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Post your FIRST POST here to introduce yourself, and afterwards to welcome new members.


Strictly NO MUSIC LINKS, OR LYRICS. The "Introduce Yourself" board is about YOU. Don't worry... you can let us hear works in progress on the critique boards, and finished work in the Musician's Lounge and the Showcase Board.


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The SHOWCASE boards are to show off the great work by our members. The showcase board is for complete, pro-standard works including music, video, photography, artwork and other art forms.


Members, if there is a dedicated sub-forum, please use that. If not then please post your work to the main SHOWCASE board.



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Constructive critique for the creative arts.


Includes lyrics, instrumentals, full songs, recording, production, and cover critique for music creation and other creative arts critique such as poetry, artist / band artwork and photography, and music video production critique.



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The place to discuss concepts, ideas, creativity, tools, software and hardware, performance...


All community contests and challenges, rap battles, informal and formal, official and non-official...