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What is it with me and talking? I feel like I have too much to say to people. I could go on for hours about anything, even if that subject was "Hi, how are you?". I feel like I should shut up sometimes, but I really can't. There are those times it gets away from you. even saying "I'm going to shut the hell up now" is a whole extra sentences, and particularly after you're feeling like you've dominated a conversation, this is also something you don't feel like saying. Talking about you then shutting up, and announcing you're about to shut up with a completely new sentence. Way to make yourself and everyone else feel like you're the quiet one.

Then there are those rants you seem to find yourself on? I'm thankful for blogs, because they're designed for this, but if this was a proper conversation, I'd bee feeling uber-awkward right now, despite the need to continue speaking to fill the silence. MUST FILL.... THE SILENCE.

However, it has been known that a lot of talking followed by silence (which must come sooner or later, whether death or lack of conversation topics comes first) can create what is known as the awkward turtle. Put your hand on to of the other, and stick your thumbs out, and wriggle them around. you have created a turtle. During an awkward silence, this hand gesture can be made in the event of an awkward silence whilst people think up another subject. Probably how cool your little turle is, and everyone will have a chuckle at that.

Anyway, that's all I got to say on silence..

.... awkward potato.....(fist)

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