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    Hello! Working on a tune but the words came to me first. Suggestions and feedback appreciated: Rose tinted glasses You see candy floss up in the sky Rose tinted glasses It's far from grasp as you reach high Strawberry on your lips Cherry gum on your fingertips Till the stickiness brings you back To the mess made on the fresh tarmac Rose tinted glasses You order some sparkly for two Rose tinted glasses Do you really think she likes you? Swimming in a pool that's sweet As your favourite pancake dip But then you wake up Gagging on your old cough syrup Why do you just stand by? Why are you so colourblind? Like a fly buzzing in circles You're never far from trouble But oh Your rose tinted glasses Are all you wish to use A reel of different flashes That's life, but you choose
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    Wrote a song idea with 3/4 timing and would highly appreciate feedback before I develop it further and eventually write lyrics. Going for a Soundgarden feel - not sure if I pulled it off. https://soundcloud.com/jonathan-linton-3/freedom-of-expression
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    I am also looking to do an album release soon(ish) and have set up a website to promote the music. The website is still a coming soon page, but I will be looking to get the content up once I get back from holiday as work has been hectic recently and I've not had much time for thinking let alone anything else. My plan is to do and instrumentals e.p or album and then one with vocals. I am not confident enough in my music and ability with getting my vocals right, so will probably look to work with a producer on that side, but the instrumental album might be easier to self-produce with the help of the members on this site and their excellent critique. Nothing ventured, nothing gained is how I am looking at it. Nothing might happen, but with the billions of people in the world and the type of music I am looking to produce, I know there is a market for it. It might not sell, or might not sell a massive amount, but I am not looking to make a living from this. I am not going to be going out and playing gigs (that could change if I get any kind of offer and I think I could manage it). If I make any money from this, it would go back into my equipment and making music. If I get any kind of positive reviews, I would be over the moon. I played some of my newer vocal tracks to my mum the other day and apart from the couple of things I already knew (using temp vocals - tweaking the arrangement to make it more dynamic), she thought they were really good and better than I probably think they are. I don't normally let anyone in my family hear them as they normally just tell you want they think you want to hear, but I could see as she was listening how she was feeling listening to them (and it's not her style of music). Apparently my sister had listened to the instrumental stuff I posted on Facebook for feedback last year (didnt comment at the time though) and was raving about how good they were and let her friend listen who thought they were really good as well. My problem is I don't have the confidence in my music and I put that down to not being trained in any musical instrument (i know that there are tons of people out there having hits who are the same), but I never like anything I do (drawing, writing, music, everything), but I have always had really nice comments about all of these things. Working with someone who can help push me is probably the way I need to approach this. Once it is done, I will be able to do this myself, but I think I need that initial help. I have been looking about at producers and even some of the guys in London who have worked with some big names and know that it's going to cost, but I need to work out within myself if the cost is worth it to get the first album done and released (it will be a self-release) and promote it with the right sites etc. Tim, let me know once you are ready for release, it will be good to hear how the songs sound. Have you been using Izotope?
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    So I was getting interested in a thread recently started about how you start writing your songs right? I'm thinking about how my process really is kinda nuts, cause I'll even hear the drum parts in my head while I'm mapping out harmonies and background parts, and I was like "how do I hold all that together?" And I started trying to do it to analyze it right? Just imagining a song like that? Suddenly it hits me, I have ALWAYS drummed with my teeth! Like... the front two teeth together make a "kick drum" sound, clamping down the back teeth make a "snare" sound, then by shifting and grinding all the inbetweens I can make "toms". And I'm actually GOOD AT IT!! Like seriously, I've done this my whole life, never really analyzed it but that's WEIRD isn't it?? Do any of you do guys do it? I mean I was trying to "see what I could do on the tooth drums" and I can do fast triplets and fills and break beats and like... anything hahahaha we need a tiny mic to put in my mouth so I can share this wondrous gift with the world! I GOTZ BEATS IN MY TEETHS
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    No it's not Blondie! (older readers only!) Parallel Lies: She suffers her husband You tolerate your wife Smuggle smiles to each other When the time isn't right You should be together But fate's wall is tall You share your frustrations In hushed late-night calls (Ch) You're lost in bittersweet deceit Dreaming dreams you can't complete Side by side while longing to entwine Out of your minds, living parallel lies Must think of the children So stick to your parts Act like you're not hurting When the pain's off the charts Coming clean seems so easy No more need for pretence This is driving you crazy Sometimes love makes no sense (Ch) You're lost in bittersweet deceit Dreaming dreams you can't complete Side by side while longing to entwine Out of your minds, living parallel lies (Br) You're star-crossed lovers Reaching over the divide Wishing this had happened In another place and time (Ch) You're lost in bittersweet deceit Dreaming dreams you can't complete Side by side while longing to entwine Out of your minds, living parallel lies © P. Jones
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    Hi all, I have decided to create a new topic for this one as I have decided to try and get an E.P. ready for release at some point this year. It will be an E.P. of instrumentals. I decided to go back and look at the mix for this track and see if I could improve on the previous version. I have had a lot of decent feedback about this track from family and friends and feel it might be a good starter track for the E.P. It might not be to everyone's taste as it is very electronic, but this is the style I am looking to go for this release. I have also decided to create a website and needed some content, hence the need to go back and do something. I am looking to put up tracks as they are being worked on and the end result to show the process in creating a track. I hope to do a video like this at some point, but need to find the time to do that. Anyway, I'll stop rambling and ask if you wouldn't mind having a listen and let me know what you think.... Cheers R https://soundcloud.com/moodman-1/enjoy-the-silence-2nd-mix-05072017-2054
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    Thanks for you comments Ray888. I do plan to call you soon. I'm down under the weather again with a fever. Soon as I get all back in shape I'll give you a ring.THANK YOU . Tappermike Thanks ! I had thought it would be like doing my taxes in putting an album out there and it kind of is. Wading through piles of documents and small details. The tricky thing for me was if I wanted to opt for syncronization rights on Youtube and if I wanted them to distribute hard copies. There are many other details but CD Baby takes care of most of it. I had already purchased ISRC codes. These are the codes that identify you and make sure you get paid embedded in the metadata. This is where having the right software can be really helpful. Studio One 3 has a mastering section that has all kinds of nifty features. One of them being, it lets you add the ISRC codes yourself. You still need to know how to set it all up and make sure track lengths are right etc, but it does things like auto fill the rest of the ISRC's incrementally, so If the last code ended in 81 it will make the next 82 since this is how they do it.. If you had 14 tracks it would append the rest of the numbers. Then there are the different levels you must comply with I mainly used the K system and mastered in K-14 which seemed to be in the ball park for LUFS. It might be much tougher to master say hard rock where you have insane levels. Make the levels too high using compression or limiting and you loose dynamics. Mastering is about much more than how loud it is. I shoot for a good dynamic range in addition to an accepted level. I already had 14 tracks of acoustic guitar material laying around. It just needed some brushing up, so that part wasn't hard. My wife has a nice camera and she took my cover art. I just propped one of my guitars against a cool looking tree with ivy on it and that was the pic. I then added text. Not as difficult as I had thought it would be. To get into distribution was way less expensive that I had thought. Less than 100.00 for the pro package. They do a lot for that price including put you on iTunes, Amazon and about a dozen more online players, streamers and sell sites. They also sign you to the PRO of your choice. The pay out is much less for sites like Pandora. You make more money on either single or album downloads. I'm probably making this sound a lot easier than it really is. I most assuredly will be going over a hump or two to get the final result. It is easier and less expensive than I had thought. I've already payed them and launched it. I'm not sure if I did everything exactly right yet though. Live and learn. Richard, I think a lot of it has to do with the genre and the way the search engines are set up or the music search engines in players. I like Pandora the best so far. If you play one genre and create a station you usually will get similar music. Words mean a lot in this game. The more common the genre, probably the tougher to break in. In the first 6 months on 2017 the largest sales came from Hip Hop and Rap around 25%. I find that hard to believe but it seems to be true. Don't sell yourself short here. I believe you could do it. Maybe find a niche of some kind. I'll let you know when I have a link. I mastered with a few different tools including Izotope Ozone Advanced and some of the things in Studio One. I never use the factory presets. I tend to be ADD too and must keep a focus. For you it might be Make 12 or 14 good tracks that all would make a good album. Master that and go from there. You can upload only one track or a few tracks. I think it helps to have enough for an album IMHO.
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    Now that I've had time away from that I can totally see that. Too long, too tedious. I strongly agree. Right now the music is sounding cool but the vocal structure is lacking the hold back for full effect. I need to say more with less and try it again from a better angle. This time I will keep it relevant to one perspective and stick with fate. Your advice was very well written and received. Thank you mate, sincerely.
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    This sounds really good, Richard. I like how it keeps the same level of movement throughout and never rests, the energy does move up and down but the forward movement stays constant. I like how you added little by little every few bars, creating a step by step variation, it really helped to keep my attention from start to end. The bridge sounded just right, way to take the listener out for a break before coming back to the familiar. All the best with it, Ken
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    The reverb part Do you need cavities to obtain that reverb Tom? If so, how do you have both cavities and fills?
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    It would make quite an impact if you could play a fill. Thats my impression anyway.
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    hi had a tune going from the start . but these lines feel off standing by > is the singer standing by or someone else ? colourblind > is the singer colourblind to someones faults ? fly buzzing > a fly buzzing is annoying is the person annoying ? never far from trouble ? this is the loose line just my thoughts john
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    Hey Sreyashi, Cool lyrics, I like the story line of an optimistic being challenged by real life. If I interpret it correctly?... I have some lyrics idea's that might work, 'Glasses' can be a play between different nicknames for glasses: Specs, shades, monocle, goggles. maybe changing just some of the word appearances. For me it works better with changing it a bit to: Lips strawberry flavour, Fingertips of cherry gum, Stickiness holds you together, until you hit the tarmac ground, And I thought repeating the line "rose tinted glasses" in the end of the song will close a nice loop. Thank you,
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    You have your work cut out for you on that one Tim It's good to have goals. They keep one focused when all else fails. I'll tell you a funny story. Recently I decided to shut down famous sounds. It's something I'd always come back to and rebuild from the ground up. A portal just for the sake of having something current to keep on my resume. I had every good intention of following through and cataloging rigs as used on the recordings of famous performers. I'd done it before with "classic keyboards" and a little with famous guitars. I'm still doing it for myself with my zoom G1Xon programming in famous sounds and sharing them. But there is only so much time in a day and I lack the attention/motivation I've had in previous years. Then comes what I think is a godsend. An industry insider with a lot of clout wants to start up a midi magazine similar to http://www.keyboardmag.com/ but devoted to the wider spectrum of all midi based controllers, instruments and daw/hosts. So I poured myself into the project but big shot was dragging along without clear goals for himself or deadlines. In short I wasted a lot of time before I pulled out. Then a company approaches me about being an outside evangelist for their product. Which is how I got my last great paying job. First as an evangelist then working for the company. The company in question has plenty of outside evangelists. They don't need me. And to be honest they don't need me in marketing or support. My point is this. It's easy to get side tracked. Right now I'm building up my confidence by busking and... Trying to learn old songs to increase my current repertoire. With the goal of someday playing coffee shops. Every night I check the latest posts (which I shouldn't) around my favorite haunts. Then I seek out songs and try to get the sound right. It takes more effort not to get sucked into finding a favorite tone for a song that I'll never play live. I'm getting ADD as I age. I hope you stay on target with your album and wish you the best of success with it. The greatest success may be simply finishing it.
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    I'm pleased that you have decided to go for it, Nelson Mandela once said "There is no passion to be found playing small – in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living. Yes, I think CD Baby is a good bet. The hard work starts after that because you will need to blog the links to point people in the direction of your music. Otherwise it is a needle in a haystack for people to find. Let me know when you intend to release and I will supply you with some stuff that will help you a lot.
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    All three songs have been well produced Ken. It's a challenge to have a foreign singer sing in English, and Andy and yourself have done a great job with that. I don't have a problem with auto tuning because so many chart artists use it today. Well done, the Japanese market is boyant so the songs should do well.