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    Aw, but it's Christmas! Can't we let it slide...just this once? A far as I'm concerned, as long as players continue adhering to the basic concept (each new response having some kind of association with the previous entry), life will continue to be good here on SongStuff. Birds will sing, joy will be plentiful & love will find a way! LOL That's quite enough cliche's from me for one day.
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    Personally, I've never viewed this a competition...more like a cooperative, ongoing effort. Were it truly competitive, there would be winners, losers and the game would have ended years ago. Right? Doesn't mean you can't take a competitive approach to it, but you may need to tamp down your expectations for the rest of us. As for that last link Tom, I'm guessing that maybe "a key" could be seen as "indispensable" when attempting to open a locked door.
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    let the fun commence Bruno Mars Locked out of Heaven
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    cruising along the highway of life reality cut like a knife spinning my wheels miles on end searching for the rainbows bend I'm going to get there give it my best shot dreams keep me going dreams are all I've got clutching my fantasies tight mountains of hope rolled into sight hugging the shoulder of fear upward climbing I shifted gears pedal to the metal my mind raced as I smoked with turbo charged desire I was going for broke roadblocks and detours tried to stop me in my tracks veering towards my dreams I never looked back tired I was wired driving all night jonsing on my dreams I saw destinies light cruising towards the sunrise of my dreams in the direction of my heart I'm searching for my pot of gold for the rainbows bend where dreams unfold
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    ok, I changed my emoticon in the post and returned your point. Key -- essential would have been closer but I'll give it to you.
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    Uhm..... "Key" and "indispensable" mean the same thing. She was key to the project's success. She was indispensable to the project. I betcha Rudi got it. Mwa-hem....
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    thought we were all just trying to link songs let others know what we like . let them listen and judge for themselves if the music is good or bad or to their taste . have heard a lot of great music on this forum stuff I would never have listened to normally gone on you tube and listened to more of it . so what is the solution only post once a day so not to offend or take up to much space ? john ps does this mean it is the end of this forum ?
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    Or maybe using a link that can open is indispensable? Either way, we have to take a point away from Rob.
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    So how does Indispensable - Ben Hamilton ride the coat tails of little Walter -key to the highway ?
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    Thanks all! Tempo up might be a good idea... I'll try that. Other than that, I dunno... I was probably only partly in the mood to do the song, and won't get chance for a bit now... so we'll see. It really just started as something for me to try a slide on my acoustic for the first time, and I just wanted to make the mood like that...could hardly be bothered with the 'song'.... maybe next year I'll be more fired up about it. Happy Holidays everyone! Dek
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    Hypnotic track... The melody of the piano stays in mind... Really like the way you sing, Richard... We can feel a kind of loss... It's moving... Beautiful piece...
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    Hello Richard! I liked both versions. I think the second one is better, though. I think this is, lyrically, super good! I thought of guys and girls who are socially trapped into an already set life-path. Like "you have to marry this man/woman and have kids". But, what if we don't want that? What if we married the wrong person and she/he is repressing ourselves? What if a gay woman or man got married to the opposite sex just because social pressure dictates that? That's broken! I think this song is very elegant and poetic on saying so. Very nice! Kudos! Fernando.
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    Damn it Rudi. You are a right bastard. My Life Story In 50 Words Or Less - The Pale Pacific
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    Maybe one harmony. More than one and it might lean too far towards a Def Leppard sound. I think you should cut the busy keyboard from the chorus and add a lower distorted guitar playing power chords to give the chorus more balls. Plus, the busy chorus keyboard sounds kind of like a circus calliope, and doesn't have the right rock vibe, imo. I think the chorus would sound more "serious" with electric guitar rock power chords coming in to join the backing acoustic playing the broken chords. Maybe not fully sustaining power chords, but ones that also incorporate a bit of hand-muted "chunk" play when you transition to the next chord too. That additional electric guitar would also give the chorus a "heavier" feel without having to do anything with the drums. However, the key stabs do sound good as accenting sounds in the instrumental transition section. Maybe you could do something similar with an electric guitar using a cleaner sound that then transforms into the ballzy, distorted power chords when the chorus hits - like you stepped on a pedal. Just an idea. Perhaps you have the keys as a primary "progressive" element in what you hear as a prog rock tune. I think you should take this more towards post-grunge, using acoustic and clean electrics for verses that give way to heavier guitars in the chorus - like stuff from Staind, Creed, Puddle of Mud, Nickleback, 3 Doors Down, Incubus etc., and I think this might sound cooler with all guitars and no keys, and with less reverb overall. Then again, I'm biased because I do love that kind of stuff, so, maybe I just want it to go that direction. Just my personal $0.02.