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Holidays should be fun and spending time with your family.

For me it's work, work, work and pretending to be happy that I'm with my family.

I'm just glad I'm spending new years eve with my friends. They're more family to me than my real one.

I've been spending so much time learning to play 'Jingle Bells' on my guitar.

I know it wasn't perfect (far from) but I played it for my family on Christmas eve.

My sister was verry enthousiastic. Said I've learned a lot and it keeps getting better.

And than my parents... saying that it was a useless waste of time and that in a few months I would be tired of it.

When I was a little girl, 6-7 years old, I wanted to do music school and learn to play the guitar or drums.

Got the same reaction from my parents back than.

They never understood my love for music.

Even now when I talk with my mom about my writing and the forum she seems to think that it's all a waste of time.

And for my dad I'll never be good enough I guess. Just a hopeless dreamer that is never going to achieve something other than working in a store.

So right now I can't seem to write anything 'cause I only hear my parents saying that it's a waste of time.

Hopefully I will get my inspiration and drive back soon...

Anyway wishing everyone happy holidays here! And a joyfull 2014 :)


Hey Vagda! Family can be soooo destructive! My husband thinks it is a waste of time for me to write lyrics but lyrics keep coming in my head so I keep writing them down. LOL

I think if you read your blog here you've said something that should clarify for you where your parents stand. There comes a time when we have to break the cycle the parents create for us and see who we really are. You said "They never understood my love for music." They probably never will. You have passion and talent for music that you should feed and let it grow! I think you've been here on SS for more than a few months...you don't seem tired of it!

It is ok to take a break. Don't force it. Soon, a hook will pop into your head and you'll be running to your computer to catch it all!

I have only been able to write about my brother who is dying of cancer. Nothing else will come out so I am just letting it. Thats why I'm not doing the weekly challenge right now. It just doesn't fit where I'm at. I do miss the camaraderie though...miss you!

Hope to "see" you in the New Year!

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This may seem a bit harsh, but if you're doing it to prove something to them, it probably is a huge waste of your time and effort. But if you're doing it for yourself....as I suspect you are, then do yourself a favor. Stop being concerned about whether others approve of your passion! After all, it's yours.....right? I guess what I'm trying to tell you is...be honest with yourself about your motives.

Good luck and Happy New Year!


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Hi Iguzda,


I'm sorry to hear that about your brother!! Cancer is such an ugly disease :(
I guess my parents will never understand... I just better let it be than to wind myself up about it.
Wasted energy, right.
A happy new year for you girl!! I wish you all the best :)

Hi tunesmithth,


It's not about proving something... it's just the fact that I thought they could be supportive for me for once in their live instead of breaking me down.
They never gave me the chance to chase my dream. And that's what hurts.
Most of my friends doesn't support me in this and I don't give a damn, 'cause it's my passion.
But my parents, it's different for me than my friends opinions. 
If you know what I mean?

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Hey V,


I know I'm really late in posting to your Blog but I just noticed that SS had a Blog section??? LOL  



You really hit on a topic I am passionate about when you said your family isn't supportive.  I never really gave it a lot of thought before but my family, even though they would always try to seem interested in what I did, they really never cared one way or another.  I don't know which is worse.  When they come right out and tell you that they don't believe in you or they just ignore you?? 


I think the ignoring makes a person resentful and angry but the disbelief hurts in a much deeper way.  My wife was always told by her family that she "couldn't do it".  Or that it wasn't something that a girl should be doing.  I think they really just didn't want to be bothered with her.  She was adopted by the way. 


Well, I hope you had a really good holiday season and look forward to viewing more of your work on SS.  If you have time please check out my new Blog.  I am starting one here to promote my book release, hopefully this month, but I'll let everyone know when it happens.


All the best V,


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