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    Hi everyone! I've been recording another one of my songs. This one is a bit more up-tempo. There's certain things I'm not yet completely happy with, mainly related to the vocals. I would love to hear your comments/opinions/feedback on anything from the arrangement, production, or mix. Is there anything that sticks out that sounds wrong? Thanks! https://soundcloud.com/will-sketches/love-right-now-new-demo
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    Hello everyone,looking forward to your impressions...I think this is my best work so far...thanks in advance <333
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    hey... you'll get more folks to listen to your stuff if you interact on the boards. Give a little to get a little. I see your other post has some of the members wondering if you are a drive by spammer? This is a cool community with lots of knowledgeable members. Hope you can embrace the atmosphere here and join the fun. Be Well, Lisa
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    Hey all. Haven't had much time for writing of late. This is the first in a long while. Thanks for any feedback you can offer. I know some don't like political tunes. Couldn't help myself. It is what inspires me of late. 100 Days Music & Lyrics by David S. Becker (c)2017 David S. Becker Music INTRO VERSE 1 I'm drying my eyes I'm torn up inside This once was a place Where the heart and the soul They could thrive PRE-CHORUS (How can they cheer) When we're dying (And turn a blind eye) To the lying (For 100 days) I've been crying When compassion is lost We will all pay the cost And a nation is failing It's all crumbling down In just ... CHORUS 100 days (Watch it burn) 100 days (When will we learn) 100 Days What have we done VERSE 2 In the harbor she stands With a torch in her hand She's welcoming those From distant and faraway lands PRE-CHORUS (How can they cheer) Liberty's dying (And turn a blind eye) To his lying (For 100 days) Autocracy's looming When all decency strays While the suits look away And the house on the hills Gone from bright white to gray In just ... CHORUS BRIDGE I think I'm goin' crazy I must be losing my mind I don't even recognize this place Maybe I'm blind Tell me I'm dreaming Or I simply lost my way It's all gone to hell In just 100 days CHORUS x 3/Fade
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    I recently started a Youtube Vlog series called Mahesh Music Diaries to simply express all the things that goes on in my day to day life as a singer songwriter. I thought it'd be a great thing for the humble audience I am fortunate to have back home. But also, it is a great exercise to see yourself from third person and be able to mould yourself into a better and wiser person. And also, it's fun! This is one question that has been asked way too many times in my short career than I can remember. It seems fair that the first reaction to a singer-songwriter with mostly sad music is to think that he’s pretty much a sad sod with nothing else to talk about. But is it really accurate? I wanted to answer this question on my vlog and that’s what I wanted to share with you here today. P.S I use profanity. P.P.S It's meant to be a light-hearted and casual account of my every day life. P.P.P.S If you subscribe, I'll show you India like you've never seen before. Okay, I admit the last one was a sly attempt. Never mind
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    Hey, we are a songwriting/production duo from Canada hoping to get some feedback on our new stuff.
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    they are saying what main vocal is singing it's delay
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    Nice one, broheem. Are you actually old enough to remember Abbot and Costello?
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    Tom there you go> be must be an American thing ?
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    I dont really do genres, but witha gun at my head it would be zydecko cajun zombie gumbo NewOrleans. Best guess.
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    Patty, Thanks a lot for the kind words. Unfortunately it is very hard to write properly as I started learning English when I was way too old for knowing the usage of the things like articles, prepositions or tenses by heart. I can sit in front of a sentence and try to figure out for very long time on what article to use and if I should use it at all. Then I ask someone who grew up in an English spoken country and they do not hesitate a second to come up with a proper word. :))) The correction on the 2nd line works just fine. As of the 3rd line - "seasons are forever changing" is (as I understand) the proper way to say what I wanted to say. I will need to think now on how to redo the ending block properly. Thank you again for your help! You are great! )))
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    Hi PP! Hope you've been busy. Thanks for your input. I really appreciate it. I was hoping that the bridge would be more of a rap but I forgot to communicate that when they went to record it. I was hoping the singer would let loose there but she copied what I had sent her. Thanks for listening! Be Well, Lisa
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    What happened? Have I really been too tired to write? Ugh! Maybe it's because I've been busy, distracted, and uninspired. Perhaps the few projects I've been working on have been enough...but I really do want to write. There's a song on the tip of my pencil just waiting for me to find the time to get it to paper. I wrote three songs for a specific project. I'd like to do two more for it. Somehow writing for someone else isn't as rewarding to me. When I write for me my brain goes on this journey like nothing else! It's hard to explain. I've noticed that when I help with other people's songs my brain functions much more structured. or hesitant. maybe uncertain? I wonder if anyone else has every had this happen? Ah well, in time it will all be worth it.
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    its a very beautiful song. though, i feel like the cymbal distracts me too much, it's not the right texture.. i don't know. maybe a closed hat? i don't know if that's the terminology. but i was falling asleep to it otherwise. really beautiful
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    I love this song, and I love your voice! You have a real gift for this. The words are just right...not sappy, not amateurish, just perfect. And the melody is memorable. I think a lot of people would like this. If if I had to find something to criticize, I would say I shorten the intro. It really gets interesting at about the 30-second mark. But I'm reaching...its really appealing as it is. Thanks for posting.
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    It's a lovely song, @moptop. You have such a great tone to your voice and the melodies were very soothing to my ears. It sounds like a great lullaby. Great stuff, Ken
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    Pleaskeepupright is an unusual first name. Was the vicar trying to prevent the font toppling?