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    Good write Tom, I like the theme and direction. Just to throw out an idea..since you know she's out there, and wonder if she will take a chance with you again, in the second verse, instead of knowing she's laying there awake thinking of times you shared, maybe you could wonder if she is...Like' Somewhere, Girl somewhere Could you be laying awake Thinking of the times we shared Wanting to drift away too It's late and something was said about a bridge. So I will read again tomorrow. This is the only idea in the lyric that came to mind, cause it's good already. I don't see anything I could offer....I'll hop in, in the morning over coffee and read again. Good stuff
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    I like an abstract lyric, this kept me reading and pulled me in. Hot jazz From underground The kind that sticks And burns your skin I'm not quite sure what it's conveying, but I like these lines a lot. Just something there I think once it's set to music we'll have a better feel for it as a whole, including the "Blue" you mentioned. I would be very interested in hearing the tune.
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    I've went in and done some things with this. Different guitars, switched the verses, extended fade-out, etc… Any comments are welcome but I'm mainly looking at the mix. My goal is to get it to sound good enough for a free download. Genre and song itself aside, if it was a song you liked, would you think the mix was good enough to download? Gracias - Randy
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    I like that idea. Thanks for critiquing. -T