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    I think that the internet is a wonderful thing but as you have pointed out there is no vetting or monitoring to test the standards of songs. I reckon that if they split every thing into sections like "Radio Ready", "Semi pro", and "Amature" and vetted songs before allowing them on Youtube, CD Baby, Reverbnation it would be far better for the listeners and purchasers of songs. It won't happen because these platforms want to earn money and not spend it on paying muso's to monitor and filter on the sites.
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    Thanks - Sure thing. Randy D.O.G. Randy Drilingas - Just1L - ©2013 So I guess I should say off with your head. But no. I think I'll just forgive you instead. I just wish you could admit you've done wrong. But no. You just sit there with your head in the ground. One of these days. D.O.G. I always say One of these days. When you see me coming down the walk you run and hide. Can't help but notice and I wonder what is up inside. Then I see a scene, a scene that I'd seen before. Another fresh set of scratches on the back door. Then I go into the bedroom it's a total mess. I can't deny that what I'm seeing is a protest. I'm so tired, I really want to go to bed. But no, I'm cleaning crap instead. So I guess I should say off with your head. But no. I think I'll just forgive you instead. I just wish you could admit you've done wrong. But no. You just sit there with your head in the ground. So I guess I should say off with your head. But no. I think I'll just forgive you instead. I just wish you could admit you've done wrong. But no. You just sit there with your tail wagging proud ('round?). One of these days. D.O.G. I always say One of these days. When I wake up I get shaken up at what I find. Trail of laundry laying on the floor and thrown aside. Chew toy dripping wet with dog slobber. Sitting on the remote for my DVR. Then I go into the kitchen and I find you there. your looking at me with a paw inside the Frigidaire. I caught you red-pawed and all dismayed. I really want to know just what do you have to say?
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    It's all about building a monopoly. Google owns YouTube so they'll do anything to make sure YouTube thrives. Even to the point of making sure when you search for a song title, YouTube videos show up well before Soundcloud. For example, the song "Another One Bites the Dust" is on both Soundcloud and Youtube. Do a google search for it and see what happens. For me, soundcloud wasn't even on the first page, but notice where the YouTube version is ranked. Granted, the Youtube version has a lot more plays no doubt, but it's more than that. UPDATE I also did the same search on Bing and Yahoo with similar results. Souncloud seems nowhere around in the searches. Guess they're to blame as well for their exposure or lack thereof.
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    When I was signed to a major label right through the eighties I was witness to how it all works from the inside. It's important to understand that majors are only interested in one thing (Money). It's a business that is run by corporate entrepreneurs and Lawyers who will even sign a talented artist just because they feel that they are a threat to another of their artists who are making them money. Basically the shelve them so that they can do nothing whilst they are under contract. During the 1990s when I had a large studio complex in Willesden in North London I used to have A&R regularly dropping by asking for specific types of artists and bands and they would not show the slightest interest if I tried to point out to them artists or bands that were outside of their remit. Orders are given from the top down and the devils minions obey orders to the letter because there were many others in the queue who were waiting to take their jobs. Not many A&R people are in the same job for very long because of it. Today we have Online record Labels like CD Baby, ReverbNation who are just as bad as the majors, the difference is that online labels don't pay you anything upfront like the majors do and expect you to do your own promotion unless you pay them for it. To sum it up in one sentence, the whole music business is a money making machine and it's getting worse not for the labels but for songwriters, artists, and musicians who just want the chance for their music to be heard by the wider public and would be happy if they could earn enough money to get by and continue doing what they love. If you are a person that is willing to jump into the quagmire with them you will probably do well.
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    I guess the people using SoundCloud have a specific agenda while those using YouTube don't necessarily have one... or even if they did, they'd get distracted. Even if someone wanted to listen to music on YouTube, their eyes would start wandering after a while.. another kind of "idiot box" under the garb of knowledge provider? If only Google lent a helping hand to the likes of SoundCloud... but they're very smart
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    Thanks Sage. My BIL bought one so far lol. symphoniuos7- My off the cuff thought on this is only Illuminati picks "make it". But then I'm one of those fringe conspiracy theory types lol. And yes, I agree. Puppet is putting it mildly. I notice you like a lot of those old rockers. The way I see it, those guys had babysitters. By that I mean- " They wrecked the motel room?" Send us the bill and get a PR guy over there right away. " The drummer is doing too much smack? Send someone to make sure he gets to the concert". " Didn't make the recording session? We had better go find him." I'm sure to some extent this still happens at the very top. I believe now though it's more shape up or we'll replace you or modify you. Back then if you were picked to be a star and pulled in the money, you didn't need to be responsible Have you ever seen Elton John get mad? Hell hath no fury. Apparently he gets mad a lot.Why don't they fire him?
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    Wow, such a controlled and soothing voice you've got! Really enjoyed this I think the vocals sound a little bit like theyre sitting ON the track instead on IN the track so it has a more "live acoustic" sound but honestly it works really well for this song if that's what you're going for!
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    wellllllllll.... i bought it...... so..............
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    Isn't that a line from "Field of Dreams"? Sorry...my bad, that was "if you build it, they will come". An understandable error on my part Tom
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    Awww c'mon. They're the only ones liking my songs! LOL
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    For me, what has ruined SoundCloud is the piranhas that like or repost your track, but are just wanting the hits, the ones that promise you will get 10000 new followers etc... they are a pest and probably put people off posting.
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    I've never expected or cared to get much out of Soundcloud. The only reason I started using it was because it was the best way to post a song on this site without taking up any space on John's server. For that, it's great. Other than that … meh.
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    When I was 16, I wanted nothing more in life than to join a band. It was easy... in matter of fact it was a thing of crystal purity... to consider the possibility of succeeding as a rock star. I knew what it looked like. I knew, in as far as television and magazines could relate, how a rock start lived. I knew how one performed. How they dressed. In many cases, even what drugs they took. That last bit was on the cheeky side so I take it back, Still, when I was a young man, it was very, very easy to create an image, and from that image, a path you could follow in an attempt to try and achieve success as a professional musician. Grow your hair long and free. Wear a lot of leather. Walk and talk with swagger. Join a band. Play shows. LOTS of shows. Play more shows. Get a chance to sit in an office or talk to a guy who happens to be at one of your shows. Talk your ass off. Get a chance. Squeeze that chance for all it's worth. After that, just hold on tight. All of this may sound either innocent or just plain silly to you, reading it now. But, in 1985 it was a blueprint for becoming a rock star. A REAL path to try and make it to the top. And a LOT of young men and women took that very path and gave it their all. A few made it all the way. Most did not. I was one of the "also rans"... Looking back, I wouldn't change a thing. Except... I might allow myself to have that one great, fool's chance... which I never got. I am pretty sure that that clarity of vision no longer exists. There are innumerable reasons for this being so. The rise of piracy and the death of the main stream music industry as it existed for almost a century... the rise of the independent artist and the ever increasing ability to tailor design one's image to suit one's strengths... the .99 cent download and the ability to pick what you, as an individual listen to, ala cart. However, when we look on the television, we still see mega stars. We see, all the time, those who seem to have achieved everything, in terms of success, that the older generation rock stars achieved in their day. How did they do it? Was it some special set of abilities and traits only they, and a small handful possess? Was it blind luck? Was it the industry picking them, according to some alchemical, medieval set of parameters, whereupon untold amounts of money and support were put into making these individuals the stars they now are? So, my questions are as follows: How has the vision of success as a professional musician, and/or the road one might take towards achieving that success, changed since, say... 2000? Do you have a personal vision of what success represents? If so, please share it. How do you think stars make it to the top today? I look forward to hearing your thoughts.
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    Hi all. I've been working on a new song. I've tried to take some '80s style stuff and put into a modern electronic production. It's missing a verse and the structure of the song isn't final yet. I also want to redo the lyrics for the first verse. I would like feedback on the production, mainly. Also, this tune, to me, has a certain late night, dark city vibe to it, but with some uplifting elements. At least, that's what I've tried to create with the production. Let me know if this works. Thanks! https://soundcloud.com/will-sketches/should-have-been-my-baby/s-u9Qgm
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    Hi all, just wondering what everyone is listening to at the moment - music wise, before someone says their other half or kids moaning at them!!! - I just thought it would be interesting to see the diverse mix of music and whether you feel inspired to do your own music when you are listening.... I started listening to the Ultravox back catalogue again yesterday. I have done this as I feel this is the best way for me to think about my own music, as this is my favourite group and they influenced my style from a young age. You remember how good the music is, but really, until you listen again with the ears of someone hoping to create and do something with their own music, you really don't realise how good the music actually was. The arrangements, the mix, the production, all of it. If I could emulate only a fraction of that, I would be happy.
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    https://www.musicbusinessworldwide.com/laying-off-173-employees-soundcloud-really-path-profitability/ Apple has a successful business model. Amazon and a few others followed that lead. These companies manage to make a profit. Soundcloud hasn't followed that model or even a close approximation of it. For me, Soundcloud has been a love hate relationship. Soundcloud who was music for the masses isn't doing so well. Pros- A quick effective way to put music to the ears of anyone and everyone who wants to hear it.. Easy sign up and upload process. Can add artwork, descriptions and links. Good exposure worldwide. A nice looking interface.Tier plans from free to unlimited with extensive statistics. Cons- They take your money to let you upload your hard work for free. Somehow that doesn't seem like much of a deal to me. The only advantage is that it offers you some exposure. Paid advertisements for supported musicians get precedence over unpaid. It's really easy for your track to fall into oblivion unless it gets a strong showing early, you have a lot of friends, or you paid for more exposure in the form of likes and reposts. And this never made a whole lot of sense to me. Invest in social networking to promote yourself to give something away free? I'm as guilty as anyone else. I think I used it as a kind of litmus test to see if there was any interest. Yet who is the buyer? Who is the main listener?Another musician who is too busy making their own music to really dedicate too much time to others music? People with wives and husbands,kids and jobs with woes and troubles who manage to eek out a few hours a week to make music to upload?...again for free? I would think the demographic we need is a non musician who has some time and likes music, who also has some disposable income right? I hate to disappoint, but I don't think this is Soundcloud. Maybe a very small percentage of the listeners are simply looking for music. Yes music for free. Even they might be disappointed when they search a genre like rock and they end up getting streams of hip hop, and something that can't really be classified as anything. No continuity in the streams. These people will get tired of that and go to Spotify or Pandora paid or XM radio. So what I'm saying sounds dismal. Probably 90% of the listeners are the posters who might be curious. 10% or less are really serious. Here's another bomb- A dedicated listener of free music isn't always a buyer. So long as it's free they will come. Turn off the spigot and guess what? If you're a super talented person with tons of comments about how wonderful the music is, this probably makes you feel great and you deserve to relish to some extent in your hard work, yet it's like a puff of smoke. Show me the money or be willing to play for free the rest of your life. I think most of us have kind of hardened ourselves to the fact that we like what we do but we doubt that we'll ever get very far with selling it. This may or may not be true. Some have thought going into music for video games and picture is where it's at. I see some of them on Soundcloud. In these situations there's more to learn. It's more complicated than , " Here's my music, will it work for your video game or film?" The game or picture comes first and you usually need to sync to it and play along tothe mood of the piece. They don't take your song and say, " Hey lets make a game with this music".Syncing to picture can get complicated and you need the right tools to do it. It's a small pond with a few big fish. If you happen to break into it, you need to know a lot more than composition. The industry is very fickle What is successful one day might have washed down the tubes next year. Probably working more hours than you're being paid for, but I digress. Of late I've seem some very gifted composers on .Soundcloud using expensive sound libraries that finally get made into a 128 mp3. to make free music out of boredom. Don't get me wrong, composing orchestral film music can be very rewarding and maybe this is enough for some. I think I'm asking why we do it? Why did I do it? I don't really know. I think part of it was how easy it was. Is acknowledgment really more important than common sense? Don't get me started on piracy lol. How do you know your track wasn't copied and placed on an album half way around the world? You say, " All they have is a 128 mp3". Yes but a good musician can literally play your song note for note and re record it. 128 mp3 isn't below some to make an album, albeit of poor quality. I'm thinking I've had almost 130,000 plays since I joined Soundcloud. If only 10% of those people would have purchased that would be more than I have now. Soundcloud is a good way to present your music to the public. A good way to let people know you're out there. Hopefully it won't stop at that. I believe Soundcloud should have built more capability into their software to allow direct sales of music. The word is that Soundcloud is simply cutting back at investors requests. Being a little skeptical, I'm not convinced. I would hope that they can be around as something better suited to the musician and not the listener. I think I'll just go find a quiet place with my guitar and forget about all of this for now Does it really matter? Not that much to me, yet it's an interesting thing to watch happen over time.
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    Hey SongStuffers, this is probably the most fleshed out demo I've done so far so any feedback (performance, production, but especially songwriting). I'd like to know if you like the song of course , also what you don't like. I tried to reference a Foo Fighter's track for the mix...I don't pretend it's anywhere near the quality but I'd appreciate any feedback on the attempt to recreate that sound. Lyrics: When there's a light on You just can't rely on That someone's home The bed is warm waiting for you You try to lie to yourself Believing anything That makes you scream That makes you feel like you can't sleep Until you find Another light in your night Stars on fire burning brighter than the sun And then you'll find That you realize that you had A shooting star in your hand the whole time Under the covers You thought there were others But you’re the one Who didn't want to know the truth There comes a time when You open your mind to That someone who Believed in you all this time And then you find Another light in your night Stars on fire burning brighter than the sun and you'll find That you realize that you had A shooting star in your hand the whole time ** bridge ** A shooting star in your hand Ain't it grand? Aint' it grand? And then you find Another light in your night Star on fire burning brighter than the sun and you will find That you realize that you had A shooting star in your hand the whole time A shooting star A shooting star in your hand (c) ken payne, 2017
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    I finished making this pick today. Its made out of one of my preferred pick materials, perspex. As I usually use tri-shapes, I thought I'd try a quad-shape. The meet angle of most tri-shapes is close to 90 degrees anyway. The main difference (apart from an extra contact point) is straight line profiles rather than curves. It makes a difference in use, though not a major one. Resized to 80% (was 1200 x 1600) - Click image to enlarge Resized to 60% (was 1600 x 1200) - Click image to enlarge Some of you know that I have spent a small fortune on picks over the last few years (could have paid for another guitar). One of the main things I've learned is that it takes a long time to evaluate a pick properly. I can tell if a guitar is any use within 30 seconds. A pick takes about 20 hours. So I'll be using this exclusively for at least a week.
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    Sounds really authentic! I loved the '80's. The only thing that stuck in my craw was already discussed - the repeating baseline. Most songs, even those with popular baselines (like Beat It) have different baselines in the verses versus the choruses. Even if you added a bridge, it still would leave no separation between the verse and chorus. So that would be my recommendation, to break up the baseline. Groovy tunage!
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    I don't see myself as being negative, I see myself as being a realist. When you place music on these sites you are a needle in a gigantic haystack. Unless you have marketing skills and money to spend you are dead in the water and that's a fact unfortunately. Personally, I class myself as being mediocre at Promotion and marketing for the following reasons. (1) I am a two finger typist and it takes forever to keep my website, Facebook pages, Linkedin site, Twitter blogs, and posts elsewhere forever. (2) I would like to get myself on sites like snapchat and other available sites but don't have the time. (3) Getting airplay takes up a lot of time but I am lucky enough to have a couple of artists that are well connected in that field otherwise it would be a lot more difficult to achieve. Time and expertise are the bane of musicians and artists today and it takes others who believe in you to give you a little time and share your material with their connections. If you have a growing network that shares your music you are on your way but it takes more than good music to attract them. They have to like you as an artist as well.
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    Hey, Just1L, the tune on this is really fun and I catch some of the lyrics, but some places whoo! you sing pretty fast and I can't catch the lyrics. I like a good laugh, so if you're comfortable with it, could you post the lyrics to it?
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    I don't see everything as negative with respect to where this is all headed. We have agreements that determine the split between you and the record company/distributor. We have a digital means these companies can use to track your music through metadata both on you tube and elsewhere and this determines how much you get paid. It's all based on sales, so if you have sales you will get paid and they have accurate ways to track hat. The public usually determines what they think quality is with their money and plays. This should be a kind of survival of the fittest or a natural way the selection process works.I realize that the general public is steered with advertising to some extent. I don't think that's the whole picture though. I think lot's of folks simply think to themselves, " I might like to hear some ***** music." What do they do? Go on YouTube? The record company has you set up to monetize there. Search Google? See the first one lol. Pandora? They've got you covered. Spotify? Yep. Amazon? You're there too with a split already figured out. iTunes? Yes you're there. Mechanical rights? You've picked a performing rights organization. The question is, how many people want your music? Next, how far buried is it? How visible? Things that sell tend to be kept on the most accessible shelves. 100 other people will make music similar to yours. What happens then? The smaller the category and the larger the demand, the more apt you are to remain seen.If your brand is easily searched online it can help. The opportunities are there for independents.
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    Radio ready just means that it is well mixed and mastered to sound good on the many devices either portable, home hi fi, headphones or even a mono radio. Also it needs to be well written and sung to fall into the category of Radio ready. (In my eyes anyway) I have some songs that I co-wrote when I first came back to the industry after an 11 year break which I would definitely not class as radio ready but would come under the heading of "Semi pro" because when I came back it was like starting over again from scratch so I would work with anyone that would co-write with me, I was desperate lol. I can be a bit more choosey nowadays
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    I've got this one. In college there was a house that had a dog whose name was DeeOhGee. Didn't realize for a while that it was merely D.O.G.
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    Yeah, it's all about the money. Honestly everything they need to do to filter songs like you say is already there, it wouldn't cost them anything to implement it. And it would be on the uploader to decide where it should go. But it would dig into their cash stash.
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    Lol... and you had to search for only "Another one bites the dust" to make your point Oh well, I think I'll just go and do a random search on "It's all about the money"
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    Nothing will ever change as long as anyone can post any song, just about anywhere with no repercussions. Even with the "let's do it ourselves" method, once popularity comes, all your songs are free online through various means. As long as content is treated like nothing, viewers will treat it the same. It'd be nice if the internet was used only for Amateurs. Once you decide to, you could make sure all your content is pulled from online except for where the artist wants it. But my oh my, try that and the crybabies will whine, whine, whine and stamp their feet. I want it NOW and I want it FREE!!!!! Metallica had it right, but look what happened to them during the Napster fiasco. It all could have been solved right then.
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    I'd never heard of them but my wife and I LOVE a good 80's pop/new wave act and I love the song I heard "Dancing With Tears in my Eyes" I'm gonna have to check them out! For me lately it's been weird brazillian music and Mamas and the Papas. Two brazillian artists I'm really getting into are Milton Nascimento and Tom Ze. Ze makes some of the most out there stuff I've ever heard from any artist anywhere, here's one I think is really cool but... just know... it's weird lol. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XxGbhYcoSEs Milton Nascimento is alot more tame and chill, here's one I LOVE from him https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nC9c2hle8Eg As far as Mamas and Papas go I think they are hurt by the time they were recorded in. Their recordings are quite thin (it was the 60's what do you expect) but when I close my eyes and try to imagine "I'm hearing this live"I can tell, this would rock HARD with some modern production man. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UhHMwE250zg
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    It's understandable, Jenn. Getting all my music on Youtube is on my To Do List. Then, it's goodbye Soundcloud.
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    I think it's cool you said that @starise cause that's kind of my whole theory too. It looks to me like at first they were happy to promote real talent, till they realized they were at the mercy of that real talent, slowly the artists seem to get more and more replaceable, till by mid 2000's they're pretty much all the same. It's like they don't want an irreplaceable talent having them by the balls or something.
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    It's more than just the video. I think for kids, YouTube is the go-to portal to listen to music. I know it is for my kids. Kids don't want to download .mp3's and take up space on their SD cards, and they don't want to pay for streaming services. So, they listen to streamed music for free via a YouTube app on their tablets, smart t.v.'s and smartphones, and if an engaging video comes with the song, all the better. Soundcloud seems quite popular among musicians, those wanting to sell shit to us, and those looking for indie music. But, I don't think it's really all that popular with the general public for streaming music - certainly not like YouTube is.
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    IS there even a "top" today? What I mean is... there are no david bowies or mick jaggers coming out of the music industry these days, there are no Chris Cornell's or Kurt Kobains, what you seem to have is ONE type of star in each genre, split across different artists, who just keep making the same types of things in a different package, (at least to my eyes it seems pretty obvious) This lets me know that to whatever degree, the game is too rigged to be a free thinking mainstream artist. It's almost like working your butt off to be a parrot in a cage. There's tons of great underground artists now, but how would we measure if one of them "made it"? The way I see it, you can't really "conquer the musical world" like an Elton John or a Billy Joel without having to fit their mold, but you can just stake out your own section of it. Build it organically, and you could be someone the industry has nothing to do with who still gets over a million views on youtube every time you put out a song you know? It's just... I dunno I think the days of "climbing the ladder till you become a star" are over, you either "climb the ladder till you're a mindless puppet or do it your own way" My idea of success was alot like what you were saying when I was growing up, and yeah I had it mapped out, had daydream fantasies of things I KNEW I'd be doing some day. Now my idea of success? Being able to easily create with the whole process being fun and exciting like it was when I was first getting started. I just... if I could just get back to where music is easy, free, and in no way a pain in the ass again, I'll feel like a total winner.
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    Hi there, Welcome! Glad you found Songstuff. Feel free to look around at the Articles and the Community Forums to acculamte yourself here. You may find the answers to some of your questions above. Be well, Lisa
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    But nothing's better than being A-TEAM!!!
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    Always better to be whole than an a-hole.
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    Hey guys, I'm new here and wanted to get involved. So here's a short song I made. I was trying to portray waking up on in a beautiful and vibrant landscape if that helps at all. Thanks, Rowan.
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    Hey, this is a song that I wrote for my band. We're really keen to write more, so any suggestions or criticisms are greatly appreciated. You can find it on both Soundcloud (below) and YouTube. Please give feedback Thanks.
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    Love the modern production on this, @Will Sketches. You're really good at creating catchy tunes that listeners wanna move along to - and to think this is only an early draft! Music-wise, I could listen to this track any time of the day. Ken Off Topic - I found this youtube cover recently and thought I should share it with you: ▶️
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    Hey Leo, This is a very interesting style! I like it as it is in almost all the places. Just a few suggestions for a few lines, if they seem to make sense of to you: 1) "Clown, what have you done now" - Clown, I turn myself into now 2) "Avoiding my request" - Of/You (any one) avoiding my request 3) "So bright it hurts the eyes" - So harsh it hurts the eyes 4) "It is I’m losing out on you" - I’m losing out on you 5) "Up, to those vultures circling, above" - Closer, to those vultures circling, above Best of luck!
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    I really enjoyed listening to your voice on this. And I'll offer my contrarian opinion (well, contrary to @Will Sketches). I think the strongest line is "Please say you hate me to the bone." It conveys the immediacy of the story and speaks to the nature of the relationship poignantly and colorfully. "Please say you don't love me" and most any variant is utterly vapid in comparison.
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    Welcome Nicole! Unfortunately, I had to do a bit of trimming on your original post. Promotion of commercial entities is not allowed on the boards, except in the advertising section, where you've already posted. Thanks! Tom
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    This is so good! I personally would prefer if the kick had more of punch and was made more prominent. The vocals are great and the arrangement is so dope. Great work!
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    Confidence is fine. Arrogance is an important step beyond confidence. Its what my mother used to describe as 'being full of your own self importance'. Self confidence provides you with an optimistic outlook within your peer group and society in general. Arrogance assumes superiority. You can find ways to justify it, but others probably will never truly view you as superior to them. Self confidence asserts your entitlement to your opinion. Arrogance assumes that everyone is entitled to your opinion.
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    Will - I will comment on the production as that is what you have asked for. This sounds really nice and crisp and the mix sounds lovely. The bass could maybe come down slightly, not too much, as it overpowers the track and vocals. There seems a nice amount of space in the mix and some of the sounds you used were great. It definitely has an 80's vibe to it - different vibe from my 80's tracks - and would have sounded good on the dancefloor. I know you are still working on the lyrics and I assume the vocals are temp, so won't comment on them either. Very nice start to the track. I would love to know what synths packs you are using?
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    J Morrison (C) December 2016 was just pondering if I could write something . with well I don't know but this is what came out - well it was what came out but it needed a better write added a proper chorus may not work could be to long now ? I cant give you forever there's only here and now but if we stick together we'll make it somehow 'cause time's not elastic but we can stretch it out do something fantastic that's what life's about these are only dreams so why don't we turn all these dreams into memories let's you and me make some memories running for the shelter down in central park moving close together when i'ts getting in dark memories to be made that we won't forget splash in a fountain getting our shoes wet these are only dreams so why don't we turn all these dreams into memories let's you and me make some memories life's a ticking clock slowly winding down one day it will stop all we have is now so why don't we make some memories these were only dreams but then you and me turned those dreams into memories you and me made some memories
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    Really cool little track. I love the build up, particularly the part at around 1:43, where the synth reenters on beat 3. Quite groovy. One of my only criticisms would be that there could be more melodic development, as well as variation within the chord progression. Basing your progression around the IV, V, vi chords works well, particularly in this setting as an EDM. However, more interest could be introduced by experimenting with different chords and chord changes. Overall though, the pros certainly outweigh the cons. There's a lot to like in this track. Awesome work.
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    I do listen to a lot of music here, but I wouldn't say that's for pleasure. But, even before I joined here, I wasn't listening to music for pleasure, but I was doing my own music, but again, I wouldn't say that's ever been solely for pleasure either. It's not that I don't like music and enjoy hearing good stuff - I do. I just don't go out of my way to spend time to just listen to it for pleasure, and I don't listen to it in the car either. If I have free time and am not doing my own music, I'd rather get away from music and watch a movie or t.v. But, there's really no escape, because watching t.v. or a movie I'm also listening to music.. Music is everywhere. I'm being assaulted by music! <heh-heh>
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    I'm in the middle of The Downward Spiral by Nine Inch Nails I've also been listening to AURORA and Radiohead and HAIM I want to listen to This Is Acting by Sia in full and If You Wait by London Grammar ... I've been in a listening mood only.. I find it especially nice to listen to music after I've been working on something to appreciate what expensive music sounds like But after a week or two, I'll be writing again oh and I'm still hooked on Melodrama by Lorde
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    The good news is this discussion isn't taking place within the confines of the forum. This is Symphonious7's Blog. Personally...I don't care BUT, if you don't mind, I will leave you with a word of caution. "Religion" is one of those infamous 3rd-rail-topics. Many feel they have a firm grasp on it, yet no 2 people I've ever known can agree on exactly what God is, much less what name he (or she) should be called. Because of that almost certain disagreement, the topic is discouraged on the website. I'm sorry gentlemen, but in the never-ending battle of "your God vs. my God" there are no winners...only pissed off losers. At the end of the day, we all get to believe whatever we wish to believe...and I wish to believe that's a good arrangement. Now, let's talk about a safe subject! How 'bout politics? Lololo..... Tom