4. My Studio 2017

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My Studio 2017

I upgraded my previous computer and still use cubase. 


Workstation Spec:

3.5gHz Intel i7 5820k, 32gb RAM

SoundBlaster ZxR

Novation 61SL MkII  (master keyboard)



Software Spec:

Cubase Artist 8

Propellerheads Reason 5

ReFX Nexus II

Various VST Instruments


Sound Spec:

Pioneer DJ05-W Bi-amped near field monitors.

Pioneer HDJ-2000 reference headphones


Coffee Specs:

Kenco Rappor..  (Lots of !!!)

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Looks good... and sooooo much more tidy than my studio! Your mug is in the photo. Love it Every decent studio has one!

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