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    5 Tips To Help Your Band Become Successful A useful collection of 5 tips to help you to achieve success with your band including tips to help you grow your fan bases and how to leverage the benefits of one piece of work to many different areas. The same principles apply to success in other facets of the music industry. 5 Tips To Help Your Band Become Successful Comments Please leave a comment! => Please leave some comments and feedback on this article, and / or suggestions for new articles by replying to this topic...
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    I done a live version of this now up on youtube. Due to the quality of the Kronos Piano the sound quality is much better though I am not sure I match my original performance as that was a one off (and one of my best recorded improvisational pieces) and is hard to replicate when trying to re do the track. Still I'm happy very happy with the result and would like any feedback that you wish to give.