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General Rules and Information

As ever, we are open to your opinions on this set of guidelines and if you have any suggestions, comments etc, please PM a moderator or post in the Site Stuff board. New members will not get access to the member lists or Private Messaging until they post a number of times.

Songstuff reserves the right to change our guidelines and rules at any time, by updating this page. Where possible members will be notified that changes have occurred. Please check this page, our Privacy Policy, and the Songstuff Terms Of Service regularly.

Our terms and rules, as detailed within this document, together with our Community Privacy Policy and the Songstuff Terms Of Service collectively constitute your on-going agreement with Songstuff.


User Names and Display Names

Company names are not permitted as user or display names. For example if you work for, or run, Blah Blah Productions, do not call your profile Blah Blah Productions or a derivative of it. Use your real name or an unrelated web name.



All text MUST be in English. We do not have the staff to translate every language so our moderators can inspect posts to check they are appropriate. As such we require all posts and content to be in English so our staff can moderate it.

If you post any content that is not in English, it will be deleted. If you do this more than once a warning will be issued. Your posts may require moderator approval, or, in the case of persistent offenders, your ability to post may be suspended.


Promotion and Spam

The Songstuff boards are intended as a community to support Songwriters, musicians and other involved in the creative industries to discuss issues, and to help artists promote themselves and gain valuable feedback. While an individual post promoting something commercial might be permitted, the post must be on a relevant topic, be intended to promote discussion within the Songstuff boards, confined to one board and not repeated while a post promoting the same service / product is still on the front page of any board.

This does not affect the promotion of free sites, free products and free services. Such posts should still be respectful of being on-topic, and promoting discussion/feedback.If you own, work for, or are otherwise employed by a site and wish to promote on Songstuff please contact Songstuff prior to adding any links to your site anywhere on Songstuff to seek permission and advice on how you may promote.

At all times, permissible links are deemed appropriate at the discretion of the site staff with no need for explanation.

Don't join under multiple email addresses. If you are locked out of an existing account, contact an administrator. Multiple accounts belonging to the same person may be viewed as spamming.

We reserve the right to decide what constitutes spam on an individual basis, without the need for explanation.

Just to make it clear:

  1. Spamming the Songstuff boards with advertisements for purely commercial services is not acceptable, and is likely to result in having membership revoked, and being banned.

  2. Repeated posting of mainly commercial adverts will be treated as above.

  3. Posting off topic 'advertisements' of any kind is not acceptable. These posts will be removed.

  4. Posting affiliate links in either posts, your profile, signature or any other feature of the board is not permitted. This will result in a warning, the signature will be changed to remove your link and your posting will need to be approved.

  5. Site promotion via the PM system is strictly not allowed. Repeated spamming in any way will result in account cancellation and being banned from further membership.

  6. Commercial promotion is not permitted. You are allowed to promote your friend or family member's music or video, provided they have given you permission to do so. However if our moderators believe that you are a commercial promoter you will have your content removed and you are likely to be banned. Our site crew reserve the right to auto-ban links to the product or artist you were promoting.

  7. By "Purely Commercial", we mean there is no free product or service.Free sites can post links with permission of the site staff but only in the way advised by the site staff.

Breaching these guidelines or posting without permission can be deemed as spam by site staff and the link and member may also be treated as such completely at the discretion of the site staff. Prior to site promotions, including adding a link to your profile (in a readable form or as an active link) please seek permission and guidance from the site staff.


Signature Links Permitted

  1. Links to buy your CD/track etc.
  2. Links to your personal music pages.

  3. Links to your personal, non-commercial blog


Signature Links NOT Permitted

  1. Links to sites competing with Songstuff. (with the exception of links to your music page on an OMD or a site all about your own personal or your band's music.
  2. Links to commercial websites (with the exception of links to your music page on an OMD or a site all about your own personal or your band's music.


General Links Not Permitted Anywhere On Songstuff

  • Links to individual YouTube videos or YouTube playlists
  • Links to "adult" sites.
  • Links to racist or other hate sites
  • Links to commercial sites with which you are directly involved without prior approval by site admins.

If you represent a site you wish to promote it is required that you disclose your affiliation to site admins and seek their permission BEFORE POSTING.



Please avoid excessive off-topic posting in reply to other's topics, and please avoid flooding boards with lots of new topics.Please post new topics in the appropriate topic board. Out of place topics are likely to be moved to the appropriate board by a moderator.


Warn System

If a board member is warned by a moderator, or directly by a Songstuff staff member, and that behaviour continues, action will be taken to revoke membership of the boards. This action is reluctantly taken by Songstuff staff due to the increase in unsolicited 'free adverts' by those solely interested in advertising, and the complaints by Songstuff users about such posts. This does not in any way affect the posting of songs/lyrics/cds for review, although if this is seen as an abuse of the above and a complaint from other Songstuff board members is received, action may be taken.

Be respectful of other board members:

Use of inciteful, racist, homophobic, or sectarian language is not permitted. Sexually explicit content IS NOT permitted with the exception of sexually explicit lyrics within the "Parental Advisory" boards. Sexually explicit photographs or videos are NOT PERMITTED anyweher on the site.

If you write a post containing such content as specified in the previous paragraph, your post will be removed. You are also likely to receive a warning and may possibly receive a suspension or even a ban.

Writing about such concepts with lyrics is permitted, however comments should remain focused on the song NOT the message. For example Pink Floyd's "In The Flesh" may seem to promote racism and homophobia when taken out of context, but in the context of the album it becomes apparent that the song is not actually promoting such opinions.

Keep personal comments private. Keep insults to yourself.

Lyrics targeting other members or individuals are also not allowed. Such works are potentially both offensive and litigious. If you want to write directly to such individuals or groups (outside of our community) expressing such opinions in either letter form or within a creative work, that is entirely up to you, but to do so on our boards is abusive of your contract with Songstuff, and disrespectful of your fellow members.


Politics and Religion

Songstuff is not a site to discuss your political or religious beliefs. There are plenty sites to do that. Songstuff is about songs and music, not a platform for your personal maifesto. To do so you risk your membership of Songstuff. You have a right to your beliefs.

You DO NOT have an absolute right to post them on Songstuff. Posting on Songstuff is a privilege, not a right.

You can post lyrics which are about religion, or atheism, racism, or homophobia, but not works that promote such intolerance.

Works, posts, videos, pictures and photos are considered on an individual basis. We reserve the right to remove content, warn members and delete accounts with or without explanation or warning.


Reporting Infringements

If you read a topic that does not conform to the guidelines, please report it to one of the moderators.



By posting your writings here, you consent to allow Songstuff to display your posted work on Songstuff without limitation placed upon Songstuff or financial compensation from Songstuff, now or in the future. Do not to post any copyrighted material unless the copyright is owned by you or by this bulletin board, or unless you have permission from the copyright owner to do so.

By posting text, image, audio or video content to this community you are asserting that you are either the copyright owner or that you have permission from the copyright owner to do so. By making this assertion you accept sole responsibility for posting that content, and you agree to indemnify Songstuff for any costs that may arise as a result of you posting that content.

Songstuff reserves the right to remove any content, for any reason, without explanation.

If you believe that material located on or linked to by songstuff.com violates your copyright, you are encouraged to notify Songstuff. We aim to remove any material that could be infringing copyright in a timely manner.


A Special Note About the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA):

CHILDREN UNDER THE AGE OF 13 ARE NOT ALLOWED TO REGISTER AS MEMBERS OF SONGSTUFF. In accordance with the provisions of the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), we will not knowingly collect personally-identifiable information from children under the age of 13. Children of all ages are still welcome to enjoy the features of the publicly-accessible areas of the website. We recognize the importance of keeping children safe on the internet and encourage parents to monitor and participate in their children's online activities.IMPORTANT: All terms governing the use of this site are subject to change without notice and are immediately enforceable. You are advised to click on the TERMS OF USE/COPYRIGHT NOTICES/PRIVACY POLICY link at the bottom of the website periodically to ensure that you are in compliance.Non-enforcement or any waiver of our rights does not constitute consent or a continuing waiver. Such non-enforcement or waiver does not preclude us from pursuing legal action, at our sole discretion, at any time.


Communication From Songstuff

By creating an account on Songstuff you have agreed to receive information, updates and offers from Songstuff via email.

Opting out from receiving email from site administrators relates solely to announcements regarding site maintenance.

You can stop receiving other communication from Songstuff by requesting your account be closed. We will do this at the soonest opportunity.

  • Links to membership sites is not permitted unless it is directly to free content that does not require a sign up to view. Promo links to other sites is only allowed at the discretion of admins and moderators. Promo from site directly in competition with Songstuff (as opposed to genuine member contribution of the same link) is not allowed.