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what girlie's like



On Tuesday, I went to Mazak in Worcester in the West Midlands on a work trip. My friend and colleague Danny drove. In the back were the the office interns; three young ladies (girlies to us) who witter & giggle constantly. We felt lucky to be going in a Merc S series hire car for the 280 mile round trip.


The radio was on most of the time. On the return journey a pop-rock tune was being played at one point. Towards the end of the tune, an unusual change occurred. It sounded as if two chords were overlaid. In addition to that, the phrasing was dramatic. It sounded great. The girls had noticed this also, and commented on it immediately (yes they were listening passively despite the chatter). Except to them this was not good. They thought it was horrible. Its good that this piece of music was noticed and commented on at all of course. It kind of 'did its job' IMO.


This couple of seconds of remarkable music was the only interesting thing I heard during the entire trip. The girlies are in their early twenties and find acceptable what I regard as bland. I suppose that you have to hear this sort of music for many years before it seems bland to you.


I recently bought some albums. All of them old. A Blossom Toes one, four Dr John ones and four Jimmy Giuffre ones. I recall hearing Dr John's 'Gris-Gris' when I was 16. I couldn't handle it. The voice was weird. The music was odd. Now it sounds refreshing and it makes me smile.


Even music that I was beginning to appreciate at age 16, I knew would make more sense over time. JS Bach did and Charles Ives did. I know most people dont want to challenge themselves at all musically, but to me its an ongoing process and part of getting older.

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Rudi , i've never heard the term  WITTER , maybe i don't watch enough BBC tv . 


Did you have to go to an " old " record store to buy the LP's ?

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Hi Teek,


twitter = babble, prattle, or otherwise talk ceaselessly and without good cause.


The Albums were CDs from Amazon Uk.

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