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Finally arrived at a name for my new song

Steve Mueske


After much consideration, I have decided to name my new 11 Edphi piece Aletheia. Aletheia is the Greek version of the goddess of Truth (the Roman goddess is Veritas). Whereas Veritas is typically depicted as a virgin in white, Aletheia is depicted as being naked and holding a hand mirror. This image really struck me as a deep image of truth. In many ways, this piece represents the next stage in my development with microtonal music. In the way that Mnemosyne marked the beginning of this phase of my exploration, Aletheia represents the next phase. At this point the song is done from end to end. Next stage will be to export all the stems and do the final mixing in Mixbus. I have never tried mixing in a DAW other than Reaper and I am hoping that the new process will force me to reconsider my process. I've never, despite doing this for fifteen years, had a dedicated mixing phase. I'm very curious to see what will happen.


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