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  2. Hello all, Here is an instrumental song to celebrate spring I hope you will enjoy it. You can listen to other files and follow me here : on Youtube on Twitter on facebook :
  3. A big thanks to both of you...much appreciated! That's exactly why I posted it Jenn. Many long-time members have already heard this stuff, but we add new members all the time. I may post a few more...perhaps one/month? If I do, I'll probably delete the previous as I post the new. That way I don't hog the board. Tom
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  5. I tried using 10's but moved back to 09's. You really can't control the input trim level on it. If the signal is overloaded it will most likely cause dithering distortion upon conversion. It's not like the volume control will have any effect.
  6. Hey @Will Sketches Been working on this with your comments in mind. I've been dealing with a pretty significant problem in the 200-300 Hz range because of my room. I record most everything acoustically, including the piano so it all builds up and I do what I can. Taking it out of the 2-buss feels like using a sledge hammer to deal with a bunch of tiny nails. I worked with both the guitar and piano a bit more this morning. I don't know if it's getting better or not. I'm not exactly sure what you're saying here. For me, brittle and dark are two somewhat opposing descriptors. Dark implies that the highs are falling off too drastically, while brittle implies that the highs are punctuated a bit. Nevertheless, I'm thinking that the guitars were too brittle and that perhaps the mix was a bit dark. I really focused on smoothing the acoustic guitars and then carving out different wider frequency ranges for the guitars and piano so the whole thing isn't as dense (dark?). Hah, if you had any idea how mis-timed this was when I first started, you'd probably suggest that I consider starting from scratch ..or committing suicide. Yeah, adequately fixing that little section has always eluded me - but your comment forced me to give it another go. Turns out, I just took the entire first phrase and pushed it back a tad - it seems a lot better now. Thanks again for your very helpful crits and suggestions. -Mark
  7. I love my Neumann KH120 Nearfield monitors for their absolute flat response and accuracy across the frequencies. Mixes translate perfectly to radio or whatever system they are played on. My favourite mic is AKG C414 B ULS and Aphex Expressor for vocal recording, they're both clean of colouration which allows me to use SSL, Neve, API, etc plugin effects on mixdown. I like my Lexicon PCM 91 for guitar effects Of course I couldn't do without my Mac 2.6GHz quad core i7 with 16 GB Ram and 1TB fusion drive running OSX with pro tools and Logic pro.
  8. I like this a lot John. I like what Gary said, I would add "I'm losing you" at the end of every chorus myself. Good write!
  9. I listened to the Bartender song. It was nice, and unusual. It's hard to critique though... To me it sounded like a soundtrack to a really weird cartoon. To critique it I'd need to know the goal... I mean if this is intended for possible use with some kind of moving images, as background or even as a theme tune, then I think it could work great. If it's intended for listening pleasure then I suppose it's not my cup of tea because I don't feel it emotionally, and it doesn't make me groove or want to jump around. So again, to suggest what I think could be improved, since you asked, I'd need to know what it's for. And since you present it as a 'song', I'll critique it as such, and in that case I think that since it's a happy, bouncy, but weird, kind of tune...and a bit jazzy maybe... I'd suggest that you focus on the beat and bass, and the rhythm generally. At the moment the beat sounds distant and weak, and repetitive, and the bass is a bit too repetitive and doesn't groove with the beat... I'd start by bringing the beat forward, using some really crisp drum/percussion sounds in an electronic way still but more interesting...and then work on making it make you/us want to move.
  10. Great comment, Gary. Thanks. I am working on this using my variations of both of your methods. It's a rather simple concept, but one I hadn't focused on enough. Sometimes I struggle with trying to put too many non-stressed syllables between the stressed ones. I find, like Vara said, it's usually better to have fewer syllables between the accents, rather than trying to jam too many words in between. I'm finding that an old-fashioned metronome helps a lot. And tapping my desktop a lot! I especially appreciated the reminder about how to pace the song so it accelerates into the chorus. Patty
  11. Sounds great. Very smooth...great performances and mix, and I like the different direction in the bridge (wish that part went on a bit longer). The only thing that bothered me was the chorus lyric. It just didn't grab me emotionally and didn't paint any picture, it didn't make much sense either 'a joy for the world to see/it seems my name'. I realise it links to the end of the previous line 'you said name'... but when you repeat that, and with the 'joy for the world' bit, it loses the context (and even if it stayed in context, I don't think it's strong enough lyrically). I think you're missing a trick if you don't find a hook lyric which brings that part to life. I don't know what that would be, but that's my gut reaction. Dek
  12. First of all, thank you for that feedback, we really appreciate it that you took your time to give us such a good feedback. We will definitely try to improve the things you mentioned. Relating to the sound we are aiming for, to be honest, we don't have an exact idea of what we want to do. What's sure is, that we want to create a sound on our own, like our own sound. We don't want that people who listen to this say that " hey these guys sound just like the chainsmokers" (or someone else). When we produce a song, we have an idea in our mind, and try to make something out of it. As you see, these to songs are not really similar to each other. We don't really want to stick to a typical style of music or genre, we want to bring variation from song to song. But again, thank you for that feedback, it's really nice to hear something from someone, who really listened to the music, with that we can (hopefully) improve
  13. Hi Summer I think that you are trying to say too much in your lyric so I would advise you to trim it down and keep the lyric a little more simple. Also, rather than centre your feelings on yourself it would be better if you centred them on your daughter. Example; God send her an angel One to hold her hand Hear my call--- God send her an angel
  14. Great Song and being a physicist myself I love your relation to molecules. Lyrics and melody fit perfectly, lots of emotions and interesting message. Well done.
  15. Thanks Ken and Sreyashi, I'm glad you like it. Thanks for listening and letting me know, Dek
  16. Hi I am John >scotsman89 just wondering if anyone with the skills or not would like to put music to anything I have posted in lyric section i know they may need changed to fit music not that naive , the pleasure would be all mine believe me john
  17. Thanks a lot for for the feedback. You have a point there, of my being non specific. But I was thinking especially when it comes to darkness and light most people have their own individual ideas. So doesn't being non specific help the listener relate better to the lines? That is letting each person fill in the 'why'. I agree with you that I should use more metaphor. And thanks for welcoming me here. I'll look forward to your lyrics.😊___ND
  18. Hi there. I was going to give you feedback on your songs based on the context of them being EDM (seeing as you list Techno as one of your interests), but upon another listen, now I'm not so sure at all that's the sound that you guys are aiming for. Having said that, I think that your music has some really nice ideas. Electronic music tends to put a lot more emphasis on production compared to other genres. I dabbled in EDM over a decade ago, and found it quite a challenge back then, but when I listen to some of the stuff that's out there now, the production really blows me away. I'm talking the genre as a whole, and popular acts such as The Chainsmokers, or deadmau5, in particular. When I listen to their songs, the amount of variation and detail and layering that goes on from bar to bar is mindblowing to me. Whoever believes nowadays that electronic music is not 'real' music, hasn't been paying attention. So from within that context, I think in terms of production you guys have a way to go. At the moment, I don't believe these songs can stand on their own just yet. It's close though, it just needs that extra bit of oomph to make the songs stand out. Perhaps a vocal melody on top will do it. When I listen to Fraktus, the elements within their songs 'glue'/'hang' together better. This has a lot to do with the samples, insert effects, and mix techniques they use; in other words, the production! That's not to say your songs are bad at all, because I can hear some really good things in there! Hope this helps.
  19. Well, thanks again Dek, for stopping in for another listen and your kind comment!
  20. Hi I was thinking that at this pace man it's going to take a long time to get to the chorus and your going to loose me. But the arrangement saved the day a bit because at verse two there are some extra parts that come in. I feel if that were exaggerated it would improve the song, I am wondering if its one of those that should start with only one or two incumbents and keep building till you get to the chorus. The melody is sophisticated and moves nicely. Its a really nice pice of work well written Cheers Gary
  21. Hi Other than that the drums sound busy too me, (I'm sorry I can't be more specific than that.) For me its perfect. I really enjoyed it. Cheers Gary
  22. Hey John Wonderful, and so prompt, that now works as a compliment to her very well. I do like a quick fix. Cheers Gary
  23. hi Sreyashi Im kind of thinking this is way too stable a structure for such a sad story. I have a feeling that less stable chorus would feel better. "How I dreamed of us together As it turns out I couldn't be more wrong No I couldn't have been more wrong if I had tried" The de rhyming and uneven number of lines, and uneven line lengths will give it a sad unstable feel. Cheers Gary
  24. Hi There are some good things in here, but for me it lacks focus. Verse one sets up an expectation of circles and it doesn't happen. This is exacerbated by the setting up of another circle in the first four lines of verse three but then it goes somewhere else. I don't really get who anybody is in this. I think you should have three different circles and then it will work. And what it would mean would be up to the listeners interpretation. You have the circle of growth completely written in verse one. You have half the circle of night and day written in verse three. So you need one more circle concept death and new life or whatever or whatever circle you can come up with. Then I think you will have a song. Cheers Gary
  25. Gary thanks did not even give that a thought as usual your critique helpful > changed end of first v john
  26. Gary thanks for read and advice sound as it always is john
  27. Hi John A couple of things if your going to say " whenever I'm here with you my glass is always half full" Should you nor be saying in another verse "whenever I'm not with you my glass is always half empty" Otherwise the half full thing is not kind of working for me because its only half full, which ain't full. If you know what I mean. Good write Cheers Gary
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