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    • What makes a song great?
      By MikeRobinson · Posted
      To me, a song is "great" when either its musical arrangement or its lyric is something genuinely well-crafted and different, or when the performer simply blows the doors off with his/her performance.  (For instance, Black Velvet, as performed by Alannah Myles.  Or, completely different, Mary, Did You Know, as performed by Kutlass.  Let It Go, from Disney's Frozen, as performed by Pentatonix.)   Sometimes the song has no lyric at all but is musically captivating.  I was spellbound by a performance of Tchaikovsky's Pathetique ... listening to the amazing things he was doing with harmony.  I guess I went into a sort of trance and simply disappeared into the music.  When the song was over, I was exhausted.  I love it when that happens. Maybe the clearest answer is when a song is not "great."  Corporate music-industry folks don't want to take chances:  they want to find a demographic and shove song after song down its throat.  And so, "it's fair and it's true and it's boring as hell."  (Check out the video ... from a very important music-industry critic ... about how "every country song is the same.") If you are merely content to waste my time, you are wasting your time. Whereas, when a composer, lyricist, and/or arranger simply tries to think outside the box and really show respect to me as a member of their audience who took the time to listen ... when that person presents me with a piece of musical food actually worth eating, instead of "the least mystery-meat-burger they calculated that my demographic would accept," "Music can be Great."  
    • Love Is Not All Pure
      By Peggy · Posted
      Hi there,  Something I've been working on and thought I'd see what anyone thinks.  I've been writing with a rock tune for this one.  Appreciate any comments ... Thanks, Peggy Love Is Not All Pure      Copyright 10/03/2015 Peggy L. Smart-Barnes

      ------ V 1 -----
      Nothing changes between us 
      Distance maintains our hedge
      Up close and denying
      Our lifestyle gave us the edge

      ------ V 2 ------
      Nothing changes between us
      Bringing others to show
      Timid and unyielding
      First touches that won't let go 

      ------ V 3 ------
      Nothing changes between us
      Dancers crowding the floor
      Desperate and we're hidden
      Faint shadows are out the door

      ------ C 1 ------
      I won't constrain you
      Time is not for sure
      I can't restrain you
      Hey love is not all pure
      Hey love is not all pure
      Love is not all pure

      ----- B 1 ------
      Lives and years 
      We won't exchange
      A private love keeps waitingand waiting

      ------ C 2 -----
      I won't constrain you
      Time is not for sure
      I can't restrain you
      Hey love is not all pure
      Hey love is not all pure
      Love is not all pure

      ------ V 3 -----
      Pushing up to confession
      Risking lifetimes so real
      Tightened by bonding fate
      Once replacing all we feel

      ------ C 4 -----
      I won't constrain you
      Time is not for sure
      I can't restrain you
      Hey love is not all pure
      Hey love is not all pure
      Love is not all pure
    • Every one gets hurt
      By Peggy · Posted
      Hi Gary,  It's such a vulnerable write and subject.. capturing more emotions as the lines move and doing so in almost a humbling way for the reader's experience. Peggy
    • I Know My Demons
      By Peggy · Posted
                     Thanks James,  Been working on some changes sparked from the great feedback.  Nice comments. Thanks again. Peggy    Hi Gary,  Thanks for the read and the comments and advice ... a deep breath and I'm going to get there on this one  Peggy
    • Playing My Way Back Home
      By Peggy · Posted
      Liked it right off.  Picked it up and it moved great.  I surely don't want to say sweet and heart-filled