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    I play guitar, and I think I'm a solid player. But, I've been playing for decades. I also don't play guitar in all my stuff - not even close to it. A guitar is just a tool to make music, and there are a lot of such tools. You get little sympathy from me, and here's why. There are zillions of people right now all over the world making damn good music would don't play ANY traditional musical instrument worth a damn at all. Let me say that again so it sinks in. There are zillions of people right now all over the world making damn good music would don't play ANY traditional musical instrument worth a damn at all. With the technology available today, you don't have to play a musical instrument to make good music. The technology IS a musical instrument, and an incredibly powerful and versatile one. Can't play a guitar well enough to make good music? Then make good music using something ELSE. Get a DAW with a library of sounds and get to work. I can assure you that getting into the music tech to make music is tons easier than learning and practicing barre chords or finger picking to the point where you sound good doing it - and then there's the further learning curve of trying to get good audio recordings of your guitar playing. You say you have these "visions" for your songs . . . this one is a country tune . . . that one is a rocker? Where have your musical visions gotten you except still stuck on square one? They aren't visions. They're mirages. Get the tech, start making music and go where it takes you. The clock is ticking. It's time to, literally, "get with the program."
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    As it happens, I struggle with both anxiety and depression... which is very strange for someone who is naturally optimistic, positive, and upbeat. It comes in waves and tides, occasionally floods, though sometimes it is just a puddle on a sunny day. I am also a carer for someone with bipolar type 2 and anxiety, and have been for 25 years. Music, and specifically song writing has long been my therapy, my vent, my friend. I don't tend to express my depressive side much, in conversation or in song, although I have written about depression a couple of times. I tried at least to make the songs thought provoking rather than a personal gripe. Song writing is therapeutic because it allows me to transport myself, to shift my world perspective, to think about something other than my problems. That is why it is invaluable. I deliberately chose not to exercise my own demons in song because I do not want to be defined by an illness, any more than I want to be defined by problems with my back. They are part of me, but only part. I manage both using mindfulness meditation, something I first encounter 15 years ago as a method to cope with chronic pain. I soon applied it to anxiety and later depression. Songwriters are more likely to suffer from depression and anxiety. Yet it need not be their biggest influence. Yes, they do write about sadness a lot, but that is at least partly due to listeners. Listeners use music as therapy. They use it to help them through hard times. While they do use music to enjoy themselves, music their requirement from upbeat music is simpler. The themes if upbeat songs more readily feel cheesy, over used, more one-dimensional... Sad songs allow for the exploration of a wider range of emotions, much more nuance. As such it. Is easier to write a sad song that feels pertinent, poignant and original. Even when the topic is well explored, if the emotion of the song is honest, authentic, unflinching.... it connects. Song writing is largely about connection. Writers and listeners want to connect. They both want to feel understood. They want to feel connected even when isolated. They don't want to be alone. Listeners, particularly, want to find songs that express how they feel, what they want. They want songs to challenge them, and songs that represent them. Even when immersed in great sadness, they want to find hope. Often that hope is the knowledge of connection. I think that is why so many songs are sad or about sadness. To write in a way that connects people, writers need to be insightful, to be thoughtful. Experience teaches us that being thoughtful, you are more likely to suffer from depression and anxiety. More likely to dwell on and wrestle with emotion. It serves us well when writing about. I don't see myself as sad. It is part of me, not all of me. Rob mentioned empathetic song writing. Empathy is certainly an important aspect of song writing. Willingly or not, we are the world's therapists, not just our own.
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    I found my dog on my porch at 3 a.m. one morning. He had broken away from his chain somewhere and the piece of chain still connected to his collar got wrapped up in the railing of my porch. No one claimed him, so I kept him, and I still have him. I named him Django, because he only came into my life after becoming Unchained.
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    The good news is, slow progress is perfectly fine. You'll get there when you get there. The best advice I can offer is... decide on a specific direction be patient (baby steps) Without having specific goals, it's damn near impossible to get where you want to go. Good luck and try to enjoy the process Tom
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    I don't remember how I found the website, but I really am happy I did. Most people in the real world don't know I make music as regularly as I do. Hopefully this will change with time, but this website allows me to put out these crazy ideas I have in my head without getting weird reactions. I find it easier to talk to strangers than people I know, but I feel like I've actually made some friends on here. It's because of all you guys that I figured out that music is what makes me happiest and, therefore, I need to continue to try my best for as long as I can. This is a community at heart: everyone is here to see each other succeed and help them in whatever way possible. I have also found some uber amazing music here and am constantly blown away by everyone's abilities and pure talent. Hell, some of the tracks I have listened on here sound more professionally mixed/mastered than tracks I have bought. Songstuff also allows me to listen to music critically, more so than I already do. With each track, I pick out specific pieces I like and don't like (production, instrumentation, etc.), and I think that's later applied to my own music. Really, this website has taken me in with open arms. I don't think I would have progressed as much as I have without this aspiration to create for and with a community. And I can only hope that one day I will be a fraction of how good some of you are ! I've said this before, but I'll never say it enough. Thank you for everyone who has listened to my tracks and offered invaluable input. Thank you for Songstuff for fostering a platform for my thoughts and the crazy ideas of everyone else on this site! Thank you so much..
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    Hi Sreyashi If there are issues within the song that make de rhyming an issue the other things that increase instability are. Rhyme type: Perfect rhymes are most stable so you can reduce the stability by replacing perfect rhymes with subtractive rhymes ( crying/die) all the way down to consonant only rhymes which is more of a sonic connection or alliteration than a rhyme (crying/cat). Having an uneven number of lines is unstable. Having uneven line lengths is unstable. In addition there is setting of the lyric in the melody. If you set one of the sadder lines "back heavy" that will increase the emotional impact. That is instead of the first naturally stressed syllable appearing on the first beat of the bar ( front heavy) you have it on the third beat of the bar. This works with contrast as some lines are front heavy some are back heavy. Example 1 2 3 3.5 4 4.5 1 2 How I’d dreamed of us to geth er 3 4 1 2 3 Turns out I couldn't be more wrong The bold words are the naturally stressed syllables each line is a 3 length. The numbers above are the beat in the bar the word falls on. "How" is on beat 1 (front heavy)"Turns" in line two falls on beat 3 (back heavy). The final thing you can do is weak bar phrase the entire song. That is start the vocal melody on an even bar number. So the intro will be typically 3 or 5 bars long. This adds a wistful sad feeling to the entire song. As an example of this if you look at a John Lennon song " Hey you've got to hide your love away" You will see the verse goes 2,2,3 2,2,3 (line lengths) and the rhyme scheme is AAB CCB. The rhyme types are all perfect. In other words even line length even rhyme pattern and perfect rhymes. All massively stable, since the song is sad this should cause a prosody issue and yet it doesn't. If you listen too it, it feels like someone sitting on the end of his bed singing sadly too himself. Why? because it's weak bar phrased the guitar is strummed for three bars before the vocal melody begins on bar four. If the melody had begun on bar 5 it would have sounded completely wrong with a disconnect between the music and the lyric. It is an important comment that you knew something was not right but not what. There is a misconception that if you are conscious of all these techniques and effects you can do with lyrical structure, that it will inhibit your writing, because your all bound up in all these rules. This is wrong, because you just write, then you say that's not quite sounding how it is in my head. You ask why, and if you know these techniques you can quickly say aha that's probably the problem very quickly. You can then apply fixes, starting from the easiest. Which in your case would be to weak bar phrase the whole song and that may fix it just like that. Cheers Gary
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    I feel lucky and that I have a very large sphere of people in my life...and I stay "in front" of news... But or So or And...I internalize emotion (based on my own reaction) which ends up in my lyric writing. I often write in first person to project the feelings I've had to what moved me in some way. But the emotion, that came about, may be written in whole and raw or in contrast or disbelief, scarcistic, or masked. But how i present the feeling happens as my thoughts go down. Almost always deeply personal......happy-sad-pissed,lost- found, lonely or over-whelmed., initimate or distance, opened or veiled. I try it. And it's real. I might add...sometimes it works sometimes..not so much And I'm a happy peep Peggy
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    I can ask for help here when I need it. I do need it. I need to know about keyboards, production, mixing etc. I need to ask because I can never find anything myself here. It may be because I am poor at navigating the site. I think its because the site is hard to navigate. Really both reasons are valid, because as a long standing member I ought to know my way around. But its also true that there are others like myself who cant find stuff as well. Writing articles. A long time ago I wrote some music articles for SS. It made me check all the things I had taken for granted. As a result I consolidated what I knew, corrected what I assumed & became more informed. I feel I can drop in at any time and listen to music I had never heard before. That's wonderful. Most of all, this is a proper community. Its a place to share of bit of ourselves.
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    Sorry that I didn't catch this earlier. I'm not sure whether you asked about the daily time it takes for a singer to warm up and get it to performance level singing? If you did, it pretty much depends. On the vocal health, how much rest you've given yourself the previous night, how hydrated you are/were. In my case, I do 15-20 minutes of breathing exercises first and a few stretches. And then do 30 minutes of vocal exercises (that I have experimented and decided on and found to be effective for me) over different scales. That pretty much does it every time. I feel absolutely good to go. If I still feel on rare occasions that it's not there yet, I do another round of lip rolls and that does the trick. Now on the other hand, if you were asking about how long it will take with daily practice each day to GET to a good point in being able to sing (whatever that maybe as decided by you), it depends. And that's my answer for your other question regarding multi-tasking too. Depends on how well you take care of your vocal health (or have the stamina and immunity to indulge yourself in the so called 'bad things' but this is never the approach to good vocal health. I say it with experience). Depends how well you're able to associate sensations in your body to the skill of singing itself. It's important to build good muscle memory right from the start when it comes to singing. And mindful vocal practice helps you be on your way. It also makes you more aware of any tension in your body and back off when needed. All these things are subtle in nature but extremely useful (and simple if you put your mind to it). So in such a case, being able to put some time and a place aside for your practice sessions work wonders! You might see yourself with ample but definite sessions each day working wonders for you. If you are multi-tasking, that may vary. Having said that, it doesn't mean you can't multi task and practice, especially when you've gotten to a point that you have good muscle memory of good vocal techniques. It's like you've learnt to ride the bicycle but you wake up every day, put some music on (my example of multi-tasking lol seemed appropriate) and you practice to get better. You're STILL practicing with a goal to get better but your brain and your body has built the muscle memory enough to know how to ride the bicycle while multi-tasking. Does that make sense? I find myself doing lip rolls without even realising sometimes - on the streets, in a cab and I will confess with a disclaimer that it was just once - in a public bathroom. lol EDIT: I wanted to add something that I swear heard it somewhere - Practice doesn't make one perfect, practicing perfectly makes one perfect. And that should be your focus regardless of how much time you have. Keep the exercises simple and practice being able to do those simple exercises PERFECTLY (because you know, it's a simple one we've picked). When you've nailed it down, make the exercise the TEENIEST bit more difficult. (For singers, it might be the note we are hitting. For a guitar player, it might be increasing the tempo on the metronome by 1-2 bpm, whatever it is). So tiny that you may not even notice. But your body will. Your vocal cords will. They will use the experience of the muscle memory from the previous exercise and try to accommodate in this new case, given that it would be a relative easier task for it. And that will improve your skill by that tiny bit. After that you simply rinse and repeat! Anyways, all good stuff! Mahesh
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    @M57 Thank you for your nice comments and thoughts. I haven't attempted any percussion because they always tend to sound bad when I try, but sometime in the future I might revisit that option. @MonoStone and @Will Sketches and @Jenn thank you also for your input. I've made a near-final version, and I'm posting it here. I think any further edits will be minor touch-ups. I think I have completely gotten rid off SNES synths. But I still would love feedback, should any exist. I don't plan to post any more versions for now, but will just let it sink in. @HoboSage it's now called "Sonnet." Oh, and @MikeRobinson I also edited the lyrics in the verses a bit. the new lyrics have slightly less adjectives. New lyrics follow: Love Is without you and within you, all around you Captivates you, and destroys you, then at once evades you If I had wings I still would never leave Got my feet down on the concrete floor After all that time away, The earth keeps me secure I’ve decided I have said goodbye too many times before I’ve said goodbye, too many times Love Disproportionate, insubordinate, intangible As it slowly reveals you, against your wishes If I had wings I still would never leave Got my feet down on the concrete floor After all that time away, The earth keeps me secure I’ve decided I have said goodbye too many times before I’ve said goodbye, too many times (bridge) Before… Don’t need another reason to fall into another hazy dream, be it mine or someone else’s Love Hypersensitive, explosive, devastating inflicting deep cuts that need healing If I had wings I still would never leave Got my feet down on the concrete floor After all that time away, The earth keeps me secure I’ve decided I have said goodbye too many times before I’ve said goodbye, too many times Love Words descriptive fit rightly within a sonnet
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    I've been playing the piano with an instructor for about a year. We had a disagreement and now I'm on my own. I've been looking for a site where I could ask questions about blues and jazz music. I like all music, but right now that's where my play is taking me. I've tried a few other forums, but they were focused on specific types of music. I hope I've found a forum that might be able to help me a little.
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    Hiya guys, I recently came back from a 2 week tour with a couple of gigs and a bit of vacation time too. I had a gig at one of the better known venues when I got to the country's capital. It was an absolute experience playing there. So the venue has this thing called "The Silent Song" which is pretty cool. Basically, at a certain part of the set, the staff of the venue ask the entire audience to stay absolutely quiet for that one song decided by the artist to be "The Silent Song". Bars shut, waiters directed to stop serving and everyone is requested to politely take their conversations outside or stay absolutely silent during this song. Their intention, as they explain is to see the song from the perspective of the artist. And most of the time, it turns out to be the most special part of the set. And to me it was indeed. I decided to do this cover of Jason Mraz for it. I knew it was going to be an intense experience to have a packed house huddled in silence but didn't exactly expect myself choking up. But anyways, I thought I'll share it to those who would wander on here Hope you guys are doing well! Cheers and thank you. P.S John and I have been working on some really exciting stuff for Songstuff. And we're looking forward to making this place much bigger and better. So to reduce the need to create another topic for this, I just wanted to say - thank you! For sticking around and making this place what it is. Can't wait for some upgrades.
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    Hi there! I just joined this forum, to have an easier access to others in the music industry! I'm a music producer and composer from Norway, running my own studio. Looking forward to check out some new music and contribute in music forums! - Sander Amadeus Thoresen :):)
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    With my (limited) knowledge of Blues it would go something like: Step out on the highway Wonder if I'll ever get home Step out on the highway Wonder if I'll ever get home I've done alot of walking And my mouth is drier than a bone But then if they were all like that they would all sound the same!. Although there is more 'catchiness' in that format.
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    Hey all, These are song collaborations that Andy and I were involved in recently: I was more of a translator to be honest. Andy helped her out with the english lyrics. Emi Maria is an independent R&B/alternative R&B, artist(Japanese). Hope you guys enjoy the songs, Ken/Andy
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    @tunesmithth & @Sreyashi Mukherjee, thanks for the listen guys. I've introduced another lyricist(a long time Songstuff member) to the artist, as well. And they have written one song together already which should be released soon. I'll make sure to post that song up as soon as it comes out.
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    Practice Recording.... If your playing is under par it might be that you simply need to allot special time in your day to practicing with a metronome (it works) and building yourself up from there. An old teacher of mine use to always stress playing scales before all else even if you feel you've mastered them and don't see the point of going through the route/rut process. Mostly because it builds confidence. If you play something simple but well it can offer confidence to play more. Practice the songs you are learning or want to record after you've practiced and record your scales. Not fast just at a medium tempo. Don't dive in to recording practice before you attempt to perform. Do this every day for at least a month. You'll gain confidence with your technique and comfort with your recordings. Listen to your recording each day but don't be too critical of your recorded performance. Don't expect overnight improvement. Understand that everyone goes through up slopes and down slopes when advancing technique. Mostly stick to it. Don't give up on yourself. It's extremely hard to maintain effort when you don't see immediate reward and are trying to do it all alone. If you can find a jam buddy, If not find a teacher. It's hard to judge your own development by yourself and maintain inspiration. Try to play out in front of others. Relatives, friends, co-workers anywhere you can get an audience. If they aren't throwing rotten food at you consider it progress and success. This will lead to confidence in general with your playing and help you to stay motivated. Often times it's confidence and concentration which are the real issues with performance. It can be hard to stay focused. There is a very good book which is intended for all musicians of all musical styles called https://www.amazon.com/Inner-Game-Music-Barry-Green/dp/0385231261 The inner game of music. In it the book discusses various internal issues which can stymie skills and creativity and how to overcome them. Me I'm not the greatest extrovert in the world and when I read it many many years back it helped me deal with internal conflicts which were working against my musical abilities. It's not just a bunch of hocus pocus "You can do it!" rhetoric. It contains strategies for success that anyone can use to release the "Inner mozart" within us all.
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    Hi Gang This challenge is all about the use of opposites. love/hate strong/weak light/dark hot/cold rough/smooth old/young smart/dumb ugly/beautiful How you use opposites is up to you. It could be central to the theme, a mechanism, contrast for any reason. You can even use more than one opposite pair. The purpose is not to simply mention some opposite elements for no real reason, but to use opposites to good effect. Cheers John
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    Hi Wheww...finally. opposites?? Any thoughts appreciated. Sorry about "baby" fought with the word..it won Thanks, Peggy Love and Logic Copyright 06/06/2017 Peggy L. Smart-Barnes ------ V 1 ------- Baby, baby, I've got something to say Baby, there's just no other way Kiss me first but no more denying Can't save love when logic's dying ------ C 1 ------- Hot and toxic as you wrap me tight You lead with love and it feels so right But we're not safe if love is driving You and I need to keep trying ------ V 2 ------- Baby, baby, oh you make me dream Baby, then you make me scream With no rules there's no use lying Can't save love when logic's dying ------ C 2 ------- Hot and toxic as you wrap me tight You lead with love and it feels so right But we're not safe if love is driving Oh You and I, you and I You and I need to keep trying --------- B 1 ---------- It's so complicated and I'm on the brink I'm so captivated that I can not think Reason becomes such a challenge But love and logic need to have a balance Love and logic need to have a balance Love and logic need to have a balance ------ V 3 ------- Baby, baby, don't struggle to share Baby, don't struggle to care Loneliness is worth the crying But we can't save love when logic's dying ------ C 3 ------- Hot and toxic as you wrap me tight You lead with love and it feels so right But we're not safe if love is driving Oh You and I, you and I You and I need to keep trying --------- B 2 out --------- It's so complicated and I'm on the brink I'm so captivated that I can not think Reason becomes such a challenge But love and logic need to have a balance Love and logic need to have a balance Love and logic
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    Hi TF This is not working. However, there is something there, I don't know what it is, but I am convinced it's not the beautiful voice. So I am going to try to find out what it is that is making it not work and see if you can fix it. Song idea Nut and hook. The song is unfocused. The song is about struggle and it's morbid it is not something we want to think about. The point of making it till Sunday is not explained therefor the hook and the idea fail. Understand this very clearly. People care about themselves. this is important. No one will be interested in a song about you it has to be about them. If it is not you are communicating nothing and the song will fail. This does not mean you can not write about you, it does mean that in writing about you, I can identify with what you are writing about and say oh yea I've felt like that too. It then becomes about me and I care. When I look in there I see two ideas that I like. They are: "The hardest part of battle is preparing for war" "I'll make it to Sunday " which an edit to "I'll make it Sunday" The reason being I can see a lot of expansion on the first idea. Sub ideas. The boredom waiting, the nervousness. etc. A lot of good powerful images can be worked up around that. In the second idea if I take out the to and make it "I'll make it Sunday" Then I'm half promising to meet someone on Sunday. Who? I'm not gonna say I'm going to leave it a mystery for now, so that the listener can put in their own who and that makes it """about them""" So now I am saying what is the the basic idea of the song. And I think it should be this. There is a relationship. It is not smooth and comfortable (please don't forget how hard I fought this battle) You want to continue it. (I've made it this far) You have invested a lot of emotional capital (please don't forget how hard I out this battle), (I've made it this farI think I can go on) You are not sure you have the strength (And if I can make it I'll make it Sunday ) Because there is going to be a finalisation one way or the other. (The hardest part of battleis preparing for war.) So there is now a frame work that a lot of your lines are applicable to the theme. We do not say who we are meeting, we do not obliquely say its a show down we use the battle too show that. So in conclusion of my thoughts on the song idea. It has to be about me not you, it has to be focused, the story is now in point form. We can say to maintain focus no line in the song can not refer to one of those points. Structure comments Analysis verse one for meter, rhyme, feel and pace. I've made it this far (2) X I think I can go on (2) X Don't forget me now the winter is coming (split line removed) (5) X Please don't forget how Hard I fought this battle (split line removed) (5) X Key: The bold syllables are the syllables which I would naturally emphasise in conversational english. They dictate the line length. The (2) bracketed number is the syllable count. The X is the rhyme scheme. The italicised comments are notes as to correcting set out issues. The song overall is an unstable subject. The verse is an even number of lines (stable) The line lengths are even (stable) The rhyme scheme is nothing rhymes (unstable) The result is a moderately stable structure. My subjective view is this should be wistful i.e. moderately unstable. So I can say one of the issues is a prosody issue, in that the feel and the content of the lyric do not match. There is an issue of pacing in that the line length goes 2,2,5,5 this is slowing the song down. If you simply do this you fix the pace. "Don't forget me now the winter is coming Please don't forget how Hard I fought this battle I've made it this far I think I can go on" It now accelerates into the pre chorus. If you do the following, you alter the line length smoothing out the acceleration, and you destabilise ever so slightly, getting the right amount of instability in there. "Don't forget me now the winter is coming (5) Please don't forget how Hard I fought this battle (5) after all I've made it this far (3) I think I can go on" (2) The verse now smoothy accelerates into the pre chorus and its slightly unstable it has uneven line length no rhymes but pulling it back is the stable even number of lines. Contrast. Contrast light and shade tension and release is essential in all art whether it be painting or songwriting. So the parts of a song should contrast. This means the pre chorus should be stable. This will contrast against the slightly unstable verse and chorus. Because we have no rhymes in the verse we should rhyme the pre heavily. Even number of lines even line length. We have to work with: The hardest part of battle is preparing for warThe hardest part of battle is finding something to live for. The first line is focused the second is not and doesn't fit the story. Analysis of line one The hardest part of battle is preparing for war (4) You can see that is a four length and the stressed syllables are even spread. This is the template for stability plus. Now what you need is three more lines. Each line must be a 4 with if possible the stressed syllables in the same place. There must be rhymes and if possible perfect rhymes. Because its a pre chorus the rhyme scheme must not be AABB. Because that will create a pace issue of forward motion stop after line two. So preferably it should be ABAB so pace wise we are marking time, without pausing. The content of the lines must reinforce line one, be about the waiting the boredom the fear, etc. So it can be stuff like: "The hardest part of battle is preparing for war The endless denial of feelings suppressed The hardest part of battle curled up on the floor Nerves jangle stealing breath from your chest " This is an example only of rhyme scheme, meter, stress, and focus, you can write your own pre chorus. I don't want to be rewriting your lines. On the other hand if you like any feel free to use them. The chorus I'll make it someday (2) A I'll make it someday (2) A And if I can make it (2) a internal X I'll make it Sunday (2) X The pace of the chorus is much faster than the pre as the line lengths are half (2) rather than (4) the forward motion is marking time as all line lengths are even. The chorus is stable, which is the same as the pre. So we have two issues with the chorus. And one plus. No contrast for stability with the pre chorus and no forward motion or pausing of forward motion. The plus the pick up in pace. What we might want to do here is bring the song to a pause at the end of the chorus before we go into the bridge. The reason being to provide some space for the hook to sink in. "i'll make it Sunday". I don't want to mess with the chorus at all because it has a lot going for it. It's simple, it has seeming repetition an internal external rhyme, so it's pretty neat. so if I alter the way it's written to this. I'll make it someday (2) A I'll make it someday (2) A And if I can make it I'll make it Sunday (4) A or we could have this I'll make it someday (2) A And if I can make it (2) X internal if I can make it I'll make it Sunday (4) A I feel this is probably the best solution. Its slightly less stable, and the song slows down at line three which emphasises the hook. The bridge. Content: This should either now reveal what is actually going on here. If you want to you can tell the listener exactly whats occurring. This is the reveal style bridge. Or you can allude to what's going on and add more mystery if you want. You just must add something to the story. The bridge for contrast should be either very stable or very unstable because the chorus is moderately stable, so you need contrast. This is important just like a physical bridge, it goes from somewhere to some where else. The somewhere in this case is the last line of the chorus. "if I can make it I'll make it Sunday" The somewhere else is this "I'll make it someday" So the opening line of the bridge must flow from "if I can make it I'll make it Sunday" Like for example. I'l make it if I can "if I can make it I'll make it Sunday I'l make it if I can" (bridge lyric) Makes sense together. The same at the back end. although I can make no promises I promise (bridge lyric ) "I'll make it someday" So It's been a bit of time here and that's way enough to be going on with, so you might want to consider and work through some of this. But before you attack the piano again after editing for these issues there is still more to do planing wise before you do the melody. Cheers Gary
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    Ashes for Dreams is the new band project of Johan Alm (know on SongStuff as @Jambrains) and Karen O’Mahony, formed to cement their musical partnership after a successful and invigorating year of collaboration which started with the release of Lie with Me in May, 2016.Both coming from completely different cultures and musical backgrounds - incorporating between them classical, traditional, folk and rock - they had each previously produced solo work vastly different to the other’s. Their first collaboration, the brainchild of Johan and an eyeopener to both band members and their followers, was the first of an EP-worth of songs produced in their first year of collaboration.Johan’s style is heavy rock with a unique and gritty vocal style and guitar work admired and envied by many. Karen’s natural home is more folk, which to their surprise works beautifully in a heavy rock setting. Together, they are a magical combination, particularly when they duet - their distinctive voices blending as if made for each other! Johan gives Karen more edge, Karen keeps Johan’s Rock God under control...It shouldn’t work, but it does
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    Hi, ND. Yes, I agree that some non-specificity allows the listener to relate the song to their own lives.What I was struggling with was some general meaning for darkness and light that was consistent enough for a listener to grab onto and apply to their own situation. There seemed to be some contradictory meanings. For example in the first verse the lines my staying in the dark/Though it suits me perfectly suggest that the singer prefers the darkness. That's an interesting idea that taps into the idea that we all have a dark side. That's an idea that you can build an entire song around. However, in the next line contradicts that by saying it It’s a fake comfort after all. So is the singer embracing the darkness or is it a crutch? Some tension between those 2 ideas would be cool too, but it currently doesn't come across as an intentional contrast that builds tension. The chorus also suggests that the darkness is about loss. That's another meaning for darkness that holds universal appeal. So if you went with that as the central meaning that would need to be reinforced more in the chorus and the verses would need to revolve more strongly around that idea. Just my 2 cents. ~T
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    1. Do you sing, play an instrument or instruments? I don't play any instruments. I compose all my music on the computer using loops. 2. Are you in a band or bands? My band is myself. I am in the process of building my website. I just want to make sure I have enough music ready before I publish it. 3. Do you write songs? I write all my song lyrics. I have this thing where I don't put my songs to music until I have composed the song in Acid Pro. Listening to loops and arranging them help me decide the melody to my lyrics. I don't have a writing partner, and not sure how I'd feel about having one. 4. Do you record your music? I currently record my lyrics at home, on a cheesy headset designed for gaming. I only do this so I can have an idea what the song is going to sound like once I get it into the studio. I have chosen a studio, I'm just waiting until I have enough songs together to justify going in and recording the vocals. I do have music available on the web, on Youtube, and also on ReverbNation. Please be aware, though, that the vocals to these have not been recorded in a studio and aren't the greatest sound quality. 5. What other roles do you perform in the music business? I'm a one woman show. I do everything from self management, publishing, promoting and marketing my music all by myself. I'm hoping this will change soon. 6. Are you a tech head? I AM! 7. What country do you live in? United States 8. What are your ambitions? I have a goal to release my first album by June 2018. Honestly, my ULTIMATE goal is to have a song on the Billboard top 100. I'd also really like to tour, at least locally. 9. Do you draw/paint/write stories/computer art/dance or other creative pursuit? I'm HUGE into bullet journaling. 10. What would you like to get out of Songstuff? I'd like to get an idea of what it is like for other musicians out there, to get feedback on my work, and maybe make some friends. P.S. My real name is Linda Bryant. Yolanda Youngblood has been my stage name for the past 20 years.
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    When I read "A Crack in the Sky" in A1, I considered that crack to be symbolic of an emotion or the break in a life, later, in A3 it came to me full circle that that crack in the sky was preparation for that man to enter eternity. I really liked that line and I think it would make a fascinating hook line and title. The idea of passengers feels unrelated without lengthy explanation. I would completely remove those lines and come up with a different outro. Also, "In between and Far Behind, What is real is in your mind" doesn't seem to be a great fit for the song either. I would either modify that or take it away entirely. I'll be interested to how any revision evolves. This has some potential.
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    I tend to be a listener and an observer. I'm also very much affected by the mood of someone I care for or if I'm in a situation, I can sometimes in a group feel the vibe of what's going on without even a word--sometimes I just have to get out of there because it can truly affect my well-being and sometimes I could just hang out and observe indefinitely (well, not indefinitely, but longer than necessary.). I say this because when I am listening or observing someone, my mind goes in a bazillion different directions with "what if's" or pulling together shreds of input or identifying or a memory it might trigger or a hope or dream or remedy or trying to figure out where they are going with something all in just a few moments with every emotion or communication they share. I might use what I feel for them or within myself or what I see them feeling as fodder for imagery in a song, I might use a scenery as backdrop, I might use an experience of a walk or experience of the outdoors, its possible I might use the scenario, but unlikely, because to me, it seems a betrayal to someone to too nearly identify their situation after a confidence has been shared. I might pull elements of something, but my imagination would kick in and derail into an entirely different thing using just some sensory experience or something rather than the personal situation. As I said, my mind can go in a bazillion different directions with only a few sentences as stimulation (not always something useful), but one of those directions might split off into another direction that I can use for a song. Its all very elusive how topics arrive. They just do when they do or someone provides a "challenge", so I have to think of one. Do I write about personal experiences? Maybe...I'm a little to private to say, but if I did/do, those would be modified into something not quite my story, too. Personally, I think writers who write about things they feel or are able to feel in behalf of others in the midst of feeling it are authentic. I would hope it would come out in their writing. I think broody moods are easier to write about because the descriptors are easier. I think its healthy to "feel" those things and feel them deeply and express them somehow--writing them in a song can help others process through those emotions at times when they listen to something that they identify with and if they can't identify with the scenario, they usually CAN identify with the feelings. People want to know when they are feeling lost, that others have/do feel lost, when they feel confused, that others have/do feel confused, they don't want to be the odd one out and they want to feel understood. I think broody songs can keep them from feeling alone in their experiences and helps them to process out their emotions. Its not healthy to pretend they don't exist or to stuff them. I do think there has to be a hopeful note to end the song. Hope is really what people long for in those experiences. No one wants to be left feeling down. I've noticed there is often a light air to the music that accompanies sad lyrics or lighter lyrics that might accompany more melancholic music. I think the mix is good and makes it easier to listen to and prevents sadness overdose.
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    I've been a member for like almost six years. I joined in 2011. I first started learning to record and edit my music at home in 2009. That one followed the other is not a coincidence. After much hard work, i was finally able to generate a full song production, beginning to end. On a scale of one to sucks it pretty much sucked, but it was a full song. I reached a point where I felt I wanted to hear real opinions on the songs I was making, before they were finished. I initially didn't give much thought as to whether I wanted to hear from listeners or musicians. I just went looking for places to be heard and talked about. Do you like it? Hate it? If so why? ...for either point of view. I went looking... and found this place. A venue where musicians of all calibers and styles come to listen to original songs (and even a few covers...!...) and song ideas... to offer critique, get critique, and otherwise generally live and discuss all things music. Signing up was a given. To say I am glad I joined is an overwhelming understatement. Over the intervening time since I joined, I have posted my own song offerings perhaps 13, 14, maybe 15 times. Not every song I have worked on, but most of them, and all of my most important offerings for sure. The commentary I have received from so many wonderfully talented, intelligent, and conversationally gifted members here has contributed directly and substantially to the quality of my work. ...I am free to post anything, to go far afield and experiment. And I have. I have often reworked songs after hearing the comments on them here. My work is better, and my collaborations are more rewarding because of what I have allowed the fine core group of members here to contribute to my musical knowledge and experience via their amazing input on my work. I have also enjoyed listening to the work of others, and commenting on it. Participation here is easy, positively encouraged, and welcome. As a member in good standing here, I feel I am an acknowledged part of the community, with a reputation that reflects my own contribution to the site. And this is a place where achieving that status feels good. Feels meaningful. I think this is so in large part because the people who are members here are almost all serious amateur, semi-professional and even a few professional MUSICIANS. Not visual artists. Not promoters. Not marketers or advertisers... although many of them can and are all of these things and more... but MUSICIANS. And we all talk, and share, and grow here, together. Newbies, and beginning lyricists, singers and players will be made to quickly feel welcome here. In a word? There is simply no other web site like this on the net.
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    The more difficult you make it for potential collaborators to connect with you, the less likely it is you'll make a fruitful connection. I would think some, if not many, who only write lyrics might not have a Soundcloud account. Plus, you're limiting your pool of potential collaborators by putting up such an extra hoop for them to have to jump through just to hear the track you want lyrics for - an extra hoop that's unnecessary. Even if your track is private on Soundlocud, you can still get the "Share" link for it by clicking the "Share" icon underneath the track, copying that link, and then posting that Share link here, and then folks here can access the private track here without having to have a Soundcloud account.
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    Hello, I'm looking for any feedback on this one as it is so far. I keep thinking of things to change and I only did it yesterday so I've not really had time to let it settle enough to even know whether it's good or bad... Anything you want to say will be useful. Thanks 1st version - https://soundcloud.com/monostone-1/circlearound02/s-LC8Gq I"ve done a second version now...better? Worse? - From the mountains to the forest You are lost out there in the rain When the cold wind blows You’ll sell your souls For a flame We have left a trail of sugar For the faithful in the fog If you follow the blades that glitter And the sound of love We’ll turn you on Hey little lambs Follow the sound Hey little lambs Green as the ground Holding hands We’re singing life as we Circle around Giant sunflowers out of season Light the forest road And the music on the breeze Is bringing the sheep back home
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    Hi all. I've been working a funk tune. I've been experimenting with distilling that 70s soul/funk vibe, but then put it into a modern EDM-type production. I hope this comes across as such? Let me know what you think of it. I've posted the lyrics, but they're of secondary importance. So unless something is completely off with them, I'd appreciate feedback on anything that might stick out as wrong with the music or production. Thanks! https://soundcloud.com/will-sketches/superking-first-mix Chorus/hook: If I do that one thing Can I be your superking If I do that one thing Can I be your everything Verse: Look at you, I'm getting excited Standing in the bus I love your shoes, to dance all night in Just the two of us I feel your breath all over my body Your perfume fills the air And tonight you have decided To let me take you there
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    And I found it! It's the third-listed loop here: https://www.looperman.com/loops?gid=6&cid=3 FWIW, the incessant, monotonous aspect of the guitar loop was one of the things I really didn't like about this song. I wanted to reach through cyberspace and mute it.
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    I have come across many writers that analise lyrics but I am not one of them. I'm not sure if that is an advantage or disadvantage but my personal view is that I prefer to trust my instinct rather than take a song apart like a jigsaw puzzle and then try to reassemble it in a different manner. I believe that the songs that exist inside us are already written. I do wonder whether any of the great writers of the past thought much about what they wrote. I've heard a lot about songwriters going to Nashville and taking masterclasses with successful songwriters and who study lyric writing like they are taking a physics degree. I have my own individual way of writing and have always been conscious that I don't want to write like anybody else. I wrote my first worldwide hit in 1970 at 21 years old when I was drunk on Brandy at the time. Not once did I give a single thought to what I was writing. I would be interested to know if I am just an odd freak of nature or if there are others like myself who just write what they write and leave it.
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    I want another pet but with cats you have to get a couple to entertain themselves when your away. Not big on dogs. Can't imagine having one stay at home alone all day while I'm at work and then having no where to go.
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    Don't feel bad about getting a late start. Yeah, I was a drummer/singer professionally back in the day, but that's as far as it went. By age 23, I had stopped playing altogether.. Guitar, bass, keyboards, theory, home-recording, writing, arranging & production were all things I took up after the age of "40". Before beginning, I decided what my end game was, stopped at the local music store, bought an acoustic guitar & signed up for lessons. The rest as they say, is history. Don't kid yourself...not everyone begins as a child. Tom
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    Decide on a specific direction has been my greatest undoing because I can never stay there for long. I find that I'm good for maybe a few months and then I move on. For the last year I've been working out fingerstyle + tapping jazz standards. Its been challenging as I have to do all my arrangements for myself and they are constantly chagrining. Now I want to go back to sing and strum (so to speak) classic pop/rock folk rock. Mostly because that's how I feel most comfortable with busking. I've promised myself I'd start busking for years but never got my tail into gear and actually did street/park performances. I just started doing it and I have to get more organized. I hope I stick it out.
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    I know how you feel. Work something good out and then it all goes pear shaped at recording. Have you considered using 2 tracks for guitar? How about using your regular accompaniment (that is failing) just as a guide track (I assume you are also using a click track?). Then add other simpler guitar accompaniment, with an optional further guitar track to flesh it out? Delete the guide track before saving out.
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    All for the mad Lyric by: Raymond Fry & Ray Beard Can you hear the drums son Do you hear the drums They’re coming for the young son They’re coming for the young Can you hear the pipes son Do you hear the pipes They’re playing for the young son The madness has begun All dressed up in your uniform You’ll stand there full of pride The men that stand beside you Will march into the lie All for the drums son All for the flag All for the pipes son All for the mad Can you hear the guns son Do you hear the guns They’re firing at the young son They’re firing at the young Can you hear the cries son Do you hear the cries They’re coming from the young son The dying has begun You’ll think about your family You’ll dream about your love Good men will fall beside you Until you've had enough All for the drums son All for the flag all for the pipes son all for the mad Can you see the flag son do you see the flag It's flying for the mad one's it's flying for the land Can you hear the lord son do you hear the lord He's crying for the young son For wars are never won Your heart will die a thousand times you'll see your brothers fall The men that fight againt you are brothers one and all All for the drums son all for the flag all for the pipes son all for the mad All for the drums son all for the flag all for the pipes son all for the mad © Copyright worldwide all rights reserved All for the mad.mp3
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    Looks like you have better gear than my band. We are also 7 piece with everyone except drums & bass going through PA. Singer has one powered foldback mon BG vocal (no monitor) Baritone & Alto saxes 2 mics - through PA but share one mon Keys & Guitar use personal amps as mons. We soundcheck twice. Once for sax blend. Again for whole band. We have no 'overall' monitor. Though occasionally we hire a sound engineer who runs everything through his own PA/mixer/desk. I didnt even know about IEM. Doesnt sound like something I'd personally want to be using. Glad you are all back together & moving forwards
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    Retro agree with above critiques a good write waiting to be a great write in my humble opinion . instead of sissies maybe (it maybe to harsh ) losers and after all these centuries ( instead of 14 ) war has been going on since day one religion also from day one just different Gods ? because life's not for losers but getting up and doers stand tall and lead the way no time for side liners moaners or whiners their not going to save the day just my 2 cents john
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    So, I was going through a piece of music for which I was working on a vocal melody. In the process, the lyrics got formed and I would really appreciate your feedback on the same. As a background reference, the music has a dark feel to it - that dominated the mood of the lyrics. Thanks in advance. Couldn't Be More Wrong V1: You said we would till the end have us to believe in You had me standing on the ledge with a rose as a beaconC : How I’d dreamed of us together Turns out I couldn't be more wrong Played us out in mind forever Turns out I couldn't be more wrongV 2 : Into a sea of an endless bliss I felt myself reeling Into a scheme laid out for me I fell deeperC : How I’d dreamed of us together Turns out I couldn't be more wrong Played us out in mind forever Turns out I couldn't be more wrongB : I wouldn't care about you coming back from the dead, upstream Funny how in a distant memory all I could do was dreamPre-Chorus :How I’d dreamed of us together (Dreams I'd see come true)Played us out in mind forever(You wouldn't know, would you?)Turns out I couldn't be more wrongC : How I’d dreamed of us together Turns out I couldn't be more wrong Played us out in mind forever Turns out I couldn't be more wrong
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    Just a start: The Young Will Steer the Old There's a typewriter collecting dust This young man thinks he will teach us Old guys, new tricks Humph! don't think they mix He grew up a cellphone in his hand Digital native in Holy land Young man, cool life Looking through clear eyes It's a strange twist of fate How life ends up like this Faster than a blink Smarter than you think As you look, behold! the young will steer the old Driving down the streets I thought I'd teach Younger ones see a two way street Wise men lecture Childish adventure It's a strange twist of fate How life ends up like this Faster than a blink Smarter than you think As you look, behold! the young will steer the old Clear as a bell Muddy waters never tell Where they came from, where they're going to Guided by technology To succeed in society It's a strange twist of fate How life ends up like this Faster than a blink Smarter than you think As you look, behold! the young will steer the old
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    Hi, Robert: I'm the resident prick. I's a dirty job, but someone has to do it. Anyway, welcome to the flaming of my initiation. It will be interesting to see how you respond to it. Try to see yourself from my perspective. You join two days ago, you never introduce yourself, today you post two songs in two hours without saying anything about either one other than providing links, and you don't bother commenting on anyone else's post as if we're just here to benefit you and you alone. The only thing more annoying to me than a noob like you are when other members decide to give you the time of day. You've joined to become a member of our community. I'll start treating you like one when you start acting like one. Until then, for me, you really will be "Mr. Nobody." David P.S. I'm actually a nice guy. But, another member gave me this mean-looking avatar today, and I feel like I have to live up to the bad-ass image.
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    Hello Guys, Today I present you a collaboration that I made with a young singer called Elyos a few months ago. It's a song that describes what in my opinion leads to happiness. The words and music are mine, the singing is his as you'll notice I Think ;-) To help you with the understanding, I added some subtitles that you need to start on youtube. Please like if you enjoyed the song :-) You can listen and follow me here : on Youtube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcZqCDfr8fUkN1UBLTqbzcA on Twitter https://twitter.com/bielkamusic on facebook : https://www.facebook.com/Bielka-Music-1368356019843598/
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    I PM'd you with info on setting your signature Jay.
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    Congrats on the new band. You two make an awesome duo. I love your vocals together. It reminds me of a bit of Shane MacGowan and Kirsty MacColl. In fact, I have to make a request. Please please do a cover of Fairytale of New York. Now that would be amazing. Love the song and especially the write and vocals. The only issue I had with the tune and considering Johan's guitar heroics it is kind of a strange crit. I wasn't a fan of the solo at the end of the tune. The playing is great and I love the sound of a clean chicken picked strat (at least that is what I assume you were playing) through a clean fender princeton, twin, super reverb or any other fender amp, which is exactly how this sounds. However, I just don't think that style fits the song and it kind of comes out of nowhere at the end. This is not a crit of the playing at all ... I just think the style doesn't fit the tune. I am not sure a solo is needed at all. All the best to the both of you. Please come by the west coast of FL on the first tour of the states. Ill be there ... and don't forget that Fairytale of NY cover. Dave
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    I hope you all have a wonderful Memorial Weekend. Thank you to our servicemen whose aim it is to protect this country and our freedoms.
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    Thank you Tom, that was very cool of you and much appreciated, I will be sure to return the favor! Pleasure to meet you. Jay
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    I guess the simple answer to that is "NO". However, the accepted theory does seems to be that creative people are much more prone to depression, anxiety & other forms of mental illness. So...based on what I've read, personal experience & what I've heard from people inside the industry, I'd have to say that we're sad more often than most. Some years back, I was on the mailing lists of a few small & mid-level publishers. Two of them sent out regular newsletters, as well as issuing call-outs for specific projects. One of those newsletters, from a publisher in California, talked extensively about how commonplace depression was in the songwriting community at large. The open, casual way in which he discussed it, left me with the distinct impression that within the larger music industry, the link between the two was common knowledge. I quickly Googled the topic & pasted in a variety of article links below. If you're interested, I'd suggest Googling it yourself. You'll get hundreds, if not thousands of pertinent links, articles & discussion boards. https://consequenceofsound.net/2016/11/musicians-are-three-times-more-likely-to-suffer-from-depression-and-anxiety-study-finds/ http://pitchfork.com/news/69507-musicians-way-more-likely-to-be-depressed-and-anxious-study-shows/ https://www.theguardian.com/music/musicblog/2010/dec/17/musicians-depression http://www.guitarworld.com/artist-news/new-study-musicians-three-times-more-likely-be-depressed-and-anxious/30133 http://creativesomething.net/post/55508909341/the-link-between-depression-and-creativity-and http://aycnp.org/bipolar_disorder_and_music.php https://www.theguardian.com/music/musicblog/2010/dec/17/musicians-depression I recognized early on that musicians & writers were different. Not worse, not better, simply different! If I'm being completely honest, that difference was a big part of what drew me in. For me, it was part of the mystique. I've wanted to be many things in my life, but the one thing I've NEVER wanted to be was "just like everybody else". As long as they aren't disruptive to my overall exisitence, I try to embrace my differences...always have. Tom
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    Hi Chicken picker, I’ll to offer as much constructive critique as I can. I’m really only a beginner myself. The first thing I noticed is your constant pronoun change, which brings down your song. The standout moments are in the last line of Verse 1 and the first few lines of Verse 2. With the last line of the first verse, I understand that you’re trying to create drama, but you lose none of the impact and gain a lot more clarity by changing the line to “That left one woman and ‘I’ was still in bed.” The second verse could be changed to “Now I am the household prima donna/ I don’t share my crown/ And since I’m prone to psychodrama…” The use of the pronouns he and him didn’t immediately stand out to me in Verses 1 and 3, but as I read on to the chorus, it would be best to change these to you/your. I notice that you did this consistently throughout the rest of the song. Moving on, another point of contention is that I cannot tell what song form you’re going for. i think it may be beneficial to cut some of these verses up and pair together only your best lines. For example, I would cut the second verse and combine Verses 1 and 3. Verse 2 offers too much information that we can already infer from the Verse 3. The speaker flying out of bed tells the reader that she’s standing up to her husband’s actions. I would also change the first line of what is currently your third verse to “I sat upright as he walked out the door”. As for the last two lines of that same verse, I would change it to “And I grabbed his jacket as he got into his car,/let him know he won’t be going too far.” I would suggest a change to the chorus as well. “I can’t be your mama when we’ve got a family./Not when being your wife is what you chose for me.” Something along those lines. Verses 4 to 7 don’t offer a lot of variety and the rhymes seem a little forced. So I would try to come up with something more specific. I have a suggestion for a verse below: It’s become such a drain being someone so needed. You’re causing me pain, but you think I’m conceited. Overall, I think you’ve got a good idea here with some nice highlights. I like the visual of a wife getting out of bed to stop her husband from running off. I think you could try to bring this out more by having the husband tell the wife “I’m running late” or something like that which would lead her to go off on another tangent or verse. There’s also a lot of humor in this, which is not really my specialty. The above suggestions don’t really do much to bring that out, but if you keep editing you could end up with something that strikes a nice balance of being funny and sad. The last thing I would suggest would be to be more specific. It will only add to the uniqueness of the song. Thanks for posting this and good luck!
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    Elemental © Copyright 2003 John Moxey, all rights reserved Verse The sky, rotates above our heads Behind our eyes all our lives are lead Breathing out a cloud cascades Into the waiting air, where all is said Chorus And with two arms, held open wide Between the times that we live and die Too soon before, I could know my fate I know my fate, know my fate Verse To feel the sun caress our skin Coaxing the seed that we hold within Reaching out as daylight fades Towards the lifeboat light, where all is safe Chorus And with two arms, held open wide Between the times that we live and die Too soon before, I could know my fate I know my fate, know my fate Instrumental Bridge Chorus And with two arms, held open wide Between the times that we live and die Too soon before, I could know my fate I know my fate, know my fate