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  2. Making Music Spiritual Again

    Thanks for the encouragement! And the 40 thing was a joke haha in reality I hope to have a band within the next year or two, just gotta have faith!
  3. Ferrick vs. Spotify class action

    These lawyers are distributing those postcards everywhere – and it really isn't hard to see right through their scam. I'm the registered owner or co-owner of certain revenue-producing US Copyrights which are registered with the US Government and with the PROs, ASCAP and BMI. At least every quarter, I receive a check or a direct deposit. If "some made use of [my] copyrighted materials without a license," and a lawsuit has been settled in Federal Court such that revenues and/or damages have been collected, then Federal Law already says that I must receive my share, and the PROs are already out there dealing with that process on my behalf. (In fact, since my copyright is registered, I am entitled to triple damages.) I don't have to do a damned thing. My legally-perfected title to the intellectual property is a matter of US public record. The law says that I own a "registered copyright," and that is what owning a copyright means. Every now and then, my checks are a little bit fatter because someone won or settled a lawsuit somewhere. I never knew about it. I didn't have to.
  4. Making Music Spiritual Again

    Go for it! If you need a band then it'll take time to get it together...a lot of time! .... if that's the direction you want to go then there's no time to lose! You have songs already... and from the videos I've seen of yours I think you're a natural performer and entertainer. A solid tight drummer and bass player would be enough to just keep it together while you do your thing I'd guess. Not that 40 should be a deadline but... easier when you're younger for sure.
  5. Do you believe in talent?

    There are some people out there who have unbelievable hand/eye coordination and independence of their body-movements such that they can take the worst instrument in the world and "shred" it. These people have talent – a natural gift. (But they also developed that talent through many years of practice.) But we ... we have computers! The ultimate "digital word-processor." We don't have to be "touch typists" anymore. We have at our fingertips, even in our phones, more processing-power and therefore more musical production capacity than anyone(!) has ever had ... period ... at any price. So, whether or not we have mechanical "talent," we have the capacity to begin to realize our musical dreams. I think that the most important factors are simply, "discipline and determination." We have 17,897 Peanuts comic strips, all drawn by one man, all drawn by hand, because of those two qualities. You determine to do it, and to carry a project through until it is done.
  6. Making Music Spiritual Again

    When you listen to a professionally-produced recording, it might never even occur to you how many people had an integral part in what you hear, nor exactly what it was that they did. You don't get to hear any of the stem recordings – the stuff that was actually recorded in a studio – and you don't get to peek behind the scenes of writing the song, arranging it, orchestrating it, and so on. You only hear ... "perfection." (According to some engineer/producer or another.) You're a songwriter. (Yes, you are a songwriter!) Your job is to create the idea, and then to produce a good demo of it. It won't be perfect; it won't be of to-die-for technical quality. But, it will be yours, and it will probably be quite a bit better than you think, as interpreted by someone who has never encountered it before. No matter what you create, you're always gonna be "too close to it." You're never really going to be able to look at it objectively. So, you need to carefully share it ... and to do so entirely without apology of any kind.
  7. Making Music Spiritual Again

    See you really kind of nailed what I'm not satisfied about. To a point I think you don't quite "get" the song, it IS supposed to be taunting and sarcastic, and it's not being sung to God, it's being sung to mindless masses who ignore God. It's basically saying "You're gonna glorify God one way or the other so you might as well do it by choice and be a servant, not a slave" But at the same time, the inflection isn't QUITE right for that. You're right, I'm doing my usually pouty sexy singer voice that I use on all my songs, when it should be more of a.... the voice of WARNING. There's a bit too much sarcasm and too little urgency I think, makes the song seem playful when I want it to seem serious and make you think about how you're living etc. But I think I'm still over thinking, I need to stop making threads like these. I do it in the middle of the night before I pass out when I'm just... I dunno in that half asleep state, then later I'm just like "UGH, I'm WHINING AGAIN!!!!" But hey, maybe it helps someone who relates haha
  8. Making Music Spiritual Again

    Yeah you really do get what I'm saying, I relate heavily to the "addicted to recording" and probably best "waiting till something wants to be written" I'm just not having fun if I'm not recording something haha I've thought about gigging... not sure I'd be as confident in it as you think though, something in me really gets nervous whenever I try to actually play with other people. Though one of these days I will have to force myself to do it, I mean it's just gotta happen before I'm 40 lol I think in a lot of ways, this is just more of my over analyzations. I think a lot of times when I see a small problem I think it's a huge one, or something I should address, and then when I address it and get feedback I come to the same conclusion, "I'm tripping over nothing..." So... yeah, hopefully I'll quit doing that lol
  9. First song

    I think it will help if you could use better equipment, and also if you set the song in a lower key. When you reach for upper notes, your voice goes flat – very flat. I would start by (by some means) laying down some form of rhythmic accompaniment track or loop, and then play (only ...) the piano melody, to that rhythm. The singing should come only after you've put the other parts down, and, as I said, it needs to be in a much lower key where your voice has good definition and power.
  10. Today
  11. First song

    I mean.. I wouldn't say to give up trying.. it's how you'll learn; I don't know much about the things listed and somehow I still manage to get some tunes out This is bad. But there are elements that could be worked out as your skill evolves. It's more so becoming familiar with what sounds good and being able to achieve a sound similar to the one you want. Honestly, start with trying to copy your favorite songs. Depict them and pull them apart. See how and why things work. This book is supposed to be for EDM artists.. but I agreed with almost everything it said. I would give it a quick glance if you're serious about this https://makingmusic.ableton.com/catalog-of-attributes
  12. First song

    I apologize in advance for what I'm about to say. The best advice I can give you is this... until you've learned something about music, musical instruments, singing or songwriting, you should really stick to poems & rhymes. I'm not trying to be unkind, just realistic. Bluntly put, this is horrid. Tom
  13. First song

    I am very confused
  14. First song

    Hey all Here's my first attempt at a song, I have no real singing/musical experience or education just like to write poems/rhymes. Recorded on my phone and used virtual instruments on studio one prime. your thoughts would be appreciated!
  15. Yesterday
  16. Interesting Revelation

    No worries, me too As for the question of mood, yeah...there's a lot of that going around at the moment, myself included. For what it's worth, the majority of comments & posts I make around here are directed towards the "Indie" segment of the market. Since the bulk of our members aren't Lady Gaga, I figure that's most of their interest/concerns leans in that direction. As you correctly pointed out, the big boys & girls of this industry always find a way to land on their feet. *Beat me to the "Save" tab by 1/2 a second John
  17. Interesting Revelation

    It's not the massive artists that go begging. Even a decade ago Songstuff had several staff from smaller labels and publishers. All the labels at the lower end, the true indies, almost all of them went to the wall due to first piracy and then genuine digital downloads hit. As did the artists that were signed to them and the studios and session musicians etc that supported them. Niche genres were completely wiped out as buying habits compounded the low prices. With the move to streaming, even more artists just scraping by and the industry that supports them will do the same as the previous load did, fold, go semi pro, or hang up their pro spurs once and for all and become amateurs again. Like it or not that is a tangible cost. Fewer and fewer people who work professionally. Dividing their time and energy between a day job and their passiion, where once there was no division, no splitting of time. Less and less artists able to afford the best studios, less shelling out for real musicians, in favour of electronic impersonations. Record sales may have only made the top artists rich, but it made a reasonable percentage viable as professional, full time musicians / writers / producers etc. The fact is that everyone but the music makers can make money from music, and writers get the least of the lot.
  18. Hanging on.  I'm almost there.

  19. Charon (new vocal and new mix) - 07/08/2017

    The main thing I think you could focus on is holding some notes... I've said before you sound a bit like Midge, but you sound like just the short stinted bits he does without any of the long held notes. So hang on to the end of some words....and really hold some long big ones.... as in - You won't sound like Midge exactly, and not many can do it that well anyway, it'll be you still...but those held notes are important. Actually great practice and beneficial to sing along as closely as possible with him or any other artist you choose... pick up a few extra techniques that way.
  20. Charon (new vocal and new mix) - 07/08/2017

    I tend to let the music dictate how I sing a song, which is probably why a lot of them sound similar, as I have been going for a certain style with the music. The track I did to Servus's lyrics called Not Good Enough is a bit different. Have a listen to that, its in the lyric critique section. I am going to take the music and melody and write my own lyrics in that style.
  21. Something To Explain (very early work in progress)

    Cheers Ken. I haven't managed to get back to this, but do intend to finish it. I'll have a look at the video.
  22. Charon (new vocal and new mix) - 07/08/2017

    I hope I'm not interfering too much, tell me to shut it if so... and I like the style you go for, for some of the time...but to my ears you're stuck in a certain 'style'. To me it's very stylised singing and just a bit overused ...hence my last post. You'll have more than one voice, but they'll all be you...and in time you'll merge them to be one more varied voice (wow I am crap at explaining...sorry...doin me best to!)
  23. Making Music Spiritual Again

    Are you sure that it's not that you've worked on the song so much that it doesn't feel new and exciting to you? I know with me vocally, I seem to feel it most as I get the lyrics and melody down enough to be sure of what it is, especially if it hits me personally at the time, but when it becomes overly familiar, I lose some of that. Maybe a bit of a break from it and then, say your at a service one day or having a discussion with friends and this song pops into your mind as totally relevant and appropriate at that moment, ponder on all of that, then first opportunity, go record. Just a thought.
  24. Sreyashi- Together

    Tim, I love this start of this and the drums sound better, but need a bit more punch to them. The vocals sound nice and clear. Unfortunately I am not feeling the sax, it feels like it's in the wrong song. The mix sounds nice, not crowded and there is nice space to let everything breathe. One issue I noticed when listening. Some of the vocals sound like they click before coming in, like they are not sitting at the right position.
  25. Charon (new vocal and new mix) - 07/08/2017

    Maybe fun to try to sing in a totally different style.... Or maybe try singing really straight without stylising at all.... Not permanently but as an exercise which you might take something from, maybe gain a few more tricks so you can mix things up a bit... (hope that made sense?)
  26. Charon (new vocal and new mix) - 07/08/2017

    'Cheers Dek. I do use a click, but hate it, it puts me off. I am going to look at my direct monitoring, as I have a feeling it isn't set up right and causes me more issues than I want. I discussed this today with the producer and it could be the reason why I emphasise my wordings, as I am not hearing myself correctly and trying to compensate. I am going to have a re-think on how I sing this one and give it another go soon.
  27. Charon (new vocal and new mix) - 07/08/2017

    Yeah, this seems to be a common comment on my tracks. I will need to have a look at how I am wording the phrases, I feel I am over compensating for something.
  28. Charon (new vocal and new mix) - 07/08/2017

    Thanks Mark - I think when I re-did the mix and tweaked some of the sounds, I highlighted certain hidden noises from the synths. I will need to look and see if I can re-hide them If you are still up for it, I will prepare a mix minus the vocal to send you. Dek has also mentioned how I phrase some words, so this will be something I'll need to look at.
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