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    The Upside of Lonely Copyright © 2017 by L.C. Campbell V1 There’s an upside to lonely It seems to slow down time Hours never end And days drift slowly by When you give in to lonely It rises up inside Fills in all the spaces Where love used to reside Ch1 From the outside, looking in This ain’t no way to live But right now it gets me through So I’m going to hang onto The upside of lonely V2 Wrapped up in your memory There’s no need to play along Just going through the motions And always feeling wrong So I’m counting on lonely To fill me up inside To take up all the space Where love used to reside Ch From the outside, looking in This ain’t no way to live But right now it gets me through So I’m going to hang onto The upside of lonely Bridge Don’t want time to heal these wounds If healing means losing you Ch From the outside, looking in This ain’t no way to live But right now it gets me through So I’m going to hang onto The upside of lonely
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    Hello! This is a new song I'm playing with. It came together pretty quickly -- I threw this recording together this evening. Any comments/suggestions/critiques are welcome! (Why Do I) Care What You Think It doesn’t matter if you know me Don’t say a word, pretend you can’t see I glared at you but didn’t see you And now you think I’m always angry. I didn’t mean it, had a bad day I didn’t know that I was staring I was frustrated at the things in my brain A hectic morning and a late day. I could tell you that I’m sorry, try to make amends Why do I care what you think? I don’t know you, you are not my friend Why do I care what you think? Why do I care? It’s not my problem but I’ll smile, anyway Next time I see you in the elevator Just to be sure that I don’t hurt you again Fragile stranger, just like me. I could tell you that I’m sorry, try to make amends (but) Why do I care what you think? I don’t know you, you are not my friend Why do I care what you think? Fragile stranger, I know how you feel, I never, meant to, hurt you I could tell you that I’m sorry, try to make amends (but) Why do I care what you think? I don’t know you, you are not my friend Why do I care what you think? Why do I care?
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    I wrote the lyrics to this, this morning.. Did the track in about an hour... Really want to finish it I have "Green Light" by Lorde stuck in my head.. And other various songs and such I've got this bit.. but I may need ideas for where to go next And any suggestions at all.. Thank you as always UPDATED: https://soundcloud.com/jennifer8169456/ill-be-there-with-chorus [Verse 1] I miss the oceans, I miss the skies Beautiful times that aren't mine Still, I hold them to my heart As they tear me apart (Hope's not so far away, hope's not so far) [Chorus] But if I had the chance to not look back Give up everything for time to last Then tell them I'll be there Let them stop and stare But if I had the chance to not look back Give up everything for time to last Then tell them I'll be there And that I still care [Verse 2] And if you find me in the waves I don't want to be saved Leave my shadow to the night Make me believe that I'm doing right I don't need the safety of the light [Chorus] But if I had the chance to not look back Give up everything for time to last Then tell them I'll be there Let them stop and stare But if I had the chance to not look back Give up everything for time to last Then tell them I'll be there And that I still care [Bridge] Pulled away and pushed in Time's thick and time's thin Held down and held up I was away my old skin Pulled away and pushed in Time's thick and time's thin Held down and held up I wash away my old skin [Chorus] But if I had the chance to not look back Give up everything for time to last Then tell them I'll be there Let them stop and stare But if I had the chance to not look back Give up everything for time to last Then tell them I'll be there And that I still care
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    About three years ago, I announced that I'd be doing a collaboration with J.L.Smith, who is one of my musical idols. I had no idea at the time it would take so long to finish. I've posted very early versions here, but here is the first "final" mix. It's written in 13 edo (13 notes per octave). The initial programming was done in Orion 8.6. Most sound design and all mixing and mastering was done in Reaper.
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    A composition begun 30+ years ago that morphed into many different ideas, most purged & lost. This is the 1st 'final' recording now that it is 98% set in stone. I thought it suited the theme of rain well, so that's the visual pairing here. Just finished the video
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    started this up today felt like recording my own sounds let me know what you think and share any ideas you may have please
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    You have a wonderful voice. I hurt just thinking about trying to sing that high. I can hear a possible call and answer to augment/offset the higher voice, like another person coming in here and there with a lower voice or even some kind of sfx or hook. That's just me. Disclaimer- Anything I say is only my opinion and should not be held against me I love the uniqueness of your voice. I might work with the mix a little more. I understand it was a quick take and you aren't done with it. There are probably a lot of things you could do, directions you could go with this. It's really up to you. Where you sing " I am frustrated at the things in my brain". It seemed slightly crowded to me. Removing "the" from it wouldn't change the meaning, and this can apply to a lot of sentences in lyrics. Removing "the" doesn't usually change the meaning....says he who flunked english class.
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    Rob, I've been surprised & delighted with the response to this. The video, though creative in itself, was in part to help keep people's attention on this fairly long piece. I had no idea that family, friends, musicians & strangers would react so positively. I had one negative response from Matt, my former bandmate from Vinyl Frontiers. I was grateful to him for his honesty. I mean that seriously. I value that response. As a friend & musician your endorsement means a lot to me too. Its my default position to deny pride in what I do. Its how I would prefer to be. The fact is that this is my most technically demanding set piece and its been forever in the making. So yes, I confess to being proud this one time only! Thank you mate. Mahesh, Steve, thanks for the kind words guys.
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    Justin, It is hard for me to decide if the second version is better or worse. The vocals sound compressed now. They sound "the same" as the music bed. Not in a good way, I think. The vocals "ring" in the first version... the clarity of tone in your singing and in Janice's wonderful work shines like diamonds. It is so clear it feels "cool" in color. The vocal compliments, but stands apart from the bed in the first version, Justin. In my humble opinion, that is what makes the first version magical. I have been studying sound a lot lately, from a layman's point of view. I hope you will accept the notion that, despite my layman's perspective, my studies have been purposeful and intense. Among other ideas I find I believe in is this: good mixing, through the decades, has often been a matter of... well, perhaps not outright chance, but of serendipity, to be sure. The end result was often special NOT because of the decisions the engineer/producer made intentionally, but because of one's he or she made that they gave little or no conscious thought to at all. Something you did, or left unchanged, on that first mix made it stand out and sparkle. Whatever it was that you did is missing from the second version. Others may argue for the second version... saying it has a certain homogeneous quality. It does. The second version has an all over sameness... a "blended" sound that at first blush may speak to it's being a "better" mix over all... but not for me. When I listened to the first version, even multiple times, there was magic. There is no magic in the second version, for me. Lastly, of all the comments on other aspects of the song besides the mix, the one that struck me the most was David's remark concerning the presence of a harmony in a song that seems to be the expression of the thoughts and feelings of a single man. On the level of the absolute, I am forced to agree with Dave. However, I find that I do not care a whit. One of the things I did today was go back and just listen to the first version... I find that I am able to parse the song fully. The harmony does not interfere with the message. And my mind is able to create a number of scenarios that would account for the presence of a female voice in the thoughts of the man singing lead. Is it, after all, not just so in real life, my friend? I readily admit that the thoughts and feelings of my wife (representing, in this instance, a female counterpart in my world) are ever present in my own thinking. My sincere apologies if this is not what you wanted to hear. Irregardless of which version you go with, the song is special.
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    I like it! What a great bed (foundation).Could be used as a cool intro as well. I think you could work it into any style of music, the sky's the limit on this one! Hip Hop, Pop, Alt or Hard Rock. Very Cool.
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    Sorry for the delay in responding, I didn't want to bump the thread until I had a new mix to offer. Pretty much all feedback has been implemented, I removed the low pass filter and added a low velocity stick snare sample to thicken that up, I did some EQ to the bass/kick to give each their own space (and raised the bass quite a bit in some lost low notes), I lowered the vocals some (both lead and backing) which in turn forced me to lower the lead at the end. Is this mix finally done? Rob is right - redacted for now @JH Michaels - Thanks for the kind words, both issues you raised have hopefully been addressed. @RobAsh15 - Hopefully I didn't kill what you liked about the earlier version. @Simon Darveau - Lots adjusted per your advice, Simon. I'd love to see if you think this mix is more on track. @Mahesh - Thanks for the kind words and detailed feedback, Mahesh. The lead at the end was initially electric, but I didn't like it, so I recorded it again on acoustic. The switch didn't hit the spot, so I finally blended the two and I liked that much better. I wasn't able to change the tone there, but hopefully the volume change rubs off the tinniness you don't like. @ImKeN - Thanks Ken, I don't have the files handy now, but I'll pass along youtube links later. FWIW, I heeded your advice about the backing vox levels which were definitely too loud prior to the first chorus. @M57 - Thanks, Mark. I always look forward to your detailed thoughts. I must confess to being mildly disappointed because I thought that, of all my songs, this was the one that traversed some unexpected paths while still sounding cohesive and simple. As much as I completely understand the gist of your comment, I struggle to tell where you thought my chord choice stood out poorly. I presume that it is either the verse opener or the first chord of the PC, since those are the two maj7s. Would you mind elaborating some? Thanks. @HoboSage - Thanks for your feedback, Dave. I'll let you in on a secret: Janice's vocals weren't me selfishly accepting an act of generosity on her part, it was desperation. For much the same reasons you pointed out, my initial idea for this song was to be a 1+1 with very little layering, but my melody alone couldn't make the chorus pop. Changing it to a higher range was totally out of character. Janice really liked the song, so she offered to send me some harmonies to see if it would give the chorus the sparkle it lacked, and it was a total home run. Trust me when I tell that the piece leans a LOT more on her contributions than the final appears to indicate. Also, I've been listening to a lot of songs from "Live From Darryl's House" and they trade vocals between Hall and whoever the feature artist is, usually with no lyric or song reason for doing so. I've yet to hear one that I thought detracted from the piece overall, even in more intimate numbers like this. Long story short (too late!), I no longer share the concern about Janice entering a chorus about a lonely guy, but even if I did her vocals add far too much to consider changing anything now. Hopefully that makes sense. @bakerusc - Thanks! I love that opening key change as well, it gives me chills every time and it was the moment I knew the I was onto something. I'll add more later that details my unimpressive studio techniques. @outss - Thanks, the perc is clearer now and the vocals have come down. Thanks for the feedback. @Richard Tracey - Much appreciated, Richard. I still have to send you those drum samples, don't I?
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    Here's one I tracked last night. I had intended to call it something with Azure in the title, but I realized there's a video game out called " Azure Dreams". I decided to call it " Press On" instead. I thought the mood seemed to fit a kind of struggle going on. I listened to it on the way to work and it seemed a little loud for this genre, I listened on headphones and it seems to have a bit of a bite in it around the 3-5K. Is it just me or do you hear it too? It seems worse on my headphones than with open speakers. Thanks!
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    Hello All, my name is Dawn Robertson and I have been in the music business most of my life. I live and breathe music and ride the lyrics to other people's songs with great pleasure. I am looking forward to getting to know you all and would love to have you critique my work. I am open to helping others build their careers as I have never wanted to be the star of the show. I generally write lyrics as I am not a musician but I often have the melody for a lyric that I have written and will use that to work with a collaborator to bring the songs to fruition. Although I have been on the inside of a music label I tried to learn my own way of doing things and followed my instincts to achieve the goals I set for myself. I tend to make my own path and with experience I have come to learn that there are several ways to make it in the industry if you so choose. I have worked with many people in the industry and have utilized what I have learned over the years into a better product and experience. I come to Songstuff with great respect for all of you who are willing to put yourself and your work out there. I have worked in film and radio industries as well as music so I have had a little taste of everything. I even turned down a singer/songwriter deal with a Nashville label as I wanted to perfect my craft before doing so. There is a time and place for everything and it was just not the right time for me. The owner of the label said he understood my decision as a singer/sonwriter of my caliber. His words still remain with me to this day and they have allowed me to grow and have a career that I completely control. I was never in it to be famous or rich. I just love what I do.
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    I like it. Nice bass sound. The only small nit I would have is the dragging sound in the shaker? I think it's a shaker. I think the track calls for separation in the sounds and the shaker seems to be tying it together. This is just the way I'm hearing it which might be different than you. Nice track though. I could see cutting off the reverb tails to give it more of a stop and go feel or taking out reverb all together. JMHO.
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    Great job on this one so far Richard! I keep wanting to hear some Enyaesk female harmony in the chorus. Great stuff.
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    Ah all my recordings sound like this unfortunately, as it is true. I'm recording in my dorm room and am actually terrified someones gonna hear me.. although i'm pretty sure everyone has... once i get the definite melody (and possibly a new mic!) i'll practice and practice and practice. That's really interesting! I was actually scared it sounded too much like green light.. but this gives me some confidence :). Thank you!!! Yeah that melody kind of came out of no where but i really like it... currently working on the second verse melody... have a few ideas. I am wondering though... Should I make the "apart" thingy that I have going on here, a prechorus? Or more of a second chorus? I was trying to bridge it last night so that it would go into the chorus that I have written here.. but I think I used up all my creative juices haha. Yeah I need to work on a melody for the chorus I have written... it'll definitely have to be catchy and I hope I don't disappoint. And that's weird too! I've actually never really listened much to funk... but I was definitely keeping a dance-pop vibe in mind Ah!!!! I'm very glad that it's something you would listen to... that means a lot Thank you all for the comments and taking the time to listen <3 I may not be able to work on it 100% as school is picking back up again.. but I feel this song has so much potential and it's my duty to finish it.. Thanks all again
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    Hi Emily - always nice to listen to one of your songs. I love the character in this one and your singing and phrasing is lovely. I know someone mentioned about Portishead and I think that might be the use of the organ sound and the playing. You don't sound like Beth, but with that sound and your voice, they make a very interesting combination. There are few points in the song where they vocals need tightened up and there are maybe too many words for the melody, but these are things you can tweak as you are building the song up.
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    Well, thank you again! I actually did not think I made it clear this song is about a good friend... My main focus was on the emotions, and not the exact story. It should be general, fit into several stories (besides mine) and change according to one's perspective. Funny thing, I like this song more and more with time, becoming on of my favorites... And yes, you are right, this story has been told like a million times. But ,as you said, million and one sounds about right to me LOL I'm also thinking about posting here another song soon. You are very nice, I'm glad to hear from you!
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    Thanks Ken! Haha, you know, if I knew how to do that effect you are talking about, I totally would have... I just couldn't figure it out so I did it "manually" with my voice