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About this blog

YOu might and probably will either relate to these comments about life, or simply lol.

Entries in this blog


Smooth, Smooth...

I have got this mad idea - and it's probably been attempted before. Mixing pop lyrics with rock music. If by now you're scrolling madly trying to get away from this mad blog, think about this: "The plasticy catchy lyrics would be a perfect complement to the powerful beat of rock n roll!" I actually never recognised this in a song before, and naive as I am, was also wondering if anyone who wasted their time reading this blog might have heard a song like this.

On another note, Telephone music video? It's the perfect piece of artistic videography to put with the music - can't get it out of my head, and it wasn't a complete waste of 10 minutes of my life. Also, I think the director, whose name escapes me, must've been gay to not have a permenent 'b' during the filming O.o .... I couldn't stop staring. :3 Yes, I'm bisexual, but still, it was awesome ^^



What is it with me and talking? I feel like I have too much to say to people. I could go on for hours about anything, even if that subject was "Hi, how are you?". I feel like I should shut up sometimes, but I really can't. There are those times it gets away from you. even saying "I'm going to shut the hell up now" is a whole extra sentences, and particularly after you're feeling like you've dominated a conversation, this is also something you don't feel like saying. Talking about you then shutting up, and announcing you're about to shut up with a completely new sentence. Way to make yourself and everyone else feel like you're the quiet one.

Then there are those rants you seem to find yourself on? I'm thankful for blogs, because they're designed for this, but if this was a proper conversation, I'd bee feeling uber-awkward right now, despite the need to continue speaking to fill the silence. MUST FILL.... THE SILENCE.

However, it has been known that a lot of talking followed by silence (which must come sooner or later, whether death or lack of conversation topics comes first) can create what is known as the awkward turtle. Put your hand on to of the other, and stick your thumbs out, and wriggle them around. you have created a turtle. During an awkward silence, this hand gesture can be made in the event of an awkward silence whilst people think up another subject. Probably how cool your little turle is, and everyone will have a chuckle at that.

Anyway, that's all I got to say on silence..

.... awkward potato.....(fist)


Is he smiling when he dies? Yeah, hell yeah. The thing is, about 100 people in the whole world think there's nothing on the "other side". Well, I do not believe in God or religion, but I still think that there's something else on the other side. It's like that hollow feeling to think that a soul or a spirit has been manufactured and built up, and all that mental energy, the physical energy that could be made by a being, just disappears? If you're still not getting me, then think of it like this; Everyone has a soul (one exception, the love of my life, and even he knows what's happening to him after death) and soulds cannot be destroyed - they are linked and developped and beautiful and complex, and the very thought that they can just be destroyed is ludicrous.

Everyone's got a spirit and a soul. Soul is a person's belief in what they believe in and their essence, spirit is a person's representation and enthusiasm for things, their personality. Very similar. So when you die, your spirit and soul combine to form something else - another animal, inhabiting another brain, so you'll be forgetting everything from before. But they can also follow the people they loved, as ghosts. These are both unlikely things to happen - most people go to their personal paradise, called Heaven, and everything is really great there - it'spractically tailor-made for each person to be happy in their own little Heavens (see book coming out soon: "Heaven's Paperclips" by Verity Brown ©).

Me personally. Well... Isis isn't just a nickname. Shh... there are only 7 mantels. 7 sins. 7 elements (in order: Air, Fire, Water, Earth, Spirit, Light, Darkness). Lucky number 7 :)

I love the song "The day I died" by Just Jack © cos the personna is just living his life, he can see the good things in life, knows what to appreciate, even the littlest tihngs, made that day the best he could remember, because everything was just in harmony. And he didn't even care that he died that day - he was happy, because he appreciated life, so he didn't mind death.

If you're scared of death, that's natural. Everyone's frightened of the unknown. But if you think death is something to run from then a) you're nuts, cos you cant outrun death and B) you should be living life more. Do it, make each day count. If you would regret dying tomorrow, ask why you'd be frustrated with yourself. Fix it. Life is beautiful, stop wasting every second, because every second counts. I cannot stress it enough!


The thing is, as someone who likes to accept most things (aside from organised religion bar Ancient Egyptians) I like almost all kinds of "music". Why is music in quotations? Cos where does one draw the line at what is music and what is not?

RAP, also known as.... i don't know. What the hell does RAP even mean? Rhythm and Pace? Really Awful Poetry? Run and Puke? All have been suggested and more, and to be honest, some rap is absolute sh*t. But I loved this one Rap song by T.I. and Rihanna, Live Your Life, and the message in it was actually pretty good. Just for f*cks sake put it to some sort of guitar? Please?

No way! The way Rihanna mixed her R&B in there was fantastic, and I am only partly ashamed to admit I like R&B. Take you There by (.. someone?) It's so catchy, and I think that as a totally un-professional "writing-for-the-label-or-myself" lyricist that's what counts - it sticks with people, even if it is absolute rubbish in the big picture. Now, if you could combine this with some good electric guitar, heavy drums and brain-altering bass then you've got the perfect brain-washing machine.

Where do you use this for good and not evil? Juggalos and Juggalettes (who I admire greatly) have the right idea - homies are family, and why can't we just make our friends our families? I mean, that's what I got from Insane Clown Posse's "Juggalo Homies" - also a catchy song. And it was a good message. They look so freaking evil though, and hopefully, if they're like the one Juggalo I know, then that'd be a compliment. They look so fantastic, almost like Kiss, but they just took the look further and all their logos are centred around the Jokers and Fools. Well I say, whoever doesn't listen to them is a fool.

But then again, who's to say Hannah Montana is real music? (It isn't, it makes me want to scream) I will actually worship the person who does screamo versions of all her songs. I was insulted by her song "Rockstar" - because she is so far from it, it's like a chimpanzee saying it's a human. And it sounds like it too. (Hannah montana, I mean, and no offense to any chimpanzees reading this).

So what is music really? A noise you hear or a sound you like? (Nice line from One Republic, "All the Right Moves") And everyone likes something different, which means it's very difficult to see where the line is. I draw it right in front of Hannah Montana. Rather, I build a type of Berlin Wall in front of her and have her put in jail. Sorry to any 9-year-olds who still like her.

© To anyone who's songs I mentions .... even Hannah Montana :P