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How To Restring Your Guitar

Knowing how to restring your guitar is a very very important skill to learn when starting out as a guitarist. Budding musicians sometimes neglect the maintenance part of the learning and head straight to the playing. A sign of a true guitarist maybe seen in the way he handles and takes care of his/her instrument. 


Guitar strings need to be replaced periodically especially if you perform regularly on stage. Though some may find that statement debatable,one needs to know how to restring the instrument nonetheless.


The following article will take you through the process and the tools needed with lots of images for better learning.




Be sure to share and like the article if you find it useful. If you have any questions, feel free to discuss it on the Songstuff Community Forums.


Good and practical thread.  I like the following video from Taylor Guitars:


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Seriously....an electric winder???? 

How friggin' lazy are we these days? ;)

Pretty soon folks will want an app because the winder takes too long! LOL

Go figure!

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I thought that was funny too..but if I had to string guitars all day, I would go for it.

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Weird.  I've been playing (and restringing) guitars for about 4 decades, and I have never ever cut any string with a wire cutter to take the string off - let alone cut through all the strings - like in the tutorial.  I just loosen them, and then first unwind them from the tuning head, and then pull the bridge pegs out to get them all the way off.  Cutting them seems like an unnecessary extra step because you'll still have to get the strings off the tuning heads and out of the bridge holes.  I'd also rather have six long used strings I can easily gather together and tie up in a knot to throw away than have to keep track of and collect 12 pieces of wire with sharp ends.


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