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    OK I've been messing around with the intro on this tune. They're each only 26 seconds long so if you have a little time, please let me know which one you like better. Thanks - Randy If you don't want to post could you possibly just like one of the two on SC. That would suffice. Thanks again. Just Let It Go Randy Drilingas Just 1L ©2017 What a strange way To start the morning. A little bit of salt Laden tears for those in mourning. Find a space and keep what’s real Right next to you. When you can no longer take it all. The savior in the mirror looks kind of like A beat up drum. Let it go. Just let it go. When the brain drain Becomes less warming. Attention spans gone. Trick the pain With something alarming. It’s a damn shame This I know. Go back a space and lose one turn. Then watch and wait to find a cure for all. With hated breath. Let it go. Just let it go. Something doesn’t feel the same. Bearing the weight of others pain. 24/7 every day. Peace of mind’s been led astray
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    Here is a Lullaby that I can't stop listening to. But to keep YOU awake the finish is rather intense. And since I love folklore in my own clothes this might be my musical Lotus...: https://soundcloud.com/user-892939153/sleep-sweet-jonatan-lullaby-for-strings-and-wind
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    Hello, I would like to share a video with all of you that demonstrates looping in a performance setting. If you watch this video from beginning to end, you may notice that when I press the loop pedal (BOSS RC-1 for those who are curious), it plays the intro chord progression I recorded in the very beginning of the video. This allowed me to have some time to walk over to the piano while my loop played over. When the loop came to an end, I came in with the piano to finish off the song. Making this actually happen was somewhat tiresome seeing that I did not have the equipment to hear the loop go around when I was waiting for it to end. Luckily for me, the RC-1 has a light display that indicates when the loop comes to an end. I had someone give me a signal when that light came around completely, making the timing of the piano coming in "somewhat" decent for the situation I was in. Turned out pretty good in my opinion. Just thought I'd share. You can listen to the studio version of the song here.
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    I literally know nothing about money, I lived at home till I was 30 I'm quite the sheltered guy. That's one way I knew it was really the Holy Spirit, I'm talking to him about our finances and I feel a whisper "I'm willing to make you rich, if you will serve me with your wealth" I'm like "Did you really just say that? What do you mean?" The number "50,000" flies into my head, he tells me "Keep no more than 50,000 a year and I will make you wealthy" I had no idea what that meant, if that was a comfortable amount to live by, but I knew it was more than I had so I just was like "Ok, sounds good to me!" It was only later I realized that 50,000 a year for a 2 person, no child couple, is a pretty good living. I didn't know, I just knew what he said and I agreed. I'm glad I'm saying this publicly on a forum, it will help God get all the glory when he comes through.
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    I'm putting this song in the showcase section instead of the critique section cause I'm just pretty happy with it now. Mixed the crap out of it, added a bunch of parts. I'll put the lyrics in this time. I got to take some time to offer thanks, for the way you got me out of that deplorable state,I really think your Word is just so fine, I only want to know I'm doing what is truly right, And if I take my eye off of your face, I run the risk of missing out on what you're trying to say, You always speak when my mind is in an honest place, And give me water from the fountain that is flowing with grace, And if I could just take a second or two, To offer up my services in total honor of you, Because I think your ways are super magic and cool, And I am so inadequate I'm just a worm and a tool, Simplify me, (Thank you Yahweh) Override me (You sent us Jesus) So if you find it in your heart to do this one crazy thing, Please force my hand and make my heart become the way it should be, Cause even if it hurts it's still gonna be worth it to me, To learn to fight to help these captives become finally free, But see that means that I gotta be free myself, And so I can't hold onto habits that would keep me in hell, So I forgive everybody for everything, It's really easy when I recognize how awful I've been, Simplify me, (Thank you Yahweh) Override me (You sent us Jesus) Now I'm not saying I don't welcome any criticism, I'm just not seeking it. I'm quite happy with this, I know it ain't perfect but I'm tired of messing with it and it makes me really happy now every time I listen so... that's what I wanted
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    That's awesome, Symphonius! a bit of a recommendation regarding that--research the recipient causes--make sure the larger percentage is going to the cause you want to support and not toward high administrative costs and advertising. 50K is reasonable for a family of five to live off from--tight, would still have watch grocery billt too but can be done--well, I suppose that might depend on the cost of living for where you are, too.
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    @Pahchisme Plaid Right, I didn't want to give the wrong impression. We struggle in the sense that we have no cushion, no savings, no extra. However, once we put our full faith in God and just did anything he told us in the spirit, we have seen over and over the most neat coincidences happening, and we always break even by a miracle. I KNOW these miracles will keep happening, but I'd love for my wife to be able to just... not have to budget so hard, not have to be so careful what she gets at the grocery store, I know God takes care of us, I know I should probably throw caution to the wind in faith of that. But just... I am responsible for my wife, I don't want her to have to hope for a miracle every month when bills come. But God will do what God will do, and I couldn't possibly tell people they HAD to pay me for the message he wants me putting out there, and quite frankly I'm just... I don't want anyone giving money to me that should be going to someone who needs it far more. I've got a roof, I eat, in Africa they know REAL struggles, I don't ever want anyone to give me something that should be going to people with REAL struggles. Me and the Holy Spirit have a deal though, I'll just say it he's cool with it haha He told me he would make me rich if I would agree to only keep 50,000 a year and give the rest away. Since right now I make about 22,000 a year, that does NOT sound like a problem to me! And giving feels sooooooo much better than recieving, but yeah, I believe he meant what he said, and I'm gonna honor that deal. If I'm ever making over 50,000 a year the rest is all going to needy people. I'm more excited about that part than having money!! Anyway, I enjoy your perspective on things, and yeah making a LITTLE money from my music would be great, but if it ever gets ludicrous I'm giving it all away...
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    If you do something with itunes, I'd make a purchase there. People buy itunes cards to purchase music that way--I've purchased non mainstream songs that way. There was a really great Christian Band call, (I think) Red Mountain Band or something like that--who had a song their website that I liked and fortunately, I purchased it through itunes, because they took down from their site after awhile. I don't really know how well it adds up. Maybe someone here knows. The tip jar seems a good idea--didn't know you could do that. Wouldn't that be something if you got a good response! Sorry to hear of your money struggles. We've had some, too, but things have gotten better and we've had more outgoing than incoming many times and I awed at how we ever managed through it, (not recommending you set that as a standard on purpose). We always had our needs met, even when it seemed impossible that we'd ever break even, but we did. If you looked at the figures, you'd say, "No way...", but---Hey only one explanation and you know what that is!
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    Absolutely! And yeah I don't care about money really. Like I do have a SORT of plan. I mean... Jesus told us not to be money minded and trust God for our provisions, I've seen proof that if you are doing his will this will happen. But my wife and I ARE struggling big time, and could really use a little extra money. So I had this idea of like... a tip jar button on a website? Or maybe a donations button on my youtube? And never sell anything but just say "I'm a musician and musicians work for tips, if you feel like giving me a tip just click that button up there, if not my music is yours to enjoy for free" or something like that. I just have faith that God will inspire the right people to tip at the right time and my wife and I will stay afloat. So.... yeah I'll just... put it everywhere! hahaha
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    Well--If you're looking to make money off it, probably NO because that would give it to listeners for free---"NO" would be a bummer for me because I tend to listen to my soundcloud likes through my ipod as a sort of playlist, not so much the other avenues of music sharing. However, if you're wanting that message to be shared freely out of the river of your heart and want as many people to enjoy it as possible, then YES, YES, YES, put it out everywhere. I am not so much the business-type. My only definite suggestion is, register your song as a means of having evidence that it is your song, then you know whatever happens with it will be absolutely your decision.
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    I think there are certain songs it matters on. Also, maybe in your original, you weren't so off in just the places that would be obvious to listeners who aren't trained in that sort of thing. I know that in some Celtic music I've collaborated on, certain things really DO make a difference, but I also think the instruments and the tempo, vocals, etc come across differently in different styles of music. What you can get away with in one, you can't in another. Then again, you could have equalized things very well in your original, so the changes really seemed minor and unnoticeable. I DO think its always good to understand the articulation whenever possible, especially with a good message in a song. It would be a shame to miss something critical in the message if you ARE paying attention to the words and I was. I had the lyrics to read in front of me and that REALLY helps, but the general audience won't have that--they can only rely on their hearing. Side fact: I now watch close captioning on my television because I have a family member who needs it and now when I don't have it, it drives me crazy because I don't catch everything audibly. I hated close caption when I first started using it. Now I hate not having it. I think its similar with unfamiliar songs. You don't miss anything when you have the lyrics to follow along with. Having said that, there are a few songs that I've recently listened to on here that I like the music so well, I could care less what the words are--but that would be settling for less as a songwriter who would accept that for themselves. I am the one who wanted to share when it was ready, so excited to have the go-ahead! Thanks!
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    That warms my heart Yeah I don't know how important mixing even is, some people I know can't really tell any difference between good and bad and say "Why don't you just put it out how it is it's great!!" But then other people will say "I can't understand the words" "It feels off to me..." So I think... maybe some people naturally listen more with the heart so they just get emotion regardless the mix, maybe others listen more with their head and are more aware of the technical side of what's going on. Not really sure, but I love that you showed it to your child and they liked it, I have such a heart for kids, probably cause I still am one I can't remember if you were the one who asked when this song was ready to be shared but it is now, share away my friend
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    I didn't catch them either--maybe if I compared them, but I won't, cause I like it either way and sometimes if its more like homework, it takes the hot air out of the balloon and doesn't float as freely as before. I'm going to simply enjoy this one. Oh! BTW, my youngest loved the video, too!
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    Well I don't really know what the EXACT definition of shoegaze is haha I just always associate it with long droney rock songs that feel spacey and atmospheric and build slowly instead of like... barreling forward head first. And I don't even know what I've listened to of them, my wife just puts it on and I've gotten to know some of the songs, that singer though... he sings the way I'd imagine a vampire would sing hahaha it's cool.
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    I've only listened to Antics and I didn't get too much of a shoegaze sound from them... More alternative rocky kind of sound. But this is after I had finished listening to Cigarettes After Sex and Slowdive..
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    I'll look 'em up next time I'm in Lyon.
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    I'm not too well versed in EQ's and I used some presets in Garageband I have mostly all the harmonies at the end chorus..Maybe I have to bring them out a little more. I'll definitely play around though.. as I have no idea what I'm doing Thank you for the listen
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    Here is the updated demo: https://soundcloud.com/jennifer8169456/mr-fox-full-demo
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    Thanks so much, and yeah my wife can't even hear the changes I make to my mixes haha but what's important is for once I am truly 100 percent behind a sound recording I've made, feels great. Gonna start a new one soon.
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    Love the video! Very fun! Love the song, but I did before, so...
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    I'm not sure if I've ever heard your stuff, I'm gonna do that after I finish this post! And haha I don't know how to respond to the last thing you said without it sounding weird lol I'm just gonna go for it, the only other person who ever told me "It's official, you and I are the exact same person" was my WIFE!! hahaha it was the first thing she ever said to me on youtube (we met on youtube and then I moved 9 hours away to be with her, then she moved 9 hours back to be in MY hometown haha) but yeah I think it's just... I let out my inner child alot on camera? And I think at the end of the day we're all like that on the inside, so I guess people who really let the kid in them out see themselves in me or something, that's my theory anyway. Off to hear yo' stuff!
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    Wow we have the same dance moves when singing our own songs... I can only imagine what I look like when I'm recording. This is a great song.. very MIKA but punky too. I wish you all the best with this Ah now I remember.. it reminds me of What's Up by the 4 Non Blondes --- the ending of the video verifies that we are in fact the same person..
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    WHOOP WHOOP!!! This is like historic for me, first time I've been excited about one of my recordings in years, now I just gotta get a few more and then I'll start pestering all of you all day about how to get them heard.... yes that was my plan all along.... muhahahahaha
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    WOW! Love everything about that video and the vocals are MUCH clearer, now! I totally agree, don't change a thing lol Brilliant, rock song 👍 Ken
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    Yep on the recording and mix... also rework compression and test with Youtube compression for best results. PS That was me easing up on my Scottish brogue lmao. It can get much, much worse... for example, add another Glaswegian to the conversation, or let me have a couple of pints. They could have used Glaswegians as code talkers during the war lol
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    Yeah, you need a better audio mix of your voice-over narration. But, you should also ease up on your Scottish brogue, because it will still be hard to understand you. j/k
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    I ain't changing it again lmao Seriously though I'm glad I messed with it, the point is clearer now methinks.
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    Hi John.. this looks interesting! I tried to use the shortcut by watching the video instead of reading the article to save some time The audio, however, seems low in volume and a little muffled (the sections with music sound pretty clear, though). Could you look into this and possibly fix it? Thanks
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    Just want to say thanks to @Just1L for speaking your mind even when I said I didn't want criticism. Been messing with the song for 3 days now, resang vocals focusing on enunciation and clarity, I like it so much better and have made a video for the song. It's uploading now and I'll post it in this thread either tonight or tomorrow. And that my friends is the power of musicians sharing opinions lulz
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    Hey Joey, welcome to Songstuff,
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    Hi, Joey. Welcome.
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    Thanks, everyone, for your very kind comments I know... the drums are tricky... had a bit of an issue feeling the rhythm myself, while recording. But there's been a lot of change from the time we started out with the arrangements. Tim and I had discussed about the drums and I'm hopeful that he will figure out something that will help create a finer blend. But I'm really grateful to him for giving me an opportunity to collaborate... it was a great learning process for me
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    Listening again with earbuds this time. I wondered how it would sound if you replaced the basic drum sound with bongos or cajon? (Not all the drums--I just don't know what the different drums are called) It might have a more organic sound that falls beneath her vocals, except for the occasional high "pop". I may listen again and comment more.
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    I like this but do see where the verses and chorus feel the same. IMO it's the drums. Seems like the same thing being played throughout. Maybe changing up those drums when the chorus comes would help. And I think once those drums are changed you could then revisit the vocals for the chorus. I think this has a real great feel to it but just listening without reading along it does feel very similar throughout, which makes it feel long ... and I blame the drums. Well, that and the fact that it is long at almost 6 minutes. Did I say drums yet? LOL Randy
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    IMHO there's quite a bit of raw talent here - as well as raw emotion. Definitely keep honing your skills, find people who will give you honest feedback, perform live if you feel ready for it. But keep in mind: this kind of sad music is not for everyone. I've always felt right at home in the world of Elliott Smith (do check him out!), Bonnie Prince Billy, Sparklehorse,... but if the younger version of any of those artists would have performed at my high school's open mic night, they wouldn't have gotten much applause. The internet can be a big, scary place, but it's also filled with nooks where you can find like-minded people who are into the same kind of stuff and will be happy to give you feedback that goes beyond the well-meaning pointers you'll get from someone near you whose musical horizon ends with Ed Sheeran and Katy Perry. Just because they don't get it, doesn't mean it doesn't have the potential to be great.
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    I don't think I ever imagined what a singer (or musician) looked like just by listening.