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    • Marvin Adcock

      Nashville is currently polarized with half of the music community being bro-country, and the other half embracing a more retro style of country music. One good example is the success this year by Chris Stapleton. This newest song was recorded with a retro country sound thus giving it that "new old" country music feel, which fit very well with the lyrics. I hope you enjoy the listen!
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    • ryandaviddwyer

      When you have time, check out my Soundcloud Playlist of my forthcoming album, "I Am The Phoenix":
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    • Lisa Gates

      New Year = new goals (network in the music biz till I drop!)
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      I noticed a name this morning that would not generate a popup when I hovered over it, and when I clicked the name, I got this" 
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      No other names had that problem. The member name was Generale Kronique.
      I thought I would bring it up in case a bot might be loose.
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    • LooknGlass

      Open for collaborations, I started a Lyric collection for review, with more to be added.
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    • Critique My Songs!
      Hello,   You should just focus on one song per thread here...so that people can focus their critique on it.   Re - 'All For You'.   I think you have the beginnings of something, potential, but there's an issue I can't get over - The strumming isn't always in time with the vocal, and the timing is generally a bit dodgy overall. I just can't get into the song until that's fixed. It sounds like something you are capable of fixing... I won't suggest playing to a click, because I think you need to work on your natural timing and that doesn't mean being as perfect as a robot...it just needs to all work together and FEEL right. If you can hear that it doesn't always feel quite right then you're on your way... I if not, then take a step back from it...tap along and count the time while you listen and you should see what I mean.   Beyond that I think there are other things which you can improve or develop but I personally find it hard to critique anything else until the timing is right.  I do though get a sense that the song tends to kind of ramble through on the same level, I didn't hear any clear hook to latch on to or any sense of the song developing as it went along.   I did also take a look at your 'Brand New Company' on YouTube. The timing was better, though still off at times. The song again seemed to wander through and your vocal was at times impossible to follow (when you sing words very quickly it comes across as confused rather than clever).   My suggestion, for what it's worth, take it or leave it (but I am right regardless of what anyone else says  ) is take a step outside yourself... look objectively at what you're doing... and forget about celebrity or YouTube views for the moment. Simplify the way you play and sing (just for the moment) and focus on writing with a really catchy chord progression and melody which develops as the song goes along, with clear and dynamic changes for verse/chorus/bridge. Then get the timing/groove feeling spot on in a simple way... and you can develop faster and more complex rhythms in time....   Hope that's some help.   Dek
    • The Ones You Love (Re-Mix)
      Where do you find the time !!! Another enjoyable song from you Dave. I like the overall sound of this one. Guitar is stellar as usual ! The weak link of this song is the chorus in my humble opinion. The melody (hook) is not as strong as the verses and bridge. My other nit on this one is the drums ... it seems they are way too compressed and sound unnatural and squashed. Love the lyrics and guitar solo btw   Cheers
    • Heartbreak
      The overall mix is great, sounds very pro and catchy. Can't say very much more, this is not really the kind of music I listen to but I think you could do something with it, maybe send it to radios or something. I'm not a big fan of the synth when it's alone at the begining, it fits great with the rest of the instruments but alone.. I don't know, it sounds a bit cheap in my opinion. Your prechorus is cool btw, the singing is great, you've done a very nice work !
    • Man of extremes - rock song
      This is the perfect exemple of a vocal track badly glued to the mix. It feels like you're doing karaoke on an good music piece. It kind of ruins the experience for me. Solutions to this are amongst the following:  - Compress and Eq the vocal track differently - Send it to an aux delay and  or  a reverb and adjust the volume to get the correct wet/dry ratio - Add some subtle compression  to the main aux track ... you may also try a tiny bit of reverb   Cheers  
    • Critique My Songs!
      So I have two songs on the internet right now and here they are on my soundcloud which I will link in a second. I wrote these songs very differently, Brand New Company was a melody and then I found a chord progression to fit it, and I mixed and matched different vocal patterns and lyrics to the same rhythm. It worked out really well but there wasn't a lot of diversity, but all in all I think it is a good song (Check it out.)  All for you was written on the guitar and then I matched lyrics and a melody to it, actually a few melodies, just too different strumming patterns. The chorus is the only part where I actually change the chord progression, and I like that because its the catchiest part so it is nice that there are changes and it sounds good together, it's almost happy but still matches the songs!   That was just a little insight to how I have been songwriting, there are obviously much more songs too come, if you are interested please check out my youtube - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyYKBCayJ0ap2v6bvtvVZXw  And my  soundcloud for studio versions! -  

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