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    "“I think the best feedback we get from customers has nothing to do with music,” Roman says. “It’s like, ‘you make studying better.’ Or ‘you make the gym more tolerable.'” The Play Music streaming team, led by Peter Asbill, is constantly creating and testing new places to insert music into your life." Music streaming that has nothing to do with music...nice! Loada shite! People can't be bothered to put together music they like, themselves!?? People who care this little about music shouldn't be allowed to listen to it... not that they actually do LISTEN to it... What's next? Google music bots compose/generate the music themselves to suit the mood they believe you should be in. Roman says: “You’re sitting on your couch, and your phone lights up, and it says you need to leave now for your dinner party. That is an incredible, magical moment.” That's a magical moment? I'd call it a REMINDER. if the reminder lights up you'll either be ready to leave or you'll have forgotten and you'll be getting ready in a panic (cue Benny Hill theme to tip you over the edge). Oh wait no... they're right, if you're a twat you'll be thankful to Google and you'll also be putting a selfie on Facebook and tweeting that you're leaving now, because everyone's so friggin interested to know that you're ready to leave. Roman says they hear from users who actually go outside and watch the sun set when they see the “Watching the Sunset” playlist pop up. It’s music-ception. Yeah... you can't be messing around putting your own soundtrack together...who has the time? What with all those dinner parties, sunsets to watch, working out to do, selfies to take and tweets and FB posts to make to your thousands of fans...sorry I mean friends...erm...people you sort of know a bit maybe... Google provide the perfect soundtrack for your perfect friggin life as long as you really don't give a sh*t what music is included because you're not really listening anyway.
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    A song in two half's..as it happens..just turned out like that..it's a bit long but too late to mess around with it now, hate going back to songs...always moving on to the next one after learning from the last one..LOL ..if you take a listen ..I thank you. I need to believe, the tangled webs that we weave, are not the place, we want to be, we lie to deceive, then lay amongst our defeats, fighting the fears, take it from me, alone thorough the night, a dream that ends with the light, drifts away, never to be, I wander through the day, don't know whats in my mind, the things we're throwing away, the things we're leaving behind, the days our love would see, we would never know, you know it seems to me, we got to let it grow, I will never do you wrong, if you believe in me, we're singing the same song , you got to believe in me, you know we both belong, if you can only see, I know you'll make me strong, if you believe, believe in me, you never know, there's such a long way to go, lets sail on, taking it slow, the lonely nights, the storms that blow in my dreams, the darkness, is reigning supreme, I gotta let you know, the only way it could be, your love should overflow, and fill my head with relief, the road to ecstasy, will maybe set me free, a certain destiny or road to entropy I will never do you wrong, if you believe in me, we're singing the same song , you got to believe in me, you know we both belong, if you can only see, I know you'll make me strong, if you believe, believe in me, ©KNmac
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    Hey all, I just recently joined and love this community! Great job, everyone! I was just thinking, though, about how we critique and get critiqued and how helpful it is to my songwriting, but I wanted to mention how we should all take it with a grain of salt (with a shot of tequila and lime). Critique is so subjective and sometimes have little or no value in determining if your song will become successful. Maybe even counterproductive if you let it get to you. For instance, lets say Bob Dylan wasn't famous, a nobody like most of us, and he posted one of his long songs here. Do you think he would get raving reviews? I think people would tell him his songs are too wordy, drones on and on, boring, repetitive, nasal voice, weird tone, etc. And maybe he would've gotten discouraged and never made it big. But, some will say, but he's a poet, not a "real" musician. That's the key. If you recognize that he's really a poet, you might not care about the droning on, nasal voice, etc. If you like the words, and it hits you deeply, it's great. So the critiques are more helpful if you recognize the intent of the song. Is it a poem with a music backing? In which case critique the words more than the music. Is it a song that is basically a mood song? Is it just a rough mix intended to present ideas? I think being aware of the intent of the musician is important in writing a good critique. And I'm not sure if it's helpful to me to have someone critique my song if it's not to their taste. It's like asking someone who doesn't like broccoli to critique it. You know it's going to be negative. I like encouragement. Just tell me I'm great! Tell me to have confidence and go out there and kick ass! (After you tell me what's wrong with my mix and vocals.)
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    Preamble - The song title is a metaphor , or a mixture of 2 or maybe 3 metaphors , one is to ride the dragon road , or ride the Tail of the Dragon , a famous road on the Tennessee/North Carolina state line. Motorcycle riders like this road , The Second is a proverb about lessons for inner strength , e.g “Don’t try to slay your dragons, learn to ride them " , The third , is to do with Drugs . Thought provoking stuff , which led to this lyric . Ride The Dragon VERSE.1. Take my hand so we can Shine a light on the darkness Where we can change faces Laugh in a sea of sadness PRE CHORUS Come Ride the dragon Time does not exist Names are forgotten Do not just subsist CHORUS: Ride the dragon It will take you out of here Ride the dragon To the other side of fear VERSE.2. If you rise above it You can see much further Negotiate the maze Stop being an observer PRE CHORUS Come Ride the dragon Time does not exist Names are forgotten Do not just subsist CHORUS: Ride the dragon It will take you out of here Ride the dragon To the other side of fear VERSE.3. If you fear the darkness You will not see the light If you ride the dragon You will win the fight CHORUS: Ride the dragon It will take you out of here Ride the dragon To the other side of fear
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    Great idea Tom, sorry nothing to post now though. Les
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    I hear ya buddy, most of the time I have no sense lol. But your post baffled me! Again not to hard.
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    Hi , Tom , i might change the "heading " of that section to Pre Chorus from Bridge , i wrote ALL the parts before going back and naming them , didn't call that a verse because it is different , would that work ? The exist / subsist , rhyme ? hmmm , is about Taking the bull by the horns and taking on a new challenge , don't sit on your arse and wait , ( don't subsist ) and don't worry about Time or what stage of life you are at , Just Do It , ! I used Observer in the context of " sitting on your arse and watching OTHER people do it , Thanks for the suggestions and the read Tom , :-)
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    Hi Omrax, The thing is, to be any use at all, critique has to be honest... so everyone should say what they feel in the most constructive way possible and to the best of their ability, and within the boundaries of their taste (although I really try to put taste aside as much as I can, and I'm sure most here do). It's up to you to decide what you take from the critique you get. You can ignore some or all of the things I say, or things anyone else says, you can choose which critique to address...it's all up to you. For me personally... I approach critiquing your stuff for the perspective of someone who likes the idea, the style, the attitude, the difference... and if my critiques are negative it's because I feel you're settling for less than you should. I might be wrong about that, in one way or another, but again...you take what you want from any critique you get.... We all do... If someone says they don't like something I've done or if they suggest a better way, I'll think it over and then decide what to do. It's up to me...it's up to you. So you should expect a bunch of different critiques and you should just decide for yourself what to do about any, all, or none of them. You've had some encouragement from me, I've said the things I like or the potential I hear... And you must remember that this is the 'song' critique forum, there's a separate lyric forum here... In the song forum, whether I like your words or not, what I care most about is the way they form part of the song, how they're performed, whether the melody works with them, how they're recorded and so on.... because even the best words count for very little when they're in a song if they're not delivered in a way that feels good or right. Also, you keep bringing up songs or famous people e.g. Louie Louie and Bob Dylan... and the way you bring them up kiiiind of feels like you suggesting that you're just under-appreciated or missunderstood.... but honestly, if Bob Dylan was a nobody and posted something called 'like a rolling stone' here...I guarantee that I for one would think it was fantastic. His unusual voice is part of the appeal, yes.... but that doesn't translate to 'unknown doing something unusual = brilliant' Hmmm I feel like this might read as though I'm arguing or having a pop or something like that... but honestly I'm not... I just think you're undervaluing what other people say. It doesn't matter who says it... it's all feedback from listeners...and from people here there's a lot of experience attached too. It's nothing to do with people not being into your style, it really isn't...you're not doing anything THAT weird or different or complex. Personally I enjoy a vast range of music and I hope to hear something new, different, weird, way out... You waiting for someone who just loves your songs to critique them is an entirely different thing, honestly it really is.
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    Everybody wants an answer Nobody knows the question Everybody wants Nobody gives Somebody dies Somebody lives
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    Wow. This post and the other recent post elsewhere where you express your dissatisfaction with critiques - well, suffice it to say, I won't be commenting on your stuff anymore. Best of luck to you.
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    Loved this NY band that never quite broke ... late 70's Lie To Me/Dirty Looks
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    I fear that may have already occurred As for Google in general, I agree...lots of useful innovations! I love when technology effectively assists my efforts. What I don't want and have never wanted, is technology that does it for me. Or worse yet, tech that thinks for me. But I fear I'm part of a shrinking minority.
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    Lol have it a quick edit. Gotta love quick on the spot stuff ! Rock on y'all
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    We're all looking for answers To the questions of life We're all losing our stars We're all losing some light ButThe days will get better They alway do Soon enough tho Thoses stars come back to you Working no time to edit but first thing that came to mind lol Rock on !!
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    Yep! Next up from Google...the app that chews your food for you! Begs the question...how did we ever live without it?
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    Hey Simon, thanks for your review on this and the other song. Yeah, I agree with you. The song is very simplistic and repetitious and annoying. That was sort of my intent. It was my first post and I just wanted to throw something weird out there to see what kind of reaction I get. It's very polarizing. The interesting thing is, it gets the most hits on Soundcloud. As for the bass, I had to lower it, as it was overpowering the song. Anyway, thanks for taking the time to comment. I will be posting more, some that will even be more weird!
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    Les a big thing in the UK at the moment someone just been sent to jail for ten years the story will be on the web somewhere I was driving down the highway and talking on the cell (used American name for mobile phone ) not concentrating on the road then everything went to hell quicker than you will know for a minute or maybe two I think that I passed out my worse dream come true the windshield was broken glass everywhere just a thought john
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    Much appreciated, tunesmithth! ***TripMX Great Music Expedition*** >>>21st PHASE REQUEST WEEK<<< Hello Explorers!! Today marks the beginning of the 21st PHASE REQUEST WEEK! NOTE: The Explorers Board has been updated and Discovery Code rewards have been given! -->Check out to see what's changed in the Explorers Board on the campaign page! WARNING: All 21st PHASE Discovery Code entries are now locked. -->Explorers that did not post a Discovery Code will have to wait until the next PHASE. ^: This is the Mysterious Treasure Map + Map Key for this PHASE! -->Explorers, with your current items, you may now make your requests and post them here. NOTICE: The treasure map scanner recharges during REQUEST WEEK. The scanner is now cooling down. 21st PHASE REQUEST WEEK ends on 11/20/2016. Campaign Page HERE: TripMX Great Music Expedition ALTERNATIVE LINK HERE: TripMX Great Music Expedition Explorers, Happy Requesting!