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The Story Behind The Song (St. Louis Rams)



Back in the early 2000's, St. Louis not only HAD a football team...we had a winning football team!

The 99-2000 season, we were Super Bowl champions.

Flash forward to 2001-2002 & we were headed to "The Show" again!


In January 2002, a local radio station (the Steve & D.C. morning show) sponsored a Super Bowl song contest.

The winner would receive 2 free tickets to the game.




For those who don't know, these tickets can go for thousands of dollars each...if you can get 'em.

I figured what the hey, I'll give it a shot!


Given the circumstances, contestants were allowed a few weeks to write, record & submit their entries to the station.

Best I recall, the rules were as follows:

- it had to be a song about the Rams

- it had to contain a reference to the Steve & D.C. show


57b7b28a1b7f0_SteveDC4.jpg.4991a5518b367  57b7b2cf0a84b_SteveDC2.jpg.d8d1a28b73731


Unfortunately, I didn't win! BUT, I did learn a valuable lesson. Actual songwriters don't enter contests like this!

Wanna know what won?

A cover song with rewritten lyrics, sung by a guy who got up on stage with his friend’s bar band & taped the performance with a boom box.

That's what won!




NO...that's not me in the middle!

I was a good sport about the whole thing. 

On the plus side, I did have fun & the song did get played on local radio.

But....I DIDN'T get to go to the Super Bowl !


BTW the Rams lost.

I'm not sayin' that one thing led to the other, but who can be sure about these things? 


Certainly I got extra points for this ending! Very original, don’t ya’ think? ;)


YouTube Video Version (*includes full song) - https://youtu.be/V6oEIBB94eQ


Tom Hoffman

Songstuff member profile




St. Louis Rams  -  Mike Martz’s team
St. Louis Rams  -  Kurt Warner’s dream


They call us the champions

That’s become our name

We’ve earned ourselves a place in history

No one is…better at the game


Worthy opponents come & go

We send ‘em packin’, don’t they know?

That we were destined for “the show”

St. Louis Rams


St. Louis Rams  -  Steve & D.C.’s…

…show really jams – You should pick me!


Misc. justification & begging w. fade-out

Copyright 2002 – Tom HoffmanSteve & DC 3.jpgSteve & DC 2.jpg

Steve & DC.jpg

Steve & DC 4.jpg


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