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    • One less plate (Work in progress)
      Oh,  I did change the laughter to laugh,  I thought I put it in the 3rd link? I will check when I can,  I can't listen to it right now.  I will listen to your suggestion as well when I can  thank you!  OK,  I just listened to your audio,  I really like how you transition back,  thank you man! BTW,  there is a 3rd link that I had put in the original post,  sorry about the confusion   
    • Work In Progress - Hokey Joke or Kowboy Kool?
      Thanks David. I'll give you a shout on PM to save your thread getting full of this
    • Windows 10 Is A Free Upgrade For 7 And 8 Users
      Microsoft knows my browsing history?  Well, that's okay.  If I can help those sexually-frustrated nerds at Mircrosoft find the best porn sites, I'm more than happy to oblige.  
    • Work In Progress - Hokey Joke or Kowboy Kool?
      I LOVE THE MIXER!  LOL  The mastering suite is the M-Class stuff (much better than the old stuff) and  it's part of every new song template - includes the EQ, Compressor, Stereo Imager, and Maximizer - just click on "show insert f/x" in the Master Section at the top of the rack to see them.  That Master Section uses them (when the bypass is off) on the stereo mix.  But, each M-Class effect can be applied to a particular thing in the rack or to a channel on the mixer as a send effect too.   P.S.  I think I know the program pretty well now.  If you want any help, just let me know. Here's a quick tip: Just about everything can be automated - every button, knob and fader on the mixer, every function on each piece of gear in the rack - just about everything.  Just hover over it with you mouse arrow, right click your mouse and chose "edit aoutomation" to create an automation lane for that thing.  Then, record and make changes to that thing in real time and they will be recorded - like changing patterns in the Dr, Octo and Kong,changing the amount of reverb or the pan of track, etc.  If you're automating some function on an audio track though, make sure the track is not "armed" when you're recording automation or you'll record over the audio.   Dr. Octo-specific tips.: Drag and drop Rex files from your Reason browser on the left side to load them into a Dr. Octo. Hover over the area on the Dr. Octo that has the patterns, right click and chose edit automation to arm pattern automation for the Dr. Octo unit.  No patterns will be lit when you start.  Just start recording and choose one pattern to have that pattern recorded in the automation lane - no need to go any further than just a second or two.  Now that you have a partial clip of a pattern from that Dr. Octo recorded in the automation lane, you can move it, shorten the clip or lengthen it or duplicate it - AND to change it to another pattern, you just right click(or maybe it's a double click) on the automation clip itself and the list of all the other patterns available in that same Dr. Octo unit will come up for you to choose from - you just click one to have the automation clip play that pattern.  It's that simple.  For example, I have 2 patterns in a Dr. Otco I want to use.  I want 8 bars of pattern 1 followed by 2 bars of pattern 2. I record a brief automation clip of pattern 1.  I lengthen it to a full 8 measures and move it to the start of the song.  But, now I want to change to pattern 2 for just 2 bars when that 8 measures of pattern 1 is up.  I shorten the pattern 1 clip to two bars, duplicate it, move it to the end of the first pattern 1 clip, and then I change the pattern for the short clip to pattern 2, and then I re-extend the original clip I had shortened to make the duplicate clip I used to make the new pattern clip.  That's the easiest way to put togther a Dr. Octo track for a whole song.  If you need more patterns or need to effect or EQ or change the volume of a pattern or two that are in a given DR. Otcto, the easiest thing to do is to just load them into another Dr. Octo so you don't have do any automation to change values for just those patterns in that same Dr. Octo.
    • One less plate (Work in progress)
      Hey, Ronnie:   I think this chorus is a BIG improvement.  But, you sound lost as to how to end it in a smotoh way to get back to the D-major and the start of the next verse.  Here's an idea:   You'll notice that I didn't sing very instances of "there's " that you have starting phrases in these lines, because I think you have too many of them.  I also still think a major weakness is the line in the chorus using the totally the nonsensical "one less laughter" like I mentioned in my previous feedback.  Here's another idea: there's one less plate; one less chair one less familiar laugh, floating in the air there's one less man; one less smile one less father; one less child

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