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    More often than not Shane MacGowan's name sneaks into the reviews of my songs so I figured I may just as well release my inner Shane My friend Karen helped out with some whistle playing. All and any input welcome. The Curse Of Shane MacGowan While I was still in junior school at the tender age of eight they told me at the talent show that backstage you must wait Then I stepped into the limelight and I struck that opening chord but the second I began to sing the audience all roared Shane MacGowan! Shane MacGowan! He sounds like Shane MacGowan when he sings Shane MacGowan! Shane MacGowan! He sounds like Shane MacGowan when he sings I moved on to a collage and joined the football team I played defensive quarter back my game was tough and mean when we sang the national anthem just before the game began the crowd would hear my raspy voice and the shit would hit the fan Shane MacGowan! Shane MacGowan! He sounds like MacGowan when he sings Shane MacGowan! Shane MacGowan! He sounds like Shane MacGowan when he sings In this grimy bar in Dublin where You can still smoke if you like the beer was thin as water but they had an open mic So I had myself a Guinness and I stepped onto the stage but as I started singing this one guy began to rage Holy Moses! Holy Moses! he sounds exactly like me when he sings Holy Moses! Holy Moses! he sounds exactly like me when he sings From the table in the corner a ragged man appeared he threw himself around my neck while bursting into tears "I always thought I was alone but I was clearly wrong c'mon, lets sing a duet cause the whiskey won't last long" Shane MacGowan! Shane MacGowan! We sound like Shane MacGowan when we sing Shane MacGowan! Shane MacGowan! We sound like Shane MacGowan when we sing
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    I only had a couple of hours today so just rushed this out... I should be finishing mixing other songs (sorry to friends who've done vocals for a previous song...I will finish the mix soon). It feels like a passing thing more than a song... it is what it is... I'm posting just to share and for any mix feedback. If you don't like it, if it's too down... that's ok... it's a quick thing. UPDATED - I'd like to finish this one. I'm thinking I'll keep it this length and not add any more words... unusual structure maybe but it feels right and I hope leaves listeners wanting, maybe it will lead to another song. It makes me want to do some kind of album with repeating themes, if I have the patience... Any feedback at all will be helpful, but especially the mix/arrangement to get it finished off - LATEST VERSION - Words - Heard that you're feeling you’re falling now Fading and sinking in fact happiness isn’t a fantasy hope you get back in the black should’ve been with you before i could’ve been there in the rain you didn’t tell me you’d called i should’ve known anyway this war you’re tired now You’re broken down and Torn Better hide yourself They’re breaking down Your door I’m with you now The tears are taking Hold We'll try or fail With hope anyway Hold on
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    Well, if you haven't listened to this one yet, you missed the 1+1. I got those virtual string players sawin' away and the thing took a life of its own. Still tweakin'. Any and all.. A river of oaks glides Down the hills that follow the contours into a fog-line And as the clouds fill in the sky Edie asks me to take her to Ashville Then high winds, they blow us apart And lightning strikes and we begin to doubt Then all the things that can - conspire to turn the car around So (that) we’ll never see - the end of the skyline If dragons could give us reminders They’d tell us You’re barely fleeting and you need to be much kinder And take your place between the weeds and stars and gods you can’t understand High winds, they blow us apart And lightning strikes when the words don't count And all the things that can - conspire to turn us all around High winds blow us adrift And lightning strikes where words don't exist And all the things that can - conspire to turn us into clowns So we’ll never see - the end of the skyline Copyright 2017 by Mark Rabuck
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    It's amazing that a discussion about arrogance can attract so many posters. All I have to say to symphonious7 is that I am by far better looking than him. If you all take a look at the photograph of me on the left you MUST agree that I am the most handsome individual on Songstuff, on this planet, the solar system, the Milky way and the universe. It feels so good to be a humble personality and one day I must give up the crack pipe.
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    Hey Everybody! My name's Caleb I just joined this so that I can talk about music with other like minded musicians since I live in a very small town and haven't really had the chance to meet many other musicians around here yet. I'm 19 years old and I live in the town from Footloose, Literally I live in the town where Footloose is filmed and some of the people are as stingy as the movie shows to this day. Right now I am working on making music a career of mine. I'm looking to change the current popular culture with my music and clothing etc. and while it's a lofty goal I'm determined on reaching it no matter how much work it takes. Right now the main focus is making just a decent income off of music by doing small gigs $100 bucks a night and teaching guitar but still working on building that up. I love 50s Music and Rockabilly, and am also incredibly fond of Classic Rock and 80s SynthPop. Heavily influenced by B. B. King, Santana, Eric Clapton, and Brian Setzer as far as guitar goes and when I play I suppose I sound like an odd mixture of them. I definitely wouldn't define my music as any current genre, probably something of it's own but I'm not sure, I suppose each of my tracks would fit into different genres. On a personal level I'm crazy about astrology a lot of the time, I'm a Leo with a Scorpio Rising for those of you who talk the talk, and I've been running around in biker boots, a leather jacket, and a pompadour since I was about 16 years old, and I rock the look really well if I do say myself . I'm looking for like minded musicians with a similar musical goal and I've been in and out of a couple of bands but haven't settled into anything serious yet. If you were to ask my friends to describe me that I would tell you that I was pretty intense a lot of the time but fun to be around I suppose. Yeah, I guess that about sums it up. Looking forward to meeting you all and discussing musical aesthetics. Adieu.
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    I recorded this live and plan to go back and do this with a few more songs. Any critique, particularly in how this is mixed, recorded, or even the quality of the song itself, would be appreciated and I'll use any helpful live recording advice when I go back to record the rest of the songs. The vocal mic is an SM58 with a pop-cover. I'm wondering if the mic should be farther away? I get that a lot, but don't know if the type of pop-filter (screen verses cover) effects that. The piano has one mic on it as well, but I can't remember what it is (it was borrowed). Thanks for listening and commenting! Lyrics below: LYRICS: Don’t make me say I love you, I don’t want to Don’t pull me closer to your lips, mmmmm Then I will have to show you what you mean to me And tell you what I don’t want you to kno-o-o-w Ooh, With every word I say I push you away, but (still?) stay Don’t make me follow you, l don’t need to go on a journey, that is yours alone Watching me wither inside of your shadow Never to open my own window Ooh, With every word I say I push you away, still stay Interlude (Gm Amaj) Don’t worry, don’t think about it more than this Cut through the thick density of your emotion Instrumental verse Ooh, With every word I say I push you away. But stay.
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    This might be a cool topic. How does the fact that you are a musician, or a lyricist, or a music engineer, etc., affect your life? Do you engage in activities others cannot relate to the way you can, such as performing on stage? Do you hang out at certain places, with certain kinds of people, such as in my case ... 40 and 50 year old rock and metal fans all dressing up in jeans and black tees and going to metal and rock concerts? Do you, yourself wear certain clothes, or make up, or have tattoos, or wear your hair a certain way, because of your being a musician, or the kind of music you play? Lately I've been getting bit a lot by the "retired in Florida" bug, and have been hanging out in flip-flops, sunglasses, baggy shorts and light weight tees. But, as a middle aged fan of hard rock and metal from the 80's and 90's, with a lot of history playing out with various amateur rock bands, I often wear jeans, black tees, leather jackets, along with boots of various types and design (but all rugged), thick leather belts with big shiny buckles, leather wrist bracers, etc. I wear my hair long, in a style similar to the way Dee Snider wears his hair lately... pulled back straight from the peak, which in my case is receding... back into either a pony tail or lots of long loose curls held in place by Tresume' moose. This is not the only way I dress, but it remains the way I feel most comfortable... the way that makes me feel like myself, if that makes any sense. I have rock and metal stations programmed on my radio in my car. I also have Public Radio, classical, and talk stations programmed, but rock and metal dominate my choices. My ringtones are all mostly taken from old rock and metal songs. Over the years of my adult life, my love of hard rock music as well as my being a singer and guitarist, has affected everything from the bars I like to hang out in, to the kinds of movies I like to watch, to the kinds of cars I like to drive. I have an abiding affection for big, fat, loud motorcycles, muscle cars, rock and metal t-shirts, old grindhouse movies, fast guitars and loud amps, and of course.... sexy, strong women. The color, flavor, attitude and energy of hard rocking music from the 70's, 80's and 90's has permeated my life. I also have other interests and walk in other worlds, but I always come home to my world of hard rock and heavy metal music. I love it with a passion and intensity that has lasted for nearly 5 decades now. Give me an outdoor gathering, with a big bonfire going and a band playing good hard rocking music, with good earthy, devoted friends having good times, any day. Lots of things have caught my interest in my life so far, Not just rock and metal, of course. But, because I have been a hard rock musician, playing in bands, for almost my whole life (since I was 16), I'd have to say that hard rock and metal have had the most significant effect on my tastes and lifestyle. What about you?
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    Nashville, here I come. Moving August 30, 2017!!!
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    Funnily enough we have a mentor/internship plan for Songstuff... we teach you stuff in exchange for you providing service to help Songstuff members. That might help give form to your suggestion? At least help get it started?
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    Hello! I wanted to share a song with you guys that really was an exercise in melody writing. I do a tonne of songwriting exercises to keep my melody writing as good as i can be, and this is one of the ways i do it. Essentially, i'm going from Major to Minor the whole way from E to E. [ie, E-Am / F-Bbm / F#-Bm etc] and changing the vocal melody for each revolution. Obviously with this chord structure, the song never seems to 'resolve', i'm totally aware of that, but that's due to the chording. Anyways, i thought i'd share because, if nothing else, it's an original idea. The lyrics might also be relevant to you musicians out there
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    My goodness! Don't I seem to have acquired quite the fan club here! And I'd like to suggest what ought to be a basic ground-rule here: that we are all here to talk, as candidly as we will, about music. Not about one another. You're free and encouraged, I think, to offer "a vigorously dissenting opinion." But, leave the individuals who express those opinions – whatever those opinions might be – out of the realm of discussion. - - - - - "You asked me what I thought." "I told you." And, I told you in a stream-of-consciousness way as I was listening to your track as any listener might do. This is not to imply that my thoughts match what any other listener's thoughts about the same music might or might not be. But, they are mine. And, as best I could manage, they were strictly aimed to be constructive. I am delighted – imminently surprised, but of course delighted for the songwriters' royalty checks – to hear that one of the songs that I "dissed" is "a huge hit." Doesn't matter to me, because I've never heard it before. So, you just heard the while-it-was-playing off-the-cuff reactions of someone who had never heard any of these songs before. (And, I would still "cut" Aces exactly as I described.) The beauty of music is that everyone is perfectly entitled to their own opinions and to their own music-buying preferences. And, that everyone else is perfectly entitled to ignore someone else's opinions!
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    Note- The most recent mix is posted here and all prior mixes have been deleted to make more room on my soundcloud I submitted a track awhile back over on the collaboration thread. I can't seem to locate the thread now. I was glad a few responded and one of those was Sreyashi. The track was basically drums and some synth before we mixed it. Sreyashi added the lyrics and vocals to this one.I really like here singing voice on this. The mix has already been through several revisions and arrangements. I think this is the final arrangement. The mix still needs a few things done I think.I'm open to opinions and ideas. Maybe even a recommendation of what genre this should be. To me it seems closest to pop. Thanks to Sreyashi who has worked this far with me on it and for coping with my odd music
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    Yep, I am most certainly unique, but then again we all are. True beauty lies in the individual's soul. What we see on the outside is just an illusion.
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    ITS TRUE. I made this post because of my jealousy over his pink newborn handsomeness!!!! I would RULE this place if it weren't for you..... CURSE YOU YOU HANDSOME MARSUPIAL!!!
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    Reaper is a great program. I wouldn't recommend it to someone who isn't inclined toward music tech. It might take awhile to grok for someone like that. It doesn't include anything to adjust pitch either......sorry, going back to the original post. In my opinion, there are programs in the same league as Reaper that are much easier to use. To me, ease of use is very important. It saves time. If you "get it" though it can do pretty much anything the others can do. Garageband is a great program to get you started . Great songs have been made in it. The only thing is you need a Mac. It has limitations that might not be noticed by anyone just using the basics.
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    (Just a start....looking for critique and possibly help) It's Just A Song Maybe to you it's just a song Maybe to you But if you don't know where you belong And need some truth If you feel lost and all alone Let the music bring you home or maybe to you Maybe to you it's just a song We may not know exactly where we're going Sometimes we need to look back at where we've been Just wrap ourselves in a melody and a memory so strong But maybe to you Maybe to you it's just a song https://y-sf.smule.com/sf/y56/sing/performance/rendered/cd/70/9594eb9e-ed66-47dc-ab9e-7cd2155b6963.m4a
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    A big part of the cost is the studio itself. All that gear is expensive. So is acoustically treating and soundproofing the studio. All that gear also means a fairly large power draw. Then there is using studio downtime to learn new tech, the latest bit of gear. Buying new gear, planning stydio changes etc. Just like rehearsal time, gear, transport and a bunch of other costs are hidden costs to fans, bands still have to pay them. Dek is right about costs not going up. High end studios are more expensive... and the further up the ladder you go the more people sit in the control room. One of the studios I worked with would sometimes see 3 or 4 people (Head Sound Engineer, Assistant Sound Engineer, GoFer, and a Producer, though the GoFer was usually free, working for experience) in demo studios it is more common to have a single sound engineer who is often the studio owner. Changing tech has made the assistant sound engineer role almost redundant in many studios. Even more so in this period of lower musical income. Pre-automation, in large desk studios, more hands were needed to manage faders and mutes on the desk, during mix down, with the engineers and even producer having to rehearse a mix, just like another performance. Not needed in 99.9% of studios now.. As a sound engineer, there is a more steady income from television and film. Freelancing Engineers (not bound to a specific studio) often get a mix of live, studio and film and TV? Whatever is the paying gig. Touring gives good rates, but there are periods without work and of course the inconvenience of touring. Many studios have closed their doors and many sound engineers and producers have left the industry. Piracy and the Google and streaming/sharing site's war on the music industry has resulted in the loss of so much talent, and a lot of full-time people going part-time. Sad. It has had an impact right across all aspects of the music industry. @richard you know I am very cautious about you using a producer, especially before choosing your songs for the project. Afterall, you have the technical and creative capability to finish songs, but you lack focus. You are too easily distracted by what is new. That new patch. Effect. Chord change or discovered melody.. You are always impatient to move forward, and possibly find the detail stage of editing less engaging and less stimulating than the exciting brainstorming stage. Combine that with not being sufficiently motivated to get across the finishing line. Largely I think you lack confidence in what you do. You question it (which is healthy) but your lack of confidence means you are plagued by self-doubt. I think it is for this more than anything that you are looking for someone else to contribute, yes, but equally important I think you need the verification and validation that someone you believe in can give you. Very I mportantly, it not an issue with your music. You have strong opinions about music, but when it comes to your own music, doubt robs you of self-belief. I am sure you know all this. Part of this, in my experience, is often a degree of fear. Fear of making a statement and being judged. Fear of settling for what you have when 5 minutes more experimenting might yield that one bit that really makes that song work. Fear of carving it in stone. Sadly, in experimenting, shiny paper syndrome gets you as you discover something new and exciting and... off you go, a new song evolves, while the current song languishes, unfinished, pushed aside, cast off. After all, if you never finish, your music cannot be judged, because whatever people hear, it is not the finished article. It is a very, very common issue for songwriters. For creatives in general. Carved in stone? We'll sort of. Songs are re-written, rearranged, re-recorded, remixed, all the time! Mistakes? So what. As long as you learn from them, all will be well. You share songs here, where it is safe to make mistakes and learn, where issues are not perceived as "permanent". That threshold you cope with well. That said, if you have budget and view it as chance to learn, asking for explanations, watching what is done, it could be a great (though expensive) way to learn. That will only work if you are open to learning, and can gain enough confidence from the process, the producer and the result, to overcome your fear of possibly missing that vital ingredient that will make your song perfect. Still, it remains, that for you, working with a producer might just be enough to help boost your confidence that your music, that your song, really is good enough. Certainly a good producer will help you cross that finishing line. If nothing else, it is a huge part of their job! So for you, perhaps it is the answer. At least for one song. You seem willing to learn from others on the boards and elsewhere, and your songs do evolve and improve. However, I can't help thinking that if you could only complete a couple of songs largely on your own, even with bits of guidance on specific issues from people you respect, the confidence you would gain would be massive. There would be no stopping you. You work at your music. You grow. You enjoy hat you do. Completing a song is an important psychological step. Whatever you do, I am sure you will create some great finished songs (unless you choose not to finish them!) and some day soon, this dilemma will be in the rear view mirror. We will still support you and cheer you on.
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    Richard, I went through your website again.. this time on a P.C. The idea of a website is always very interesting for me because it can take up so many different directions! So, visually, it seems clean with not a whole lot of content. The black background looks nice, the white font as a contrast make sense but the font style itself appears a little dated (I know, this is subjective). But more than dated, I feel that it takes some effort to read it, especially in the "About" section - which is probably a combination of the font style and the excessive black-white contrast, which tends to scatter the attention. Perhaps using more muted shades of the same colours along with a simpler looking font can help address this issue. Just as an example, check this out : http://www.u2.com/band. It's using the same black and white theme (inverted) but it's very easy on the eyes in spite of being text-heavy. Now, going beyond the looks, if I were to create a website for my music (I just did a LOL to that ) these are the questions that I would I ask myself: 1) Why am I putting out a website? Is it because it feels good to have one and additionally I can park all my finished work there? If my answer is yes, then I'll be damn happy to have a website like this.. it's just great! If my answer is no, then I would dig deeper and ask further questions like : 2) Do I want to seriously showcase my craft to the world? If yes, then all that is written in the website has to look less amateurish. It needs to show that I really know what I'm good at. So, to cite a specific example here, the "About" section can't be as humble as it is appearing currently . Next, I'd have to worry about the other big thing... 3) Building my brand. For that, I'd first have to identify who my target audience is. Which demographic? Which genre? Accordingly, the entire look of the website can change. If it's the younger lot, then it has to look a lot more "pop". Also, to repeatedly be known only by my stated/artist/band name and nothing else. And to have every one of the images, audio & video clips and other social media posts tagged with that stated/artist/band name. 4) Also, if I'm thinking more along the lines of 2 and 3 than 1, then I would also think about how frequently I would like to update my website. Once this clarity comes in, I think it'll act as a blueprint and will help in mapping out the whole look and content better as per your desired goals. But yes, the goals need to be defined first. Now let me start daydreaming about the day I'll be launching my website
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    I used to be so heavily guarded with my lyrics. Everything was dressed in a sugarcoat and then wrapped in a metaphor - it must have been hard to decipher the gibberish i was rattling on about. Recently, i've been writing songs that just cut to the bone from a lyrical sense. Here's a wee jam that might showcase that newfound openness. Still a work in progress, but i've really begun to like just 'saying it as it is'.
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    "Powerful, powerful, powerful!' The only thing that I might suggest – referencing (for convenience) the original lyric – is that maybe you would find interesting possibilities if you purposely omitted the final repetition of the chorus: "But my love / He held .. / He pulled ..." Such a purposeful break from the heretofore-introduced "repetitive song structure" ... precisely at the point where the listener's experience has taught them to expect it ... can be used to foreshadow a conclusion, and to strengthen the subsequent impact of the line which follows the now-omitted but-expected stanza. (Even though the final conclusion of the song does not involve the singer breaking-away in some way from her present status quo, she does now possess a much-clearer understanding of it, and this, too, is a perfectly satisfactory denouement.) This is a very well-written lyric. Thanks for sharing. Looking forward now to the music.
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    Hello everyone... very exciting news... I picked up a real microphone! So much easier than singing into a string attach to my head! This is coming along and I'm liking the feel during the verses But I still haven't exactly pinpointed a chorus melody... Also.. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions, I find it hard to sing accurately (emotively and tonally) with headphones on... is this just something I'll have to get used to or can I use another method? Here it is.. I've had this in my head for a year. And this is pretty close to a final draft. Please comment on anything you would like.. But mostly, thank you so much for the support and all the help Original: https://soundcloud.com/jennifer8169456/mr-fox-full-demo Update 1 with tuba removed at 0:53 and new EQ: https://soundcloud.com/jennifer8169456/mr-fox-full-demo-2/s-Ayqh1 When mr fox took my hand He stared me in the eye And said it's better Not to have a plan He came from over hills And stumbled over rocks Never relying on those old ticking clocks Time breaks Love makes you make mistakes Hope needs A little space to breathe When mr fox saw my face He knew I didn't trust And said that lies Couldn't keep me safe All the rivers I have crossed And songs that I have sung Could never hold my love for long Time breaks Love makes you make mistakes Hope needs A little space to breathe Thank you so much to @HoboSage for the chorus... it was the last element to this song that I couldn't figure out, and I hope you don't mind that I did in fact use your lyrics.. I feel honored to have them in my song and I hope I did them justice.. Thank you..
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    I just got back into fishing recently Tom. Folks tend to fish differently in different places. We would likely be using the red wrigglers, meal worms or similar right? People get into waders up here and fish for trout that was stocked by the game commission. Not me...I'm guessing you compared this to music- none of that regurgitated stuff. I'm with ya on that. Not the purdiest thing in the world, but a person can cultivate their own worms with an old bath tub , some starter worms and table scraps. I can't do that up here because the little buggars would freeze in the winter but you could. I don't try too hard because I might actually catch one. Then I would have to deal with that. Chris you seem to be very open minded. I think there are places that we can't see and things happening in so called "alternate realities". These aren't really offshoots or poor duplicates of our reality. More like another place built on different rules that interacts with our reality. Beings in that reality no less real can affect what happens here. We are probably in the less desired of those realities , since this is a fallen reality,and as such, we are under them in strength, capability and perception. This doesn't make us any less valuable. The seen comes from the unseen, following that thought, it would make sense that the stronger reality is the unseen reality. I can't go into religion here, but my description is simply different terminology for the spirit world as described in the Bible. In any case I seriously doubt it's what anyone thinks it is. I can only surmise that it is superior in every way. We are "a little lower" than these beings. They hold the upper hand, we're at the bottom of the top of the quantum food chain There must be some kind of non interference except under special order or conditions. " They" prefer to interact cloaked. The normal isn't really normal, we just think it is because it's all we have ever known.Seeing something we call supernatural is simply seeing how normal sometimes operates on the other plain. For whatever reason you were allowed to see through the divide momentarily. Everything is "supernatural" in one sense as I see it. We just don't observe it to be anything but normal.
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    Hey guys I'm a noob - big time. Just a dude picking up an acoustic guitar and trying to sing; for many years i've randomly heard from people in normal conversation that they think I have a good voice, so i am seeing what that's all about. I've been reading the forums and i'm blown away by level of talent on the boards, holy shit are you guys talented. It's a bit intimidating actually, so i'm going to just sit back and observe and try to learn. If anyone needs me i'll be in the back of the room taking notes
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    I love the way you guys think. As a man who feels he's got his world view figured out, and bases it on the bible and christianity, I feel people often expect me to only applaud those who think like me. But I think the beginning of wisdom is recognizing how little we actually know, and being able to admit and grasp that there is something beyond us. You'd think everyone would readily make such an admission but they don't, most people create an over simplified view of things that "appeases" them and then go throughout life content they have it "all figured out", so I just love seeing people who can look at reality and say "There's more going on here than meets the eye, and it's alot bigger than I am" that's just... that's the sign of someone who is headed for truth.
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    Yes that was the latest. Thanks Jenn. Calling it done then.... I've released it into the Soundcloud wilderness...
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    Not exactly today, but for the last few days, I've been listening to my SoundCloud likes while I mud, sand, clean and paint. There are are a number of SS member songs that are on my "likes" list (5 different members songs that I can think of at the moment) A lot are just SoundCloud discoveries. Some are songs by writers from other forums. I actually prefer to listen to my SoundCloud selection over the radio or a cd (lately anyway).
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    I'm replying to this thread with some trepidation. The depth of knowledge and experience here has me in awe. I've only been a member of the site for a few days but already it is 'filling a void' in me that until recently I didn't know I had. So, back to the OP. I was 50 last September and was lucky enough in February to be made redundant from a relatively successful career in healthcare IT which, due to a very supportive wife allowed me to retire fully from that type of work. That is a degree in success itself. When I was younger I grew up listening to Presley, Cash, Sinatra, Dylan, Martin et al. I always loved music but my parents saw it as a waste of time (although they spent sh*tloads buying my sister any instrument she was into at the time). I had an harmonica and an imagination and a cardboard (I kid you not) guitar which I mimed with. I didn't get my first guitar until I was 40. I was always writing songs however. I've never really stopped. Lyrics can come to me at any point in time and nowadays I try to get em all down. They reflect all my ups and downs in life and some (I think) are pretty good. I still can't read music and I can carry a tune on the guitar, play a melody on a keyboard - but my kids are amazed that I can play the harmonica (they both play guitar and have played and sang to audiences albeit in small venues - I was very proud when my eldest daughter played in the Temple Bar in Dublin when she was just 16 after borrowing a guitar from the act on at the time). In a nutshell, my dreams back when we're big but unachievable, I was never gonna be good enough to make a career of music. I still get my 'gig' kicks from Karaoke. That's it. However, now I have the time to explore what I can do with music with my limitations in place. I am no longer dreaming of playing to audiences BUT I do love it if someone listens to my stuff (and am over the moon if they like it!). I think my most played track on SoundCloud is a cover of Kellie Picklers 'Didn't You Know How Much I Loved You' - it's had 448 plays in 3 years... lol Yesterday, on the collaboration forum, someone took my lyrics and sang them to their own arrangement. I was blown away and humbled at the same time that something I wrote could sound so good. That was success for me. It made my day. I hope this site gives me the opportunity to do more cos for me, that is the kick I get. I don't need to perform em, but to know others might enjoy em gives me a big smile. And I agree with everyone on here, the music industry has changed massively over the last 20 years, which is why I look to live music venues nowadays instead of following the charts, even my passion for country music is at risk from the commercial formula... You are all brilliant in my eyes. Keep going!! Yeah, I think I've rambled off OP too... lol
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    Hello, this isn't a new song, I recorded it a few months ago...but I never 'released' it for three reasons - 1. I wasn't sure I liked my different voice in it, 2. I wasn't sure about the chorus, and 3. The mix was too ...something... Anyway I've decided I'm fine with my voice, it suits the song....and I think the chorus is good because it's repeatedly come back to me since I shelved this.... and so I've remixed it all, changed some arrangement just a bit, and so on.... Please let me know if it sounds good? Or if not, any feedback please.... I won't post the words as I have no intention of changing them, they're too stuck in my head now. https://soundcloud.com/monostone-1/ill-be-with-you05/s-xLHsD Words (since Suzy asked me to post them) - It’s raining where we’re walking Dark november morning Warmer if we talk a fire These echoes are not soothing Better if we're moving Walk until the golden rise We’ve been among the flowers Fallen from our towers Faded into shadow on the stone Now it’s looking clear we must be all alone out here We’ll find our way together you know Someday the tears will dry Fallen on the ashes of our gloom Somewhere it’s open wide Something in the air it’s coming soon Come on I want you to Come on I’ll be with you You know that nothing comes of sorrow Open up tomorrow to your tune Terrible the silence from the far forgotten town Coloured at the edges by the sun Cover up it’s cold and there’s a hailstorm coming down Find our way together if we run Somebody said Happiness is dead Shiver all your way into the tomb Time is a healer Time is a killer keep on walking to the blue Someday the tears will dry Fallen on the ashes of our gloom/tomb Somewhere it’s open wide Something in the air it’s coming soon Come on I want you to Come on I’ll be with you You know that nothing comes of sorrow Open up tomorrow to your tune
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    For what it's worth, my 2 cents...an excerpt from an old blog article - For anyone interested, the article link (it's brief, I promise ) -
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    Hello Nelson, I'm really sorry for my harsh comment on your song, I overreacted to it and I wasn't constructive at all; that's not the point of this forum, my bad. Now that I have listened to it a few more times and more carefully, I've come to these conclusions/comments: * Your voice is very interesting, it is powerful, I like it a lot; specially at the ending, where you go higher in the last chorus. * The melody is the element I didn't like in my first listen, but I guess it's a style you were looking for. ¿What is(are) the scale(s) you are using to build the melody? I ask you this because, for me, it seems that tension never resolves; even in the chorus we, the listeners, don't find resolution or rest. * I think the lyrics are good, I really like the first verse, but not so much the second one, I think there's and opportunity to make it better. "And I found out that there was / No light but only fire... and lies". But fire emits light, so, if you're trying to say that you just found the burning of fire but no light, that's not clear. And the "... and lies." element doesn't help either to nail a clear image, it is just another element, up your sleeve, to rhyme, maybe; ¿What lies are you talking about? ¿What happened? * I think there's an opportunity to round out a story to tell, even if you keep it open-ended as it is now.
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    Thanks, everyone, for your very kind comments I know... the drums are tricky... had a bit of an issue feeling the rhythm myself, while recording. But there's been a lot of change from the time we started out with the arrangements. Tim and I had discussed about the drums and I'm hopeful that he will figure out something that will help create a finer blend. But I'm really grateful to him for giving me an opportunity to collaborate... it was a great learning process for me
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    There's no better or safer place to battle your inner demons than in your art, Bro. Convey your struggle to be heard with the words you sing and how you sing them, not by making your music the enemy keeping you quiet. Your music is your ally. Rally your troops to support your voice. You obviously have things to say. You owe it to us, and you owe it to yourself, to let us hear it.
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    Hey Jen, you've got an interesting topic here. I can't help but think "some" are born with an inclination toward a skill as they are uniquely designed. Some have better muscle coordination, some have better mimicking skills, some "get" math concepts or spelling better than others from the get-go and some have social personalities and others have stronger interests or drives. I do this someone who has the desire to excel and is willing to put the work in could potentially exceed the "natural" who either isn't brought up in an environment that fosters their natural abilities or potentially chooses not to capitalize on what they have. Sure, it would be nicer and easier to have the skill, then develop it, but then the tenacity that's required for someone who didn't start with that is a valuable tool in itself, particularly in the music field. When it comes down to it, unless you had the history of a person, you might never know if it's natural or developed skill. Certainly a combination of both exists and I think there is as much variety in personal tastes in musical connoisseurs as there are musical expressions. In other words some might love what others can't stand to listen to. and vice versa. For example (some here are gonna hate me for saying this), Of Mick Jagger and Queen, who has the greater skill? I would say that queen could outrange Jagger by a mile, but it didn't keep/stop Jagger from being among the most loved of entertainers in the music world. My point being if it becomes a comparison thing, some real potential might never be realized and while I do believe natural inclinations do exist, I don't think they've got the corner on the music world.
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    @Jenn - ha ha yeah, 'suggested' - I think I will defo get a licence though cos it seems to p all over GarageBand, although it is of a bit steep learning curve. All kinds of add-ons (vst') can be added (including instruments) - there are LOADS free. I'm sure the guys here can give you all loads more info but if it can make me sound like Frank Sinatra (alright, maybe not) it can't be that bad... lol @Just1L - see above, mate, seriously, it's awesome. Although it may take me 20 years to work it all out but you can do SO much! Even just straight recording has 'takes' so if you mess up just a word you can go back into the track, re-record (over and over if needed) until you get the right feel and then boom! Done. It just doesn't compare, GarageBand is a bit like a kids toy next to it. Although I do do stuff in GB now and then move it to reaper to take it further. We may be moving off topic! Search the forum for Reaper - that's how I went to it. @Pahchisme Plaid - I'll post something up soon what I've done in Reaper so you get an idea what it can do.
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    The 2 examples that stand out in my mind are Christopher Cross & Harry Chapin's bass player (the one who sang that incredible falsetto part in the bridge section of "Taxi). I'd heard the songs for years before ever seeing the singers...both look better suited to playing linebacker in the NFL. In both cases I recall being very surprised. Tom
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    It is solely being done to pump up YouTube/Google's numbers by letting them share through their service as opposed to sharing a YouTube video through other means. It makes it easier for the user to share without having to go anywhere else and it keeps the "user" numbers growing for Google/YouTube while hopefully making the numbers go down for other apps people use to share things.
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    Hi Alo, Reads like opposites to me Unique lines looking forward to your finishing the write. Interesting and would like to see the rest. "ignorance in my cubical" Peggy
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    I just read this from the 'Persona' thread by Pahchisme Plaid. Well I dreamed of being here on songstuff and hearing an excellent recording of 'Popcorn' played by Tapper Mike. He played it on a Fender guitar which sounded exactly like a chicken. I awoke determined to try and get the chicken sound, and incorporate it into something of mine.
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    I love this thread, great topic. And @Dazzyt66 I bet you'd never guess I LOVE old country! (though I think I may have already told you) But yeah I love that about myself haha, I seem like I'd be all hipster about it but no I'll cry my eyes out to a good heartfelt country song haha (though they went extinct in the 90's RIP) My musical tastes and stuff... affect who I am more than I can probably explain or understand... When my friends were listening to Korn and Limp Bizkit and wearing Big Jinco and Kikwear jeans and gothic looking punky stuff, I was listening to Hendrix and zeppelin and wearing tie dye and bell bottoms. Because the music I listen to is so.... groovy and... I dunno the word but it's like... I carry myself like the music I listen to. I sort of glide as if there's a song I'm hearing that you're not, and I use 60's and 70's slang. I was always drawn to the attitude of hippies, not the REALLY peacey lovey tree huggy ones, but the more... just laid back "chill maaaan" kinda hippies. Then I started liking even more glammy stuff like Bowie and Roxy Music and... others I can't think of but just, really glammy outrageous transcendent rock. I got into this idea of... I dunno... the magical bard from outer space. So I started cutting up socks and putting them on my arms, toe socks became gloves, I'd wear the big funky glasses and sometimes even a boa. I guess I started thinking I was Marc Bolan or something haha The thing is, I didn't stop. I'm 33 and that still feels right to me, I don't FEEL normal, I feel like a force of nature sometimes, I feel like a whimsical creator of fantastic things, and I feel weird if I just dress normal too! haha If I go out in jeans and a tshirt (which I do sometimes) I'm just like "ughhhh I feel so noooormal... where are my arm warmers...." lol I think this basically related to what you were saying, I never really became the kind of fan of music where I tried to emulate the culture, but my style and personality couldn't be more affected by music, both mine and others.
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    Hi guys! Here are two songs that I have been able to release recently. Both songs are written and sung by my self and produced by my friend and fellow artist JayRams. I would love to hear your feedback and any interest in the two songs. The first song is titled 'Sorry' - This song was written by me and is a piece of art dedicated to my children through a tough period of my life. This song is a piano/ballad type song. Lauren Jade - Sorry - Prod by JayRams The second song is called 'Dream Come True' is the one of the first songs I wrote and sung my self, the music was also produced by JayRams. This song is a more upbeat and dance type of song that you may find in the charts. Lauren Jade - Dream Come True - Prod by JayRams Many Thanks, Lauren Jade & JayRams.
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    Sorry for not being specific, @LaurenJadeMusic. I meant that the arrangement sounded a little repetitive because there wasn't much variation throughout the song. Repetition without variation will kill the momentum, every time. But of course, this is just my opinion. You can look up free teachings and tutorials online on ways to create momentum, there's tons of free material out there. Here's one example of a track with some good variations in it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rbDBkehZi_4 Hope this helps, Ken
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    What would be kinda cool is if someone who has found their marketing to be successful would mentor other members by involving them in what they do and in turn be provided so to speak volunteer, yet, trainee hours in their own marketing. Just an idea?
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    I could say so many things right now.
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    I like the oddness and entrancing mood of this song. Big props for not writing something cliched. It's got a nice unpredictable falling-down-the-stairs-in-slow-motion feel to it, and I love that stuff. So here are a couple things I suggest: 1. Don't be too unpredictable. Even avant garde music should be fun to listen to. You've got a time-sig change in there (a 3, 5 or 7 that I don't have time to count out because I'm supposed to be mixing a song as soon as the engineer solves the tech problems). Time sig weirdness in a song that's already choppy rarely adds anything but confusion. 2. In the chorus is a... honestly it's a very bad-sounding crash or crash-ride (or old school dark ride) cymbal that's also mixed way too high. Very distracting and overpowering. Metal nerd that I am, I think it'd be nice to lose that cymbal entirely and put some palm-muted guitar chords in there, or a good simple synth-bass tone - mostly on the quarters, and nothing loud or too active - to give that chorus some some definition and some contrast from everything else. It'd be like hitting the landing before falling down the rest of the stairs.The song definitely needs a periodic change into something more straightforward. Push/pull, tension/release, sweet/sour.... it needs contrast, and with that and just a leeetle smoothing, it could be very powerful. if your stuff tends to sound off-kilter like this, I'd be interested in hearing more. Your singer is very good, and gives the song a nice smoothness. Actually, I'll msg you, because I'm part of a little collab which has a song needing a voice and range like hers.
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    Thanks Jenn, I'm going to disagree though about the guitar being swapped for a keyboard. I like the guitar sound I got, and I don't want it to be heavy on keyboards. I think it's a different vibe to my usual....cocktail lounge lol...maybe so. Thanks Dallon. Yeah I think it could be shortened. Glad you thought it was cool. Thanks Giora, Michael Cretu? I dunno.... thanks I'm glad you like it. It's done in Reason... The guitars, bass and vocals are all recorded 'live' yes, the rest is played on keyboard and the drums are loops... True but I'll check it... I'd heard it for too long.... I need a break from it anyway and then I'll see what I have, and check the reverb.
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    Yep on the recording and mix... also rework compression and test with Youtube compression for best results. PS That was me easing up on my Scottish brogue lmao. It can get much, much worse... for example, add another Glaswegian to the conversation, or let me have a couple of pints. They could have used Glaswegians as code talkers during the war lol
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    I wrote this song my heart told me to. It is one of the hardest songs I have ever written. I wrote it numerous times over the past couple of years, trashing all of them. But two weeks ago at 4:00 a.m. it was like God woke me up and said it is time to finish this song, so He and I did, and it ended up completely different than any of my previous attempts. This song comes from the heartbreak that families feel everyday that are dealing with alzheimer's. Like I said….this was a tough song to write, but thanks to God it is finished. This song is called "Broken Glass".
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    Listening again... for me the main problem is that the repeating end chorus drags on. It starts around 1.45 and just repeats to the end ... so half the song is just exactly the same thing round n round.... The way I see (hear) it, the tune is interesting up to about 2 mins...because the melody and phrasing and other stuff changes between the verse/chorus happening before that point... so whilst the tune might be samey from start to end, it did keep my interest up to 2 mins or so.... but... after that point you either need a chord change OR a dynamic change or development. I mean if the drums changed, if you added new things to the arrangement or stripped the arrangement right down to drums and bass and vox...or...something different... then I don't think I'd notice the repetitive chords so much. I don't agree with Will on this one... I think the tune isn't pure dance... it's a melodic and moody pop song which has a really nice groove so works as a dance tune too... and for the lack of change to work in that long repeat section it either needs to - Develop OR be dynamic OR be hypnotic ... and I don't think that end repeat chorus is any one of those three things yet... At the moment it feels like it's just hanging around and a DJ in a club would not let it run anywhere near to the end or people would start feeling a bit like...hmmm when does this thing end?? So... that needs work because the first half of the song is really good, but then it gets kind of boring. And it might be that David's suggestion of adding to the progression would make it work. I have no idea how that would feel... I only know that the end section just gets boring. And that sounds very negative but... I think it starts REALLY STRONG so it's not like I'm knocking the whole song. You just need to find a way to make that second half work.... for my taste it would become more hypnotic by adding more rhythms, adding some moody sounds, and moving the vox frequency around etc or something....getting creative with it, with the goal of having anyone dancing to it really lost in the music all the way to the end with never a thought of (when does this end??).
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    Nah, I love your style. You're a great singer, and you can be as self-indulgent as you want in that respect. The song itself comes across as "self-indulgent" to me only because you're just milking two chords - like the song has this attitude that it's satisfied with itself and doesn't owe me any more. And to clarify, like Dek, there are two-chord songs that I really like. The reason this two-chord song sounds "incomplete" and like it's cheating me, is because the two chords here are sound to me like the first two of a blues progression, and for me, there's a very strong expectation hearing the first two chords of a blues progression that there will be a third one, if not a third and a fourth one. It's a got a cool beat, but this is a blues tune. Can you hear it? That's how I hear it. And, I really feel like you're just giving me the first two chords of the blues progression. If the progression itself was comprised of three or four chords, then the progression itself would sound complete to me, and I probably wouldn't mind that much if it just repeated with no other section that was different, though a bridge of some sort with a different progression would be cool too. At only a bit over three minutes long, you could add such a section, and if it was cool, it would only make the song better. Anyway, FWIW, that's my take on it.
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    Peace, quiet and sanity equates to success in my book