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Writing: The Art Of Therapy




Although this post mainly deals with lyricists, I think musicians can glean some truth.


*NOTE*... Most of what I say here is subjective....This is the way I see it.


I remember as a young boy, finding a well worn note binder on my mother's dresser, and being curious, I opened it and looked inside. It was filled from front to back with poems she had written; with the time written, day, and year at the bottom of each one. I sat down on her bed and started reading them. I had read about four or so, when my mom came in and caught me; mad as a hen that I invaded her privacy. After getting a lecture about how those were her private thoughts, I asked her why she never read me any poems (she read me books all the time). She said she didn't write them for other people, she wrote them to make her feel better. At the time, I didn't grasp what that really meant. Now I do.


Why do we write? What is your core reason to write? There could be many answers to that, from many different people. But the core reason should always be, because you enjoy it. Other reasons might be; "because I want to get famous" or "I want to make money at it" but the core reason is enjoyment. If you don't enjoy it, you're not going to get famous and it's doubtful you will make any money. Yet there's another reason linked to the enjoyment factor (at least for me) and that is; it's therapy. It makes me feel better. I can vent anything through writing. I can let it all out, and in the process, deal with what I'm feeling in a constructive way. So I encourage new writers, don't write in hopes of impressing someone, or for getting a lot of positive reviews. Because the more you write for that reason, the less positive reviews you will probably get. If you really love writing, you WILL get better. Yet, part of getting better, is getting in touch with yourself. Write what pleases YOU and advance in your craft from there. Listen and learn from the seasoned writers, and use their input to express who you are better, in a better way than you did before. When you're feeling depressed and can hardly move; write. When you are feeling frisky; write. When you're content; write. You get the picture. Throw off your apprehension and lack of confidence, and write to feel better, not worrying about other people. And then when you decide to post, and you find you get negative reviews; don't sweat it. The core of you is in the lyric, now just reword it into a polished form that fits a lyric criteria. The more you write and take advice, the easier it gets, not only in writing a good lyric, but also in being able to reach down inside yourself to pull one out. To sum it all up; write what feels good to you, so you can feel better, and be better. Let it be your cheap form of therapy.


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Thanks Tom. I took a couple weeks to ponder a blog name that hopefully would have some appeal. Glad to get affirmation that this one works.

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Hey LG..

When i joined Songstuff in 2013 i was recovering (or should i say "not recovering") from a broken relationship. For me to elaborate would be too complex. Let’s just say BPD (borderline personality disorder), like any mental illness, can wreak havoc on those suffering and anyone close to them.

I’ve always been a songwriter with a  dream that one day i’d record a song, but mostly i write because whether my head is in a good or bad place, its a 3rd dimension. If im looking for love, in love or falling out, or just in a stage of life, i can record my feelings and express myself. Its a diary of my emotional rollercoaster.

Writers are artists and artists are creative, insightful, sensitive, i could go on. You can be an introvert and extrovert at the same time. You can put your feelings out there so people understand, and you can help yourself by clearing your head…

I have not a shadow of doubt what you say is fact. Writing is self - help therapy. And to have a community where you can drop in anytime and express yourself, know someone is listening, and receive advice… Songstuff to me is far more than just a forum.

Songstuff has been instrumental in my recovery. When i joined i had so much going on in my head but it was too hard for me to seek help from family or friends. I wrote every idea that came to mind. I wrote constantly.  It was the only time i felt at peace. And i’ve made many friends, one in particular who i consider a close friend..  (hey BK!)..A good forum can be the ultimate release for a writer. It doesn’t matter how good or bad, experienced or not… if you feel the urge to write just do it.. All you need to be a “songwriter” is the desire…

And thank you Songstuff!


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Absolutely. I believe as well that any pursuit which doesn't start with your love/interest for it will fall apart. 


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Hi Neil, I know what you are talking about. My sister, who just passed away recently, had the issues you mentioned, and it can be hard. Actually IS hard. I'm with you my friend. To many write to impress others instead of expressing themselves truly. We all want to impress, but first we have to learn to express properly, and I know without a doubt that you get that. I always have liked your work. Songstuff is my home of homes, even though I am not here as much as I used to be, this forum, or more correctly "community" has helped me A LOT through the 5 plus years I've been a member.

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