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  2. Love To Hear Your Input - When You Come Home

    Nice and touching song! I love your interpretation and the mix is pretty solid. What you could do to make it better, maybe, is, like Sage said, to find a way to add something of a driving rhythm at some point.
  3. Sreyashi- Together

    I liked the first mix way better (I was a fan of your rhythm patterns!). But it's hard to judge because the voice is so upfront now. You were so close already with your previous attempt, no need for bridge jumping! Maybe you just need to put the song to rest for a while and come back to it with fresh ears later. I tried to remix the first song I posted here taking all the comments that were made in consideration and it was a nightmare! I tweaked and tweaked and lost myself. It's like nothing was working anymore. The only solution apart from re-working the song from scratch is to really take a break from it before returning to the job.
  4. Critique my song please

    The link is in the second post, Mike.
  5. Today
  6. Sreyashi- Together

    What's the B.P.M.? If you give me that, and PM me the Soundlocud "Share" link for the private track and make the track downloadable, I can see if I have some drum loops that might work better, or can at least enhance the rhythm more. And, if I find something and you like it, I could send you the file for it and you could mix it in.
  7. Persona

    No. If I read a description in a book I will visualize the description. Other than that, I have never experienced what you describe. Sounds interesting though. Some people associate colours with musical sound. I never understood that either. Does your visualisation help in any way? Recall or association maybe?
  8. Chat Chat Chat Chat Chat

    Sorry I took so long to respond to this Mike. It seems the older we get the more complicated life is. I almost bought BIAB. I've come close. I haven't bashed the program, but I have voiced my reasons for not seeing a real need for it. This can turn into something like a Mac/PC debate. As I understand it, in order to really benefit from it you need to get the versions with the better audio files and all of the "styles"that suit your genre. I suspect it might make me lazy. Instead of actually playing the parts I would be throwing all of my time into making arrangements in BIAB. Looks like cheating to me lol. I know a guy over on the Cakewalk site who uses it for country demos. It is VERY convincing. I can see how it would work wonders to see all the chords for jazz music.Probably the fastest way to throw a musical recipe together. Have you looked at Forte? Forte plays well with Studio One since Presonus owns both.
  9. Starting With A Title

    I usually start with the melody just to get the structure of the singing with the music. Then the title is taken from the chorus once its written.
  10. Sreyashi- Together

    Ken- Yes I think this is a classic example of over compensating. Swinging the pendulum too far the other way. I think I'm going to try to find the original drum track and see if I can remove some of that in midi, either that or jump off a bridge
  11. What is the standard length for verses?

    I like it when a verse is 4 sentences long. I sometimes use long sentences but then you need to find a nice way to sing it
  12. Hi all, I'm Giora tal

    Thank you!
  13. Sreyashi- Together

    I prefer the previous mix. I thought it was close to being completed. The levels seemed pretty balanced except for the tom-toms and ride cymbal: the tom-toms felt too up front so pushing it back in the mix might smoothen things out a little, and the ride cymbals were a bit too over-powering so you may want to bring the volume down a few dB's. These are two main things that stand out to me in the previous mix. It's not too far from completion, keep at it! Ken
  14. Love To Hear Your Input - When You Come Home

    I think you're taking the wrong approach. It sounds to me like your guitar chops are significantly more evolved than your piano chops - at least that's what comes across in this tune. So, why does the piano in this tune drown out the guitar, and why does it essentially only play the same thing as the guitar? In my opinion, either have the piano primary or the guitar primary, but if the guitar is primary (and I think it should be in this tune) what you play on the piano should provide some counterpoint to the guitar's primary arrangement. Here, on the piano you mostly just play block chords, and what right-hand articulations you do include merely parrot the guitar work. There's no "flow" in this song at all - no real rhythm, and that's what the piano playing could have, and in my opinion, should have, enhanced. There's rhythm to your guitar playing, but you really can't hear it and feel it because the piano is WAY too loud and too-strongly keeps the song stuttering along in chuncks. The droning low strings (or whatever that sound is) are too loud as well. I can only faintly hear your cool and rhythmic guitar work - it should be front and center in your recording, and, in my opinion, the rest of the musical arrangement should be working off of, around and in between the guitar playing, while making their own unique creative contributions to the arrangement. For me, neither the droning strings nor the piano play provide counterpoint or sound creative at all, and they both swamp the outstanding guitar playing in the mix. I would much rather hear this with just your guitar playing and singing, and I think that would be a more powerful presentation of this song. That's my $0.02
  15. Sreyashi- Together

    *SIGH* I listened again and in reality I think the mix has gone backwards. The drums seem so far back to me now that you loose the feel of the complicated beat. This was after 2 hours of work, hence the sigh. I was able to get more separation and balance in the stereo image between tracks. At this point, this is the only positive I can see. Nelson- Somehow my toms and ride got onto the same channel. I'm still trying to figure out how that happened. I noticed this early on. I might need to go back to the beginning to get it all sorted out.Thank you. Pahchisme- Thanks for those affirmative words and vote of confidence. This mix is dogging me to death. It's mainly the drums. Good ideas too on using drum replacement. I might look into that option. Ken- Thank you. I liked the beat too. I think it has more the feel of percussion than a drum kit at times. Gives it a world feel, that is until I mucked it all up with the last mix. Jenn- I really appreciate your comments here. I agree Sreyashi is a bit loud. Initially I liked the lower volume drums too, but it started to grow on me in the wrong way. I can't follow the groove now at the beginning. This is what happens when I over analyze. I take things too far the other way. I'm going to try and find a balance here if that's possible. I could start with another drum track but I might not finish this until 2018. I like the unique drums but we need to hear the groove.
  16. Electronic tune with '80s bits

    cool song bro nice funky groove. i think the high end on the mix could come down a bit and blend with the mids. keep up the great work
  17. Cell Phone Junkies!

    Hey, I don't have to complain about a piezo crappy-sounding acoustic! Fun tune. Many of the megaphone spoken-word vocals are hard to make out, and in the phrase "We can text mean things," I can't hear "mean things" at all. Hope you're feeling better.
  18. Just Let It Go

    Another solid tune in your signature style. Where would you put a guitar solo? If there were an obvious space to put one, I could understand you pondering including a solo. But, there isn't an obvious space, and so I don't understand why you're contemplating it. Mix-wise, I personally think you should get the guitars out in space more side-to-side. Everything sounds a bit crammed in the middle, with just some cymbals and backing vocals out on the far edges here and there. So much guitar in the middle makes the vocals harder to understand too. I would have less echoing effects on the guitars and pan them more towards each side. Just my opinions. Good stuff, Randy. P.S. I've noticed you've really upped your game in terms of the drums you're using in recent tunes.
  19. What are you listening to at the moment?

    If you like Interpol - try listening to The Editors, White Lies and early (although their new stuff is good as well) Kasabian. Then if you want, go listen to some early 80's bands who you will find Interpol and their friends have all got their sound from. There are some good bands out there that you probably haven't heard of - try B Movie asa band who should have had more success, but didn't. Remembrance Day and Nowhere Girl are just two of their songs which are excellent. There are different versions of both, but the later versions are the best once they had started to refine their sound. and here is another great song from the 80's that popped up as I was searching for B-Movie. hope you enjoy.
  20. Love To Hear Your Input - When You Come Home

    Thank you very much brycebad! I will keep this in mind! Lyrics - https://genius.com/Joey-liberatore-when-you-come-home-annotated Joey
  21. Multiple Acoustic Instruments in One Performance

    Thank you Tom! Much appreciated!! Joey
  22. Yesterday
  23. Mr. Fox FULL DEMO

    I am going to cry.. thank you so much Dek I'm starting to believe in myself because of everyone here! I can't say thanks enough! I agree that the outro is missing something. I may come up with a little verse or something... how mr. fox leaves.. takes his words.. i'm alone again.. boo hoo.. etc etc But honestly, I'm so afraid to mess up anything about the vocals right now haha! Though I was starting to get some good consistency when recording
  24. Mr. Fox FULL DEMO

    Excellent work Jenn! And you really have put a lot of work into this.... I remember the very first very rough demo, I thought it had a lot of potential ...and now you've almost reached that potential. It's really good! Your new vocal is a HUGE improvement. Now you sound cool, like you believe in yourself!! Being picky...I'm not crazy about the chorus melody, I think it lacks melody as it's a bit too close to spoken ...but... you gave it some attitude so it does work. I still think there's a melody playing in the music which should be sung, if not by the lead then as a backing vocal (actually it would make a great backing vocal melody for an outro!). You have a piano playing it (and strings I think) but it should ALSO be sung... it's a ghostly melody.... It's quite a 'ska' sounding melody to my ears...haunted house Ska stuff, the best kind. Again, great job. I love the song. I would love to hear a more Ska version too....one day maybe..
  25. Alone In This

    I like this just how it is. I think you have lots of potential too... Just keep doing it Though, I must tell you, life does eventually get happier -- even if only the moments in between
  26. SIC ILL - Epidemic (Demo)

    The northwest's most popular musician since Macklemore releases the demo to his upcoming project. Enjoy!!
  27. Simplify me, Override me (Thank you Jesus)

    I literally know nothing about money, I lived at home till I was 30 I'm quite the sheltered guy. That's one way I knew it was really the Holy Spirit, I'm talking to him about our finances and I feel a whisper "I'm willing to make you rich, if you will serve me with your wealth" I'm like "Did you really just say that? What do you mean?" The number "50,000" flies into my head, he tells me "Keep no more than 50,000 a year and I will make you wealthy" I had no idea what that meant, if that was a comfortable amount to live by, but I knew it was more than I had so I just was like "Ok, sounds good to me!" It was only later I realized that 50,000 a year for a 2 person, no child couple, is a pretty good living. I didn't know, I just knew what he said and I agreed. I'm glad I'm saying this publicly on a forum, it will help God get all the glory when he comes through.
  28. Simplify me, Override me (Thank you Jesus)

    That's awesome, Symphonius! a bit of a recommendation regarding that--research the recipient causes--make sure the larger percentage is going to the cause you want to support and not toward high administrative costs and advertising. 50K is reasonable for a family of five to live off from--tight, would still have watch grocery billt too but can be done--well, I suppose that might depend on the cost of living for where you are, too.
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