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    A song I came up with. The melody is a bit too high for me but I liked it so decided to try and sing it as best I could! Just looking for comments about the songwriting/lyrics/memorability/flow etc. thanks Lyrics: Seven hours and still no callI wait for youI been out in the freezing coldJust like I doNow you say you'll live without meoh baby, you ain't go a clueSo I'll take all my love awayand watch what you doI heard you've been running roundasking after my nameTurns out when I kicked you outLife just wasn't the sameYou really gonna stand there cryingstop whining, I ain't got the timeI did everything you asked and trust me I'm doing fineYou're going home on your ownCause I lost your number When I deleted it from my phoneGoodbye, it's better than revengeI don't want any part of your loveand I sure don't miss your friendsif you wanna see me cry, then you're wasting your time'cause goodbye, it's better than revengeLetters and Old photographsyou posted right to my dooryou really think those little thingswould leave me wanting you moreI don't want to think about youno thank you, what's it going to takeyou'll live in my memories in the past you will stayYou're getting drunk on your owncause you're not the one I call when I pick up my phone[chorus]Heartbreak only leads to one thing (Revenge)And heartbreak only leaves you one thing (Revenge)But I'm not that bitter, So I won't do the sameBecause revenge is for heartbreakersbut I'm better than revenge[Chorus
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    Hi Gang Your second challenge is a double challenge. Your mission, should you choose to accept it... Part 1: Write lyrics where the verse contains no rhymes, internal or external. The ONLY exception to this is if your verse includes a refrain, in which case the refrain can rhyme internally or externally. This is harder than it seems as lyrics still have to form a pleasing flow, but without rhyming. Many beginner writers in particular get stuck in simple rhyme schemes. This exercise is to show what can be done without rhyme. Part 2: The title you choose must be your main hook It must be placed in a powerful position (not buried mid-line, mid-verse) It must be used several time (repeated in a chorus or pre-chorus or refrain for example). Cheers John
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    It may help to do a session of Guitar Lessons. If nothing else, you'll be right there next to someone you can get hands-on instructions with. If something doesn't make sense, you can ask more questions on the spot. I'm only assuming you know how to play at least 4 or 5 of the basic chords? If not, I would learn those before the lesson so you don't have to focus on them. Welcome to the forum by the way. Randy
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    I am looking for knowledge on arrangement mainly. I want to know more about putting pieces together. I am an overly technical producer and while I have managed to learn alot, putting it all together in a meaningful format, ie a song or track, seems stunningly difficult for me. That's me.
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    Can you try and explain the basics to me? It's a great way to quickly expose where you are having difficulty. Starting with the basics, what are the horizontal lines? What does each line signify? What are the numbers?
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    Thank you for listening and commenting, Richard! I definitely keep trying to push myself. Don't know that it is avant garde, though I am very pleased you said that! I love a lot of avant garde and musique concrete stuff, and Aphex Twin is a god. I find myself going back to a lot of pioneering work, like Vladimir Ussachevsky, and thinking what he might do with modern technology. Not that I should be mentioned in the same breath. I just think a lot of the very early creativity has gotten lost due to commercialization. I feel very limited, but I think my strength is that tension between what I understand and what I want to achieve.
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    Thx for commenting!! ImKeN, yes "Incoming" was my other post. There will be several more as soon as I can track them. I'm glad you like my stuff, but I'm always open for constructive criticism too. The only instrument I can really play is drums, but I don't have a kit these days, so I use drum machine apps to build the drum parts. I'm improving on bass, and that's what I really want to play nowadays. I play barre chords, bi-tones and simple single notes on guitar, and about the same on keys. Arpeggios are next on both!! outss - I recorded guitar DI: guitar, Boss distortion box, practice amp (all to give mild distortion), then into a VST amp plugin in Reaper, then some standard verb and chorus stuff. I'm very new to that kind of thing. Not being even close to a singer, I had volume spikes that I couldn't compress or limit out, so basically I normalized the whole vox track.... and normalizing did what normalizing does. Everyone's mentioned it, and everyone's right. I won't be making that OOPS again. I made a lot of engineering oopsies in Free World that I hope not to repeat. I'm almost ready to look into side-chaining, as references to it are everywhere. I hope to get to it by the middle of tracking my next song. (I've got about a half dozen on backlog.) Thx for tips. I've already saved them into my Radio Free World Feedback file. :-)
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    Thanks for the listen and comments.....heck I've spoken english my whole life and still have problems understanding how it works...lol I've worked with the lyrics on this one a bit and for my style of singing (or lack thereof), it seems to fit me better this way. Every time I do it live though, I tweek it a little so, who knows? I might end up with exactly how you are suggesting. Cheers!
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    Of course, these are my personal tops. Leonard Cohen Damien Rice John Mayer Bob Dylan Paul McCartney / John Lennon Bob Marley
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    On it's own this is the set up line for a load of jokes! Time for the first movement... sorry, I couldn't resist. Members certainly seem impressed with your in-depth introduction lol Moving passed your keen desire to produce, can you tell us a bit about yourself?
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    i hate this but it makes me want to jump off a building so i love it
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    You don't say it. You play it.
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    In no particular order Bob Dylan Neil Young Elvis Costello Warren Zevon Jackson Browne Honorable mentions: Joni Mitchell, Joe Strummer
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    Some of my favorite lyricists in no particular order: Elliott Smith Robert Pollard Nas Lin-Manuel Miranda Tom Waits Black Francis Shane MacGowan Up until a month or so ago, I didn't know who Lin-Manuel Miranda was, but since then I have been completely obsessed with Hamilton and reading and understanding the multiple layers of meaning in his lyrics on genius.com. Edit: How could I forget Shane MacGowan!?
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    All these mentions are great. Everyone is limiting themselves to pop/rock. There's so much more out there. Sorry everyone, Stephen Sondheim is the best lyricist of all time. Not even close. Oscar Hammerstein Frank Loesser Cole Porter Yip Harburg And no, I'm not 90 years old. With the exception of late Sondheim, all these writers are way before my time. But their meticulous craft is like no others. Although musical theatre is crummy is a great many ways, it brought us an astounding body of song masterpieces.
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    Maybe not in any particular order other than Bob Dylan at the top... I can't decide on just five. These are just some of my favorites. Bob Dylan Randy Newman Tom Waits Carole King Steve Goodman John Prine John Lennon Nick Drake Paul Simon Joni Mitchell Elliott Smith Kurt Cobain (Thom Yorke and Neil Young should be on there too ...and Bruce Springsteen) (Oh crap and Stevie Wonder.. How could I forget Stevie!)
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    I can't say who's best... and I think one song alone can get you into the top 5 so I'm going by songs... and there are too many too close... but 5 I can think of right now at the top of my lyrics charts - My Death - Jacques Brel The Bewlay Brothers - David Bowie Song To The Siren - Tim Buckley Kathy's Song - Paul Simon Lover You Should've Come Over - Jeff Buckey