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  2. one song , that everyone has to listen to, so i'd say uptown funk because of how it starts happy, gets happier, and ends even happier
  3. This is the controversial rap artist from Luton POLISH. I give you my music which does contain very explicit and offensive content, and its loud. if you wanna listen to my first 3 albums POLISH'ED, The things I get called and other such nonsense, The Drugs Ladder.
  4. super smooth playing and the sound is top-rate, well-done!
  5. It's a nice one. Creates an uplifting environment even when old, happier times are reminisced. It may not sound original enough but the arrangement itself is very smooth and pleasing.
  6. Hit Single #1 - Hot Tuna
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  8. I remember we had one of those entertainment centres as well. Loved it and playing all the old records my parents had, before I started getting my own. My first stereo was a Kenwood with the record deck on the bottom, you pressed a button and it came out. It had the best double tape deck ever. I did so many mixes on that, cause when you paused it, it went back a mili-second and blended with the previous part to perfection. I used to record the charts from the radio and it was great, all this music, music I fell in love with and still love to this day. I moved on to more expensive stereos and technology took over my life - sometimes too much. I think you re right about today's youth - everything is too instant and there is so much choice (TV channels, radio channels, everything). They are born to have a short attention span, which is why most music nowadays is fluffy throwaway move on to something else kind of stuff. The Now That's What I Call albums have gone from being a must buy when they started out to having probably one song that I like. I am trying to get my daughters into decent music, but they just listen to all the shut of the day.
  9. I guess expensive is a relative term. That doesn't seem out of line for a pro guitar. Expensive compared to my Epi MCE500 , yet not really expensive considering the materials and construction. You're talking to a guy who almost bought a Martin Mahogany guitar partially because of the smell. To me there's something I like about the woods. I admit it's a primal thing. For the same reason I didn't look seriously at the Ovations. No direct comparison to the Rainsong other than the materials not being wood. I have a half dozen violin bows. Three are either fiberglass or carbon fiber. I keep going back to the wood bows even though the carbon fiber is better. It's a caveman hang up. I guess I need to sell the horse.
  10. You get 100% of this plug in for 50% of the typical cost.This won't last forever. EQ's are not all created equal. The "dynamic" in the name means that this plug in can either accentuate or trunciate selected frequencies based on signal input at the set frequency.. Comparing a dynamic EQ to a run of the mill EQ is like comparing goldfish to sharks. A decent dynamic EQ is a must in any serious mixers toolbox. This is such an EQ. There are others of course, but this one is on sale! I have it, so I can vouch for it. There are similar plug ins costing hundreds more that do essentially the same thing.
  11. In terms of materials, Rainsong uses two now. Most of there guitars are all still all carbon fiber. But, they also now make a "hybrid" series with a body that is a blend of carbon fiber and glass fiber that is suppose to have a more "mellow" tone. Rainsongs aren't cheap. My dreadnought was 2 grand and change. But, the hybrid's are less expensive, and overall, Rainsongs are priced competitively with the 300 and 400 series Taylors.
  12. Rudi could you say that with a straight face?
  13. I think this points to the fact that people can be sold on something based on a perception. The placebo effect?
  14. Rob, it's all good man. No need to apologize. Thanks for your thoughts. Hi symphonious7, sorry I haven't met you yet. I really should get around to the meet and greet area. Honestly, the reason I don't is I'm not the best at greeting folk. WELCOME! Thanks for your comments. I was very young back in the 70's, but I still remember it. Here's my take on that time period. People were focused around music in the same way they're focused today on portable electronic devices ,wide screen TV's and video games. Back then it was one small black and white TV. We didn't get color until later, you only picked up maybe three channels on an antennae. The picture was grainy. The channel selections were maybe 1% of what we can get now, 8 track tape players, cassette tapes and vinyl records were the iphones of the 70's. That was all we had, but we lived for it and it seemed music was more special back then. This was probably because there were less choices, even in terms of who or what we listened to.There was this big wooden thing called a home entertainment center that looked like furniture and had a record player and radio in it. The record player could change records all by itself. You stacked them on the spindle and they dropped one at a time after the last record finished playing. You could put a stack of albums on it and have music for hours. Presently the choices are multiplied many times over. If you have feeds on your handheld device you might be getting the news, a dozen notifications from your social media, a notification that your favorite artist just released a track, the weather, you name it and it can be sent to you on your handheld device. Kids 5 years old learn to access media content on the dvd player in the car, operate the TV remote control and they even have their own small devices they can use. EVERYTHING is asking for our attention. By the time these people get to puberty they are usually media zombies. They have been trained to access media instead of access the world around them. This seems to make them less attentive to one thing. This would only makes sense, because this is all they've ever known. I sometimes also wonder if this makes all data less relevant. An over abundance of anything can invite boredom. Add to this the quality, or lack of it in music programming along with the methods of delivery and I think we have the perfect storm. Thoughts anyone?
  15. Nice voice and nice melody... Like the tranquillity of the song... Your voice is certainly the strong point of the piece, I find... Cool work...
  16. Only The Children - Toto
  17. i totally feel you. totally. i thought the vocals reminded me more of Bon Jovi instead! i think the vocals delivery and the lyrics are great. emotionally, i feel the song remains optimistic at heart as it wonders the person-in-question self reflects and implicitly assumes that folks are good by nature. oh if there is one thing i might change, it will be the last line 'mirror mirror on the wall'. the imagery of Disney may lend some dissonance or lessen the mood built up in this song.
  18. hello ken! its meant to be a rough demo but i thought the core layers of the songs work together well - the backup vocals, the vocals and the instruments. i thought the backup vocals was spot-on. i think cliches are fine, but for the chorus, i thought there can be less rhymes (hope / hole / go / hold / know), by perhaps separating them into 2 sets of rhymes? somehow i feel that the chorus can be more impactful that way.
  19. my thinking for why most musicians fail to make money is that most would-be fans are mostly interested in seeing/hanging out with other fans, not because of their connection to the music itself. fans go to concerts largely to see each other. they listen to songs based primarily on the fact that others they know are or might be listening to that song. such that music is largely just a means of connecting with others you want to connect with. so there's a sort-of inevitability to the winner-take-all in music.
  20. i probably could have done a better job identifying a consistent image before finishing my album (but i hadn't seen this post!!), but in general i was just going for the diy vibe mainly i guess because it was accurate. and that's the theme of all my videos too which are mostly just from my go pro camera if not still shots from my phone
  21. i'm such a diy-er, for better or worse . . . , i camera phone-videod myself, and then edited the video to get my self-portraits.
  22. here's two
  23. i painted a bit of my cover for my (upcoming . . . ) second album, it's supposed to be in between a treble clef and and ampersand
  24. cool deal your project reminds me of mine with its diy vibes in the songs and videos (but i only have about 12 so far and it's been closer to two years !!) anyways good luck
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  26. Which is exactly why you change the purpose, so you can try and manage the "too many things going on" scenario. Even if you are talking about non guitar related distractions, changing focus on purpose like that keeps your focus fresh, and should make it easier to keep concentrating.... though it wil take a bit of perseverance until a habit is established before real benefits kick in.
  27. Same here! I definitely perked up when the drums came in. There is a lot to like about this piece. I like the main chord progression and the arrangement style. It doesn't feel fully fleshed out, but the concept is clear and strong. The lyrics are a bit too bland for my taste, and I'm not someone who even pays attention most of the time. Cliches can be useful in getting across ideas concisely, but they have a cost as well. When you lean too much on them (and here you lean entirely on them) you end up with a piece that literally has all been said before. You don't have to do too much, just toss out a couple visceral images that would apply to a specific relationship - what did you like to do? where did you go? - the emotional investment will up substantially. The other thing is that, while I think the vocal melody does a good job of getting the idea across, it still sounds like it is only trying to get the idea across. To me, it sounds like a quick take just to make sure to get something down to before it slips away. Some refinement is probably in order. Good stuff! Looking forward to hearing more from you.
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