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    The reverb part Do you need cavities to obtain that reverb Tom? If so, how do you have both cavities and fills?
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    UPDATE(July,13): THREAD IS NOW CLOSED. THANKS EVERYONE! _________________________________________________________________________________ UPDATE(July,12): Thanks for the feedback everyone, here's the mastered version: https://soundcloud.com/imken-2/spaceridemastered/s-XKfw7 ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ This is a short piece of music, a WIP. The bass is quite heavy so you might wanna lower your volume a little before you play this one. I'm aiming for a high energy type of feeling/vibe. I still have to figure out a melodic theme/lead for it but nothing's coming to mind atm. Let me know your thoughts. Any and all critique is welcome. Thanks, Ken https://soundcloud.com/imken-2/130bpm/s-3QhEJ
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    I WILL BE VICTORIOUS.... hehe after watching what he did it made sense, I was thinking like... I'd have to find a mic I could put in my mouth, he's got one that's getting the vibrations through his chin/neck area.... just makes it seem like it's not that difficult, I might really try to make a video for this, I doubt there are a ton of us tooth drummers out there.
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    You cant back down now man. We expect a molar solo!
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    Are you sure it shouldn't be - Dm Am Mister Fox took my Dm AM Hand he Dm Am Stared me in the eye and said it's E Am Better not to have a plan he Dm Am Came from over Hills and Dm Am Stumbled over Rocks E E Never relying on those Am Am Ticking clocks So the progression is changing chord every half a bar - Bar1 = Dm, Am, Bar 2 = Dm, Am, Bar 3 = Dm, Am, Bar 4= E, Am, Bar 5= Dm, Am, Bar 6 = Dm, Am, Bar 7 = E, E, Bar 8 = Am, Am then back round to Bar 1. And the vocal on Bar 1 starts with Mister (so 'When' comes before that)..... In my mind that's the only way it all sounds right.... but I am often very, very wrong!!! I might not have your melody exact but I think it's how the chords go. Maybe you could just loop the 1-4 progression but to me it sounds right to change it in the bars 5-8 as I did. This is how I hear it should be -
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    As one might expect, it's already been done...fills included .
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    I have decided to make an album. This was never a motivator to me in the past. I don't really have much to loose in doing it and it's something I've never done, so it's a new experience. I have the capability. The only thing really stopping me is me. I have done lots of mixing and mastering but never attempted to categorize or put all the things in line that need to happen to launch music on a wide scale for sale to the public. It'll probably be a lot of trial and error the first time. I already have the master mixed and most of the metadata plugged into each song. I ordered ISRC codes. I have album art. It was a pic my wife took that I adjusted and added text to. This is like an obstacle course in getting everything sorted out. I still need to have some hard copies duped and the UPC codes. Once I have all that together I guess I can initiate it all through a vendor who will act as the distributor. CD baby looks like the best bet. This is just another area we can attempt to accomplish in. Nothing ventured. Nothing gained. At least I'll know where everything sits. If I make a few bucks on it great! If I don't, it was a nice learning experience.
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    To clarify, the name everyone calls me is Ben. It's a nickname I got when I was 17, and it just kind of stuck. I also like it a lot more, haha. Anywho, I just joined a few minutes ago. I've been looking around for a way to both Promote my music, and meet like minded musicians. I started 'composing' about 9 years ago with electronic music, but slowly worked up the confidence to write my own Rock/Metal tunes. I tend to dabble across the boar din terms of genre, but it's out of sheer enjoyment to learn new styles. I upload stuff semi-regularly, may it be an experiment or a full blown track demo. All links to my Soundscloud, Bandcmap, etc. can be found at The3rdTausk.net. That's about it! So, Hey! What's up?
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    Hi folks, It's been a while ... here's a song I wrote for my wife for our fifth wedding anniversary. Thanks for your comments on both lyrics and music. I intend to reach out to a couple of song stuffer friends to help me out later on with this one ... bass, lead guitar and maybe Back vocals ... Cheers !
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    Finally bought the Just1L.com domain name. Can't believe with all the lawyers it wasn't taken.
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    the link doesn't work for me... But I'm gonna try that order right now!!! hang on one second Oh!!! Never mind it's working now. Holy shit I've never heard one of my vocal melodies on a piano like that before haha that's amazing.. I agree this works better.... What are your thoughts about the chorus Ok ok how does this sound... (also, I made an outro that I think I may actually marry) https://soundcloud.com/jennifer8169456/mr-fox-revised-chords/s-KoJWq Thanks so much Dek
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    I really dig each of the eelments, but not how they're currently ordered. I think ya gotta bring the power a lot sooner. I think the structure should be Intro-Chorus-Verse-Chorus-Verse-Chorus-Bridge-Chorus-Chorus-Chorus. . .. Along these lines: https://soundcloud.com/hobosage/4ken/s-FXdp6
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    This definitely calls for a battle of the tooth drummers
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    Very high on energy, especially that build up... this looks very promising!
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    Dang it!! I'm better than this guy at it hahaha!! But he's still pretty good so it kind of makes it useless for me to put the effort into doing it.... hahaha not really what I wanted to be known for anyway
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    It would make quite an impact if you could play a fill. Thats my impression anyway.
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    What an improvement on your productions since I heard you last year I think it was. Really good EDM production and interesting arrangement. No critics to offer, a little short isn't it Wait to hear your sing on this one. /zzeb
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    Thanks, Bro. I've now added the bass line. I decided to keep the bass out until the second verse. I think it works well, and I like how it sounds letting the booming bass drum and synths carry things until the second verse. Thanks again to all of you. I'm going to lock it up now. I have a few lines I want to re-sing, and of course, I still need to do a proper mix. I'll post it in the song forum when it's done. Thanks Again! David
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    Hey I just want to introduce myself. My name is Will I'm from Denver Colorado and I make music. I have been making music for a while now and I did vocals for a indie rock hip hop band and a synth pop group for awhile. Both projects kinda dissolved for various reasons so I built a home studio and started creating music on my own. I started out primarily rapping but I've moved into singing and now producing as well. I try and push genre boundaries and create conscious music that you can dance to. I look forward to talking to and sharing ideas with like minded people. Thanks for having me.
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    Sad but not unexpected. And so the indie scene changes again. All the more erason to have your own site if you are an indie musician. Such OMD sites are in my experience, always transient.
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    Thanks, Leo, for taking the time to read and review. I think I get what you're trying to say.. it's a tighter arrangement of the words. But I'm just going to hold onto this a bit and see if I get other ideas. I have a somewhat jazzy theme coming to me and had imagined an irregular/trippy style of phrasing with the longer sentences... while also attempting to provide some comic relief with this type of writing/phrasing. I could repeat "rose tinted glasses" in the end. Open to this idea... will firm up as I proceed with the melody. Thanks again!
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    I am also looking to do an album release soon(ish) and have set up a website to promote the music. The website is still a coming soon page, but I will be looking to get the content up once I get back from holiday as work has been hectic recently and I've not had much time for thinking let alone anything else. My plan is to do and instrumentals e.p or album and then one with vocals. I am not confident enough in my music and ability with getting my vocals right, so will probably look to work with a producer on that side, but the instrumental album might be easier to self-produce with the help of the members on this site and their excellent critique. Nothing ventured, nothing gained is how I am looking at it. Nothing might happen, but with the billions of people in the world and the type of music I am looking to produce, I know there is a market for it. It might not sell, or might not sell a massive amount, but I am not looking to make a living from this. I am not going to be going out and playing gigs (that could change if I get any kind of offer and I think I could manage it). If I make any money from this, it would go back into my equipment and making music. If I get any kind of positive reviews, I would be over the moon. I played some of my newer vocal tracks to my mum the other day and apart from the couple of things I already knew (using temp vocals - tweaking the arrangement to make it more dynamic), she thought they were really good and better than I probably think they are. I don't normally let anyone in my family hear them as they normally just tell you want they think you want to hear, but I could see as she was listening how she was feeling listening to them (and it's not her style of music). Apparently my sister had listened to the instrumental stuff I posted on Facebook for feedback last year (didnt comment at the time though) and was raving about how good they were and let her friend listen who thought they were really good as well. My problem is I don't have the confidence in my music and I put that down to not being trained in any musical instrument (i know that there are tons of people out there having hits who are the same), but I never like anything I do (drawing, writing, music, everything), but I have always had really nice comments about all of these things. Working with someone who can help push me is probably the way I need to approach this. Once it is done, I will be able to do this myself, but I think I need that initial help. I have been looking about at producers and even some of the guys in London who have worked with some big names and know that it's going to cost, but I need to work out within myself if the cost is worth it to get the first album done and released (it will be a self-release) and promote it with the right sites etc. Tim, let me know once you are ready for release, it will be good to hear how the songs sound. Have you been using Izotope?
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    Thanks Ken. Nice to hear from you again. Wow, I have a fan:) I gonna add some arrangements and do some rerecordings and try to do a decent mix in the end. My thoughts right now is if the lyrics make sense. Thanks again for taking your time listening. /zzeb
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    Revised lyrics, Thanks @Ray888 It’s all a joke to me Wrong people to lead, We should expect the least amount of dignity, of decency, Pretty pictures you see, They never show what really happens underneath, Just pearl white teeth, And all the reasons to, eat and drink for two, When right in front of you, They’re lying can’t you see, it’s all a joke to me, Just not the laughing kind, Wrong people to lead, So don’t expect to see an end to poverty, to inequality, Look out to the streets, It’s fair to say we surely had enough of this, Hypocrisy, And all the reasons to, eat and drink for two, When right in front of you, They’re lying can’t you see, it’s all a joke to me, Just not the laughing kind, Wrong people to lead, So don’t expect their hearts to know of dignity, of decency.
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    Hi Jenn. I've been meaning to pop in on your thread. Thanks for popping in on mine. Anywho... I see your comment about your vocal. As for myself, I've always considered myself a guitarist first, and a singer way down the list. It hasn't come naturally (and still doesn't on some songs), but I'm getting better. A voice is an instrument. You need to practice it just like a guitarist has had to practice guitar. You need to practice, practice, practice. Even though I'm a lot more accomplished on guitar than vocally, I still like to know that I can play a song so well that I don't even have to think about it. I never press record until I know everything that I'm going to do on guitar. Yeah, I can be somewhat improvisational, but mostly I like to be compositional on guitar. It seems to me that you have not planned out what you're going to sing. Things sound rushed at times because you haven't yet figured out the exact timing and phrasing. Also, it is important to sound natural. A famous line Pat Pattison said once was "if you can't say it like that, then you can't sing it like that." One line you sang the words "me in the eye" in one half of one beat! I'm quite sure that even the fastest talker could never say that line that quickly. So if you can't say it like that, then you can't sing it like that. For this reason, before I ever sing, I practice just speaking my lines. I like doing this when I'm walking the dog, just practicing speaking to my music so that I'm sure everything fits. If something doesn't fit (it always happens), I rewrite that line. Only then do I work on singing the melody. How much planning and practice do you put into your singing? I probably practice singing my songs 100 times before I ever press record. But when I do, I'm ready. I know my song inside and out. I know exactly where I want every phrase and what note. I'm confident that I know exactly what I'm going to do. I might not always be able to do it, because I'm not a natural singer and I'm just an amateur hobbyist. But at least I know what I'm going to do. It gives me confidence. So I did notice your frustration in your comments. But you know what? It can be done. It's your song, you have to own it. But if you don't know your own song very well, how on earth are you going to get your listeners to know it? Have a conversation with the listener with your melody. That would be my suggestion.
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    hi ben, i'm new here as well. my name's mike nauydock...i'm a songwriter with The Badlees.....got three songs in the new sean modica movie "all in time" and i'm looking for folks to collborate with and talk songwriting with as well.
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    It's like a disease sometimes. Even a curse because it's like I/you can't stop it. I don't know how many times my wife has been talking to me and while I am hearing her, I'm not 100% listening because I've got that damn song cranking in my brain and I can't stop it! I've written full verses and choruses while talking with my wife at the same time. LOL
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    My suggestions (Change the title) It makes it more personal and people will identify with that more. It's all a joke to me Wrong leaders to lead, So don't expect their hearts to know of dignity, where's decency, Pretty pictures we see, They never show what really happens underneath, Just pearl white teeth, With lame excuses to, eat and drink for two, When right in front of you, They’re lying through their teeth, it’s all a joke to me, it’s all a joke to me Wrong leaders to lead, So don't expect to see an end to poverty, it's inequality, Look out to the streets, It’s fair to say we surely had enough of this, Hypocrisy, With lame excuses to, eat and drink for two, When right in front of you, They’re lying through their teeth, it’s all a joke to me, it’s all a joke to me Wrong leaders to lead, So don't expect their hearts to know of dignity, where's decency,
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    I was a member a few years back and circumstances took me away. I have been back on Songstuff for just over a month now and the community has grown since I was last here. I've found that there are some very experienced members who are very helpful concerning all aspects of music and the industry especially willing to give their time and expertise to both newcomers and pro's. A great place to improve your knowledge and songwriting skills, Always a warm welcome to new members whatever their skill level.
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    I'm really not worried about being able to sell my stuff if I can just get it to sound sellABLE. Once I have the ability to produce quickly (I'm having faith it's gonna happen) Once I have the product I plan to use every internet tool I can find to learn how to market it, I've already seen a few seminars on how to acquire passive income (I think that's what they call it) and definitely seen some eye opening stuff. Seems to me that there are people who will buy your music if you will take the (painstaking) time to get it where they can find it and give incentives to share and buy it. It does sound like you'd have to really throw yourself into the business side of things too and you may be looking at a year or two of grinding before you see the pay off, but there are sites that walk you through these things, tedious as they may be.