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  4. Sk8ter Boi (Boy) / Avril Lavigne ...should be right up your alley Randy
  5. ohhhh. okay... Anyway... Welcome aboard mate! Rock and roll to the world!
  6. Hello there, Welcome glad you signed up Looking forward hearing from your music in the future.
  7. Hello, Welcome to the forums mate. Hope you enjoy here!
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  9. Despite of the tension goin. Welcome anyways!
  10. Hi, Peggy. Some great lines in these lyrics. "Blowing a kiss drawn in red" was a favorite. Overall, it certainly seems to fit the brief. I didn't easily grasp the meaning, which is not necessarily a bad thing, but I wasn't able to connect up with it as easily. In looking at the chorus, what occurred to me is that the first 3 lines of each stanza are sort of observational with no subject, however the 4th line (the hook) is more personal. I thought you might consider how to tie the first 3 lines of each stanza to the hook more closely. Also, the hook makes me wonder what she is provoking the singer to do and I was wanting more of a hint on that. Carefully crafted overall. Just wanted to play up some opportunities to dial up the meaning. ~T
  11. Hello there. I will definitely try to listen to your music. Anyways welcome to the forum, ENJOY!
  12. Hello and welcome to the forum! Enjoy your stay
  13. I'm going to try to pull this back on topic again. I recently came across this for those who mix on headphones. SOS review here- On sale until the end of May. The software is model specific. I would click the link to see if it has your model. The intent of the plug in is to make your headphones level. Has anyone tried it? I still wouldn't make a mix without first balancing it on open monitors. I could see this coming in handy if you're mixing late and don't want to hear anything else or be heard.
  14. I am really inconsistent in how frequently I pop out a song and for me, I have to clarify, that usually isn't a completed song because I have only emerging guitar skills and it takes me far longer to put music to my songs than it does for me to write and put melody to them. That's a bit of a frustration to me. I find that I have something similar to you that affects how I put out songs and that's time. Songwriting is an enjoyable thing for me and I want it to be a leisure activity, yet I want to keep my skills primed, so I write even under not relaxed conditions. What I consider to be my most quality writes came out of a vacation at a camp while I was sitting on the dock soaking up sun. Its that sort of thing where I've heard people say that songs come to them when they go to bed at night. Well, I'm of the opinion that the reason for that is that at night is when activity stops long enough to let your mind roam. Such it is with me. I do my best work when I've had sufficient downtime. That's not to say my most work, that's to say my best work. My most frequent work comes out of seasonal challenges. These seasons happen to be during times of the year that I (at least partially) do not have to work 8-3 and transport and attend sporting events and concerts and competitions from 3 to whenever. One I started two seasons ago, the other I started one season ago. One of them is in February (I had most of February off from work) and the challenge is to write 14 songs in 28 days and the other is July to October (school vacation July to August) and the challenge is to write 50 songs in 90 days. For some reason, a challenge works for me. It gets me writing. For two seasons, I met the quota of 14 songs in 28 days and for one season, not quite 50 songs, but close. Those could be at any stage from just lyrics, to lyrics and melody, to a song with lyrics, melody and music. In between I probably pop out between 3-7 a month, depending on whether or not I'm working. I'm not very consistent. I had some decent emerging guitar skills last year, but when I started working a grant supplied job, it left me little mental and physical energy and time to practice and I'm afraid my skills have suffered.
  15. Boy Racer - Morrissey
  16. Just as "flashing lights" are an example of a "sight," your lyric would be better if you gave an example of a smell or noise. For example, acrid smoke and flashing lights
  17. thank you for an awesome reply im glad it fits the rules so i can continue to write, the last 2 lines were from today and the rest i wrote last evening. I like your opening line. "raise your smiles" gives that sense that she feels warmly toward you. I'm thinking replacing "see" with "watch" might have more of an impact as its more than just "noticing" as implied by "see", but rather "observing/searching" in "watch" which has more staying power--sorta lingers. i cant make a change to this line as it a pun on poker all other changes iv acknowledged and will probably take your advice thanks
  18. Hi again! Sorry I didn't get back sooner. Fixed the "staring" . "She" finds her flaws in Mirrors framed in gold... plural because it reflects group think. Driven by collective manufactured guilt and assertions ... without regard. The colors were to help support. Thanks again for your thoughts. I Like the "panther waiting to strike". Still looking at this one. Peggy
  19. Hello Bielka, I really enjoyed this. The singer has a great voice and like others I really enjoyed hearing this sung in French. I tried to envision the song sung in the english translation and had trouble. Even though I would not have understood the meaning of the lyric had you not translated, it wouldn't matter. The music and performance was so peaceful and smooth I got lost in just listening. Really enjoyed it. Nothing to criticize from my vantage point. Dave
  20. I see lots of alliteration in your lyrics, so you've got that covered. You have only one rhyme which includes the end of line option with the other it rhymes with--rule--only two lines of rhymes for verses one being an end of the line rhyme (in your first verse, prepared/scared), so you've got that covered and he said format was of our choosing, so as far as I can see, you aren't breaking any rules. I am supposing you have more to add after you've got confirmation you're following the rules. The song feels incomplete as it is. I like your opening line. "raise your smiles" gives that sense that she feels warmly toward you. I'm thinking replacing "see" with "watch" might have more of an impact as its more than just "noticing" as implied by "see", but rather "observing/searching" in "watch" which has more staying power--sorta lingers. In your fourth line of the the first verse, I'd just change the word, "that" to "you" since you are addressing the lady in the rest of the song. The coupling of "gracious grip" messes with my brain as to me gracious has a sense of "freeing", while "grip" gives a sense of "confinement" (sorta reminds me of how my husband proposed. He had me pinned to the floor when he asked and I couldn't help but have this thought run through my head, "ah...this feel like a 'You better say, Yes' proposal" and of course I wouldn't have said yes if it wasn't yes, but...ya know...hardly down on one knee "asking". Your third verse gives me the idea that she said, "yes" and you're dancing with delight. I had to really think about that though as its implied. Perhaps a brief, "Yes" as a bridge, depending on if you have more you'll be adding to the song. The first line of the ending two just doesn't belong there, if indeed, the previous verse is about rejoicing in her "yes". "When you don't wanna be with me" just feels out of place. "we're bonded black and blue like bondage", the word "bondage" gives it more of an aggressive feel not in keeping with the rest of the lyrics which is full of mystery, hope and excitement. I would take out those lines--maybe you could use it in something else that's written with more of a thriller sort of feel.
  21. I've just made the following mixing changes some of which should help the drums: panned one guitar left, other right to better separate them from the orchestra (and each other) removed unneeded low and high frequencies from synth to make room for the orchestra at higher and lower frequencies added small db but wide range mid freq cut to entire orchestra to make room for the synth boosted synth volume boosted snare frequency in drum track added low shelf to drum track to increase kick volume changed the reverb plugin and increased it for the orchestra
  22. Thank you PP and Skin! Your thoughts and suggestions are much appreciated and I've used some. The road was dark and slippery And the driver high as a kite It happened oh so quickly In the blink of an eye No act from the angels Just a crack in the sky Smells and noises and flashing lights Lots of people running ‘round Confusing, disturbing What is going on? His body all messed up Is he really gone? Mind the ghost on the sidewalk A silhouette of someone dead Meet the host of the party A poor soul from the other side
  23. Hey, Dek! Good to hear from you, man. Sorry about your uncle, my thoughts go to his family. Brilliant arrangement, it sounded a little different from your usual style. You really know how to build and set the mood with the instruments, effects, you choose/use. The mix seems quite balanced, to me. Looking forward to hearing more songs from you. Ken
  24. With a shimmering splendor, she shines on The ocean lights up, the sands cool down Their grains tickled and folded along Being a silent witness To the lovers’ embrace She smiles and blesses them She’d rather be nowhere else But of course she has History’s scars on her, intense But from afar she radiates beauty It has helped to keep that distance And so she chooses To listen to the rippling echo To trace the baby turtle’s footprints To dance with the lovers’ shadows They may not notice her But she’d rather be nowhere else
  25. Like PP's interpretation on crack in the sky .... Line just some thoughts below, I wrote something similar to this but he survived.👍 Like the idea bro Les The road was dark and slippery And the driver high as a kite It happened oh so quickly In the blink of an eye No regrets, no feelings And?/But a crack opened up in the sky...(reference to PP's idea)
  26. i like the idea of this challenge, i dont want to continue writing unless i know i have the structure correct and are not breaking rules. i see your eyes and raise your smiles im all in hearts straight to queen ill be there baby be prepared i wont leave that lovely lady standing staring lonly and scared i give you the gift of my hand with a gracious grip i wish you say yes dont leave me alone low and lonely circling spiralling around the leaves the winds wings flights are ever winding fly fly fly flutter away harmoniously how lucky to be with you when you do not wanna be with me but were bonded black and blue like bondage
  27. only when I have to. Rarely finish one unless I plan to record.
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