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My Youtube And Other Website Accounts (:

Hey everyone, I just wanted to share some of my account names so you guys could follow me :flowers: I'll follow back too, if you let me know you're all from this site.



Instagram: smerr


Also, roughly a year ago, I posted an original song by me on my YouTube and recently around Christmas, I posted a cover. I wouldn't mind some feedback on them if anybody does check out my stuff. I will advise that my cover video wasn't the best I've done, but I hadn't posted in a long while so I thought I'd do something for Christmas. Thank you for your time!



I changed Youtube and Twitter for you. The others, you'll have to switch, as both are member based and I have accounts with neither.

Many times....when you try to post outside links here, a request clipboard box is generated. Just click "allow access" and your link will post. Happens all the time.


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Thanks for sharing. As they say, sharing is caring. I guess? 

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