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    I play guitar, and I think I'm a solid player. But, I've been playing for decades. I also don't play guitar in all my stuff - not even close to it. A guitar is just a tool to make music, and there are a lot of such tools. You get little sympathy from me, and here's why. There are zillions of people right now all over the world making damn good music would don't play ANY traditional musical instrument worth a damn at all. Let me say that again so it sinks in. There are zillions of people right now all over the world making damn good music would don't play ANY traditional musical instrument worth a damn at all. With the technology available today, you don't have to play a musical instrument to make good music. The technology IS a musical instrument, and an incredibly powerful and versatile one. Can't play a guitar well enough to make good music? Then make good music using something ELSE. Get a DAW with a library of sounds and get to work. I can assure you that getting into the music tech to make music is tons easier than learning and practicing barre chords or finger picking to the point where you sound good doing it - and then there's the further learning curve of trying to get good audio recordings of your guitar playing. You say you have these "visions" for your songs . . . this one is a country tune . . . that one is a rocker? Where have your musical visions gotten you except still stuck on square one? They aren't visions. They're mirages. Get the tech, start making music and go where it takes you. The clock is ticking. It's time to, literally, "get with the program."
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    Hiya guys, I recently came back from a 2 week tour with a couple of gigs and a bit of vacation time too. I had a gig at one of the better known venues when I got to the country's capital. It was an absolute experience playing there. So the venue has this thing called "The Silent Song" which is pretty cool. Basically, at a certain part of the set, the staff of the venue ask the entire audience to stay absolutely quiet for that one song decided by the artist to be "The Silent Song". Bars shut, waiters directed to stop serving and everyone is requested to politely take their conversations outside or stay absolutely silent during this song. Their intention, as they explain is to see the song from the perspective of the artist. And most of the time, it turns out to be the most special part of the set. And to me it was indeed. I decided to do this cover of Jason Mraz for it. I knew it was going to be an intense experience to have a packed house huddled in silence but didn't exactly expect myself choking up. But anyways, I thought I'll share it to those who would wander on here Hope you guys are doing well! Cheers and thank you. P.S John and I have been working on some really exciting stuff for Songstuff. And we're looking forward to making this place much bigger and better. So to reduce the need to create another topic for this, I just wanted to say - thank you! For sticking around and making this place what it is. Can't wait for some upgrades.
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    Practice Recording.... If your playing is under par it might be that you simply need to allot special time in your day to practicing with a metronome (it works) and building yourself up from there. An old teacher of mine use to always stress playing scales before all else even if you feel you've mastered them and don't see the point of going through the route/rut process. Mostly because it builds confidence. If you play something simple but well it can offer confidence to play more. Practice the songs you are learning or want to record after you've practiced and record your scales. Not fast just at a medium tempo. Don't dive in to recording practice before you attempt to perform. Do this every day for at least a month. You'll gain confidence with your technique and comfort with your recordings. Listen to your recording each day but don't be too critical of your recorded performance. Don't expect overnight improvement. Understand that everyone goes through up slopes and down slopes when advancing technique. Mostly stick to it. Don't give up on yourself. It's extremely hard to maintain effort when you don't see immediate reward and are trying to do it all alone. If you can find a jam buddy, If not find a teacher. It's hard to judge your own development by yourself and maintain inspiration. Try to play out in front of others. Relatives, friends, co-workers anywhere you can get an audience. If they aren't throwing rotten food at you consider it progress and success. This will lead to confidence in general with your playing and help you to stay motivated. Often times it's confidence and concentration which are the real issues with performance. It can be hard to stay focused. There is a very good book which is intended for all musicians of all musical styles called https://www.amazon.com/Inner-Game-Music-Barry-Green/dp/0385231261 The inner game of music. In it the book discusses various internal issues which can stymie skills and creativity and how to overcome them. Me I'm not the greatest extrovert in the world and when I read it many many years back it helped me deal with internal conflicts which were working against my musical abilities. It's not just a bunch of hocus pocus "You can do it!" rhetoric. It contains strategies for success that anyone can use to release the "Inner mozart" within us all.
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    I have to agree with David. I have no music training, but tons of ideas come to me everyday. I use a DAW and VST's to get my ideas down. As a result I have become a bit more competent on the piano, but having a DAW means I can layer and don't need to worry about playing 2 handed if it is going to be a complicated piece of music. You can also play it slower than you need and speed up to the BPM you desire. The amount of options out there for sounds is staggering and I started 3 tracks in one night after downloading Analog Strings as the ideas just flowed as I was playing around with the presets.
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    All for the mad Lyric by: Raymond Fry & Ray Beard Can you hear the drums son Do you hear the drums They’re coming for the young son They’re coming for the young Can you hear the pipes son Do you hear the pipes They’re playing for the young son The madness has begun All dressed up in your uniform You’ll stand there full of pride The men that stand beside you Will march into the lie All for the drums son All for the flag All for the pipes son All for the mad Can you hear the guns son Do you hear the guns They’re firing at the young son They’re firing at the young Can you hear the cries son Do you hear the cries They’re coming from the young son The dying has begun You’ll think about your family You’ll dream about your love Good men will fall beside you Until you've had enough All for the drums son All for the flag all for the pipes son all for the mad Can you see the flag son do you see the flag It's flying for the mad one's it's flying for the land Can you hear the lord son do you hear the lord He's crying for the young son For wars are never won Your heart will die a thousand times you'll see your brothers fall The men that fight againt you are brothers one and all All for the drums son all for the flag all for the pipes son all for the mad All for the drums son all for the flag all for the pipes son all for the mad © Copyright worldwide all rights reserved All for the mad.mp3
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    I have only one thing to say..... "we could be the heroes" has been playing through my head all day......
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    Hey Tom, If I have learnt anything over the years it is the fact that the past is the past and we are only as good as what we create today. There are many who have amazing past records but were unable to keep up to date with the changes that today's music demands and I have to admit that I am one of them. Today I don't have the drive that I once had and I create for the sake of creating. I'm just lucky enough to have some composers and producers who still like what I do, and as long as that is the case I will be writing till the day I die.
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    Not all of my friends are so cagey, I think that the ones who are light on their profile don't wish to be inundated with calls or emails because they have to deal with enough as it is.
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    Oh yes, I've seen this happen way too much! I'm sure there are a lot of scrawlers on the web (a bot going from site to site, maybe in this case it is something that goes through youtube vids too maybe) that filter videos out based on trending keywords and what not. Once the link is available, it is an easy one to make it available for download (illegally of course). In this day and age, it's a click away for you to find ways to download a video off of youtube, facebook, soundcloud etc with a single click. No wonder Prince hated it. lol
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    It was written by Roger Miller. Roger also recorded it originally.
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    Love this, Tom! I really appreciate the encouragement.
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    I think this is good. I like the song. I agree with many of the other comments here. The chorus doesn't lift as dynamically as it could... the spoken bit is cheese on toast... and yeah the title/hook might be an issue, but from memory I think you have quite a few named after iconic songs so maybe you enjoy playing with that. Also I think the final word 'heroes' sounds wrong, in some way...just a bit off maybe...but also a bit of an x factor style ending? About the 'hey'... I think John is right to suggest dropping it, as it stands, but... I think you could either lose that or maybe add to it. I mean if it was a big hey with a load of echo and/or backing heys, maybe it would work as a feature, maybe, whereas the way it is now it sounds a bit weak and unneeded.
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    More suggested lyric tweaks: Besides cutting each "hey," I would also cut the "and" starting the first and third lines of the choruses. Additionally, I think "the heroes to protect" should be "the heroes who/that protect," and "the heroes to secure" should be "the heroes who/that secure." As is, you're saying the heroes are the ones who need protection and saving. I think the chorus lyric is too wordy and redundant. I would sing it this way, having harmonies and holding "heroes" in the second and fourth lines: we can be the heroes the heroes we can be the heroes heroes * I actually think "we will be your heroes" would sound better and be more accurate. In fact, I think you should "we will" in each instance you now have "we can." I must say, no matter how different this is thematically, musically and melodically, I don't think you avoid comparison to the iconic Bowie song, and because that song is so iconic and so good, that's not a comparison your song, or any song with a "we can be heroes" kind of hook, could possibly hold up well to. Despite the genesis inspiring this lyric, I would now write a completely different lyric for this music. P.S.: Hey, don't you worry Your cries are being heard There's no reason to be You're not alone You don't need to be scared
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    Loads of experiences in there for you to draw on for writing songs Mike. Sometimes even bad experiences are a Godsend for songwriters. There was a guy named Boxcar Willy who wrote a hit song (King of the road) that went something like this.... Trailers for sale or rent Rooms to let 50 cents No phone no pool no pets Ain't got no cigarettes Ah but two hours of pushin broom buys an 8 X 12 four bit room I'm a man of means by no means King of the road.
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    Thanks for your insight Tom, and of course everyone else's thoughts. From my own perspective I find it to be a difficult balance between telling all and possibly coming across as a braggart, and just giving enough information so that people can check me out further if they so wish. Many of my friends in the music business don't even show their photo or give any links or information on their profile except for their title or position in a company. I am now getting on in years (67) and am beyond worrying too much about anything. I've done my apprenticeship via the school of hard knocks since the age of 15 and prefer to help younger people whenever I can spare the time. http://www.midaskingproductions.com/raymond-fry.html
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    Hey Richard A few points for what it is worth... Half the intro I would drop "hey" at the beginning of each verse 1st verse, 2nd line, "heard" is wrong note. You nail the verse melody elsewhere. That sticks out like a sore thumb synth melody Is a smidge too loud for me in prechorus synth melody is too loud for me on chorus like the idea of the chorus synth melody, you get the right notes but over cook it a bit. Not sure it is the right sound, it might well sit better once you take the part volume down a bit. Bridge, not a huge fan of speak singing, it can veer into cheesy too easily Mix, could be me listening on ear buds, probably us, but there was no real bass. Quite a trebly mix on the heroes line towards the end, will need to work on some subtle variations other than that, I thought it hung together much better i know now it is a WIP, and you no doubt have pegged some of these to work on, but I didn't want to assume, so I included points for completeness.
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    Yes, we talked quite a bit about that approach in this forum. Agreed that it would be better as two songs. This one, the "Advice" song and a different one as "the Confessional." Still working on that one.
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    Will my baby says she loves me then she'll go and leave me she never tries to please me but I'm still in love with her or so why do I still love her Just my opinion
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    Production sounds top notch to me. I'll leave the specific frequency and recording issues to the expert ears who posted above. I like a lot of the textural elements that you bring into the arrangement and that goes a ways toward keeping things interesting, but the vocalist is the clearly the star here, and all the details of her sound and nuanced performance are there. The way you worked with her tracks didn't offend me, but I don't doubt you would do well to heed their advice. Granted, I'm not a huge fan of canned loopey 808 style (trance?) programming, at least not as the secondary focal point of the piece, but that's what you have created here - It doesn't help that the actual "song" has two chords throughout the entire piece - no modulations, turnarounds, ect. So you have nothing in the way of harmonic motion to inform or support whatever the form is - if there is any, which makes the the "song" (not the production) boring to me. It's a shame because I love harmonically what jazz chords bring to songs, and you play them well, and the singer absolutely gets the chord scale implications and nails things melodically with all the right tensions in all the right places. Unfortunately, because the tune only has two chords, the singer is reduced to one chord scale, which is a shame for a number of reasons - for instance in servicing the world of the lyric, which you didn't post - but I'm going to guess that it's rather monochromatic too. That of course is my very subjective and biased opinion, but I don't always understand why, with so much musical talent and skills with production that such a large percentage of music has 3 or less chords. I know that's what the majority of listeners can - or want to - handle, but geez. Don't get me wrong, there is some very good music that gets by with a limited harmonic palette, but blah blah ramble on.. Sorry, I'm feeling old and crotchety. Maybe another cup of coffee.. -Mark
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    I think maybe the whole lyric should be in first person direct to the woman. I don't know how many lines you wanted in the chorus but how about: I know you love me baby Hell I used to love you too But you've got to listen to me When I say that through means through Keep or sweep. Phil.
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    @TapperMikeI need to do exactly what you suggested. When I was getting regular practice time, I was getting better and using a metronome was helping. I took up guitar to support my songwriting. I didn't/don't read music (minimal), but the guy who was showing me how to play wasn't concerned about that. He just showed me chord shapes--enough to put chords with a song. I use a capo. I may just check out that book you suggested. I haven't checked out the link yet, though. @Rudi If by using two tracks, you mean record guitar on one and vocals on the other, I did think of that, but I've discovered I play differently--with less intonation when I don't sing with it. @HoboSage you hit a sore spot with your comments about technology. I do need to "get with the program". I am so not tech savvy. Its been even more an area of frustration for me than the guitar playing. I know enough to get me in trouble and working with Audacity has thoroughly frustrated me, so though I have thought of doing separate tracks--I put it off because I have to use Audacity. I once had a taste of Garageband and I think I'd like that (more user friendly for non-techies), but I don't own a Mac. Little at a time....I may head that route as resources allow. @Ray888, I've considered what you mentioned, but I don't know what I have to offer a guitarist except possibly my vocals on their track but I don't really want to agree to something like that until I know what I'm getting into or I could provide some help with lyrics if they struggle with that (which they can get here anyway), @Richard Tracey, Your comment are encouraging to me because I also have no music training. I go by ear.
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    Jenn read and re read still nothing sinks in as ( and I know rhyme is not the be all of a story ) but I can't get past it , Mr fox took my hand looked me in the eye told me there's no plan he came form the hills somewhere far away lets live tomorrow not today time can always break as love leads you astray never leave your hope in a place to far away keep it close because you'll want it someday Mr fox saw in my face he had lost my trust lies can't keep me safe to many rivers crossed then time starts to fade this song must be sung about a love that's done just my opinion john