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  2. I like the idea of this post. It gets me listening to songs I've forgotten about and hearing artists I've never heard before!
  3. I like the emotion in this one, the contrast of gentle vs. intense and Has a great outro. Plus there are times I can totally identify with the lyrics.
  4. Edson, Do you happen to have a Soundcloud account? That is the way most people post their songs here. Upload to soundcloud and then copy and paste the url for that song here on songstuff. People use other ways as well, i.e. reverberation links, bandcamp links, etc… In this day and age, most people are leery of downloading a file from people they do not know. Although some people still do that.
  5. Hello, I am still learning to navigate this site, I would like to present the lyrics with the songs so that they can be evaluated. Can not load the songs? Thank you! Edson Castro
  6. I get lost in this Gabriel Yared composition, which was featured in the movie, City of Angels. Its my absolute favorite to listen to on earbuds or speakers that pick up the most delicate of sounds. This is the one song I can completely immerse myself in.
  7. Jackson Brown is one of my favourite songwriters who I hold in very high esteem. He wrote this song a long time ago but I think that the lyric was pure genius. I've gigged it myself on a few occasions and it's still on my playlist.
  8. Back to the original point in the OP... Sreyashi, If you're singing words written by someone else, then you often won't identify with them... I reckon it's something that many session singers must suffer with... and that's likely why you can often tell that they don't mean or feel the word, I think it's possible to tell when some singers have been given words to sing. I'm not sure what you can do about it. If you get pay or some other reward to sing for a recording session or a performance then I guess you just act the part ... if you're not getting anything out of it then you choose the ones that you do identify with If it's a collaboration then you can maybe suggest changes. I can't think how you could make yourself feel good about words which just do nothing for you... but also I think the tune matters a lot, and maybe it's not always just the words that put you off... maybe sometimes the words just don't seem right for the tune, or maybe the phrasing makes it impossible to flow and goes against your instinct...?
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  10. Gosh.. it's now become 4 to 0... what a waste.. of everything
  11. Re 'Nit No. 3 how about - She's my world, my everything , my tick and my tock. That would echo the 'ticking of the clock' in verse 1. Or - She's my world, my everything, my lock and my stock - I left out the barrel!
  12. trapped behind bars a man who met a force i think it was you? oh yeah of course he raped your mouth and broke your jaw you were gobsmacked with a dropped jaw you get bood of stage you get so much booz another time wasted you dont no what to do because your mind is a pub it echoes the voice of an intoxicated drunk i don't record with an iphone if IPHONE studio engine(ere) i could waste money recording clear but your used to echoes with a lonely beer i punched you with a punchline broke down the ink line with a double entendre and you think your buzzing with a homo phone shove it homo where the light don't glow be a mirror reflect yourself check yourself before you wreck your self don't double think but would it blow your mind if your girl blew my head cause shes a stupid bitch
  13. Thanks for the input Patty. Nit No.1 He's getting through the day on the 'memories' of her. They are not together. The way she walks and moves are embedded in his mind. Nit No.2 I'm quite happy with. Nit NO.3 I agree, more than a stumbling block. STUCK. Song Title is weak, needs some thought.
  14. There is this artist who I really admire for her versatility and quirkiness and her ability to get completely lost in her songs. It’s also fun to watch her do live looping of her voice (which she seems to be very skilled at). Here are two songs of Kimbra that I’ve been hearing (actually, viewing) on repeat – one a Nina Simone cover and the other an original.
  15. Hey Tom, My first record player looked similar to that. I got my first portable wind up which only played 78s and 45s in 1957 but my parents had a Grundig player in a walnut cabinet several years before that. Also remember our first TV with a 9 inch screen with only one BBC program each day. How things have changed. I don't have a record player anymore but I have a 65 inch 3D TV in my lounge, a 42 inch HD TV in my bedroom, 42 and 34 inch screens in my studio, and an array of music players around the house. The main change is that life was a lot simpler back then and I had no responsibilities. Life's a lot more complicated today with too many choices to drive one crazy. It begs the question "When thinking of purchasing a new piece of equipment for your studio, how much time do you spend researching"? I go on all the music equipement forums, and check out Sound on sound, Gearlutz, and other sites and it usually takes me a couple of months to make a decision lol.
  16. I believe that they are important because it is the element which the listener can identify with. You often hear people say "That song brings back memories for me" and although it includes the music arrangement and melody it is the lyric which reminds them of an event in their lives. Having said that, I believe it to also apply to dance music, classical music, or other which takes you on a journey without a lyric.
  17. Yes, it's a very valid point, indeed. To me he is the kind of an artist who I didn't like initially but started to grow on me over time..
  18. This is a great point because Bob Dylan in my opinion although being a great songwriter was far from having a great voice although he had a unique voice and was able to make his story believable.
  19. Thank so much, all of you, for your inputs.. have much to chew on. Will study the links and artist suggestions in detail. It should really help in getting some inspiration in the lyrics department in terms of how challenging and/or idiosyncratic those themes are. So, what I gather from most of you is that while going for a composition, it makes a little more sense to start with a melody (perhaps it’s the easier thing to do, too?) and take things ahead from there. I tend to agree with Jenn that the lyrics may not always be of a certain desired level if they are written after the melody is laid out. But you all have been making music for years - some with very deep lyrics too - and if it’s mainly coming from the melody route, then I have some ready examples Thanks, Ray and David for pointing out the third important element in song creation. It’s the part that I automatically pay more attention to while singing… another reason why I probably tend to get put off if I don’t feel the lyrics (since I seem to link lyrics and emoting while performing very closely). But Mahesh, you were right in pointing out, “We'd need the right point of view to take enjoyment in performing any piece of lyric or music”. I’m looking for that clue.. maybe can find them in some of your videos. Richard, I listen to and enjoy many types of music – pop, soft rock, R&B, jazz, country, opera, musicals. When it comes to singing the songs I like, I tend to prefer slow to mid-tempo songs which would typically come in the ballad and some jazz formats. I instinctively hum known songs in different harmonies but don’t change the tune completely. I could try that for practice! Dek, appreciate the very specific song examples.. will hopefully make my search a little easier.
  20. It's RAP
  22. I'm not familiar with the genre but this was an enjoyable read. I liked the opening which sets it up nicely. 'I sell the brew, you do what you do'. To me this seemed to be about some kind of audition.
  23. I found this a nice read. Most of us can relate to an old pair of jeans or some other piece of clothing from our youth. I thought there might have been an opportunity for the couple to 'patch up' any problems in their relationship - just like the old jeans.
  24. I really liked this. Good fun read - and cheesy of course! Flows nicely and trips off the tongue - like wine and you know what. Grate stuff. Err I mean great.
  25. This was written after watching one of the those BEST ALBUMS shows about the Fleetwood Mac Rumours album, Stevie and Lindsay along with John and Chrissie all going through break ups, great songs etc. get and watch it is amazing how they they did anything at all!!!!! So as an exercise, thought at time i would do a GO YOUR OWN SONG (we have broken up but I am alright with it and good wishes) whilst referencing all the aspects of the album show as well, i.e. location etc The original was written in 2014 and I have included it as well for reference - just didn't come up to music well and so kept dropping off the current work list (which at any time is about 15 - 30 songs I am editing or trying to get up to play) - there is an ad campaign at the moment for Isuzu trucks down here in Aus using go your own way which when viewed against the lyrics of the song is bizarre! this prompted me to re-look at the song. Did drop the go your own way line though lol You're my rock, You are Stone V2.3 RogersonLB Left stranded back in Sausalito Drunk and asleep on rodeo beach Waking up alone You'd left and gone Another heart then forever out of my reach You’re my rock, the one I built my life on Strong enough to weather storms alone To stand up and be someone Hope one day you hear this song You’re my rock, you are stone Don’t listen anymore to rumors They win as soon as they’ve been heard What went before Is now no more Truth it was more lust than relationship You’re my rock, the one I built my life on Strong enough to weather storms alone To stand up and be someone Hope one day you hear this song You’re my rock, you are stone Keep reading stories about you doing well Making me think about the late night bars and drugs Then laying talking wrapped in your arms after making love You’re my rock, the one I built my life on Strong enough to weather storms alone To stand up and be someone Hope one day you hear this song You’re my rock, you are stone Your my rock, my foundation Draft RogersonLB Left me stranded back in Sausalito High and dry on rodeo beach You just went, up and gone Your heart forever out of reach You’re my rock, my foundation The only who built me up enough to be someone Stung enough to weather any storm all alone You’re my rock, my foundation You’re my rock, my foundation I’ve stopped listening now to rumors Defeating as soon as they’re heard What ever comes? went before Go your own way follow your heart You’re my rock, my foundation The only who built me up enough to be someone Stung enough to weather any storm all alone You’re my rock, my foundation You’re my rock, my foundation
  26. Thanks Leo, much appreciated First the second one first, it should read Seems I've always been scared about things I don't know So you were right!!!! to a degree... Second, the first point, Take your point re the third repeat of the line. I am wary of not revealing too early the 'story' hence the outro line after the last chorus. So the choice of this has to work for the child as well as the dying man - thinking then Lord what does my future hold Lord ????? mmmmm worth thinking about it will make all the difference! Thanks again Arty
  27. I really shouldn't date myself like this.... but I lived in a town that was in the movie at the time. Sylva. I lived somewhere on Memory Lane.... no, but my internet-aided trip down it says I was 1 block S of Main St, NW corner of Jackson and Schulman (but I swear it was Maple St back then; 14 Maple St). I was a just a little pre-Vara, in the first classes as Fairview Elementary, and discovering hard sci-fi and Black Sabbath - both of which have stayed with me to this day. Anyhow, I remember the people in town and in the mountains being a fairly decent and friendly bunch. There may have been evil mutants around, but they would have crossed up the locals somehow, and been dealt with, I'm sure.
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