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    Will you guys please stop fighting. I'm so tired of going to read something and there you two are going at it, name calling and trying to … oh wait … you guys aren't fighting. Wait, you guys aren't fighting?!?!?! Happy New Year Huck and Poo!
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    Well, this is what I came up with this afternoon. The birds and slight road sounds aren't sound effects by the way, I just caught them from outside while recording the guitar and decided to keep them. Simple tune, I didn't have much time. Maybe I'll expand on it...not sure... Any feedback welcome. https://soundcloud.com/monostone-1/distant-cars03/s-IO7C4 Words - Evenings cold On the stone With my feet In the road Counting hours Wanting more Counting hours It’s a dream for the few Close my eyes to the truth It won’t be long Until the night It won’t be long Feel it in the sound Of distant cars The empty roads cold Waiting for Golden lights Golden lights Arms open wide Hope through fear All those years behind the tears Let’s go home Let’s go home
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    I realize I'm late to this conversation and likely inserting some serious thread drift by quoting from several pages back, but I wanted to respond to this comment. I recently picked up Miranda Lambert's new 2 disc release, and there are maybe 4 to 5 songs out of 23-26 (can't remember which, but it was a lot) that I wasn't immediately happy to hear. That handful of songs has also grown on me after a few plays, so I'd say this whole collection is a home run. In all honesty, I've never owned a single CD with so many good songs on it. Now onto the first topic, I almost never purchase physical music anymore. This is my first purchase in a very long time. Some of those reasons are because I don't have the equipment at home to enjoy playing them. I am slowly moving up in the world that way and now have a vehicle with a CD player, but at the same time have a smart phone that connects with the stereo system. Here's the real problem. I do have a Google Play subscription, so can download and play anything I want from their catalog. But, on my hour commutes to school, the car drops the connection to the phone, or the phone drops connection to Google, and then I find myself mid-song and mid-commute not being able to get back to it while driving. It frustrated me enough times that I said, "forget this nonsense," and went for the physical copy of something I'd heard enough times digitally that I knew was worth paying for the hard copy. On top of that, it's a far better quality sound. Double bonus. Just wanted to add in a perspective that hasn't yet been noted. Also, radio doesn't really take care of the commuter market that well. I'm in the Chicago area, and while we have some great radio stations, there is music here you never hear on the radio that gets played to death elsewhere in the country. I can think of a few rock bands that qualify. For one, I almost never hear anything from Yes. They stick to mostly top 40 rock or pop or country, and that's all you get. It's very limiting for everyone with musical tastes that span the many genres available today. This is why owning the CD is still most attractive for anyone who does drive long distance to work or school. A niche market to keep in mind, and potential way of targeting those customers.
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    Hi, Neptune here (used to live by the sea)!!! I live in Essex in the UK and to keep the wolves from the door i cook for a bunch of folk who live in a nearby community. This is my first ever go at communicating with other like minded souls who conjure up words and tunes and put them together to make sweet music. What a hellish place our planet would be without it . I’ve had music in me for as long as I can remember but never had the confidence to put stuff out there. I’m a bit of an old dude now (child of the Seventies) so it’s now or never. I play guitar and I’m lucky enough to have a couple of really decent instruments but really I’m into writing lyrics, they’re my real passion. I’m looking forward to receiving critique from other members and maybe find some musical collaborators and I hope to be able to make a positive contribution to the community. OK, I’m rambling so I’ll sign off by saying, pleased to meet you all, glad to be here, looking forward to hearing your voices.
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    Hi ya'll, Looks like I'll be guilty in including this topic under the "Shameless promotion" tag of the Musician Lounge but I was excited to share it here anyways, especially when this is where I've grew up as a musician. John has been the biggest mentor! Anyways, just wanted to share with you the Rolling Stone India interview I did for the next month's magazine issue. Here's the online version of it. http://rollingstoneindia.com/mahesh-raghunandan-one-song-at-a-time/ Hope all is well on that side! Cheers, Mahesh
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    Given a melody I can probably write lyrics to it. That said, without a melody first, most of the time the melody and flow come from the first point the words pop in my head.They have a certain sound I hear that develops as the rest of the words come. A great tune???..often debatable and changed ..but that first tune seems to always be the way I associate the lyrics. Can't remember writing a lyric without some type of musical feel.
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    I created the new Rap Battles board as a sub-board of the Songwriting Discussion board: http://forums.songstuff.com/forum/215-rap-battles/ Have at it!
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    Dek's ignoring this because he's busy getting ready to post a new tune.
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    Hi there, I was trying a write with no rhymes. Thought a "love song" would fit best. Harder than i thought it was going to be. First attempt .. any comments appreciated. Thanks, Peggy The First Time I Touch You Copyright 02/09/2017 Peggy L Smart-Barnes ------- V 1 ------ The first time I touch you I'll capture the moonlight And wrap it around us Send the shadows away ------- V 2 ------ Our eyes dark and satin We feel how the moon lures Earth's grip holds our moment As the spinning goes on ------- V 3 ----- The moon keeps on rising With rhythm the tides pull And pull us still closer 'Til waters rush ashore ------- C 1-------- Casting a glow Reflecting the power Feeling the passion Of the sun ------- V 3 ------- The timeless rotation A night made for dreaming And I wait in my sleep For the first time we touch ------- C 2 ------- Casting a glow Reflecting the power Feeling the passion Of the sun The first time I touch you The first time I touch you
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    @Pahchisme Plaid Nice to see that it prompted not only some in-depth thought, but also some background research. Not only that, but you learned from the exercise! Ideal! Research is vital for spotting trends. Not just pasttrends, but on point trends... because if you can be cutting edge you can pus it further into ahead of the curve songs that stand a real chance of trend setting. Great job on effort!
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    What makes a great song? When I saw this forum post and read the comments, I realized I had some homework to do. I personally couldn't give a general statement to answer this without listening to specific songs to see what draws me to those songs specifically and break down what I think makes it a great song. Instantly, I thought there was variation from song to song in what it was that drew me to them. This is about my specific taste in what I think makes a great song as I do think music is very personal, just like reading books. When I thought of this, I instantly recognized there are distinct vibes songs give off that I had to categorize as well as the impact they have on me, so this might be rather lengthy, but detailed and specific to each song so that I could pick up on consistencies, so that I might be able to at least come near to stating what I think makes for a great song. Category A: Favorite Percussive/pulse driven songs. These are songs that feed me energy, make me want to move my body to the beat and sing along. 1. Simon and Garfunkel - Cecelia Cecelia has a fun pulse with snaps and claps and drums that set a rhythm/pulse that makes me want to move my body and sing along. The harmonies are one factor that make this song easy to sing along with and pleasing to the ear Cecelia has some pretty sad lyrics, but the music gives it an upbeat and comical take 2. Phillip Phillips - Home The drum rhythm and tempo make this song have a pulse that energizes me It has a catchy melody with just the right amount of variation throughout the song Harmonies add interest to this song and it has vocal interest and a fun vibe 3. I Will Wait For You - Mumford and Sons The repeat, "I will wait, I will wait, for You" is a fun and catchy line, It has a good, memorable hook line. Excellent banjo playing Vocal emotion and interest is a strength in this song the harmonies The tempo, rhythm--pulse of the song is fun and energizing There is just right variation throughout the song It has a good, memorable hook line 4. Fleetwood Mac - The Chain This is another pulse driven song that makes me want to sing along and move The excellence in skill with instruments is a big plus in this song The vocal modulation and harmonies add interest, intensity/passion to the song It has a catchy melody and the vocal chase of the hook-line with background vocals add texture to the song Good spacing between singing and music, musical solos, great vocal blending and so much intensity built into the song throughout. 5. Queen - We Will Rock You Invites participation with simplicity the combo of clapping out the rhythm and a capella to the beginning of the song. Harmonies make it fun for a group to sing along The hookline is memorable and the melody is catchy--vocal contrast between the verses and refrain Just right variation throughout the song Queen's voice adds vocal interest Summary: These songs all share features of being pulse-driven songs, having well-blended harmonies, excellent skill and blending of instruments, memorable hooklines, vocal interest and just right variation throughout the song and are emotionally energizing. Category B - Intense, Emotion Driven Songs (with a vocal/musical connect) 1. Alannah Myles - Black Velvet This song is set to an excellent pulse with the drum beat It has excellent use of instruments Fabulous vocal quality, modulation, interest, expression, intensity and soul vocal melody variation that adds interest 2. Taylor Swift - Blank Space The song starts with a great pulse It has interest and variation in the vocal melody Vocal expression/passion Lots of variation throughout the song Timing Crescendo/build up a strenth is the integration of background and lead vocals Interesting lyrics 3. Hozier - Take Me To Church On Time Intensity in vocals, melody and lyrics emotionally evocative in both music and vocals Great use of instruments Has a great pulse 4. Etta James - At last vocal interest, passion/emotion/soul Great rhythm vocal modulation and intensity/expression pauses in music for effect Melody 5. Selah - Bless The Broken Road Arrangement Intensity in music and vocals, vocal interest/passion/emotion/soul integration of lead/background vocals, harmonies Instrument choice variation of soft to intense in the song Lyrics that connect emotionally Pauses in music for effect Melody Great outro 6. Moody Blues - Nights in White Satin Rhythm/pulse Emotion/intensity/Modulation in vocals, vocal interest Excellence in instrument use Build-up/crescendo of chorus with a dinstinct emphasis on percussion at the end Soft to intense emotionally evocative Music melody blends well with vocals 7. Leonard Cohen - Hallelujah (Rufus Wainright version) Instrumentation Modulation in vocal expression, emotion Intensity in vocals and music and lyrics Lyrically interesting Memorable hook line and melody builds up and softens Emotionally evocative Arrangement Summary: most of these songs share passion/emotion in the vocals, some degree of intensity and variation in melody and vocals, good use of timing for effect, and a great pulse for the songs and appear to be strongest in the area of intensity/emotion. C. Beautiful, emotionally connecting songs with more lyric connect and vocal focus. 1. Eva Cassidy version - Fields of Gold (Sting) Vocal passion/interest/emotion/soul Great lyrics buildup and softening in intensity, changes in vocal modulation and intensity simple, clear, well-timed finger picking and piano key strikes arrangement an interesting vocal melody. 2. Eric Clapton - Tears in Heaven Vocal emotion, soul rhythm Lyrics that emotionally connect intensity built into the vocal melody excellence in use of instruments minor chords mixed in adds interest 3. Sarah McLaughlin - I Will Remember You Vocal modulation, soft to intense Lyrics that connect emotionally Memorable and easy to sing hook line vocal interest/emotion/passion/soul fitting outro 4. Ed Sheeran- Thinking Out Loud Rhythm/tempo combo The fit of melody to his vocals vocal emotion/intensity/soul/expression/modulation - vocal interest variation throughout the song Lyrics that connect emotionally 5. Alysson Krauss - When You Say Nothing at All vocal expression, timining, modulation, interest intensity - soft to intense Hook-line packs a punch Excellent use of instruments Excellent outro 6. Lee Ann Womack - I Hope You Dance Lyrics that connect emotionally vocal expression, timing, modulation, interest intensity - soft to intense Hook-line packs a punch Excellent use of instruments Excellent outro timing of vocal/musical pauses blend of lead vocals with background vocals Summary: These songs share an Intensity in their music and vocals, they're emotionally evocative, use musical and vocal modulation and timing well, lyrics that connect emotionally and excellent use of instruments. D. Fun, light, airy (some), bouncy 1. Colby Callait - Bubbly Face Fun lyrics that connect fun melody - catchy clear, isolated guitar picking quality vocals and expressive, singable range melody picks up in tempo fun, catchy hook line/chorus timing, good use of musical/vocal pause fun bridge - scatting softening of music and vocals for outro 2. Sarah McLaughlin - Ice Cream Fun rhythm fun lyrics that connect emotionally vocals expressive, quality modulation variation throughout the song scatting fun refrain/hook line 3. Alanis Morrisette - Hand in My Pocket Rhythm vocals are expressive, modulation, vocal intensity fun lyrics catchy melody Hook line, "I got one hand in my pocket" with a surprising variation at the end of this line great interspersion of music solo, harmonica 4. Sheryl Crow - All I wanna Do Fun rhythm and pace Fun lyrics, melody singable for most catchy, fun and memorable hook line 5. Creedance Clearwarter - Out My Backdoor Fun rhythm/tempo fun, catchy hook line, memorable Unique quality to vocals excellence with instruments variation within the song fun slow up and timing on the outro easy to sing along Summary: The qualities these songs share that make them great songs is their, bouncy air, scatting in some, fun and catchy lyrics, melody, pace, hook lines, easy to sing along with. E. Easy listening, More Harmonically focussed songs 1. Eagles - Take it Easy Catchy lyrics memorable, catchy hook lline interesting melody interesting lyrics singable, great harmonizing, smooth vocals, melody, background vocals excellent blending of lead and background vocals. 2. Fleetwood Mac - Rihannon Rhythm is smooth, drums set good pace harmonies on hook line and in other places are a strength excellent guitar playing singable melody great blend of background and lead vocals. 3. Elton John - Rocket Man Vocal modulation/expression interesting lyrics memorable hook line drums add intensity background vocals add interest variation in vocals throughout singable 4. Dixie Chicks - Wide Open Spaces Blend of instruments Harmonies Rhythm Great lyrics Vocal expression/modulation Smooth melody memorable hook line Variation in the vocal melody Excellent fiddle playing singable interesting lyrics 5. Pink Floyd - Comfortably Numb (Might have this mis-categorized - I think this also fits category Excellence in drums, guitar, violin, music melody and instrumental blend vocals are smooth and the harmonies are well-blended interesting lyrics special effects memorable hook line crescendo in music (vocal breaks) Summary - These songs don't "generally" focus on intensity/build up, but more on mental comfort zone easy listening. They send you in a zone and unlike the more intense songs like in Category B, leave you in a mental ease. These songs tend to be fairly singable, have excellence and focus on harmonies, have memorable hook lines, excellence in use of instruments, and smooth vocals. Pink Floyd's, Comfortably Numb (as well as many others of theirs, I suspect) doesn't neatly fit into a category and crosses over causing a bit of a contradiction between intensity and easy listening. F. Smooth Molasses and Grit - Vocally Driven 1. Susan Tedeschi - Wait For Me Smooth molasses vocals and music Vocal modulation/expression and interest repeat phrases with emotion gravelly and molasses smooth vocals Excellence on drums, piano, guitar and mixing of instruments Instruments use on vocal breaks melody, groove 2. Tracy Chapman - You Got a Fast Car Rhythm Repeat phrases memorable hook line interesting vocals/vocal timing interesting bridge with variation of intensity and contrast to verse melody interesting story line to the lyrics interesting melody 3. Bonnie Raitt - I Can't Make You Love Me vocal smoothness and thickness memorable melody and hook line drums and use of instruments for a smooth sound 4. Nora Jones - Come Away With Me Smooth music - piano, brass cymbals w/ brush and guitar Smooth molasses vocals and music interesting lyrics vocal expression and smooth vocal modulation blend of instruments, especially on the vocal break Music melody Summary: These songs share a smooth molasses vocal, excellent blending of instruments, a groove, great vocal expression and interesting music melody. This was long, I got tired...I'm sure there's much to pick apart, but I think it gets more specific on what makes certain songs that have some similar, some differing qualities, great songs, depending upon what feel you're going for. It was a good exercise for me and I noticed some patterns in style that help to make songs great. Feel free to pick away. That is something that helps me learn as well. I left out a heap of great songs and artists. I can't believe I didn't include Billy Joel, but have to stop somewhere!
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    Hi guys, Here’s a new song of mine. It’s been way too long (as it usually is). I would love to get your honest opinion on what works and what doesn’t. Is suppose it’s kind of a protest song (or maybe an anti-protest song?) and indirectly about politics, so I hope it won’t rub anyone the wrong way. I mostly mean to say that regardless of where we stand, we should listen to each other before bringing out the pitchforks. Hopefully we can all agree about that ;-) thanks for listening! -- Outrage Parade A real man doesn’t mind being schooled Because he knows better than to play by the rules of Those who only know how to appear If only we had real men down here The full-time victims of the PC crowd They had enough of being told what not to say out loud And so they lit a dumpster fire that forced us all off the rails It’s a scary world where cooler heads don’t prevail Hey, outrage parade Oh how we love those barricades Hey, outrage parade Light your torches now It’s getting late My money’s on the ones who know That merely wishing for a savior doesn’t make him so And that sometimes you’ve got to sit one out and hope for rain To wash away the bile before it leaves a stain They’re all so angry but they don’t know why You know they never had it better but it don’t feel right And then somebody comes along and tells ‘em who to blame Is there anything less enlightened than a crowd aflame? Hey, outrage parade Oh how we love those barricades Hey, outrage parade Don’t be defined by the things you hate
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    Quite an oldie from me but I thought I'd post the acoustic version here. Collaboration between myself and composer Serg Butler from Moscow. The lyrics were written to a keyboard melody. Before You Go (Music composer: S Butler, Lyrics: J Hutchinson) (Verse One) I used to think that life was very simple And nothing ever magic happened Time just passed me by I always thought that I was no-one special I'd always be alone It was the way that things would be (Pre chorus) Then, you just came into my life And now, everything has changed (Chorus ) Before you go just tell me one thing I'm left always wondering When I think of this I cry Say that you know that I'm always waiting Nights anticipating When you're back again I'm high (Verse Two) I used to think that love would never happen I often used to wonder if This chance had passed me by I always thought romance was just for others I'd spend my time alone Love just wasn't meant for me (Pre chorus) Then, you just came into my life And now, everything has changed (Chorus ) Before you go just tell me one thing I'm left always wondering when I think of this I cry Say that you know that I'm always waiting Nights anticipating When you're back again I'm high (Bridge) I can't explain How you've made me feel about everything I won't complain No matter how often that you need me (Chorus ) Before you go just remember one thing I'm left always wondering When I think of you I cry And don't you know that I'm always waiting Nights anticipating When you're back with me I'm high again (c) 2012 S Butler/J Hutchinson Recorded at Discolife Studio, Moscow.
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    So, I'm a 23 year old singer-songwriter (predominantly lyricist) looking for someone to write tunes with. Three of my lyrical compositions were selected as semi-finalists in the UK Songwriting contest. I'm open to all types of collaboration, indie, folk, country et al. Ultimately, just looking for something to do My influences are manifold and include seventies singer-songwriters (e.g. Costello and early Jackson Browne) and of course the great Bob Dylan. Though I am very much a novice at the craft, I am interested in exploring themes which relate directly to real life struggles.
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    Thanks, It's the support here that keeps it going for me.
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    Hey Sreyashi, welcome to Songstuff! I bet you are thinking "At last! My music!". Take a deep breath, be mindful of the moment, and savour the feeling of constraint lost and freedom found. Music flows through us, filling every fibre of our being. To experience that as a listener can be astounding, consuming, essential, liberating and An overwhelmingly emotional experience, when it is done well. As a writer? Performer? A creator? It is hard to put into words the connections we build with songs and music. Emotion and expression permeates all that we do, and no matter the emotion, it is a celebration. it just so happens "we got a party goin' on". Dive in! I look forward to hearing your tracks.
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    Hey Peggy, I liked your lyrics allot. It is a weird feeling to be confronted with the lack of rhyms. And you used it beautifuly, getting your unstable edge pegged down (pun intended). If I may so boldly suggest, perhaps losing a word or two at the end of each verse. It has a bit more flow in my mind. So, The first time I touch you I'll capture the moonlight And wrap it around us Send the shadows a way ------- V 2 ------ The moon will be rising With rhythm the tides pull And pull us still closer 'Til the waters rush shore ------- C 1-------- Casting a glow Reflecting the power Feeling the passion, the sun ------- V 3 ------- The timeless rotation A night made for dreaming And I wait in my sleep For the first time we touch ------- C 2 ------- Casting a glow Reflecting the power Feeling the passion, the sun For first time we touch For first time we touch * hope im not cheeky copying and changeing the lyrics...
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    see i do give a f*ck i give a f*ck about the world i'm introducing my kids to i give a f*ck that people don't give a f*ck kill people then write about it in a hook its wrong,12 year old girls walking round in thongs make up on bra pushed up,perved on by men wanting to f*ck then go home and pull their junk to kids dirty old men arrested with a thousand vids on their computer screen vile people make me want to scream and all you bitches running round with knives thinking your the shit ending peoples lives and its not just the youth i know its others sick of hearing in the news about kids being taken from their mothers so don't go preaching about i don't give a f*ck if you have that attitude in life then i wish you luck if you have a child be a man and provide don't be a joker or go run and hide stand up and be counted,be someone appreciated don't write lies about your life and exaggerate it society is in decline a constant crisis terrorists dropping bombs heads taken off by isis going to war to prevent war is for what??? our innocent soldiers being killed and shot we have Hussain, Bin-laden too what the f*ck else is there for them to do send them home reunite with there families some never go home because of all the calamities thats going on within our government and rules country being run by overpaid biggots and fools GIVE THEM A GUN SEE HOW THEY DO NEVER f*ckING HAPPEN THEY'D RATHER SEND YOU
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    @Richard Tracey: Really glad you liked it. I want to be in a punk band, my co-conspirator wants to be in a do-wop band, so we often end up with a weird compromise. I think the raw sound is just all the crappy unpolished things I had to let stand on the vocals due to looming deadlines. Plosives, bad timing, sibilance, some questionable pitches... I'll chalk it up to wanting a "raw" sound rather than just being lazy and hurried. @Just1L: I hear ya about the vocals, there are definitely some not-very-pleasing sounds and herky-jerky timing in spots. I'm starting to take singing a bit more seriously, I just started working with a vocal coach to see if I can learn some technique. You're right about the lack of dynamics, it's something we struggle with a lot. Verse/Chorus/Bridge are all kind of samey sounding, and at 4 minutes it drags. I tried some things to make the choruses stand out a bit more, I cut the organ on the verses, and tried to bring in the elements slowly in the intro, but yeah, should have done more.
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    I def hear what you're saying. When I used to buy albums, especially from a newer group, it was based on a song or two I heard on the radio. Using Van Halen as an example, it's those songs that weren't on the radio, the deep tracks, that I truly loved more than the hit songs played on the radio. In a way I felt like I was getting the "true" Van Halen, not just the songs that were destined to become hits or singles. Radios were playing "You Really Got Me", I was cranking "Ice Cream Man". Of course by and large a lot of songs on a lot of albums by a lot of bands ended up feeling like filler material sounding relatively uninspired compared to their hits.
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    The survey isn't about where people listen to music, but how they do. I suspect listening in a car is covered by listening via "radio" and listening via earbuds and portable MP3 players and smartphones consistent with Tim's observations during his commutes. BTW, the trend for automobile makers is to not even bother putting CD players in cars anymore. But, maybe they've fallen victim to the false propaganda fostered by evil, lying tech companies too.
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    Hi all! As usual, it's been a while. This song is called As One We Rise. I wrote it and recorded it on Nov. 21st. I wanted to write a song that speaks to all of us feeling fear since the election simply because of the color of our skin, the way we pray, or who we love. If we stand as one, we can rise up against hate. I felt that we needed a rallying cry of sorts. This is my contribution. This is not a political post. It is a song. If you don't agree with the sentiment, I get that. Just please either comment on the song, or move along to the next one. That said, I'm looking for critique on the song itself, not its production value. Feel free to have at it. I promise I can handle it. Thanks in advance! Linda Oh, btw, it turns out that this might be a really good time to be a folk singer/songwriter! Hahaha! As One We Rise (copyright Linda Knutson, 2016) Are you other? So am I. Did you stand up? So did I. Did your heart break? So did mine when they threw us back into the fire. Now you fight for your race or you fight for your faith while I fight for my love but we all battle hate. We’ve already cried. Now together we rise. (chorus) Push us down and we rise Hold us back and we rise Shut us out and we rise as one we rise. Call us out and we rise Stoke the flames and we rise Raise your fist and we rise as one we rise. When I fall down to my knees as the strong sometimes do will you reach out to lift me as I will reach out to lift you? And we’ll fight for your race and we’ll fight for your faith and we’ll fight for my love as we stand against hate Our tears are long dried And now, together, we rise. (Chorus) Give me your tired, your poor your huddled masses yearning to breathe free the wretched refuse of your teeming shores Send these, the homeless, tempest tossed to me I lift my lamp beside the Golden Door. We won't back down from all those words stand for. (Chorus – twice) We are strong when we are one and we rise as one we rise Oh, as one we rise.
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    We are very different. I don't think about any of that (usually)... Usually just start something and see where it leads. Yes i always work to a click when recording... But the rest is too much thinking, especially if you're only just getting into making songs with words. Everyone is different so work your way... But as an experiment I urge you to pick up your acoustic, play a chord progression that just feels good, and without thinking more...just sing along. Take it seriously and do it until you find a melody that sounds good (not just something throwaway)...but then just go for it with the first words that come to you... Record it.
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    I think the mix sounds really good. If there was any crit I could provide, it would be that I personally think this song could sound a lot more powerful. As it stands, "relaxing" is a pretty decent description of the feel, and it just seemed to me that there were sections that wanted to be really rocking out a little more than they are. Louder guitars, etc. All depends on what feel you were really going for, though.
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    Lay it out there, lay it out there, in neat rows like corn, to digest one kernel at a time in a never ending barrage of moving thought. He's the lyric man Makes people laugh and cry, he feels it too. Windblown time tested emotion for pennies or free. He's the lyric man channeling through his fingers what his mind thinks and his heart feels. Will the inside laid bare be listened to in passing by disinterested ears? He's the lyric man Writing in no time zones he plans to stay outside them but can't escape He doesn't belong here and he knows it. He's the lyric man What can be said that hasn't and done that didn't? Different ways, different strokes, different plays. He's the lyric man Happiness, sadness and joy are but loops repeated in places less traveled It never grows old but soon he will. His words will stay because He's the lyric man
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    A Found Lyric How do you start? to feel through words? How do you start? painting with words? The poetry in these books invite you to the lair. Makes like a picture with brush strokes here and there I've had these nagging thoughts upstairs throughout the day, It feels like having hiccups. They won't go away Lay the options on the table and pick the best on show, But you could call it anything and I wouldn't know. How do you start? To feel through words. How do you start? painting with words I'm lost and I am looking for suggestions. I get focused on the tools and miss the intention I've had these nagging thoughts upstairs throughout the day, I hope you understand. I don't mean this in a bad way Lay the options on the table and pick the best on show, But you could call it anything and I wouldn't know. I just as well been on Mars, and I wouldn’t know... Dude, I'm over a half century old, and I wouldn’t know...
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    Hi everybody! First off I am thrilled to have found this site, it seems very nice! Am a member of a few Ableton- and producer groups on Facebook but don't find them very constructive. About me, Swede living in Switzerland since 2013. Studied and played music for a long time before taking the step over to the production side. Have been learning for around 8 years now, while it was really hard in the beginning I absolutely love it! From not completing a single song in 20 years (!) I have since a couple of years been taking courses where I need to complete one song per week, which have seriously boosted my productivity and creativity. When it comes to musical style I have some different projects going. Kallin, my main producer name, makes indie electronica, synthpop and dark movie music stuff, all with heavy 80s and 90s influences. My side project Intron7 is my more heavy and distorted alter ego, and I also run the industrial techno project Deathbulb together with a friend. Now I am also thinking about making some really experimental art music so there might be another project coming up soon. Really looking to get in touch with other producers, especially people making experimental music and electronica.
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    I read what you wrote as lines in a lyric. With some adjustments, you could put what you just wrote to a melody. Ask a question here or there, make a statement and give examples. Dont put a box around what a lyric is or isn't. Some tools will help push away the sides of the box. A thesaurus, a rhyming dictionary, and I also keep a list of adjectives. With a little knowledge of some of your personal history, I see you writing some faith based tunes, some space based tunes, and Philly right? Or the northeast somewhere, anyway, you could tap into some really strong historical stuff. There's family and future or cancer and fear, there's music without words, and green, lots of green. Draw a line. Put a word at the end of it, yes that word, the one one you're telling yourself you didn't think of, write there at the end of the line. Now, you'll just have to trust me. Ooh, that's it isn't it, trust. trust is an action. __________ trust ok, so if you were to search for an adjective to describe trust, to color it, what word would it be? Be creative and new, explore the possibilities, don't simply rely on the word that comes easily, really look for something interesting. You'll know you've found it when it makes the word trust feel really wide. All of a sudden, there's a gaping hole with this new _________ trust that is waiting for your ideas to flow into. Freedom and openness and I keep seeing green for some reason, Celtic maybe, you're music is stuck in my head. let go maybe that's it, maybe the song is called Let Go. Maybe that trust line is only one line in the song. Either way, it's a start. Dont worry about perfection, those minute details worry tends to dig up are rarely ever more than fear without a conscience. Pay it no mind. Is there ever completion? Is thought ever more than a hitchhiker of time? Time without fear is heaven to those sick with worry or hungry for the touch of love. Let go of it all, and all will be yours. Trust is an action. Let go. That last paragraph is what comes from free writing. My mind wandering around an idea. I failed somewhat because I didn't use all my senses, but I did pretty good idea wise. I'll try to think about how the rest of my senses relate to my topic when I go further into the write. But for now I want to read back through what I write and pick out some key words, some words which really stick out to me. Perfection worry conscience fear completion hitchhiker hunger now there are a couple of ways to go, I liked some of the lines the way they were written, but it doesn't take me long to do the next step anymore so I'll also go through the list and find adjectives or adverbs that enhance those words, or I'll go through the rhyming dictionary and find some interesting rhymes and near rhymes for them. This expands the sides of the box, the box grows outward with ideas. Its getting late, I gotta go to bed, but all this is in that book and he does a way better job of explaining it. I just wanted to show it as a process, only one process of many discussed already. peace
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    Im like, McPark. Except, I rely on collaborations with lyricists. They supply me with their lyrics and I go through a few of them over and over until one of them evokes an emotional response from me and I use that emotion to form a melody. If the melody is not too meh then I continue working on the lyric, otherwise I scrap it and start the selecting process all over again. When some of you guys talk about creating a melody and then forming words/vowels around that melody, I just cannot relate to that at all! lol Nice topic, Richard. Ken
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    No, doing this would likely not give you a whole lyric - that's true. One cool riff doesn't give you an entire musical arrangement either. But, like noodling guitar play can give you that cool riff that can inspire a further-developed musical arrangement, noodling sung words can give you the start/inspiration for a lyric so that you're not starting with just a "blank page" wondering what to write about. I think that's invaluable. Also, if you're singing to music, there's no effort to force those words with that vocal melody into the song at all - quite the contrary, they're a natural fit.
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    no matter what you say nothin's gonna get in my way i'm doing what i wanna do in spite of you today don't mind running around borrowing from the lost and found having the latest in design the frown of a clown wish you could see i'm being me the one who's free take myself out riding i don't care for people talking prefer things that are crystal clear things more to my liking i'll wear fancy clothing do anything that pleases me the things people don't care about things important to me wish you could see i'm being me the one who's free i'm not practical i'm a radical know i'll pick up and leave don't like people who bother me i don't mind driving an old car watching an old movie jump off a speeding boat i like reading those liner notes sing songs i know nothing about laugh at all kinds of jokes wish you could see i'm being me the one who's free
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    Don't expect a studio sound engineer to arrange for you. Unless you know them (and they're into it). Sound engineers and producers/arrangers are different things... In my experience most sound engineers won't really want to be bothered, and might not even be good at that. You might get lucky but best to know your arrangement yourself before you go into a studio.
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    I'm sat here without a single idea in my head, a good few hours of potential writing and recording time ahead of me, and nothing....barely even the will to try... Words - No idea If there's anything here by the end of the day I'll be shocked...but this is posted in an attempt to make me try! Well I got something done... https://soundcloud.com/monostone-1/gotnothing03/s-vlz55 Words - Sailors screaming for God Drifting on broken boats They’ve been an age on the tide Breaking their mothers hearts Sweet fields of blue Come alive with silver tails Sweet fields of blue Wind blown wilds fill our sails Landless, stoneless the grave Escape for the brave With nothing left Starlight cold on the mate Broken Against the mast Sweet fields of blue Come alive with silver tails Sweet fields of blue Wind blown wilds fill our sails
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    Wipe the Tears From Our Eyes Copyright 02/04/2017 Peggy L. Smart-Barnes ------- V 1 ------- We knew the day would come Had the years to think it over We never had to run Until we were cornered ------- V 2 -------- Now the freedom that we shared Is like a weight upon our shoulders A heavy load to bare And one that needs closure -------- PC 1 --------- In our time we had shineshine and rain But never stopped to notice the pain Here we are I can't stay much longer I'll just say good-bye -------- C 1 ---------- Let's wipe the tears from our eyes baby Makes it look like we still care And hush the words from our lips baby Only sounds like we weren't there ------- V 3 -------- Now that the day has come Had the years to think it over I'm gonna have to run Break out of this corner -------- PC 2 In our time we had shineshine and rain But never stopped to notice the pain Here we are I can't stay much longer I'll just say good-bye -------- C 2 ---------- Let's wipe the tears from our eyes baby Makes it look like we still care And hush the words from our lips baby Only sounds like we weren't there Let's wipe the tears from our eyes baby Makes it look like we still care And hush the words from our lips baby Only sounds like we weren't there Let's wipe the tears from our eyes baby
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    1. Something of music or rhythm first. 2. Then something of a vocal melody singing something plucked from the stream of consciousness. 3. Refinement of the music and vocal arrangements while fleshing out the specific words of the lyric. If I come up with a cool piece of music, I at least have a cool instrumental. If all I have is a lyric with some arbitrary vocal melody, from my perspective, I have nothing worth sharing. Coming up with words for a lyric is easy for me. For me, words are a dime a dozen. For me, finding a cool riff or a killer sounding arrangement is like discovering gold in the river of musical possibilities. Starting with music first gives me the most freedom to pan for that gold. Having to fit music to a pre-written lyric would limit my panning for musical gold to just a small puddle.
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    Sometimes I start with the beat, sometimes start from strumming guitar, sometimes from playing piano chords, sometimes start by playing bass to a beat, sometimes start by finding/making usual sound in the DAW... It's different each time. I probably go through phases of using one way, but it changes. Words usually come from a combination of singing nearly-words (like not real words but the syllables...sounds) which I then listen back to and try to decide what it sounds like I'm saying, plus some words which come from that jam fully formed, plus then putting words down that I like the sound of and moving them around until they fit....and then sometimes if that seems to be telling a story I'll purposely write more to fit the way that's going... that's the usual... but occassionally I begin with an intention because something has inspired me or something is bugging me. I've never written a full lyric before music though. The words tend to come partly from what the music feels like to me, although I often find I'm repeating a feeling and re-using a few words. I dunno... it's all over the place...but still kind of a system. It makes it a bit of a lucky dip...sometimes ends well, sometimes not.
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    This is one of those topics that repeats about every three to six months on the boards. Not that that renders it undesirable as a topic... it is good that new blood gets the chance to post their thoughts and ideas. So, to help get the topic going, here's my response... I was in a fine little band in the mid to late 80's that pretty much set up the way I would think about bands, music, making songs and such for the rest of my life. All of us at that time were young... 20 to 25 or maybe 26 years old... I was 23 when I joined the band. We were a hard rock and metal cover band, playing everything from Deep Purple and Van Halen to Poison, Dokken and Motley Crue, to Metallica and Megadeth. Most of what we loved to listen to and play was riff driven hard rock and metal, so for us, every original song we did began with a riff. From a riff would develop a basic pattern for a song. Someone would decide that the riff represented a verse, and then someone else would come up with a chorus. What part fit what part of the song might evolve as th4 idea evolved, but eventually we'd end up with something like: Intro - verse - verse - chorus - verse - chorus - solo - bridge - chorus - chorus - end. The pattern, and the pieces were not always the same, but this was a typical pattern we might use to make a song. But, the music ALWAYS came first. During the development of the music, ideas regarding what the song might be about would begin to pop u[p. Eventually one would stick. Someone would begin to write lyrics... there were three of us that wrote pretty good lyrics, and often the lyrics would evolve as the music did. But the music ALWAYS came first. Lyrics ALWAYS came after. As the song neared completion, these two aspects might begin to merge, but we never began a project with lyrics, and then wrote music to fit. To this day, I still write the same way. First I get a music idea, usually a riff or hook, and begin to build a song. Then I get an idea about the theme of the song, and then I begin to write lyrics. As far as theme or topic? Over the years it has been lots and lots of things. In the 80's we all wanted to be like Iron Maiden, so we wrote the way they did, about fantasy themes, stories of wars, both fantasy and historical. And so forth. In my thirties I wrote about life and love. The Seattle Sound was in the process of changing how music sounded and was played, and so I began to write about more earthy subjects. These days I write as I please and the subject matter meanders. I may work on a blues tune about a Cajun bayou Voodoo queen, and then write a metal or hard rock song about politics. At the age of fifty, I find that I can change genre and/or topic as I choose. I don;t write or work in all genres, but neither am I limited to just one style or type of music or song. But, to this day, the music comes first, lyrics second.
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    Hi, I'm new here. I hope this is the way to go about "introducing myself". I'm Pahchisme Plaid--not my real name of course. I'm a lyricist/songwriter. Lyrics are my strength. I've been writing songs for about three years. A friend recommended this site to me and I'm looking forward to checking it out. I do sing some of the songs I write. I use it as a means to get the feel/sense of my lyrics across to others, but I'm not a "performer" by nature, so you won't see me on stage anywhere...well...maybe sometime at some point just for kicks, but not the norm for me. I guess that's all I'm going to share at this point. Questions may come up eventually and we'll take it from there! Thanks for accepting my registration here!
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    Hello Beautiful People. My Name is Chris Mitchell. I am a musician, but, I am more of a Musical Expressionist. I am Raw. I am Real. I have lived through much adversity, but, I believe through Great Adversity comes Great Victory. I am excited to be a part of this Musical Community.
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    Hello, Introducing myself. An average musician (guitar/drums) who loves music, and sound engineering. I am currently producing a CD for a Christian band in Colorado, but am relatively new to mixing and mastering. I have a detached studio in my backyard where I do my recording and mixing, but mostly mixing stuff recorded in more fitting studios (my setup is mostly for mixing). I use Sonar Platinum, and both Focal 8.5" studio monitors as well as a reference system with B&W mains and sub. I love all things mixing... and have become quite adept at "fixing" tracks that have been recorded in non-ideal situations (especially drums). Oh... I am mostly deaf in my left ear... but have learned how to mix in stereo with various techniques (lots of reference, head turning, and mono mixing, and more recently, a hearing aid). I'll be posting in the Critique section to get feedback. Note, the hearing aid is helpful for balance, but terrible for tone as it distorts the sound -- so I trust my good ear for that.
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    Add 'Sade' to the list That's the latest comparison. Thing is, I really like Sade... and all the others above...but never thought any would make it into my stuff. It kind of freaks me out that people can tell what I like by listening to a song I've done. I mean I can't hear Sade in it... weird... Just sayin....
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    NEW VOCAL VERSION.... After mentioning this song to Plaid, I decided to re-visit the vocals as I was never happy with them - I know this seems like quite a simple song, but I don't know why, but the song is hard to sing to right!!!! Anyway, new version below. If you can let me know what you think - I haven't fixed up the vocals yet, so if there are any pitch problems, I'll tweak that tomorrow..... I've included the lyrics again - save going up to the top to look.... Cheers CHARON Can you pay The ferryman There's a cost He will demand If you don't have the coin He'll not take you on He will leave you to wander In Acheron Charon Help me out Please I just want to see my family If you can let me on your boat Then I know that I can go on home If you're lost Or if you know Just how far You must go With the souls Of the others Who can't move on Please don't leave me to wander In Acheron Charon Help me out Please I just want to see my family If you can let me on your boat Then I know that I can go on home
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    Or this! http://www.songstuff.com/recording/article/basic_pc_recording/
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    Also, have a look at this! http://www.songstuff.com/recording/article/home_recording/
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    The best thing to do if you want to purchase one, is visit a local music store, as they will be able to advise which interface would work with Windows 7. I think most should as they have been out for a while, with just small updates, but I use the Mac, so wouldn't want to give you the wrong information. A good price range would be anywhere from around £80 to £120 for a decent one that would last years. I have had my current interface since 2013 - it is a Focusrite 2i2 (this means I can plug in 2 ports and get 2 out) - and I think it cost about £120 then (it is cheaper now). This is a good interface and I know there are a couple of members on this site have the same one. It also depends on which microphone you have and how it plugs into your PC. A good microphone will have an XLR cable - one end plugs into the microphone and the other direct into the interface. This would be the same set up as they have in big studios (only they will use more expensive gear). The headphones will also plug into the jack in the interface and you can adjust the volume level on the interface. To be honest, I didn't have a clue what to do with an interface when I purchased mine. 5 minutes later I was flying. They are very simple to use. A DAW is a Digital Audio Workstation - this is a program that musicians or music creators use to make a song. They normally come bundled with lots of different instruments ('digital versions) and you can play them on a keyboard. The interface would be recognised by the DAW and anything you record into the microphone would record into, e.g. an audio track. Hope this helps. Other members might be able to provide more information to help, especially the ones based in the US.
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    I mean, in some ways, I can't help but think of this thinking as a bit of a cop out. I know that some songs do just have one verse that repeats, but I think that should be a really, really intentional choice when it happens. Otherwise, if everyone gave up writing verses after coming up with a great first one, well...most songs would have only one verse then. 'Cause don't most people often come up with their best verse first? Mainly, though, I just think a song like this deserves to have the effort put into a true second verse. Even if you can't think of one right now, I dunno...maybe putting it on the backburner until something wonderful hits you might be worth it. Overall, I really like the song. I think the length is okay, but agree that *for* the length there might be a little too much intro. The piano intro, in fact, really isn't necessary, in my mind. I'd only keep that if this were intended to be like...the first song on an album or something. But if you do keep it, I'd also say it could stand to sound a little more like a real piano. I know that finding patches that truly sound good is tough, but if you can find one that does, the intro would benefit. Speaking of the piano...I think the one that plays during the main song sounds too discordant. I mean, based on what you're playing there, it's obviously intentional. I don't get the sensation that you're playing out of tune on accident or something...but I do question if it's actually working. I think if you got rid of the piano in this song and let yourself come up with a second verse (or maybe a new first verse, pushing this one to the second), this song would be really, really awesome. Still cool in the meantime, but I don't think it's living up to it's potential.
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    Finding what genre my music fits into is also a problem for me. I know it's rock, but what kind of rock? Thanks Richard. I do think this is a viable option to try out. It led to two things I need to figure out. 1) What genre would I pick and 2) What songs, if any, do I have where the recording quality would be acceptable.
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    Very true. You may be interested to know that among the intended changes in Songstuff is the introduction of a database of music industry contacts. This includes an index of more than 1,000 such music blogs, categorised by music genre.At this stage we plan to introduce a subscriber based donation and access to the database is part of our way of thanking members for agreeing to make regular donations. Such a subscription is important in that it allows Songstuff to make budget based plans which is far less certain with unpredictable, though very welcome, occasional donations. The plan is to make it much easier for members to find the right key bloggers to support their promotion needs. @Monostone, I will happily move the posts over to create a new topic from Richard's post onwards.
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    Hello, I've just got a first mix done of this one... I suspect there's work to be done on the mix, arrangement, construction....maybe the song ... I think it's in a state where I can post it and I'll appreciate any feedback. I'm especially interested in mix feedback as my ears are a bit full of it now...but anything you want to say... EDIT - SOMETHING WEIRD HAPPENING... ON SOUNDCLOUD/MP3 THE UNUSUAL EFFECT ON THE PIANO IS REALLY TOO STRONG LIKE IT'S FEEDING BACK...doesn't sound like that in the DAW, I'm trying to fix that now....ffs... I fixed the issue as best I could quickly... I don't understand why it's so different to the DAW but oh well.... Updated - Turned the bass down a bit... https://soundcloud.com/monostone-1/following-lights/s-VDTNj WORDS - I took the passage on the Devil’s Nose Back to Quito by myself but I really don’t care I got cheated on the killer coast I got beat and cheated but it’s heaven down there They come alive with the city’s dead They’re getting down with the angel from my head A brandy angel’s gonna fire the soul Brandy angels on fire come on baby come now Find myself following lights And when I wade out Find myself falling into life And then I wake up Again I took a smoke from a passing ghost She looked at me with big brown eyes like a whole life story I couldn’t understand a word she spoke But I knew I’d missed that spirit and I’d missed that body Find myself following lights And when I wade out Find myself falling into life And then I wake up Again
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    Since it hasn't been mentioned I think another reason to do it could be to prove that you can go the extra mile and are willing to put in the hard work. It's a lot easier and less expensive to just create .mp3s for download than it is to put a CD together. It could be seen as showing you actually care. Although I'm not sure if caring and doing the hard work are really sought after in the music biz. I think the main things they want are your voice, your looks, your (no questions asked) time and proof of a good following. Or combinations of those.