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I took early retirement by means of voluntary redundancy today. The consultation was last Thursday and my employment ended today. Said my goodbyes to some great workmates and took all my 'stuff' home. It looks weird. All this stuff that doesn't belong in the house is here. Not just tools & books, but works mug, cutlery and tea caddy etc.


I've worked with some of these fellows for more than 30 years. Its pretty emotional, and leaving is a bittersweet experience. I will meet up with most of them in a weeks time anyway for a dinner. Another retiree, from a month ago, will be there too.


I don't ever expect to set my alarm for 6.am again. Nor work 12 hours in a day. There is plenty to do at home. All the stuff I tried to do but never finished. In fine weather I will be out trying to sort out the garden. When its inclement, I'll be inside decorating. When I dont want to work, I'll indulge in my music. Outside I'll continue (with more regularity) both my karate & dance classes. That will get me out 4 times a week. I hope to meet up with family & friends more regularly as well.


I have engaged an independent financial adviser to look into my pension options. I met with a couple of them, but this one was recommended to me and he's been helpful already.


So many conflicting feelings right now. Happy, sad, excited, tired...



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Congratulations Rudi. Enjoy it and keep busy. I bet it does feel weird with all the mixed emotions going on.

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I am 65 in September lucky or maybe not i am self employed retirement is not something I am considering for a while any way .although as a plasterer the work is heavy and hard . I have no hobbies close friends my age anyway  or things I think I can spend all day doing .  but if it suits you then wear it well 



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Welcome to the next stage of your life Rudi, It may take a little time to adjust to the changes but it's a wonderful thing to have more time to spend doing the things you love.

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Thirty Years. Wow.


I'm sure it will be a challenging transition.  All I have to say to you is thank goodness you play the guitar.  So many people I know don't have any hobbies.   Playing guitar will always give you a goal, something to achieve for that day.  As well, something you can look forward to.   My sister lives in a retirement home,  I see her neighbors all the time.  Those that are the happiest are those who maintain their interests.  

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