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    • Marvin Adcock

      Amid all the craziness of being really busy at work, and participating in a city park build here in my hometown, we managed to get a new demo recorded this week. To quote my songplugger after hearing the finished song "MAN O MAN, .....goose bumps and tear drops guys! This is AWESOME!!!!!"

      I hope you all enjoy the new song.

      Best Always,

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    • LooknGlass

      Changed my "About Me" description, and after agonizing over a new blog post that I've been hindered from finishing, I've finally (almost) got it ready to post.
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    • The S

      Deadline every Sunday at midnight. One song a week. Wish me luck!!! =)
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    • irwin  »  ALOPRODUCTIONZ

      Hi, I need someone to help on the music side. do you have the time.
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    • Karanis  »  tomcollins

      eyy lmao!
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    • Standalone digital audio/MIDI recorder
      I've always had trouble recording live, both with MIDI and line in. There's too much latency with the default settings and if I adjust the settings to get the latency down to an acceptable level in my DAW it glitches out. A new sound card would probably fix that but it's not an option with my current computer (all in one thing, basically a giant tablet).   I was watching a guy use old "toy" keyboards to recreate classic 8 bit songs (mostly from Commodore 64 games) and I noticed he had his keyboards plugged into a device that was plugged into his computer. I doubt that would help me with my latency issues, but it did get me to thinking.   Is there an affordable (i.e. $200 or less) device where I can just plug in the line out of my keyboard, record some tracks, plug it into the USB port of my computer, and export it? If it could handle MIDI as well that would be great, but not vital because I can still do that with my mouse, but multitrack recording (which will likely require a line out on the device itself to monitor it) would be a pretty important feature.   Right now I have my Yamaha DX7 sitting idle because I can't record with it, neither using the native sound (which I'd like to use because the VST plug-ins I tried just didn't have the same sound) nor using it as a MIDI controller. Clicking in each note is too slow for everything but the drums plus I never thought I'd see a DX7 in person, let alone own one so I'd like to use it.
    • Hoot Whose Hooves?
      HOOT WHOSE HOOVES?    (chorus) 
      Are you understanding?
      I think, I think you're misunderstanding. 
      Maybe I'll be all alone this time
      Baby are these the walls you hide?  Take strides in my life
      With the Friday night lights
      Over my eyes The staring blank sky
      And I'm drunk on wine
      And I don't mind How about you? 
      Are you feeling like it's time to break through? 
      Oh how's it like being sober? 
      I didn't think that it was this bad
      I think I think you're hooting the wrong hooves.  (chorus) 
      Are you understanding?
      I think, I think you're misunderstanding. 
      Maybe I'll be all alone this time
      Baby are these the walls you hide? 
      x2 Manchester to Lancaster 
      I still hear your f*cking laughter
      Am I supposed to be playing a game
      Or am I supposed to be the game?  I play the moment over and over in my head
      I pinch myself to see if it's a dream
      No, I guess it's not
      I guess you really hooted the wrong hooves (chorus) 
      Are you understanding?
      I think, I think you're misunderstanding. 
      Maybe I'll be all alone this time
      Baby are these the walls you hide?    You're just a bitch. 
    • Need help, from scratch, with mixing New Age music.
      As I listen to this tune ... receptively ... openly ... encouragingly ...    ... I'd simply suggest that it needs some serious mixing.  Although the various sounds are "okay, by themselves," (albeit rather mechanical ...), there's no cohesion to it.  The various parts, each at their various (wildly different ...) volume levels, make no particular attempt to "get along with one another" to present the listener with ... a singular musical experience.   Take each of the component tracks and, first of all, normalize their respective volume levels:  make sure that none of them overpower any of the others.  Then, "plan the performance" in which all of these various instrumentalists are intended to be players.  Imagine that these "people" really are performers, all on-stage at the same time in front of an eager and appreciative audience, and plan just how you intend to let each one of them, in turn, "shine!"  At various points during the performance, some of them will "step up to the microphone," while others will "step back" and support them.  During each musician's "moment of glory," their particular sound will be front-and-center.  At other times, their sound will "continue to be heard, therefore be familiar," but will not take the lead.   I have no "tomatoes" to lob at you, Chris.  Instead, I invite you to take what you've got now and plan a cohesive musical presentation.  Every one of your musicians has already handed you a very fine performance:  you have all of them "in the can."  What you need to do now, is to construct "a show."   (And, fair warning, this happens to be "one of those things that Experienced Folks do so well, that we fail to realize that they are actually doing it.")   "Doesn't it, like, just happen that way?"  Uhhh... "no."  
    • Composer & Singer Looking For Lyricist
      I m looking for a composer and singer !:) I have a song called ' I m only in love with the moon' . I have the melody, are you interested? 
    • Chronicle AND Angel
      There are 2 songs here. Life took me by storm, sorry. Here goes!   Chronicle:   Forest empty, heart of tremors,
      Blue fox-fire left in wake
      You asked if I was a tenor,
      I told the chorus, "Sing"
      I felt the heavy silence break
      Maybe now I'll stretch my wings   And I told her that my eyes would tear
      Should the author ever come near
      So she replied, "What for?"
      That's when I told her of the secret lore   (Chorus)
      There was a book of sacred chords
      Forged in fire, ice, and clashing swords
      The muses forgot how to play them
      I forgot how to say them
      When I found the constable
      I asked her to read the chronicle   She asked me to bring the author
      I told her I was torn
      She sighed, "Why'd I bother,"
      Tails of fire touched the sky
      She thought that she would die
      I told her, "I'm being reborn"   (Chorus, mod 1)
      There was a heart of sacred lore
      A heart that'd seen a thousand wars
      Angels forgot the way of its song
      The way I did it, I guess was wrong
      When I was the fallen angel
      I wondered if I was faithful   When I took note of the shameful
      There was an instrument I had missed
      When I met the crying faithful
      The muse played it, as she'd insist   (Chorus, mod 2)
      There was a note of hidden doors
      Lost among a bunch of whores
      One angel knew how to play
      She insisted on that day
      What happened then? She took the chronicle
      And threw it in that crucible   I guess that bloody eyes can't see (his ideal was the key)
      Anything but what they believe (and she would deceive)     Angel:   I stood outside on a rainy day
      Expecting people to walk away
      But I noticed something strange
      And in my book, that turned the page   For once I felt happy to see
      Another coming my way
      I hope that they're coming for me
      I thought it was my day   (Chorus)
      And in the shining light above
      A league of angels flew
      I expected beautiful love
      But instead of that, blades came through
      An innocent was expecting heart
      I guess he's a demon from the start   You fell high from the sky
      At the sight, I checked if you were alright
      You insisted that I go die
      You left me there, it makes me cry at night   (Chorus)   I hoped that you were healthy
      I hoped that you were safe
      You tried to be all stealthy
      You tried to kill a wraith   (Chorus, mod)
      And from the shining light above
      You came to me, sad and blue
      I thought it mutual love
      I guess hate is mutual too
      I was innocent, at love not smart
      That makes me a demon at heart?

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