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    Hi, I just received word that Split-Notes, the netlabel that is putting out Next Xen, the compilation my song Mnemosyne will be a part of, will be releasing an EP of the music from my Dyads (once the fourth one is finished). It will have a new (unknown as of yet) title. My last album was released back in 2009, so I'm happy that something "official" is coming. I'll post an announcement once it happens, of course. Just wanted to share my joy with my second family here. And if you think of a good name, let me know. I'm terrible with titling.
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    There are a lot of considerations when buying / using a DAW. That's why the "X DAW is the best" threads almost always devolve into pissing sideshows. I use a few different ones. If artists need certain features / tools, that is the best DAW. The nuts and bolts of lanes and groups and sends and MIDI is by now pretty universal. Pro Tools is the choice for large recording studios looking to book bands. It's industry standard for recording simultaneous tracks and is a major standard. But it might not be needed for other applications. I spent several hundred dollars a year on Sonar before switching to Reaper. I chose to spend my money on studio grade staples and high end VSTi's. There is no reason, no practical reason why a 165 DAW can't give you the same result as a 700 DAW. What matters is whether it suits your workflow and whether you can sit your ass in the chair for the investment of TIME, the only thing that does matter. There are some really good low cost options if all you need is the sandbox. I picked up Sonalksis's Studio Bundle (all their plugins) in KVR's charity auction and got a steal. Get on mailing lists. There are so many opportunities to get great software.
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    Hello All, My name is Marty Weeks. My fiancee is Linda Keser, and she will be registering as well sometime today. Pardon my goof. I registered with Songstuff a while back and somehow forgot all about it till a mutual friend mentioned it again. So I re registered and it did not go through and I went searching till I found my old password and user name and well...here I am. We have a small start up publishing biz going on, on the Internet: http://linmarproductionsllc.com We publish our own original music and and occasionally submit for advertising, and other venues. Linda is the lyricist in our little partnership and I do most of the music and mixing. So we are a good fit as since she doesn't sing or play instruments, and I'm useless at writing lyrics, we don't clash usually. We've recently published our 2nd CD which was a Christmas Release of Christian Praise, a couple of children's songs, and a little r&b for balance. You can find that at: http://linmarproductionsllc.com/music. as well as the other online distributors affiliated with CD Baby. Linda is also an accomplished photographer. All of our CD album cover art his her original works and we do have an entire page of her work on our website. With more to come when we get some free time. I have been playing music since I was 17 years old when I started "Busking" as the Brits call it on the Streets of Georgetown in Washington DC. Did the usual migration to live club gigs, joined bands along the way...quit bands along the way (lol!) Lived in DC, Phoenix AZ, San Diego, and then Miami from the early 1980's to about 2007. Spent a brief time in SC and then back to Florida. We now live in Melbourne Florida and actually like it as it's "Calm" compared to Miami, and other places. (oh yeah spend a bit of time in Tenn, but never really got to get to know Nashville or Memphis the way I'd intended to. (it's too cold there!!!) Linda only discovered her talents for lyrics last year (long story for another post at another time.) but literally exploded with wonderful material...which makes doing the music for me a BLAST!! My skills are much more in the area of the music and arrangements ergo I am the studio guy quasi mixer, master edit and session player kind of. As far as writing lyrics goes... I suck. But who knows...with this forum that might change over time. We would however, really appreciate it if some of you folks would wander over to our website and music page and possibly put in some critiques of the songs we've already published? Also do if you can please leave comments on the website there so we can get a bit of traffic going and appease Google's insatious appetite for TRAFFIC and Analytics.Here's a relatively new one.. My Shepherd Different slant on the traditional way of hearing the 29 Psalm The intent is to "Wake Up" younger folks that are wandering away from their perspective places of worship.
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    Good for you Randy! Are ya' tryin' to make me look bad? LOL BTW just tried pasting in an actual URL as Randy did....no go! Same result, go figure!
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    lol okay, well no updates occured on site, no server updates, no site software updates have happened since the update that cause you a problem with blank pages. So, very strange. I too have had an issue.recently with the youtube embedding. I'll look into what could be going on. It is, as you say, very strange!
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    I think "If I only listen" should be "If only I'd listen" or "If I just listen." And, regarding the next line's "I'll hear what You believe." Does an omniscient deity "believe," or know? I'm just askin'.
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    I love the lyrics but I do think the title needs improvement too basic.
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    Having reasonable knowledge on Noise Gates and Expanders goes a long way in making your recordings sound cleaner and more professional, especially when you are recording out of your home studio. While recording, noise may arise due to a various number of factors such as the surrounding environment, electronic equipment used etc. Noise can become very problematic if it is cumalated from a number of tracks in your project. Noise gates and expanders are tools using which the noise can be isolated and removed to a significant extent if used correctly. Though it may vary, some of the basic controls/knobs you would find within noise gates are Release, Attack, Hold and Ratio. The following article takes you through a basic understanding of these various controls to help you on your way in making your recordings sound the way they should sound - awesome. http://www.songstuff.com/recording/article/noise_gates_and_expanders/ Be sure to share and like the article if you find it useful. If you have any questions, feel free to discuss it on the Songstuff Community Forums.
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    Alan, Love the sound of this one! The break at 1:57 is excellent. You're definitely capturing that beach boys sound, but it has your own sound to it as well. I agree, a uke would sound amazing on this tune. Also, I think when you add some backing vocals it will fill this out nicely. Now you've got me intrigued about the bohemian rhapsody version of this. Great work as always
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    I love the sound of patting of leaves. thanks, i learn something new everyday! Lisa
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    thanks mate, the best tip ive learned from songwriting is simple is always the most effective. i listen to so many songs i love and some of the greatest songs are so simple. i struggle to repeat myself with lyrics . visually lyrics can look good but that doesn't always translate musically. i think of songs with choruses that consist of one line or phrase repeated 3 or 4 times, and it really works... but im yet to have done it in over 100 songs. this song is my on/off relationship with my ex in a nutshell, as toxic as it is, i haven't been able to resist her so far, and ive conceded i never will... i know ill suffer for it in the long run but the good memories make up for lack of common sense.. its a primal thing
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    Hey James, I love it. Great play on words!! The only line I stumbled on was the last line in the Bridge. It didn't seem to move me like the others did. All the best, Bryan
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    Hi James Great idea. I think you need " you" in the first lines of verse one and two to make it plain who is talking to who upfront rather than at the back dnd of the verses. There is a stress issue here "was give and take, like couples should do" "Like couples aught to do or always do" is the correct scan. The corresponding line in verse one needs structure matching. "Do you need something from the store?" "Do you need anything, somthing from the store?" Chorus is brilliant Bridge. This is where you tell me how and / or why this happened, you are asking questions when you should be answering them. So there is no ay off and there needs to be. It's like maybe " I didn't listen hard enough to you and now us has become me" whatever the reason it hspoened we need to be told in the bridge. Good write great chorus couple if small verse edits, and a focussed bridge needed to polish it. Cheers Gary