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    Hi, lately my quest has been to write short lyrics. Ive had my share of bad break ups, but regardless i feel songs about love and loss the easiest to write for me. I love "in depth" lyrics. Billy Joel is one of my inspirations, but im intrigued by short songs. They show there are no bounds to writing a great song. My favourite example is "you are so beautiful" by Joe Cocker. The fact it doesn't make the process any easier proves song writing is a delicate art... "Good to go" You know i know you I know you know me You do what you do I get on my knees You know i wont lie You say when and where Without asking why You know ill be there Im good to go You know i know you I know you know me For all we've been through What of "what will be"? You know i dont mind I know you dont care They say love is blind You know ill be there Im good to go Just say the word Im good to go As if i knew any better When you knew it all along Love to me is all that matters You just love to lead me on And im good to go Just say the word Im good to go I know you know Im good to go As it occurred Im good to go (fade)
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    This is my first (and until later this year, only) album, "We Are All Famous", released on Green Monkey Records. Available on iTunes, Spotify, etc., but you can here it here for free. It made Ted Gioia's list of best albums of 2013, and he was kind of enough to say some super nice stuff on the Daily Beast: "Is this Brian Wilson Recording Under a Pseudonym? No, it’s just Jim of Seattle. Or so they say. But I’m still skeptical. Jim’s We Are All Famous, is just too creative for a self-produced project by an all-but-unknown performer. Jim knows every rock-pop production trick in the book, and uses each one at some point in this album. His conception of vocal harmonies is especially adept. Get this man out of Seattle and bring him to Carnegie Hall! We Are All Famous may have been the single most pleasing musical discovery I made during 2013. "
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    Mahesh, so it turns out that another perk of my joining Songstuff was to come across your profile I was going through your posts and music in detail today and to see a professional sounding voice, music and production like your’s trying to make it big is both an exhilarating and sobering feeling. The former reason being, this is potential star-material that can help promote quality international music through local talent (maybe even making it big globally). The latter one being, a great part of the Indian music scene is not about the kind of music that you and I have started to appreciate. I admire your courage to fight the odds and stick to your decision to make this a full-time pursuit. I was an active performer in school and college levels but never gave it a thought of going further because I couldn’t see the viability. Turns out that the heart’s stirrings have a greater strength than the mind’s calculations So, as a thirty-something who’s finally beginning to polish her voice again, I find your story really motivating. My best wishes for you and the exciting times ahead! Will keep picking up tips every now and then
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    I'm a finnish music enthusiast, who makes different kinds of music with computers. I do all kinds of mixing and mastering (mainly my own songs). My style is so called Old School - based on my history ie. mainly Blues and RnB based music. I'd like to do collaboration with different kinds of people in music industry or with the people, who feel passion for music: > bands (demo songs for bands) > songwriters > lyric writers > singers > others Jari Korhonen Lappeenranta Finland
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    Hi! My name is Tamara Hey. I'm a singer-songwriter and music teacher. I teach guitar and music theory workshops in NYC and online. My workshops are tailored to the needs of songwriters/lyricists/singers and include basic lead-sheet and chart-writing techniques. I've joined Songstuff today because I'm interested to know what music theory questions songwriters bring up so I can continue to serve those needs. Also, I love songwriting more than anything.
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    Hi nsj, Catchy and pretty clever i'm good to go. Nice. Had a little stumble with "What of what will be" just a suggestion "Is what it will be" or "what is what will be" Peggy
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    Ha... well I wouldn't say it sounds that old...just something about something about it reminded me. But I think I'm stuck in roughly 1991 so it might just be me I started my break round about the same time...
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    Yes, John, I understand. It’s also a case of “you never know what will work out and how”, so better to be aware of the know-how. I’m terrible at time management, though, so that’s a steep learning curve :-P Thanks for all the detailed pointers… will look forward to exchanging notes as both time and I make progress..