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    Hi gang A harder challenge than it first seems. You are challenged to write a pop song... but, and there is usually a but, your record label has laid down some ground rules... It has to be for a charity to be used as part of a cause based marketing campaign. Your lyrics should use ABC form (also called verse-chorus-bridge form) OR one of ABC form derivatives. You are writing for a target audience of teens, 15 - 19 You can pick the charity, but it would be good if it relates to the target age group ABC form is the most common modern pop song form. You will find an article all about it in the Songstuff Songwriting Articles. As a suggestion, love songs remain the most popular pop song topic. Songs about one form of rebellion or another, and songs about partying and high emotion also remain popular 15 - 19 is at the more sophisticated end of teens, but it it is still fairly broad. These teens are more clued in, more worldly wise and like all teens, think they know it all, they are right and they are the first to break whatever rules are getting broken or breaking them in a more extreme way than ever before. Cliches are allowed but, just like the real world, originality is preferred. Have fun with it...! Cheers John
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    For anyone who saw the 1 minute vid I posted last week, here's an edited version it. My new software finally arrived yesterday...Adobe Elements. All I need now is to figure out what I'm doin'! Figured I'd start with something simple, like this. From what I can tell, very cool software!
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    Do any of you think you are arrogant? Do any of you KNOW you are arrogant hahaha? I have struggled with it all my life and I find it to be such a strange thing to deal with. I think it's hard to understand the arrogant, because it's not like... a conscious decision to think you're better than everyone, it's like I know how exciting what's going on in my head is and I'm aware that I tend to see deep angles most don't. I don't think "Ok Chris just go into this remembering you're the smartest person in the room" but it's like it's a subconscious assumption I am not intending to make. The result is me kind of... not letting anyone else steer the conversation anywhere I keep unwittingly trying to dominate. Another thing is my quickness to admit my good looks. Not FLAUNT mind you, I'll just admit quite readily I know I'm a good looking guy, and I don't think this is arrogant for the reason you might think haha I don't do it to draw attention but more because I just don't see it as something I can take credit for so I'm like "yeah God gave me some great features haha Not sure why he wanted me to have that but I'll take it right?" But see, not everyone can grasp that you're coming from a place like that, and I won't explain cause I just talk instead of thinking about how THEY will percieve me right? And there-in lies the pesky arrogance, just kind of riding my own train outloud while I force everyone else on it. Lately however I've started FINALLY learning to listen, and just admit my arrogance or stop it, when I see I'm overloading someone or taking over I try to stop and say "Oh wait, I don't think this is the direction you were trying to go in, could you explain what you were saying before please?" Cause I also won't be listening as I sort of... globalize everything I hear in my mind, connecting dots, seeing a big picture. It's hard for me to "Come back down to earth" so to speak, though it's not narcissism since I put all this energy into studying Jesus and his love for me and all mankind and so like... the good source makes me good but without that? If I was more like... a person who didn't have a good sense of self? I might totally be a textbook narcissist. Does anyone relate? (I don't expect you to admit it if you're not comfortable haha my arrogance just let's me talk about my flaws all day long with no fear Muhahahaha) (Oh let me know if you were uncomfortable with the Jesus reference, I'm guessing you're ok with people referencing religion to the degree they kind of have to to be honest and themselves, I'm guessing you just don't want anyone trying to STEER everyone into a religious debate yes? Let me know if I get the idea now)
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    Love the lyric. I think it's a damn good one.
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    SoundCloud has served a number of purposes. It was a place to post stuff I was working on, to say, hey, I'm alive, I'm doing something. It was also a place I could post songs that I could call done in order to move on. But, I've always been disturbed by the lo-res streaming format; very few people actually take the time to download my tracks, which have always been free. What this means, essentially, is that my music is being listened to in a manner that does not represent the quality I wish. A year or two ago they removed groups, which was one of my favorite things about SoundCloud. Now that they are near the end, industry-wise, I did some hard thinking about why I was there. I sense a major shift coming in the way I think about and produce music and I want to honor that by creating a little space. It might be that I create a website and install an MP3 player so I can stream at 320. It might be a music social media site with a different approach. I don't know, I'm still looking. I know I kind of want to gather everything I've done in the past 15 years together. I need some kind of marker or milestone, and that will be a retrospective release of some sort. Don't know if I'll put it out myself or shop for a netlabel or somesuch. Hope that answers your question.
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    Hey Wolf! Welcome to Songstuff!
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    I remember that extended piano intro that you had used in the spider song (please excuse me for not remembering the exact title)... it sounded lovely. This song reads like a ballad and you'd probably like to sing it like a ballad... piano pieces would fit well here, I think. The synth sounds a little loud in the current arrangement. There were some small portions where the tempo and your singing were not matching.... but I guess you're figuring things out at this initial stage. Wish you all the best with your album.. sounds exciting!
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    "Named" might be better.. and how about "so nice", to break it up a bit, in lack of a better word? Thanks Patty
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    Thx I tried this and also changed the ending the song at the "selling your soul" line and adding the line "Lonely boy was your dream worth it" (not sure if ill keep it though.
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    I like the "Oh love" too. I would change "called" to "named" Could sound like catcall How about a more intriguing word than "nice"? Uh, "nice" job!
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    Hey Will That is a really cool sound. It's very detailed. And everything is doing something to support the song. I am comparing it to Michael Jacksons tuff as a reference and its doing the business. Good stuff Cheers Gary
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    I think it's catchy, but the drums are missing something for me. Not punchy enough. Also the synths are not punchy either. To me they sound a bit thin. Cool lil tune though
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    Looking at lyric and melody only at this stage. What you have so far is a good start. I would like to hear bit more definition between the parts. I think that is a rhythm / groove thing that need to do the variation. Cheers Gary
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    Beautiful descriptive lyrics. I read them before listening to the music and envisioned a completely different style that was more ballad type for these lyrics. The music is nice, but has a different feeling to me than what the lyrics demand.
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    What if you tried "Lonely boy strumming cigar box strings"? It would add to the visual of poverty and sound good with "jeans" and "dream". I thin you could cut out most of your later verses to keep the theme of the blues.
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    I think I got to see this after changes were made. In any event, this was quite captivating to read the tension in the lyrics. I also really like the effect of "Oh, love". I can almost hear exasperated intonation in that one line.
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    Sryashi, your images in this song are wonderful! I can mentally put this to a bouncy jazz melody even before I read that jazz was your intent. I can't seem to listen to your sample though. I look forward th hearing how you execute the melody on this!
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    I believe this is more common than I thought. The attitude of condescension. I've seen it in lots of places and yes, at times I've been guilty of it and needed to look honestly at myself. I am convinced that if we could see the totality of every human being in one glance including ourselves it would do two things. We would have no reason to think highly of ourselves as compared to anyone else.We would see the wonderful things about people. All people, not just a group or groups of people. Any really honest evaluation of the universal human condition takes into account the good and the bad in everyone. At the end of the day, in order to be arrogant and narcissistic we have to ignoring all the facts. One thing that grounds me is to remind myself constantly that no matter where I am or who I am with I must be reminded that I am a part of them. The minute we don't see that we're headed down the path of the Nazis. There is a very small difference in DNA between anyone on the planet and you. So small in fact, that it's hard to measure. If you're at a party in Hollywood and everyone is wearing a tux but you. You happen to be wearing a dirty t-shirt with holes in it. How would that make you feel? How would they look at you? What if you were the one in a tux looking at someone in a dirty t-shirt with holes at a high class party? In a sense you will at one time or another be both of those people. Not in that exact sense. I just used this as an illustration to make a point.In order to really connect with ourselves and with others we need to see past that. See that old man who has trouble walking? This is eventually you. Another thing to remember is that everything you have,have done or will do, you were given the ability or the resources to do it. If you made money, you couldn't have done it without the given ability. No one does something from nothing as independent . In that sense, we are more like stewards of what we are and what we have. Jesus was a probably the best example of this. He gravitated to people who were viewed as lowly. He got it. They really weren't lowly in the things that matter.
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    Hi Tony, Okey I'm guessing it's a blues The blues is NOT about someone's sucsess, it's about misery, broken hearts, low life, slavery, etc. It's hard to believe your story about a 'lonely boy' - making millions - still playing the blues and feeling sorry for himself. It's your first lyrics, so you shouldn't feel bad about it. Read the lyrics of your fav artists and get inspired! Write more! Cheers, Geir
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    John and I were talking about this a few weeks back and we had a conversation with a couple of the other admin last week and we are thinking about promoting the members music (with their agreement of course) and using the Facebook page to do this. The only criteria may be how finished or polished the song is, but we didn't manage to speak about the finer details. I am going to speak to John tomorrow if we get a minute, so will mention it again.
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    Don't feel bad guys, I have like no idea what's going on in any thread ever, I just think you guys seem pretty cool so I keep typing in them. lulz
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    I have a simple suggestion. Discussions like this are all too common on music forums like Songstuff. While there's certainly no harm in rehashing the same ol' questions, these discussion rarely if ever yield any any tangable result. On one side, we have folks who believe that financial opportunities exist for independent artists in the digital word. On the other side, we have folks who don't. So...here's my suggestion. Those who believe that opportunity exists should put their money where their mouth is...do it! Put your stuff out there, do your level best to independently promote it AND THEN return to this thread and share the results of your efforts. Real world results are incredibly hard to argue with...unless of course, you're Donald Trump Did you actually make money? Add up every dime that you spent to make it happen (digital tracking codes, promotional expenses, artwork, taxes, fees paid to royalty collection entities, CD production costs, mastering costs, mixing costs, new equipment purchases) ...subtract that amount from the grand total of what you took-in, then tell us if you made money, or lost money. Several of you have already taken steps toward releasing your material for sale. I imagine other members would benefit greatly from the sharing of your results. Tom
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    hehe yikes, that last part kinda hit me and it stung "arrogance assumes that everyone is entitled to your opinion" EXACTLY. I don't LISTEN. I just railroad over everything, however I've hid from people for like years and run from human interaction because of it, actually, I did it to THIS forum a few years back lmao I'm so AWARE of my arrogance, but not sure how to stop, HOWEVER my wife has been a GOD SEND. She has a disorder called aspergers that makes her very unique, she has a different kind of antenna than the rest of us do for picking up social cues. When I'm being arrogant, she just doesn't connect with me, she stares off into space and can't tell what I'm getting at, even gets brain fog and fatigued, needing to be alone. But when I look at her. Just LOOK at her, and really listen, just thinking about who SHE is, her eyes light up, she looks at me with love and excitement and starts to relax, and I begin to finally understand everything that's so wonderful about HER and my own self importance diminishes. I'm just now starting to try to be fearless enough to try doing this with people, I'm always scared of putting my foot in my mouth, but honestly when you just say less and focus more on the other person, it really does start to kind of flow I think I just have to try and not beat myself up too much when I kinda go off the rails you know? In time it will diminish more and more I think.