speed.

By clear demonstration on video and accompanying text including some exercises this tutorial by Graeme Carswell will bring your skills up to speed.

Three Finger Technique On The Bass Guitar


In addition to the music segments of the article a complete video of the lesson is also available on the Songstuff Channel


Too Small To Save - Tom Hoffman is the currently featured video on our YouTube channel. The video, was created by roflcopter.eu (board member roflcopter) exclusively for Songstuff. Please show your support for your fellow artist and drop by the channel and play the video.

You can watch the video here: Songstuff Channel

Please add the Songstuff Channel to your list of YouTube friends and to subscribe to the channel!.

Submit your video links for consideration to songs@songstuff.com with the subject "Video Channel Suggestion". We also consider videos posted to The Cutting Room board.


Please welcome joe hanley to the Songstuff fold.

Joe will be writing for Songstuff on a number of subjects concerning musicians and writers.


Joe Hanley is a composer and songwriter in NYC and has spent 29 long, A.D.D.-ridden years on this big, beautiful Earth, jumping frenetically from one part of the music world to the next. He's toured with Universal-Motown recording artist Tina Parol, released a CMJ chart-ranking jazz album, and written and composed music for advertising, websites, artists and TV. Joe also writes for the blog www.WriteRecordMix.com which publishes articles about the challenges musicians face bringing their music to reality. His original compositions and songs can be heard on his website at www.JoeHanleyMusic.com.


Please welcome Tom Hoffman as a new author on Songstuff!


Tom will be writing for the drum area on Songstuff. Tom (aka tunesmitthth on the boards) has been playing the drums for many years and has a wealth of experience to share on many aspects of playing drums. Tom's tutorials will be part text, part video, with detailed explanations accompanied by clear demonstration videos.

Tom, from midwestern USA is an active drummer, songwriter and a regularly active member of the Songstuff Community Forum.


As musicians we often hear that the internet has "levelled the playing field" between indie artists and record labels. While that may be closer to the truth regarding small labels the marketing machines of larger labels are still miles ahead of what most artists and labels can expect. So what can you do? Realistically most bands are short of money... so what can you do for free?

This article is intended to give an overview of the possibilities, the strategies and the tools.

Read Make The Most Of Your Music On The Web


Please welcome Graeme Carswell to Songstuff as a new writer!


Graeme will be writing regularly for the guitar section of our site, focusing on the bass guitar, and taking part in the bass guitar board discussions.

Graeme has been playing bass for 19yrs now, having first found his love for the instrument after hearing The Spirit Of Radio by Rush. He considers Geddy Lee as his teacher in the early days as he tried to learn all Rush's back catalogue, and since then has caught onto other inspiring artists like Marcus Miller, Billy Sheehan, Victor Wooton, Chris Squire, Adam Nitti, Jaco and many more to influence his playing. "The internet has been a godsend...it makes it so easy to find, hear and watch inspiring musicians from across the globe".

Graeme has played in venues up and down the UK from small pubs with thriving music scenes in Pollockshaws, to The Armadillo in Glasgow. He is currently involved with recording artist John Gilmour Smith, who was signed last year to Aquarian Nation Records. Graeme recorded bass on this John's first album on the label, due for release in 2010. Other than this he has been involved with many corporate acts as 'dep of choice', with his own prog rock covers band and newly formed functions bands Graeme is busier than ever it seems and is happy to be part of the Songstuff collaborative and looks forward to reviewing gear and taking care of bass-related articles.


Band Promo Videos

Over the last year there has been a big increase in the number of bands creating promo videos, and not just gig footage. At Songstuff we try to help artists develop and hopefully improve the standard of the songs that they produce. If you are making or planning to make a band promo video then you'll find the Cutting Room a useful resource.

Post up your video links and get constructive criticism from fellow musicians and video creators:



Please welcome professional singer, vocal coach and singing teacher Cheryl Hodge to Songstuff!

Cheryl will be writing regularly for the vocals section of our site, and taking part in the vocals board discussions.

Cheryl has been teacher to many students; including pop icons Grammy winner Paula Cole, Juno winner Frazee Ford, and Canadian Idol finalist, Alyssa Klazek. She graduated from and taught at Berklee College of Music (voice faculty for 8 years), and for the last 18 years she has been the head of the Selkirk College Vocal Department. Cheryl has recorded 7 CDs and writes and gigs regularly with jazz guitar great, John Stowell.

Vocals Area

Vocals Board


We have just introduced a brand new site area for singers:

Vocals Site Area

The Vocals area will include articles and tutorials, and links to useful resources. Subscribe to the Songstuff blog for regular updates as the Vocals area develops and grows.

We hope that you enjoy this new resource.

To accompany the new area we have introduced a new Vocals board

Come along and take part in the vocals board where you can talk about all things singing related.