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    M57, Stellar tune. For me that first verse really sets the stage perfectly for the rest of the tune. KUDOS all around. Only 2 things slightly stood out. One more than the other. The main thing is the line "I and Amelia." I read it first before listening. The grammar nazi in me did not like that. However with songs I'm always cool with letting those types of things slide by if it's for the good of the tune. Once hearing it though, I wasn't sold on how that sounded and think it would be better as "Amelia and I." The lesser thing that stood out was some of the breaks between verses and chorus, especially the 2nd and 3rd, seemed too hollow. I think it worked really good after the first verse, but the next two did more to take me out of the song than it did to keep me in it. I guess for me they stopped the flow of the goodness going on a little too much. But, that's probably more of a personal taste than a problem, especially if nobody else had similar thoughts. Really great tune and a pleasure to listen to multiple times.
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    Thanks - Welcome to the site. Searching Michael Hazlewood gets me to "Air That I Breathe" (Hollies), which is a very cool tune. Searching Summer in Monterey" and I get Brian Wilson. -M I'm still thinking about it. I'm not a big fan of oos and aahs. Doesn't mean I don't use them, but I prefer words - and it's pretty dense there with the instrumental hits and all. -M I know we've had this conversation before. Yes, the ending is truncated, so in that sense it doesn't come back as far, but I've listened to the beginning and the end, and I find that both instrumentally and vocally, they're similar in terms of "mellowness." I guess I've come to like the abruptness of the end. Thanks for the comment about the moving the tune forward. Obviously, imagining the final product is the key. When I think back on my writing in the past, I'm think it's fair to say that it was not something that came easily to me. I always had trouble imagining what 'the band' would play. -M
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    Hi Just listening to this track and some of your others on SC. Love the lyrics and the overall theme and feel of this song. Congratulations on this one and I will look forward to more! Janeva
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    Hi Welcome to the site. Thanks for writing such a good intro! Janeva
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    Hey, thanks for introducing yourself & welcome to the site Nathan! BTW...got ya' a few new subscribers for your channel. Tom
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    Play it anyway, sing it anyway. Tools to clean it all up, practice is never wasted effort. use your metronome, time it out, let it out!
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    Nice song TC. I agree with David about the reverb but also I wonder whether you have quite a heavy effect (other than reverb) on your vocal which might be making it less clear? The overall effect is a bit tiring on my ears but I like the idea and some amount of effect might work well, if you could just clear things up a touch.
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    There are parts of this tune I really like. The folk/rock feel with more of a jazz harmonic palette is refreshing. Your vocal and the harmonies go a long way toward selling it very nicely too. But I would agree with most of the comments above regarding the mix, the lyrics, effects, etc. Those are all things that you can definitely fix. I also like the style of your jazz/rocky lead guitar playing. It's really nice to hear a solo in a song these days. It always seems more and more like a rarity.. but this hits my ear funny at times. It's not that you are playing any notes that are out of the scales related to the chords, but your choice of licks (sometimes even the pentatonic ones) are in keys that have you playing what I call 'avoid' notes. I.e. notes that you might use in passing, but not "on the beat" or at a point of resolution. Of course, "rules' are meant of breaking, but my ears are old-school, so take that with a grain of salt. -Mark
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    TCgypsy, Nice song! I like the contrast between the loose melody and chord progression on the verses and the tighter choruses. Overall it reminds me a little of Phish - a band I like - Especially your singing. As far as suggestions, I thought the rhyme with the word "mind" was excessive. That's a trap I find myself in. It just feels like a lot of inds in there. The performance seems a little loose too, though overall they're good performances. Perhaps it's the mix more than anything though. For instance, the acoustic guitar seems overly loud to me. You might try to adjust those volumes on the instruments if you're hearing the same thing. By the way, I haven't read the other comments. Good work! Danny