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    • P.P.P.S.  "Wide awake behind us" sounds even cooler.   "[oh-oh] Our mountains try . . . to unwind in silence" . . . [oh-oh] Our phantoms hide . . . wide awake behind us."  Just an idea . . as if I know what you even mean.
    • Thanks David. No effects other than a little reverb on this... well, except the VERY effected bit on the 3rd verse.    First time I've tried slapping the strings for rhythm rather than strumming it     I like that title! Thanks.
    • Kick sounds much better now.  BTW, I personally think this is the best acoustic guitar sound I've heard from you - less effected-sounding than usual.  I love it.   P.S.  I think Awake Behind Us would be a cool and appropriate title.   P.P.S.  I think the vocal arrangement would sound more compelling if along with the centered lead vocal you had separate, spread, held and harmonizing BV's singing a distinct descending "o-o-o-o-o-oh, oh"  at the start of each chorus line (instead of blending that into being the first word of "our"), and follow that opening held "oh" with the lead vocal alone singing "our mountains . . . unwind in silence"/"our phantoms . . . awake behind us."
    • Thanks Nono and Dave.   Dave: I understand how you feel about the bridge.  I do have a tendency to be more satisfied just hearing cool drums than perhaps most others might be. If I do add something more to the bridge, it will probably be something with sound f/x and/or other vocal stuff.  I don't think I'll introduce something new musically to the arrangement.  But, maybe.  It is something I'll be considering.   Dek:  I'll do another mix when I have time reducing the volume of the sound you don't like and see how that sounds to me.   Thanks, guys..
    • Dave, it's just the first chord of the chorus I thought could/should start on the major.  It sounds like you did the major chord the next time around in the chorus progression too (though the bass note there is for the minor), and I think the next time around should be the minor chord.  Anyway, I do really like the major-chord start for the chorus.  The vocal melody during "all those sleepless" before the first chorus works okay before the major chord chorus start, but I think it would work better if you went higher at the start of that phrase instead of waiting to sing higher on "nights" on the downbeat starting the chorus.  By "higher," I mean sing the lead-in to the first chorus just like you sing it before the second chorus.  I do think it sounds "better" the way you sing that lead-in before the second chorus than it does before the first chorus.  But again, it sounds okay the way you sing it lower before the first chorus.  So, if you want a contrast/change between how you sing it the first time and the second time, then keep it as is.  The even lower sing going into the final chorus downbeat start with the higher "nights" coming out of the bridge I think sounds good as is though.

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