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    Hi im aloproductionz but you can call me dex im from the uk and im 23 years old since a child iv been passionate about music my first instrument I started to play was the keyboard, I would love to mess about with the different preset sounds and play them along with the beats on there I spent a lot of time on there each day. after my older cousin taught me a simple song on the keyboard and challenged me to play it fast and it different adaptions I began wanting to make my own music I started 2 songs on the piano while in primary school and had a few lessons in secondary school but due to going to a bad school class was cancelled and replaced with me crap health and safety.in my spare time I would continue playing a creating music during school my passion for story writing and poetry blossomed I began making music on the computer towards the end of school where after I went on to do a music diploma but dropped out at the end of the second year because it wasn't for me other instruments Iv played include flute drums and guitar I still play and compose music but now on a piano rather then a keyboard and produce music onn my computer I still write poetry/songs but have taken a break to work on production where atm im at the stage of learning to mix my music and hope after to move on to promoting my music and working towards collaborations with other artist either stuff theyv written or that iv written I like every genre of music besides death metal to me music is an expression of emotion so each music can suit a better mood but screaming nastiness isn't for me however I once met a man who was a heavy metal listener and surprisingly he was the most gentle kind guy which was interesting I guess it shows how music can be a voice of expression
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    Hey guys, here's something that I've been working on. I'm not sure if I'm happy with it, but it's the first song that I recorded in my new place in Dallas so I've been trying to adjust to the new dynamics of the room etc for recording. I'd love to hear some thoughts on this. I'll Never Say You © Kyle S 8.24.15 You You've gotta stop smiling Cuz you're driving me wild and I Can't take it anymore And you You're not even trying But you're making my heart and my mind Fight in a civil war You said what are you thinking in your mind Cuz you've been quiet this whole night It's you babe, you babe, you babe, you babe You said what's your style and who's your type Cuz you could have anyone you'd like Well it's you babe, you babe, you babe, you babe But I never say you babe Well I I let you play these games I kind of like the pain In a messed up sort way But I I'll never make a move I don't think you'd want me to At least for your boyfriend's sake Chorus repeat
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    Hey all, I'm so glad to find this forum! Love, love, love writing songs. I'm from Michigan's Upper Peninsula, the part that always gets left off on maps. Or lumped in with Wisconsin, LOL. I'm learning to play guitar, which makes it much easier to write songs. Working on several at once so I don't get too sick of them. I'm looking forward to getting to know you all.
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    Hi everyone! My name is Diane Richardson and I have been writing for nearly 19 years. Here's a little about me. I have received 2 "Song of the Year" awards from the Golden State Country Music Organization. I have also received an honorable mention from American Songwriter Magazine, and Goodnight Kiss Music. I'm looking for experienced songwriters/composers to work with. Check my Main Music page http://www.soundclick.com/bands/default.cfm?bandID=8518 for news on current collaborative opportunities. I write mostly Pop, Pop/Rock, Country/Pop, and A/C lyrics, but am very versatile as you’ll hear when you listen to my Urban/Pop songs on my SoundClick page. Anyway, I'm looking forward to meeting you talented people and possibly working together. Please use the following email address: mysammie62@gmail.com - Serious replies only please. Also there are more lyrics that need music, so if you are into a different style, please let me know and I will see what I can come up with. The current lyric posted is Urban/Pop. Best of luck to everyone in all of your musical endeavors! Diane a.k.a. MusicIsMyLife
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    Hi! My name is Paul and I am brand new to the forum! I have been playing music for 8 years now and only recently decided to embark on a songwriting journey to see where it would get me. Over the past few months I have been working on a number of original songs and I would love to get feedback from some like minded people! Thanks in advance! Paul
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    YES! That DOES help! GO PACK!
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    Welcome aboard Paul and Aurora
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    quote name="LooknGlass" post="276437" timestamp="1441802345"] I must be slow, I didn't catch that till I read it again,. Knowing it now makes this lyric even better than it already was..Not because suddenly "Oh it contains S&M, cool", lol, no but how you snuck it in with just the right touch. Kudos!...I must be getting old, if anybody should have caught that 1st time around, it should have been me.
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    Hi Paul and Aurora! Feel free to hit the ground running and critiquing and music making and having funning (wow that didn't come up as misspelled...who knew that funning was a word?! of course I'm not using it properly... love it!) Be well, Lisa
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    Alright - I'll admit it. It made me smile. Sounded like it was fun to make. It kind of reminded me of Primus without the industrial aspect. Jim
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    I like it! Reads and flows better (IMO)
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    Very experimental, Brain... Like the construction of the tune... I agree with Suzy concerning the last part... the guitar is really cool there... Nice work, my friend!
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    That don't work for everybody. It might not even work for most people.
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    trippy BC It did put a smile upon my face but I guess I can't really identify with everybody being like robots...where I live it's just not the case, but maybe that's because I live in a small town and lots of my friends are It's hard to critique something like this, but I think I liked the guitar riff in the ending part, the best
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    Spent the last couple of days pondering over the "drugstore" line, coming up with something better. I changed the line from "calling from the corner drugstore" to "askin' if you want anymore" -Holz
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    This is a great opportunity! Thanks a lot! This is my piece, a collaboration with the lyricist Lance Toohey from this great forum... Sincerity...
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    Sex and Drugs and Rock and Roll - Ian Dury in with a close second is: Just because your paranoid Don't mean their not after you. - Kurt Cobain