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      It's about time!

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       Thanks for my new avatar, Dek.  Now, BACK OFF!  
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      I hope you all have a wonderful Memorial Weekend.  Thank you to our servicemen whose aim it is to protect this country and our freedoms.  
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    • Dawn Robertson

      Cut Her Some Slack
      By Dawn Robertson
      From a beautiful land 
      Way before time
      A vision was had
      That a woman was right
      For eternity following 
      Men would truly try
      To tear down that woman
      And make her cry
      Men always thinking
      A woman's easier to control
      Without self confidence 
      Without friends or her goals
      But the contrary realism
      Is far distant from that
      They just want their man
      To love them back
      Woman sacrifice and go without
      And not say a word
      They keep things inside
      And bury their hurt
      Until one day she just lets it out
      Often years in the making 
      She purges the pain
      Often crying and shaking
      Then she is good again
      And just carries on
      Creating a better life for others
      With her wings on
      So the next time you feel
      That your woman is crazy
      You must think again
      She is far from lazy
      Just take five minutes
      And cut her some slack
      Let her know you see her struggles
      And that you have her back
      You will become even closer
      And she will love you even more
      There's nothing better to have
      Then a woman you adore
      She will glow like the heavens
      And make you feel complete
      Because she is born to love
      And you are born to receive
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    • Peggy

      Thoughts and prayers with those in Manchester.
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    • I love my Neumann KH120 Nearfield monitors for their absolute flat response and accuracy across the frequencies. Mixes translate perfectly to radio or whatever system they are played on.   My favourite mic is AKG C414 B ULS and Aphex Expressor for vocal recording, they're both clean of colouration which allows me to use SSL, Neve, API, etc plugin effects on mixdown.   I like my Lexicon PCM 91 for guitar effects   Of course I couldn't do without my Mac 2.6GHz quad core i7 with 16 GB Ram and 1TB fusion drive running OSX with pro tools and Logic pro.     
    • I like this a lot John. I like what Gary said, I would add "I'm losing you" at the end of every chorus myself. Good write!
    • I listened to the Bartender song. It was nice, and unusual. It's hard to critique though...    To me it sounded like a soundtrack to a really weird cartoon. To critique it I'd need to know the goal... I mean if this is intended for possible use with some kind of moving images, as background or even as a theme tune, then I think it could work great. If it's intended for listening pleasure then I suppose it's not my cup of tea because I don't feel it emotionally, and it doesn't make me groove or want to jump around.    So again, to suggest what I think could be improved, since you asked, I'd need to know what it's for. And since you present it as a 'song', I'll critique it as such, and in that case I think that since it's a happy, bouncy, but weird, kind of tune...and a bit jazzy maybe... I'd suggest that you focus on the beat and bass, and the rhythm generally. At the moment the beat sounds distant and weak, and repetitive, and the bass is a bit too repetitive and doesn't groove with the beat... I'd start by bringing the beat forward, using some really crisp drum/percussion sounds in an electronic way still but more interesting...and then work on making it make you/us want to move.
    • Great comment, Gary.  Thanks.     I am working on this using my variations of both of your methods.  It's a rather simple concept, but one I hadn't focused on enough.  Sometimes I struggle with trying to put too many non-stressed syllables between the stressed ones.  I find, like Vara said, it's usually better to have fewer syllables between the accents, rather than trying to jam too many words in between.  I'm finding that an old-fashioned metronome helps a lot. And tapping my desktop a lot!     I especially appreciated the reminder about how to pace the song so it accelerates into the chorus.   Patty  
    • Sounds great. Very smooth...great performances and mix, and I like the different direction in the bridge (wish that part went on a bit longer).   The only thing that bothered me was the chorus lyric. It just didn't grab me emotionally and didn't paint any picture, it didn't make much sense either 'a joy for the world to see/it seems my name'. I realise it links to the end of the previous line 'you said name'... but when you repeat that, and with the 'joy for the world' bit, it loses the context (and even if it stayed in context, I don't think it's strong enough lyrically). I think you're missing a trick if you don't find a hook lyric which brings that part to life. I don't know what that would be, but that's my gut reaction.   Dek

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