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    Hi guys, ive always had a penchant for writing music and songs, gradually started uploading stuff to youtube, most recent was yesterday I put up ' Never dream of dying ' by John Kennedy, myself, its a bond song showcase, theres an outside chance bond 25 could be called that or shatterhand, thought I would get in quik! JFK
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    I just read this from the 'Persona' thread by Pahchisme Plaid. Well I dreamed of being here on songstuff and hearing an excellent recording of 'Popcorn' played by Tapper Mike. He played it on a Fender guitar which sounded exactly like a chicken. I awoke determined to try and get the chicken sound, and incorporate it into something of mine.
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    To get back on subject and you lot off the 'weed'. To succeed is to achieve what you set out to do in the first place. Only you can determine what that is and whether you have achieved that success, because it is a personal thing. To me, releasing an album that anyone anywhere in the world can listen to and if they like, buy would be a success. I am not expecting to have hundreds of fans, let alone into the thousands, but that isn't what drives me. For years I have thought up the ideas for songs, but because I am my own worst critic, didn't believe I was good enough to create those songs. In 2012 I decided to buy a midi keyboard and downloaded Logic. At the time it was to see if I was able to do anything, as I had no training and had never played an instrument properly. I had mucked about on an old keyboard I had, coming up with little 30 second pieces of music, but I had never managed to come up with a full song on the keyboard. Perseverance and the belief I would create something paid off quicker that I thought. I came up with an instrumental track the first day I started and minus my friend playing the lower register piano/bass notes (I couldn't get my fingers to play as fast as my mind), I wrote, arranged and mixed the track over a two day period. I didn't look at YouTube, I felt it out by looking at everything Logic offered. Now in my head, that was a success. I set out to do something and felt I achieved it. The track could probably do with a bit of work as I haven't touched it since I composed it. https://soundcloud.com/moodman-1/after-midnight/s-Ebu2g So in a way, I have already achieved one success even if others don't see it that way. My next success will be my first proper release to the public. After that, the success will be if anyone comments that they like the tracks. The next will be if anyone buys it. I know I will never make a living from this, but I am not in this for that. As Rob mentioned about Legacy, for me doing this means I have achieved something I have wanted to do for a very long time and having fun doing it. Because, this is fun (frustrating at times, but still fun).
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    No, it's not legal. We have to smoke tea.
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    "Powerful, powerful, powerful!' The only thing that I might suggest – referencing (for convenience) the original lyric – is that maybe you would find interesting possibilities if you purposely omitted the final repetition of the chorus: "But my love / He held .. / He pulled ..." Such a purposeful break from the heretofore-introduced "repetitive song structure" ... precisely at the point where the listener's experience has taught them to expect it ... can be used to foreshadow a conclusion, and to strengthen the subsequent impact of the line which follows the now-omitted but-expected stanza. (Even though the final conclusion of the song does not involve the singer breaking-away in some way from her present status quo, she does now possess a much-clearer understanding of it, and this, too, is a perfectly satisfactory denouement.) This is a very well-written lyric. Thanks for sharing. Looking forward now to the music.
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    Looking at it on my mac, in safari... the text is extremely hard to read. You just can't have white or light text over a such a pale background, there are large areas where the text blends into the background, probably 70% of the text is extremely hard to read for that reason. I genuinely couldn't read some words and it wasn't comfortable trying, but what I did read seemed ok. And if the background image didn't cause such a problem I'd think that was fine too...I mean the general look of the site is coming together. In terms of the written content, again I think it's ok... say what you want to say... although I think if I was reading it as a potential fan (maybe I'd heard a snippet of a track of yours and was intrigued to search for info on you) then maybe I'd want to read something more 'artist' focussed, like....what do you do in the songs (everything, so vocals, keys, programming.... let people know), who inspires you and did they get you into making music? , and just a tiny bit about you as an 'ordinary' guy. But again, you say what you want to say.... it depends on your goals too.... and by the way I think this is all very helpful to everyone including me....it is very useful to critique these things because I think it's really hard to see when you do your own site.
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    There is much I could say to this. None of it angry or negative. I understand how someone could look upon my interests and passions and deem them to be niche oriented. I would contend, if we were face to face, say, and words passed more speedily than they do here, that such is not the case. Rather than a long dissertation, however, I will content myself with a few bullet points which may entice you to perhaps google gently for more information. - A passion for hard driving rock and metal music is often a generational interest. Although the first fans of metal (a genre that did not exist before the mid 1960's) are all in their late 50's and 60's now, their kids, and their grand kids are not. Although such is not universal, the fact that a love of metal or hard rock is often passed down from one generation to the next has even been spoken of in a number of documentaries. A significant example of this would be "The History Of Metal", a 6 part, 6 hour documentary aired on AXSTV this past year, which outlines the origins of, and evolution of metal music though the decades. In the Scandinavian countries in Europe, I would even go so far as to say this phenomenon is more prevalent than it is in America. - Their are many, many sub-cultural groups in America that have a specific style, mode or form of dress that is identified specifically with that sub group. The fast that I dress a certain way, or wear my hair long, as I do, is no different than someone who wears camouflage and boots and considers themselves a hunter, or someone who wears a hat lampooned with fishing lures who considers themselves an avid fisher. Bikers have their chaps, leather and steel and chrome festooned jackets. Science fiction, comics and fantasy fans have their cosplay outfits (all hand made with incredible passion and detail) and show or movie related paraphernalia. - Chess clubs. Bridge clubs. Or more comparably... car clubs, or mountain biking enthusiasts, to name just a couple of examples... each, clearly it's own unique accouterments. Some are simply more (or less) expensive, extensive or elaborate. Passion is passion. Each individual, if they are lucky, is gifted with both the freedom and the ability to define their passions according to their personal desires. Perhaps I am still not understanding you, Rudi, but, I hardly consider my own humble interests to be at all unique, in terms of how I remain loyal to what I love, or the notion that following that passion invokes (for many) a certain mode of dress or behavior.
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    Hi Peggy :-) Thank you for the nice words. Russian version of lyrics "Mama" has as much sentiment but is a lot smoother. All the best, Igor
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    Well that explains it. I've always had this uneasy feeling that using pitch correction on vocals was a bit sinful.
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    There is a level of analysis going on in this line that eludes me, Rudi, I must admit. I fell in deep love with rock music at the tender age of oh, perhaps 9, perhaps 10. I joined my first rock band at age 16. Although I have pursued many diverse interests in my life, both indoors and outdoors, and ones more, or less active.... hard rock and metal music, and the accouterments, et al, that go along with that "scene" (a term I use here purely for lack of having a better one spring to mind) remained a deep and abiding love of mine for the next 40 or so years. I love the shows. I love the bands. I love the songs. I love the posters and the clothes and the card and the girls... I love denim and leather and chrome and motorcycles. I love playing rock and metal music. I love loud, fast guitars and high wattage rigs. I love it all. I always have. I couldn't give a crap about what other people think, by and large. I am, maybe, a bit touchy if someone says bad things about my music. What's so hard to ken? Some people love flowers. Some birds. Some their little toy dogs. My wife buys furniture and clothes and special treats and all sorts of oddities I cannot relate to at all, all for our pugs. She loves them. A lot. That much I understand completely. Not sure I'm following, my friend.
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    Hi John, Made a couple of suggestions in bold. Bridge seems to need a bit more but i like your using " recover " . Goes great with addicted. Peggy
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    I love this thread, great topic. And @Dazzyt66 I bet you'd never guess I LOVE old country! (though I think I may have already told you) But yeah I love that about myself haha, I seem like I'd be all hipster about it but no I'll cry my eyes out to a good heartfelt country song haha (though they went extinct in the 90's RIP) My musical tastes and stuff... affect who I am more than I can probably explain or understand... When my friends were listening to Korn and Limp Bizkit and wearing Big Jinco and Kikwear jeans and gothic looking punky stuff, I was listening to Hendrix and zeppelin and wearing tie dye and bell bottoms. Because the music I listen to is so.... groovy and... I dunno the word but it's like... I carry myself like the music I listen to. I sort of glide as if there's a song I'm hearing that you're not, and I use 60's and 70's slang. I was always drawn to the attitude of hippies, not the REALLY peacey lovey tree huggy ones, but the more... just laid back "chill maaaan" kinda hippies. Then I started liking even more glammy stuff like Bowie and Roxy Music and... others I can't think of but just, really glammy outrageous transcendent rock. I got into this idea of... I dunno... the magical bard from outer space. So I started cutting up socks and putting them on my arms, toe socks became gloves, I'd wear the big funky glasses and sometimes even a boa. I guess I started thinking I was Marc Bolan or something haha The thing is, I didn't stop. I'm 33 and that still feels right to me, I don't FEEL normal, I feel like a force of nature sometimes, I feel like a whimsical creator of fantastic things, and I feel weird if I just dress normal too! haha If I go out in jeans and a tshirt (which I do sometimes) I'm just like "ughhhh I feel so noooormal... where are my arm warmers...." lol I think this basically related to what you were saying, I never really became the kind of fan of music where I tried to emulate the culture, but my style and personality couldn't be more affected by music, both mine and others.
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    Hi again! Back with another song, this time with an added twist! Decided to throw some Español into the mix and give it a little extra flare. This song falls a little somewhere between "dance" and "pop" in my opinion. Would love to hear feedback on the vocals, lyrics, overall! Thanks as always Lyrics - “Scared of Happy”: They say the good die young, you living every second like it's your last one. Did you forget how to feel alive? Ay-ay And I could fly on jet planes, living all lavish sipping on champagne, but it ain't ever gonna be the same, without ya. Oh god I miss you too, I’m coming after you. Imma need you to believe me, believe it's true. Imma gonna sweep you off your feet, and take you where you wanna be. Baby won’t you tell me why you’re scared, scared of happy. Tell me tell me why, Tell me, tell me why you’re scared of happy. Scared of happy… Tell me tell me why, Tell me, tell me why you’re scared of happy. Ay, baby sabes que puedes llorar en mi hombro. Y que no tienes que escapar tus miedos. Vivimos la vida loca, para para, lo necesitas. Te digo que tu eres todo mi mundo, y que no puedo vivir sin ti. I promise you don’t need to be, scared of happy, happy. Let me be your lifeline, let me be the one that call at night. If theres an ocean between us, Imma be your Christopher Columbus Oh god I miss you too, I’m coming after you. Imma need you to believe me, believe it's true. Imma gonna sweep you off your feet, and take you where you wanna be. Baby won’t you tell me why you’re scared, scared of happy. Tell me tell me why, Tell me, tell me why you’re scared of happy. Scared of happy… Tell me tell me why, Tell me, tell me why you’re scared of happy. ¿Me diría si necesitas ayuda? Te prometo que va estar... mejor, mejor, mejor, mej-or Te digo que tu eres mi mundo, y que no lo puedo vivir en sintigo. I promise you don’t need to be, scared of happy, happy. Oh god I miss you too, I’m coming after you. Imma need you to believe me, believe it's true. Imma gonna sweep you off your feet, and take you where you wanna be. Baby won’t you tell me why you’re scared, scared of happy.
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    Like "will it be enough" spot on PP I said it is broken that includes any thoughts of rythem! the struture is, well to say the least unstable for the most part but I want it to be sort of elusive? Does that make sense to you? I have it in my head but hard to get across in words as usuall for us lyricist lol! I will try a voice ony record and if it sounds ok will,post ok? 🙂
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    I never recorded it, and I can only remember it up through the first chorus. But one of my very first songs was Skank Woman. It was a blues rocker that I banged out on my acoustic. I was like 17 when I wrote it. I actually ended up playing it one summer night at some dive bar me and a few of my friends stopped at during a road trip when I was 18 - I had my acoustic in the car. No women were in the tavern. But, the sleepy drunks there and the bartender loved it and we all laughed our asses off. Skank Woman sittin' in a bar on a saturday night just mindin' myself and feelin' alright when this drop-dead ugly skank walked through the door I started gettin' ideas so I drank some more but the more I drank, ya know the less I cared so what, she's a skank, hell I ain't scared if my friends find out besides, who's gonna tell she may be skanky as shit, but lord I'm horny as hell in and out up and down we rocked that motel room around she really put out, and I really gave I would have kissed her, but she needed a shave skank woman sleazy swine skank woman I'm glad she was mine skank woman