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    After reading a recent conversation about a song in the songwriting forum, I am rethinking some life choices. It appears that guitar harmonics can be a red flag that someone is pretentious and also could be a potential sign that someone is a total loser. As a guitarist who occasionally uses harmonics, I am now wondering if perhaps I have been a pretentious loser the entire time and didn't even know it! I mean- I can handle being a loser for entirely different reasons. But pretentiousness? Man that really sucks! I feel like I should just go the rest of the way now and install an incense burner at the end of my guitar and start making sex faces every time I bend a note. You know- Like pretentious losers do. Sorry if anyone in here does that btw. You're probably not pretentious or a loser. And if so I love you anyway.
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    Hello Beautiful People. My Name is Chris Mitchell. I am a musician, but, I am more of a Musical Expressionist. I am Raw. I am Real. I have lived through much adversity, but, I believe through Great Adversity comes Great Victory. I am excited to be a part of this Musical Community.
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    Dek's ignoring this because he's busy getting ready to post a new tune.
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    - Vocal approach 1 - - Vocal approach 2 - Crossroads /verse If with time I still remember you know it won’t be without regret because I know you have been trying hard and it makes me sad now I see it fall apart but there always seems there is nothing I can do to make you feel alright /verse With every dream we had now broken a love once strong has turned too plain yet something with her face makes me remember how it was but that was then and it doesn’t really matter anymore /chorus And all the promises we made we broke them all along the way but if only you were here I think I´d stay but all we brought together falls apart /verse Just like a cold winds quiet whisper like eerie chills and winter winds but spring will come again and it will soothe away the pain, those yesterdays just hoping that someday I'll find in truth to hope she’ll be alright. /verse (extended) And now the years are rolling by me they seem to glide away with ease Like thunder in a thunderstorm ,Like shadows on a shadows wall with every fight that starts a cry as If she ever cared for how I felt and always came with reasons, not complaints and never cared to listen, it’s not sad we should fall apart /chorus And all the promises we made we broke them all along the way but how I do how I do love you seems all we brought together falls apart
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    I'm sat here without a single idea in my head, a good few hours of potential writing and recording time ahead of me, and nothing....barely even the will to try... Words - No idea If there's anything here by the end of the day I'll be shocked...but this is posted in an attempt to make me try! Well I got something done... https://soundcloud.com/monostone-1/gotnothing03/s-vlz55 Words - Sailors screaming for God Drifting on broken boats They’ve been an age on the tide Breaking their mothers hearts Sweet fields of blue Come alive with silver tails Sweet fields of blue Wind blown wilds fill our sails Landless, stoneless the grave Escape for the brave With nothing left Starlight cold on the mate Broken Against the mast Sweet fields of blue Come alive with silver tails Sweet fields of blue Wind blown wilds fill our sails
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    Hi, I'm new here. I hope this is the way to go about "introducing myself". I'm Pahchisme Plaid--not my real name of course. I'm a lyricist/songwriter. Lyrics are my strength. I've been writing songs for about three years. A friend recommended this site to me and I'm looking forward to checking it out. I do sing some of the songs I write. I use it as a means to get the feel/sense of my lyrics across to others, but I'm not a "performer" by nature, so you won't see me on stage anywhere...well...maybe sometime at some point just for kicks, but not the norm for me. I guess that's all I'm going to share at this point. Questions may come up eventually and we'll take it from there! Thanks for accepting my registration here!
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    That's why I don't play the guitar
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    I see him out the corner of my eye hes staring right at me I want to say hello but I am way to shy is this how im meant to be Just a starter with Richard!
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    Hey there Chris.... welcome to Songstuff
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    Real drum loops played by killer drummers recorded as Rex files edited and played via the Dr. Octo Rex player fills the gap for me.
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    if I remember correctly it is 20 posts. You currently have 17. This was added as a precaution after spammers were signing up and using signature links
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    Or this! http://www.songstuff.com/recording/article/basic_pc_recording/
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    Also, have a look at this! http://www.songstuff.com/recording/article/home_recording/
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    The best thing to do if you want to purchase one, is visit a local music store, as they will be able to advise which interface would work with Windows 7. I think most should as they have been out for a while, with just small updates, but I use the Mac, so wouldn't want to give you the wrong information. A good price range would be anywhere from around £80 to £120 for a decent one that would last years. I have had my current interface since 2013 - it is a Focusrite 2i2 (this means I can plug in 2 ports and get 2 out) - and I think it cost about £120 then (it is cheaper now). This is a good interface and I know there are a couple of members on this site have the same one. It also depends on which microphone you have and how it plugs into your PC. A good microphone will have an XLR cable - one end plugs into the microphone and the other direct into the interface. This would be the same set up as they have in big studios (only they will use more expensive gear). The headphones will also plug into the jack in the interface and you can adjust the volume level on the interface. To be honest, I didn't have a clue what to do with an interface when I purchased mine. 5 minutes later I was flying. They are very simple to use. A DAW is a Digital Audio Workstation - this is a program that musicians or music creators use to make a song. They normally come bundled with lots of different instruments ('digital versions) and you can play them on a keyboard. The interface would be recognised by the DAW and anything you record into the microphone would record into, e.g. an audio track. Hope this helps. Other members might be able to provide more information to help, especially the ones based in the US.