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    It was lovely to finally meet John on a recent trip to Glasgow! (St Patricks day) It was a miserable day, Raining and gloomy, but we had a very pleasant couple of hours together, along with some other friends, drinking wine and consuming some rather good food in a splendid venue in Glasgow! I hope we can do this again one day mate! It was truly a lovely evening. And an incredible coincidence that we happened to be sporting the same hat! Cheers buddy!
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    Hi everyone, been a while. This song has always been one of my favorites, but I've known for some time that I didn't nail the mix (regrettably, not before uploading this terrible version to Youtube.) I'm confident I've finally got the thing moving in the right direction, but have some lingering questions I was hoping to get some feedback on. There was way too much reverb on the earlier percussion, so I blended in some dry samples to bring it more into the room. Have I sufficiently done so? The bass had to come way up, is it on target now? Any missing notes? Did I thin out the opening acoustic too much? Both vocals were way too up front and have been pushed back with reverb/eq. Do they sit right in the mix now? Any other feedback is welcome. Some of you may recognize Janice Ho's lovely vocals, which carry the song. I can't thank her enough. EDIT: A mix update [has been removed]. A starlit veranda A table for two It's easy to pretend I'm still here with you Now it's long days And empty chairs But I don't care I sit each night Beneath an endless sky Watching memories replay I stay every night Beneath this endless sky Till the stars.... fade away I remember falling And you pulling, pulling me to the grass We got lost in the heavens As eternity passed Now the stars don't change The way we did So I sit.... Sit each night Beneath an endless sky Watching memories replay I stay every night Beneath this endless sky Till the stars.... fade..... away
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    The Upside of Lonely Copyright © 2017 by L.C. Campbell V1 There’s an upside to lonely It seems to slow down time Hours never end And days drift slowly by When you give in to lonely It rises up inside Fills in all the spaces Where love used to reside Ch1 From the outside, looking in This ain’t no way to live But right now it gets me through So I’m going to hang onto The upside of lonely V2 Wrapped up in your memory There’s no need to play along Just going through the motions And always feeling wrong So I’m counting on lonely To fill me up inside To take up all the space Where love used to reside Ch From the outside, looking in This ain’t no way to live But right now it gets me through So I’m going to hang onto The upside of lonely Bridge Don’t want time to heal these wounds If healing means losing you Ch From the outside, looking in This ain’t no way to live But right now it gets me through So I’m going to hang onto The upside of lonely
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    I'd love to comment, but it looks like you haven't really participated in the forums other than to introduce yourself and post your own music. Also, I don't see any lyrics and I can only understand about half of them.
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    Hello! This is a new song I'm playing with. It came together pretty quickly -- I threw this recording together this evening. Any comments/suggestions/critiques are welcome! (Why Do I) Care What You Think It doesn’t matter if you know me Don’t say a word, pretend you can’t see I glared at you but didn’t see you And now you think I’m always angry. I didn’t mean it, had a bad day I didn’t know that I was staring I was frustrated at the things in my brain A hectic morning and a late day. I could tell you that I’m sorry, try to make amends Why do I care what you think? I don’t know you, you are not my friend Why do I care what you think? Why do I care? It’s not my problem but I’ll smile, anyway Next time I see you in the elevator Just to be sure that I don’t hurt you again Fragile stranger, just like me. I could tell you that I’m sorry, try to make amends (but) Why do I care what you think? I don’t know you, you are not my friend Why do I care what you think? Fragile stranger, I know how you feel, I never, meant to, hurt you I could tell you that I’m sorry, try to make amends (but) Why do I care what you think? I don’t know you, you are not my friend Why do I care what you think? Why do I care?
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    I have a poem published in the new issue of Poet Lore (see attached image).
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    **** I DID A LITTLE WORK ON THIS EARLIER - ADDED SOME EXTRA INSTRUMENTATION AND BASS (FOR STEVE). I HAVEN'T RE-RECORDED THE VOCALS YET, BUT INTEND TO DO THAT NEXT AT SOME POINT THIS WEEK. I WOULD APPRECIATE ANY COMMENTS ON THE NEW MIX AND EXTRA INSTRUMENTATION... CHEERS THE NEW MIX IS FURTHER DOWN THE PAGE - WILL KEEP THE ORIGINAL HERE, IF ANYONE WANTS TO HEAR THE DIFFERENCE **** Hi all - this track is composed using the new Output Analog Strings and drums by Battery 4 (not really happy with them listening back). I will be adding more instrumentation and harmonies, but just looking for opinions so far. It is deliberate that I have kept the same pattern going throughout with slight changes. (Once I had got this far, I thought it was sounding like something else - if you have heard Dream To Sleep by H2O or Something Good by Paul Haig - you may think it sounds familiar!!! ) Hope you like... https://soundcloud.com/moodman-1/i-know-15042017-2115/s-pYc2E I KNOW (music/lyrics by Richard Tracey) If there was a little moment For me to be by myself Then I would take it Every once in a while If there was a little time That I could put aside for me Then I know I would be A better person for it I know I know If there was a little high To go with all of the lows Then I know I could See the clearing from the trees I know I know If there was a little feeling In amongst all the pain Then I know I'd live The life I'd want for me I know I know All the little things that make me feel this way All the little things that I need to do today I know I know I know
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    I wrote the lyrics to this, this morning.. Did the track in about an hour... Really want to finish it I have "Green Light" by Lorde stuck in my head.. And other various songs and such I've got this bit.. but I may need ideas for where to go next And any suggestions at all.. Thank you as always UPDATED: https://soundcloud.com/jennifer8169456/ill-be-there-with-chorus [Verse 1] I miss the oceans, I miss the skies Beautiful times that aren't mine Still, I hold them to my heart As they tear me apart (Hope's not so far away, hope's not so far) [Chorus] But if I had the chance to not look back Give up everything for time to last Then tell them I'll be there Let them stop and stare But if I had the chance to not look back Give up everything for time to last Then tell them I'll be there And that I still care [Verse 2] And if you find me in the waves I don't want to be saved Leave my shadow to the night Make me believe that I'm doing right I don't need the safety of the light [Chorus] But if I had the chance to not look back Give up everything for time to last Then tell them I'll be there Let them stop and stare But if I had the chance to not look back Give up everything for time to last Then tell them I'll be there And that I still care [Bridge] Pulled away and pushed in Time's thick and time's thin Held down and held up I was away my old skin Pulled away and pushed in Time's thick and time's thin Held down and held up I wash away my old skin [Chorus] But if I had the chance to not look back Give up everything for time to last Then tell them I'll be there Let them stop and stare But if I had the chance to not look back Give up everything for time to last Then tell them I'll be there And that I still care
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    About three years ago, I announced that I'd be doing a collaboration with J.L.Smith, who is one of my musical idols. I had no idea at the time it would take so long to finish. I've posted very early versions here, but here is the first "final" mix. It's written in 13 edo (13 notes per octave). The initial programming was done in Orion 8.6. Most sound design and all mixing and mastering was done in Reaper.
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    I still stand by what I said, but let me explain myself so I don't seem ill-considered... I am 21 years old, and people among my age group have begun to abuse things like Gofundme and all those things.. Just yesterday I saw someone asking for money so they could learn to scuba dive. This may not be the same situation for artistry, but it's similar.. Last year I wanted to buy a new radio for my car. My first instinct wasn't to make a gofundme and ask people to give me money. no, I checked the job listings and I got myself a job and paid for my own radio. maybe it's how I was raised.. but I believe, if you work for something, then you deserve what you get. and if you don't work hard, then well, expect as much back as you put in. Now, say the fundraiser is for something authentic and the person genuinely needs assistance, then that is acceptable in my eyes.. But still, the person needs to do their part to make the donations worthwhile. Again, this is all just my opinion and I didn't mean for it to come off snobby or anything. But seeing people ask for donations for luxury things... just grinds my gears!
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    A song I came up with. The melody is a bit too high for me but I liked it so decided to try and sing it as best I could! Just looking for comments about the songwriting/lyrics/memorability/flow etc. thanks Lyrics: Seven hours and still no callI wait for youI been out in the freezing coldJust like I doNow you say you'll live without meoh baby, you ain't go a clueSo I'll take all my love awayand watch what you doI heard you've been running roundasking after my nameTurns out when I kicked you outLife just wasn't the sameYou really gonna stand there cryingstop whining, I ain't got the timeI did everything you asked and trust me I'm doing fineYou're going home on your ownCause I lost your number When I deleted it from my phoneGoodbye, it's better than revengeI don't want any part of your loveand I sure don't miss your friendsif you wanna see me cry, then you're wasting your time'cause goodbye, it's better than revengeLetters and Old photographsyou posted right to my dooryou really think those little thingswould leave me wanting you moreI don't want to think about youno thank you, what's it going to takeyou'll live in my memories in the past you will stayYou're getting drunk on your owncause you're not the one I call when I pick up my phone[chorus]Heartbreak only leads to one thing (Revenge)And heartbreak only leaves you one thing (Revenge)But I'm not that bitter, So I won't do the sameBecause revenge is for heartbreakersbut I'm better than revenge[Chorus
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    So for those of you who have been on this forum for some time, this is my third song and am exploring yet another genre. Its more "pop"ish, with a hint of Ed Sheeran, but also a nice bass line that gives it a dance-y vibe! Would love critique of the song as a whole!
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    A composition begun 30+ years ago that morphed into many different ideas, most purged & lost. This is the 1st 'final' recording now that it is 98% set in stone. I thought it suited the theme of rain well, so that's the visual pairing here. Just finished the video
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    Hey! This is my first time posting here, and I'm looking for pretty much any suggestions, and criticisms. I'm new at song writing, and I feel pretty lackluster. If you have general comments, or tips to help it would be much appreciated! Thank you for your time :)! Lyrics: You spoke of a willow Tree And being In love I spoke of a burning in my lungs I feel if I don't look away I'll likely turn to stone You point out the Birds returned I'm not sure I would have known You're Sown with pedals and a hope I'm not sure you know
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    I'm going to try to keep this as short as possible. I think there are 4 key events in my life that have guided my musical journey. The first event was when I was really little and watched a show on TV that had the Bay City Rollers playing … probably lip syncing. Women were just rushing up on stage the whole time. I remember thinking "Man, those ladies really like what they are doing." Of course at the time I was unaware of why exactly they were rushing the stage. I purely thought it was because they liked the music. So shortly after that I asked for my first guitar for Christmas. Some few years later after taking lessons and whatnot I kind of started slumping and falling out of guitar a little, probably due to my small hands making it harder. Until I heard the second event … Eruption by Van Halen. I got chills the first time I heard it and a plethora of times after that. It really made me jump head first into learning the guitar and from that point on about 99% of what I learned were Van Halen songs. I kept on that path almost all the way through college. The third event happened close to the time I heard Eruption but didn't realize it's affect on me until some years later. In 7th grade my choir teacher told me I should probably look to do another elective as I didn't have a good singing voice and she wondered if I was a bit tone deaf. At the time I was a little bummed but figured I'd just keep going with the guitar. Various times after that the idea of me singing would pop up and I would immediately think "No way. I suck." Thanks teacher. That little nugget of education stayed with me well after the fourth event and only subsided in the past few years. But the fourth event was when I learned I could record songs on my computer, for free, using Garageband. I was worried because I knew I couldn't sing, but I also didn't have drums or a bass so I figured I'd wing all of it. Which I did. While my vocals aren't great, they are much better than I thought they were and suffice to get the point across so I've come to accept my vocals as they are. In a nutshell that's it. Those 4 things have kept me going. Even the negative event has helped me in life as now whenever someone tells me I can't, or shouldn't do something because I'm not good enough, I take it as a challenge with the goal to prove them wrong. As far as songwriting only goes, I've always done it. I recall my first song "Tone of Black" and still have those lyrics on paper somewhere. They really suck but do rhyme in some spots. In first grade I also wrote a poem "Little Things" which was published in a District-wide book of poetry. The beauty is I got my own page and a nice large illustration of a dragon on the opposite page. When I look back at that, I wonder what I was thinking when I went and crossed it all out in third grade throwing a hissy-fit about something or other. Probably about not eating my dinner or getting in trouble for cussing.
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    You fool! Don't get dragged in! It's a scam to get your bank details and pin number! Just remind me what they are! I'll keep them safe!
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    I've been away for a while, and I am back with a new one. It's a song which is protesting hypocritical lying and avarice. Now, I did have one leader in mind, but this song can mirror many that we foolishly put on the podium.......Any and all comments are welcome, while first impressions are appreciated.Thanks, in advance -Tom THE BETTER MANBy Tom Tognaci http://soundclick.com/share.cfm?id=13549508There you go again, always out for bloodGot your fist high in the air, dragging history through the mudAnd in your mind, I guess, that makes you the better manAlways up for the fight with a bullhorn in your handsGot your three-piece suit, and all, shouting your demandsYea, we saw you on the evening news, but who’s the better man?The fancy clubs, the limousine, paid for by the sweat of someone else,Is more your style than any dream for something bigger than yourselfGood grief, man, can you tell me how you sleep at night?Are your haunts the heroes that you gave up without a fight?What do you see, man, when the mirror gets inside your head?Isn’t your heart screaming, standing up, just reaching out instead……for the better man?See, there you go again, like fuel on a blazeGot the zombies on the march, chanting their brand new catch phraseBurning bridges, and building walls….so, who’s the better man?Sowing the seeds of discontent, the fault’s always with someone elseEvery crises becomes an event, an advertisement to yourselfGood grief, man, can you tell me how you sleep at night?Are your haunts the heroes that you gave up without a fight?What do you see, man, when the mirror gets inside your head?Isn’t your heart screaming, standing up, just reaching out instead……for the better man?Another tragedy, you won’t let go to wasteGet your angry, outraged look, mold it to your faceMirror, mirror, on the wall, who’s the better man?
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    Hey all, I'd appreciate feedback on this one. Thanks in advance. Ferry Drowsy ones and sleepy eyed Music and lyrics by Ferry Colyer Drowsy ones and sleepy eyed Make up some time, leave your beds tonight It's dark outside and it's a windy night perfect conditions to contemplate your life Here's a wake up call for you now the stars arise and the moon it draws you into its magic this time Lonely ones and teary eyed There's a band at your beds tonight they play like fire, they play like dynamite a perfect rendition to let your souls ignite Here's a wake up call for you now the stars arise and the moon it draws you into its magic this time Could you just hold me I'm willing to be a part of you Let's form a new country you'd be a part of me too Lonely ones... Here's a wake up call for you the stars are bright and the moon it draws you into its magic this time Here's a wake up call for you ste stars are bright and the moon it draws you into its magic this time
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    Teng is the name of my dog who 13 years old. Nowadays, I can feel that his life is not much long anymore. So I made this piece for memorial of our beautiful days. I will remember you Teng...
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    I missed the challenge, the anti-rhyme challenge, so here is my attempt at it. I hope it rhymes without rhyming or moves along like it has rhyme. Dream Carnival Dream carnival Tonight's s a promise The wind passes through Hmm-mm Dream carnival Convincingly real It's been said before It's all been said Dream carnival The flavor of life Swims in tide pools Ohh-oh Dream carnival Smoke on the corner Hopes cherry fortune Burning bright As the port closes Good deeds sail Like ships in the desert Floating on rain Dream carnival blows through a hole spinning the wheel Sleep, it's alright Night turns dawn tugs on the blanket Waves break in foam The phosphorus wake Wind from the east Storms from the west Dream carnival Ohh-yea- yea-yea-yea-yea
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    Hello fellow music lovers. My name is Verna and am 70 y.o. My birthday wish was to learn to play the guitar. I started about a year ago and am learning by using YouTube and other great sites on the web. This site seemed like it will help me on my musical journey.
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    I wasn't touting "artificial" guitar sounds, but acoustic guitars not made of wood, like my Rainsong. The "why" my graphite Rainsong is my favorite being: it never goes out of tune; its intonation all the way up the fret board is as perfect as you'll find on any guitar; it isn't affected by changes in temperature or humidity like wood guitars; with Elixir strings it sounds fantastic, and loud; and, it's super light, feels "right" in my hands, and is a true joy to play. Oh, and it looks really cool too.
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    Hi Ken - welcome to the site. This has a nice U2 feel to it - especially the verses - and I like that you don't try and sound like Bono, as that would be too much. It sounds like the beginnings of what could be a really good song, but difficult to critique a rough demo as it is just an idea. The idea is good, although some of the lyrics sound too cliche, which is fine in moderation, but most of the song is built like that. I know it was mentioned above about the lyrics and I agree, I would try and change it up a bit so that they flow really well and even trying out different words, might help with adding some interest to the listener, as I felt I had read and heard those lyrics a hundred times or more (another cliche). Now, I am not having a dig at you, so please don't think that. Most members on here believe in being honest to help others perfect or hone their writing and I have the same comments given to me on my tracks and I know they were right. Now the music... I really liked what you had there and I think it would be a very good track once fully produced with a bit more added and going on. If you wanted to take this out of rough demo, I would like to the sounds and producetion on U2's One song, as this has a similar feel to it. It might help you work out where to take this track. The vocals sounded like a nice idea, but I agree about the 'yeas', I think they date a song and should be resigned to the past Oberqll, I liked it and it was a very good start. Some really nice guitar playing, which when mixed should be higher in the mix and the drums need a bit more variety and dynamics. Cheers Richard
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    Even though the recording is pretty bad, I can still hear what might be a pretty good song. What weakens it substantially for me are the changes in point of view from verses to choruses, and even within the choruses themselves. In the verses you're consistently singing about him by using the pronoun "he," then in the first part of the chorus you're singing to him using the pronoun "you," but then in the second half of the chorus you sing about him again using "and away he goes again." For me, these shifts in p.o.v. do not work well. P.S. The recording would sound a lot better if the audio was centered. Right now the guitar and vocal are panned to the right with just white noise on the left side.
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    Hi all - haven't managed to get on much lately due to work and family commitments, but I started this a couple of weeks ago and meant to have had it finished by now, but can't find the time to continue with it. I am just looking for an overall feel from everyone to see whether the track seems to be working so far. The vocals are a temp at the moment just so I could get a feel for them. The lyrics were something I wrote for one of ImKen's tracks, but felt they worked with this piece. The drums were played by me for a change as I wanted something simple. The instrumental part is nowhere near finished instruments wise, but does it sound better with less and then build it up? What about the vocal harmonies? Any input would be much appreciated as it may give me the kick up the butt to get on with it. Anyway, thanks for listening and I am going to try and devote some time over the weekend to have a listen to the stuff you have all been posting. Cheers Richard https://soundcloud.com/moodman-1/guiding-light-25032017-2327/s-AVXXr
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    This music had words but I decided to use those words on another song and make this an instrumental. Intended to be relaxing music. I caught several small things so far. The harmonica is slightly out of tune with the rest.I'm not sure why since it's a harmonica in D I played. I liked the effect of it being a little off. I haven't tried to tune it yet. Since I mixed multiple guitar parts I tried to mix in a way that they didn't get in the way. I may need to refine that some more. For this genre, I didn't want to make the mix too overly loud, yet I wanted it to translate at say, a mid volume to comfortable hear it. Comments welcome.
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    I know. You're shocked to discover that I'm so unsofistikated. I am making progress though. I have actual wine glasses now. I cant remember the last time I necked straight from the bottle.
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    started this up today felt like recording my own sounds let me know what you think and share any ideas you may have please
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    Thanks for all the responses!! I'm mostly gonna watch you guys hammer it out, as you're generally more up to speed on this than I am. But a couple things do cross my mind.... The problem of begging money for luxuries may be self-solving: most donors wouldn't donate to that anyway. Whether a high nose : signal ratio has caused a mass exodus from those sites is another thing I have no idea about. As to personal causes, I doubt it matters whether it's personal to the beggar, but whether it's personal to the donor in some way. That's just human nature, it's how charity works, and it's how business works. On age: RAMMS+EIN were all mid-30s to early 40s when they started out. Plus middle-agers today do buy new music. Being middle-aged still won't help, but it does offer a peer-audience which is more affluent than teens. Age as a sole (or even a major) viability criterion is the old-school obsolete big-label teens-only rip-off-the-naive-kids biz. It's not so much that biz anymore. On that "note", wouldn't it be great if Patreon and SellABand, et al, became the replacement for those old talent scouts and development deals from the big labels? (Just as iTunes et al have become distro sites.) It seems they'd be "art for the people, chosen by the people". No middlemen. No bean-counters.
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    John, thx!! I will check her page extensively tonight. I actually have an old friend who is a big-time sound engineer, and is hanging his shingle again and offering a free-upfront recording deal for points later. Can't beat it. But I wouldn't go to him with this until I really have something worthwhile. Right now we chat about computer problems and such.
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    Secret Message © Ben Burton April, 2017 Dropped in on Beggar's Banquet for some tea cakes A smell of hashish meant the chef was stoned Dear Doctor, help, if they start serving raw steak Or sushi overcooked and filled with bones The cover charge is stiff, but after entry Mixed drinks at fifty pence, you'll let it loose The barkeep offers sympathy aplenty Just jump off of his cloud, no parachute Forget all expectations Turn that forty-five around Could be a secret message Don't let Charlie bang you down If he hears a secret message Hold your breath, it's over now Turn up the jukebox, Jigsaw Puzzle's playing With Satan in the lyrics, listen close For Mick becomes a stray cat when he's ailing A prodigal who street fights holy ghosts Forget all expectations Turn that forty-five around Could be a secret message Don't let Charlie bang you down If he hears a secret message Hold your breath, it's over now
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    Rob, I've been surprised & delighted with the response to this. The video, though creative in itself, was in part to help keep people's attention on this fairly long piece. I had no idea that family, friends, musicians & strangers would react so positively. I had one negative response from Matt, my former bandmate from Vinyl Frontiers. I was grateful to him for his honesty. I mean that seriously. I value that response. As a friend & musician your endorsement means a lot to me too. Its my default position to deny pride in what I do. Its how I would prefer to be. The fact is that this is my most technically demanding set piece and its been forever in the making. So yes, I confess to being proud this one time only! Thank you mate. Mahesh, Steve, thanks for the kind words guys.
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    Always very good advice. Circumstances may change from generation to generation, but I agree. A sustained, individualized drive to succeed, accompanied by a healthy level of self confidence, is mandatory in anyone seriously pursuing success in the music/entertainment business.
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    I like it! What a great bed (foundation).Could be used as a cool intro as well. I think you could work it into any style of music, the sky's the limit on this one! Hip Hop, Pop, Alt or Hard Rock. Very Cool.
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    I'm new to the forums so first off, hi all. I'm looking for a lyricist to team up with to make some music. I'm compose anything from Pop/Rock, Country/Rock, but I always seem to have a hard time coming up with lyrics, so instead of trying to do something I'm not good at I'm going to use my strengths in composing and singing and lead the lyrics to someone else. So if anyone could help please let me know. Also I know a lot of people have probably said this on the forums but I am starting a “home recording studio” hopefully to get in a real building and have a full studio but just got done spending a little over 2.5k on recording equipment and such (now I’m broke ). So if anyone wants to team up please let me know and we could work something out, more details about that coming soon but first need some lyrics.
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    I was here years ago and awaited all of the changes. I am looking forward to being more active in the forums now. Pen in hand and lyrics in my head I can't wait for new challenges.
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    You have been playing guitar for about a year... and roughly how much practice do you put in during your average week? In general I would suggest two things in the early days: learn chords, and songs you are familiar with learn scales: major, minor and blues pentatonics. Then learn to play them in different keys / positions on the guitar. There are other scales but those 3 cover a load of songs. seperately look to learn 3 main time signatures: 4/4, 2/4 and 3/4. There are others, but those cover many many songs in learning time signatures you will learn about measures. You will learn how to count rhythms. Slow songs down so that you can play a song without breaking rhythm... i.e. Let the difficult bit to play set your tempo (speed of playing) while focusing on precision/accuracy. Once you can play it in time all the way through you can gradually speed it up to the right tempo. That said, I tend to practice 3 ways. As slow as needed (just outlined), as fast as I can (to improve speed of transitions), and lastly at the correct tempo. Separately I used to practice chord transitions, back and forth between two chords, then back and forth between another two... and so on, each time trying to get the transitions right while making sure every note that should sound does so nice and clearly. There's way more but it gets you started. Last point would be to have a set practice regimen, like 5 minutes on accuracy, 5 minutes on speed, 5 minutes on correct speed. Try that for chord transitions, then scales, then full songs, maybe focusing on a new song every couple of weeks. As you improve and your speed of learning improves you can start learning more songs. all the time add to your knowledge of chords, and things like picking techniques and finger style guitar techniques. use your ears, coupled with knowledge of the song, look at lyrics and chord transcriptions rather than full tab, maybe even video tutorials on YouTube to get started THEN revisit guitar tab and learn detailed versions of songs you already know how to play at a basic level. Otherwise you risk putting yourself off and taking the fun out of playing.
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    I play guitar, bass, write lyrics, and I like to sing. I have been doing all of the MIDI drum sequences for my songs but I would say that is a weak area for me. At this point I need help and input from the outside to have any chance of improving. I am hoping this is the place that that will help me make better music.
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    Neil, Good going!! It's cool how edgy this lyric reads for me and wondering what the music feel will be. I like your edit ( works really great projecting the same emotion) and Tom's suggestion to repeat at the end, too. Peggy
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    Sreyashi, some female voices I think are great are: Colby Caillat Eva Cassidy Sarah McLaughlin Linda Ronstadt Susan Tedeschi (blues) Alison Krauss Jo Dee Mesina Norah Jones Patsy Cline Tricia Yearwood Naomi and Wynonna Judd (the Judds) Natalie Merchant The Barlow Girls Christina Aguilera Tracey Chapman Amy Perry ( in the band called "Selah") Kathy Troccoli Martina McBride
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    For my part, I have to say that the vocal levels is truly a matter of taste. I think they are perfect as are. When listening to a tune for the very first time, you get an impression of professionalism, or radio readiness... after just a few seconds. If this had been presented to me in any other venue besides a song critique forum, I would have instantly accepted it as a professionally engineered master. Voice rules, bottom line. And the music is still perfectly present in this piece, in any case. The harmony is delicious. You and Janice sound brilliant. This is a slow song that proves that slow music can be totally captivating and mesmerizing. You should be very, very proud of this.
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    They aren't considered a duet. Linda, Emmylou and Dolly just happens to be a harmonizing trio. They aren't current, but still great nonetheless.
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    Absolutely. I believe as well that any pursuit which doesn't start with your love/interest for it will fall apart.
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    Although this post mainly deals with lyricists, I think musicians can glean some truth. *NOTE*... Most of what I say here is subjective....This is the way I see it. I remember as a young boy, finding a well worn note binder on my mother's dresser, and being curious, I opened it and looked inside. It was filled from front to back with poems she had written; with the time written, day, and year at the bottom of each one. I sat down on her bed and started reading them. I had read about four or so, when my mom came in and caught me; mad as a hen that I invaded her privacy. After getting a lecture about how those were her private thoughts, I asked her why she never read me any poems (she read me books all the time). She said she didn't write them for other people, she wrote them to make her feel better. At the time, I didn't grasp what that really meant. Now I do. Why do we write? What is your core reason to write? There could be many answers to that, from many different people. But the core reason should always be, because you enjoy it. Other reasons might be; "because I want to get famous" or "I want to make money at it" but the core reason is enjoyment. If you don't enjoy it, you're not going to get famous and it's doubtful you will make any money. Yet there's another reason linked to the enjoyment factor (at least for me) and that is; it's therapy. It makes me feel better. I can vent anything through writing. I can let it all out, and in the process, deal with what I'm feeling in a constructive way. So I encourage new writers, don't write in hopes of impressing someone, or for getting a lot of positive reviews. Because the more you write for that reason, the less positive reviews you will probably get. If you really love writing, you WILL get better. Yet, part of getting better, is getting in touch with yourself. Write what pleases YOU and advance in your craft from there. Listen and learn from the seasoned writers, and use their input to express who you are better, in a better way than you did before. When you're feeling depressed and can hardly move; write. When you are feeling frisky; write. When you're content; write. You get the picture. Throw off your apprehension and lack of confidence, and write to feel better, not worrying about other people. And then when you decide to post, and you find you get negative reviews; don't sweat it. The core of you is in the lyric, now just reword it into a polished form that fits a lyric criteria. The more you write and take advice, the easier it gets, not only in writing a good lyric, but also in being able to reach down inside yourself to pull one out. To sum it all up; write what feels good to you, so you can feel better, and be better. Let it be your cheap form of therapy.
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    Peggy. Thank you princess. All that rain helps Stevie boy... Heres my Facebook link to it https://www.facebook.com/rudi.samborski.5 If there is a problem with the vid/vimeo Its on soundcloud (without video)
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    I stumbled on the "what of what will be" line as well so went back to previous line for. " I know all we've been through you know what will be ". suggesting I know the past, you know the future. Hope this helps. regards, John.
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    Hey! I just started attempting to song write, and I'm super excited to hear everyone's stuff! I mostly try to make some simple acoustic songs, and usually I fail desperately! I've already heard lots of amazing stuff already in the little bit of time I've been looking, and I'm looking forward to listen to some new art. I hope to learn from many of you, and to get to know you too!
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    Doubling down. All I Want - Kansas
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    Hi I am a first time songwriter, I entered the Lyrics only category of the UK Song writing competition 2016 and was awarded as a Semi-Finalist in the Lyrics category. This is my first song I have written and feel I have done well also I had a recording studio record the music to my melody and the outcome of this demo I feel very proud of. I would classify this song as a Ballad. I currently live in the UK.