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The Story Behind The Song (I've Learned To Love The Rain)



The Idea

Let’s begin at the beginning. Where did the idea for the song come from?

The process started with a central theme. As is often the case, that theme came from an outside source.

In songwriting as in life, good things come to those who pay attention.

That outside source I mentioned was a young lady named Adriana. She happened to work at the QuikTrip convenience store close to my home. Back in 2010, when this song was written, I was a regular customer at this particular QT. I’d occasionally buy gas, but my typical purchase was a cup of half cappuccino - half coffee.

Yeah, I know....I'm the last of the big-time spenders! ^_^

Anyway… one Tuesday, it was raining cats & dogs….windy, cold & generally miserable outside. Adrianna was behind the register waiting to take my measly $1.07, when I noticed something different! She seemed unusually happy! Being of a curious nature, I asked why? You can probably guess what she told me.

She said..."I just love rainy days"! Bingo…..that was all it took!

Her reaction was sincere, unique & completely unexpected. She actually loved rainy days….go figure!

It was a response worthy of a song.

So…I walked back to my vehicle, grabbed paper & pen, jotted down a title, a few thoughts on lyrical direction & message, started my vehicle and drove home.


Basic Premise

Adrianna unknowingly inspired the idea, but that was all I had. Somehow, I needed to turn that idea into a relatable song.

The first step was to shape & define a lyrical direction. I decided to use rain as a metaphor for hard times & troubles.

Unfortunately, that’s a fairly common songwriting metaphor. So my next task was to come up with a different approach….something to make the song uniquely mine.

I chose several paths to that end.

  • I utilized a unique song-structure
  • Adrianna’s answer was about "her love of the rain". So…despite my choice of metaphors, the lyrical message needed to be a positive one! Since I wanted to stay true to the inspiration, I wrote it as a life-lesson about learning to look beyond the bad times. A hopeful song, about weathering the storm we call LIFE.


Lyrical Overview

- Verse introduces the metaphor & sultry feel of “hard times”

- Pre-chorus begins the process of revelation…seeing beyond the immediate

- Chorus proudly displays new, enlightened outlook resulting from the learning experience.

- Bridge re-enforces the overall meaning & message

- Final pre-chorus & chorus repeat & reinforce the previously established emotional progression



Troubled skies……all I could see

Dismal days……ahead of me

Fading dreams……of better times

Clouding out……a clearer mind


But, as I’ve come to recognize

Beyond the clouds lie clearer skies


I’ve learned to love the rain

I look beyond the pain

Through up & downs, I’m proud to say

I’ve learned to love the rain!


The yin & yang, good & bad

The overjoyed & the terribly sad

Things in life, I now embrace

My strength derived from problems faced


And as I’ve grown to realize

Life goes on & I survive


I’ve learned to love the rain

I look beyond the pain

Through up & downs, I ride the wave

I’ve learned to love the rain!

I’ve learned to love the rain!

I’ve learned to love the rain!

Copyright 2010- Tom Hoffman



I've written a lot of songs over the past two decades, but there’s only been one with a single verse section.

Immediately following that verse, the song introduces a more positive feel & flow.

Those changes are intended to move the listener beyond the surliness of the initial intro & verse. Variations of that revised feel are maintained throughout the remainder of the song.

Bottom line – once a person grows beyond their negative outlook, they generally retain what they've learned.

They don't digress. With that in mind, it didn't make sense for the song to digress into another negatively flavored verse.

So it doesn't….hence my choice of a single-verse structure!


Here’s an overview of the final song structure:

Introduction / verse / pre-chorus / chorus / bridge / pre-chorus / chorus / ending


Brief Evolution of the Song

I took advantage of the critique boards at SongStuff.com in developing this tune. Preliminary versions were posted on the boards & member feedback was useful in screening for potential issues with both structure & content. Outside perspectives often prove very helpful. The trick is to remain open to them!

This current version is actually the 3rd mix of the song. These mix efforts were spread several months apart….each addressing a list of deficiencies discovered in the previous versions. Elapsed time often results in improved perspective. As tedious as this process is, it's common & effective......particularly for singer/songwriters who work alone.


Performance Credits

  • Guitar, Bass, Keyboard Strings & Piano, Soft Shake – Tom Hoffman
  • Vocals – Tom Hoffman


Tom Hoffman

Songstuff member profile


The Story Behind The Song

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good stuff tom , and liked the tune !! ( well listened to most of them !!)

like you most of my lyrics start from someone or movie  saying something , and end up grabbing what ever i can write on , having kids, crayons became my most used for years !!

like how you exemplified your thought process , if you dont mind ( thin k you wouldnt , cause it's a blog) will lead a few to this

good stuff bro

rock on !!  

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