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    nice tune , would probably fit well in a children's movie . you might have a winner there .
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    Welcome TR, could you please edit the original post to include the lyrics? Thanks!
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    Yes, it's definitely a good one. Welcome! I'll come back when I have more time and check out your song.
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    Okay thanks, I only came across this site last night, I'm having a little explore, I just been looking at the guidelines for giving critique and have been listening to a few songs. I will be putting some critique up shortly on a few songs. Seems like a nice little community here.
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    Just a heads up: While there is no "rule" requiring it, some of us won't really provide any critiques until a poster is actively participating by critiquing others' work. It's nothing personal. Just that sometimes musicians will come post their work and then disappear, and it can make people feel like they wasted their time giving feedback to someone who was actually just promoting their work on any site they could find. But if you do decide to be a part of the forum, even just a little bit, you'll likely get some really helpful posts in return.
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    Boy oh boy .now chorus gotta change.lmao.
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    Wild sex and live happily ever after,the end
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    I really enjoyed the song, and the video. I think it's a very strong song, for my taste anyway! I found myself moving to it, and when you get to the 'make up your mind' the lift felt really good to me. My only nit, there's a kind of distant vocal after the first chorus which seems too distant or muted to me. I get the feeling that you imagined that part to sound like the backing vocalists part and it seemed that way to me too, but I couldn't tell what you were singing...and for just that small part it would sound great if you could find a female singer (or even better TWO female singers) to do it. Really good song and apart from that part I picked on it all sounded great to me.