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Paranormal Activity?



Paranormal activity? Proof of life after death? Wishful thinking? Hell, I don't know. While I've had a few "unexplained" type things happen to me throughout my lifetime, I don't really believe in life after death or that kind of thing. At the same time, I don't look a gift horse in the mouth and peacefully enjoy moments that seem to be "after life" type of experiences.

In that respect, I'll share a story that happened to me last year after my Mom passed away. An experience that I'd like to think my Mom had a role in.

Last May the 4th, yes, Star Wars day, my Mom passed away. One of her favorite T-shirts was one we bought in the 80's while on a family vacation in Florida. It was a turquoise blue t-shirt that said "Damn seagulls" on it, with splotches of what look like seagull poop all over it. She wore it all the time, including the last week she was alive. Knowing how much she loved that shirt, and how much I'd miss her, I decided I would get a poster frame, frame the t-shirt and put it on the wall of our pool house.

So, on the morning of my Mom's funeral I was eating breakfast looking at that shirt that was on a hanger, hanging on a door handle. I was thinking about when she bought that shirt and all the times she wore it. Lost in thought, time got away from me, and the next thing you know, we were running late. I had a few things I was planning to take, so I went outside to put them in the car. When I did, I saw the surprise. The drivers side of my car was splashed with bird crap, at least a dozen spots that were hit by the birds. At first I was angry, knowing we were running late and now I had to wash the car. I went and got the hose. Then, as I started washing it off I said to myself "Damn birds… Damn seagulls." I laughed out loud, and cried a little. I was sure it was a sign from my Mom. Whether it was or not I don't know, but I will always think that in a way, it was. That had never happened before that, and it hasn't happened since.

Now when I go to the pool house I always take a look at that shirt, it looks pretty cool as a decoration.

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Sunday was the 2 year ann. of moms passing.  Nothing like what you described happened, but since she always used to say "Tommy, you should sing", I did record a song in her memory. 


I love this weather!

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