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    Hey all, These are song collaborations that Andy and I were involved in recently: I was more of a translator to be honest. Andy helped her out with the english lyrics. Emi Maria is an independent alternative/R&B, artist(Japanese). Hope you guys enjoy the songs, Ken/Andy
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    I've got an instrumental album available here. These are all tracks I was going to write lyrics to, but decided to leave em alone. https://dallonghan.bandcamp.com/album/no-time-to-rest
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    Hi all. I've been working a funk tune. I've been experimenting with distilling that 70s soul/funk vibe, but then put it into a modern EDM-type production. I hope this comes across as such? Let me know what you think of it. I've posted the lyrics, but they're of secondary importance. So unless something is completely off with them, I'd appreciate feedback on anything that might stick out as wrong with the music or production. Thanks! https://soundcloud.com/will-sketches/superking-electro-funk-remix Chorus/hook: If I do that one thing Can I be your superking If I do that one thing Can I be your everything Verse: Look at you, I'm getting excited Standing in the bus I love your shoes, to dance all night in Just the two of us I feel your breath all over my body Your perfume fills the air And tonight you have decided To let me take you there
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    Hello, I'm looking for any feedback on this one as it is so far. I keep thinking of things to change and I only did it yesterday so I've not really had time to let it settle enough to even know whether it's good or bad... Anything you want to say will be useful. Thanks 1st version - https://soundcloud.com/monostone-1/circlearound02/s-LC8Gq I"ve done a second version now...better? Worse? - From the mountains to the forest You are lost out there in the rain When the cold wind blows You’ll sell your souls For a flame We have left a trail of sugar For the faithful in the fog If you follow the blades that glitter And the sound of love We’ll turn you on Hey little lambs Follow the sound Hey little lambs Green as the ground Holding hands We’re singing life as we Circle around Giant sunflowers out of season Light the forest road And the music on the breeze Is bringing the sheep back home
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    I wrote this when I woke up 3:30 AM and the toilet started spraying water on everything and I went to get towels and a clock was ticking in the closet... I've also been listening to Melodrama by Lorde so it has that kind of feel ... Stepping over makeshift shadows on the ground Can't hurt their feelings but they'll hurt ours Sending off those hidden nightmares into sound Can't hurt their feeling but they'll hurt ours The clock in the closet Stops for the wrong reasons Rewind for the moment Count backwards to try to save it Count back to try to save it The clock in the closet Stops for wrong reasons Rewind for the moment Together can we save it Oh the night lives insides us All the light stays inside us Oh the night lives inside us Lives inside us Reflecting secrets, so dull they disappear Manifesting and confessing fears won't dry up the tears (We manifest and confess our fears, won't dry the tears) Won't take you from here Cant ever leave here The clock in the closet Stops for wrong reasons Rewind for the moment Count backwards to try to save it Count back to try to save it The clock in the closet Stops for the wrong reasons Rewind for the moment Together can we save it Oh the night lives insides us All the light stays inside us Oh the night lives inside us Lives inside us Rest my head, change my bed, new words to be said Another day, as it fades, close my eyes and hold my breath Oh the night lives insides us All the light stays inside us Oh the night lives inside us Lives inside us Oh the night lives inside us All the light stays inside us Oh the night lives inside us Lives inside us Ill work on music sometime this week. But just generally, how does this read?? Thanks so much! Edit: I came up with this like.. dark.. housey tune (not mixed or mastered) https://soundcloud.com/jennifer8169456/wrong-reasons-instrumental/s-6Glms I'm not sure if I'll use it. I need the opportunity to record vocals.. but it's kind of like the feel I want for the song What do you guys think?
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    **** UPDATE POSTED BELOW IN THE COMMENTS **** Hi all. Started this track tonight and just looking for some feedback on whether it is working so far (e.g. vocals, melody etc). The lyrics aren't complete and I'm not happy with the drums. There are only 4 tracks of synths and drums and vocal, so still a lot to be added, including bass. There is no bridge and the track is just short of 2 mins at the moment, but it is just to give a general feel. It's something a bit different for me (well I think so), so hopefully you like it. The song was going to be called 'The Life of Reilly', but I thought Dek would really think all I do is trawl old songs and use their titles for my songs Cheers Richard https://soundcloud.com/moodman-1/the-girl-with-the-flower-in-her-hair-17062017-0013/s-fM31V The Girl With The Flower In Her Hair (music/lyrics by Richard Tracey) I have lived the life of Reilly I have been the smart and the wily But the world is changing And I don't want to change with it All the things I have in my name All the money, all the women, all the fame I would give it all up To go back to a better time And the pictures of the past Are lying over there And I can see the girl With the flower in her hair How I wish I was there With the girl with the flower in her hair Girl with the flower in her hair
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    I think this has loads of potential. Dig the laid-back jazzy vibe of the verses (wish I could hear your softer guitar playing better), the build of the pre-choruses, and then the Oasis-like power of the the melodic choruses - awesome real sweet chord choices, including some open chords I've used plenty of time myself because they sound so good. Anyway, the big weaknesses as I hear them, are the second pre and chorus, and the bridge. I think the best stuff here about this song is the chord progression and melody of the pre-choruses, followed by the "care free" hook during the choruses. So, I think not using the" care free" hook for the second chorus is a big mistake. I strongly suggest that following "The lonely people are saddened, young hearts abandoned," should be something like "if only they could see they need to be . . . care free . . . . care free." I might also use something like "so many people saddened" instead of referencing "lonely people" there, just because "lonely" is the adjective you used previously to describe the planet. So strong is that "care free" chorus and hook, I would also have the song end with an extended "care free" chorus section. Something sounds off and not right to me about the bridge progression and melody. It sounds tentative and unsure to me. I don't think you're nailing that section, and that it still needs work. Just my opinions. Good Stuff! David
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    Thanks for listening, Richard! I believe the song she wrote with the Songstuff member is going to be a 1+1(vox+guitar), so I'm looking forward to that!
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    Interesting. The 'icey synth' does deliberately get kind of pitchy which was intended to make things feel uneasy...but maybe that didn't work well. And I put a lot more time into the music on this than the vocal so you're right about that too, Sreyashi. Maybe it'll turn out that this isn't working yet... Or might not at all... I wonder what I'll think after a few days
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    I like the chorus.. though musically, it sounds more happy-happy to me than melancholic. I wasn't so sure about the verses. Then again, it could be because of the 1 2 1 2 pattern which starts off right from the beginning. It's like the song is already out on a march but the verses are trying to play catch-up (apologies for the terrible attempt at giving a comparable example ) Apart from this, it's too early to give a full feedback as the song is yet to be fully constructed. But it's going in an interesting direction...
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    Hey, Ken - these sound really nice - I just wish we could have heard the singers voice more and not auto-tuned to hell!!!!
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    It's a rainy day here, and I'm listening to this, and I think it's beautiful how it is: little production and rough recording, but raw and beautiful. My only comment is about the last section "Oh if I knew how to hear, I'd listen If I could to talk to those who cry, I'd heal them If I knew the words to use, appealing Sweet like honey, oh if we all knew how to behave: Care-free, so care-free" I was looking for a phrase to hold on to, that I could just get lost in while the song faded out.. Maybe if you made care free your hook If you picked some of those lines above and did something like this; Oh if I knew how to hear, I'd listen care free If I knew the words to use, I'd speak care free .... Something like that. But I enjoyed the song either way
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    Cheers Jenn - I think from Dek's comment I probably know why you couldn't get into it last night. The drum is out of sync. When I listened this morning with fresh ears, I thought I was listening to a different song from last night, it wasn't till I listened a couple of times that it started sounding okay, as the drums fade into the background on subsequent listens. It doesn't mean they will stay, as I now know they are a problem. I know what you mean about the 'there' part, but it sang this several times last night before I recorded the vocals and it sounded better this way, a kind of melancholy feeling. I think the 1 2 1 2 might sound better once there is more in the song and I reduce the velocity of the string part. It should soften up a bit.
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    P.S Jenn, thanks for noticing and liking my different voice. I'm not sure I like it yet but the tune made me sing that way.
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    Ah ok, the taped strings sound. I like that one but we'll see what I think after a time... I find it hard to judge so soon. I might hate the whole thing after a week. Still not figured out what the ding dong you mean is...but that penny might drop in time too Thanks Jenn.
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    Hey Richard, something seems off to me with the rhythm or sync between the beat and the low up n down string thing which forms the backing... so from the off the timing feels out to me and for that reason I couldn't get into it. It might only be a fraction out but it's like, if it was a band, somebody's not keeping up with somebody else. When some additional drums join in it only amplifies the issue... The melody seemed like it could be good but that rhythmic issue prevented me from really listening properly, it made me feel a bit drunk And I have been out in the baking sun for the last 4 hours but I think I still have all my marbles....
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    I listened to this yesterday, and did not like it. But I'm listening today, and now I do... aye music is strange. The only things I have to mention are How you phrase "How I wish I was there" I feel like "there" should be ended on a note above "was", so it kind of feels enlightened and gives you the sense that "there" is a really nice place I also think that maybe the constant 1 2 1 2 beat you have going on maybe be too overpowering at time. It may sound better in the final mix. But keep going with this one, I feel like you could have a great drum solo, very 80s like Dallon said. But I mean who just has drummers laying around
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    @AlexOConnor ah yes I definitely agree with "counting back to try to save it".. thank you so much @Richard Tracey Hopefully I'm not channeling Lorde too much, but I definitely had one of her songs in my head while writing it.. but I was also half asleep and my melodies tend to change drastically.. (Listen to Melodrama if you haven't... really good album). I agree with manifesting and confessing, and I may try "We manifest and confess our fears, won't dry the tears" However, in my head I do feel it quite chunky and segmented as Man i fest ting and con fess ing ouuur fears, won't dry up the tears So I think I have to sing it and see which sounds better... But yeah really excited for this one melodies are already starting to come together without any music and that's when I know a song is going to work Thank you :)!
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    @Jenn - this is a really good lyric and has a lot of melodrama. My only issue is, you may find it difficult to sing some of the words the way you have written them, as they make the line too long compared to the other parts of the verse 'They are lovely words and sound really good, but manifesting is a hard word to sing in that line (i have tried - as I do with all lyrics I read). It feels clunky. Maybe try and change to just 'Manifest' and then change 'confessing' to 'Confess', they make a rhyme which should sound quite cool together. I would also remove the 'up' from that line, it will roll off better. Also as Alex says above, change the Count backwards line. Backwards is another word that can sound clunky and Alex offers a decent compromise. You can clearly see you have been influenced by Lorde recently, but I can't wait to hear this song once you have the music done. Good start.
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    Sounds brill, I could imagine this in the Lorde style. Count backwards to try to save it <<< Not keen on this line and I suspect because of it's harsh tones CounT BaCKwards will make it hard to sing it without projecting a somewhat clumsy vibe. Sometimes when a lyric doesn't fit properly the first word of a line can be started at the end of the preceding bar. Possible variations could include: Counting back to try and save it (substitute back-wards" for count-ing) Count backwards try an' save it (dropping the d of and)
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    It's so refreshing to hear a real bass line promiment AND interesting in the mix, mega props for that! My one and only criticism is a bit lame because I have nothing of substance to offer in substitution, but particularly in the beginning I felt like the gap between the end of one lyric and the start of another was quite long, that typical 70's and 80's vibe for me is riddled with vocal sampling! But I appreciate yo may not be going for that. Great track!
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    Really catchy tune I think the instruments sound a bit strong sounding in the highs. The stabbing synths could have much more depth. Also the rhodes piano I think might sound more full if you put a stereo image effect on it. The vocoder part is pretty cool- again, it sounds a bit in the high range. The bass could have a touch more bump as well. Guitar sounds great It's a party song, I could see people getting down to. Nice Work, I would just get the mix better!
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    I love the 80's feel. I think at :33 seconds the drums should kick into gear and be almost anthemic Cool start!!!!!!!!!!
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    I like it so far, I especially like the pizzicato string arrangement you've written although I think it would add to the song to have that arrangement played more softly (e.g not so much attack, slightly more sustained and not so promiment in the mix). The vocal is nice and I like the lyrics too but I do think sections of the song could be made more obvious for example, when the song reaches a point with more impact like a powerful vocal line, other synth parts could be recorded prior to this phrase to add some build. Just my euros worth
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    I downloaded the link because I really want to help and I can't interpret the song with the format of your original post. However, the download would not play. People also much prefer the song being uploaded onto some website (soundcloud, bandcamp, etc.). Once I can listen, I'll give you some feedback!
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    I think anyone who listens to this will hear how I get lost in my own performance in this song, and not in a good way! I don't share every song I write on songstuff but I do share songa I want an honest critique of. I really feel like I have to finally get this song to some form of finality. Critique of any sort welcome. Many thanks guys =] as requested I've uploaded it to a website. Although I had previously uploaded it directly to songstuff it seemed not to work properly. free.mp3
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    Check this out, Sumi: https://ehomerecordingstudio.com/best-daw-software/ If you do choose to go with GarageBand or Logic Pro X(which I am using), you can ask for my help any time(plus, there are hundreds of free tutorials on youtube as well). ✌️🤓
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    http://acoustica.com Mixcraft
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    @tunesmithth & @Sreyashi Mukherjee, thanks for the listen guys. I've introduced another lyricist(a long time Songstuff member) to the artist, as well. And they have written one song together already which should be released soon. I'll make sure to post that song up as soon as it comes out.
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    Pretty nice. And when sung, "think about your life" will pace much better than "do you want to go through life".
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    Well Patty, since you posted this and you're the lyricist, I'll aim both my barrels at you. Maybe this would work better for me if it was sung by another female so that it came across as a sister-to-sister thing . . . maybe. But anyway, to hear some guy singing this to some gal, I just can't help but think to myself, and I can't get past thinking: Who the hell is this guy? Her gay male friend? Her brother? Her shrink? And most significantly: Who is he to tell her anything? Talk about "preachy." There's no explanation anywhere of who this guys is. For me, it matters, especially given the subject. For me, it's just too big of a blank for me to fill in. IF it was sung by another female, I would assume it was one of her friends. I don't easily assume a male friend for a female though. I assume every man has an agenda. David
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    *takes down a note: "write song called Too Much Change"*
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    I have a few suggestions for critiquing outside of your comfort zone, when I was on soundclick I had to do that all the time because if I didn't specify in my rules I wouldn't critique a genre then I looked cruel saying "yeah I won't critique this" So I critiqued country, avante garde sound pieces, easy listening, jazz, even spoken word soundscapes. At first I wouldn't critique rap but then I opened up to doing that as well. My suggestion is this, familiarize yourself with some of the popular artists of that genre, lets say someone puts a rap song in here, and you know nothing about that type of music and you don't like it, but you want to give them a fair critique. Look up 2 or 3 rap songs that are popular, pick an old one, and a new one. Then don't listen through your opinion, think for a second about what type of person would listen to this, put yourself in their shoes, then listen and go "ok what was executed about this, and why did it appeal to people." After you've done that, go back and compare what the other person has posted, to what you just listened to that you know was publically acclaimed and think "How do they measure up to this? Did they achieve the same level of impact?" Also, be honest about what you don't know, but say it anyway. For example, don't say "I don't like this, I don't get it" Or "Try telling a story, there's no story to this and that's not good" But instead say something like "In the music I listen to, I'm used to a story being told, and without that, it was hard for me to really understand the appeal of this, but that doesn't mean it's not good, it's just not what I usually look for in music" And then here's the thing, the more you critique the same genre you aren't familiar with, the more you start to notice things you like about it. You know when you first meet people, join a church, start a job etc, it seems so foreign you feel really out of place and stuff? But then as you immerse yourself in it, it becomes more like home? That's how this is. The more you hear the styles you aren't used to, the less foreign they begin to seem, and the more you are able to start figuring out what's good and not so good about them to you from an unbiased viewpoint. These tips may not apply to everyone in all situations, but they are how things have worked for me so I hope it helps!