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    I had to check that out on YouTube--had to sift through a more modern version to find it. Elvira! Ha! That guy has a voice like a lumberjack, but he's the smallest guy in the group--no beard, clean shaven, all-American apple pie appearance. I imagined him bearded and massive. 😜
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    Well I must be able to trip without the extra help, then! I must admit, I am pretty clumsy.
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    I don't see geometrics (anything in straight lines--just nope), but do envision streaks of colored light, maybe the width of what a pen draws, dart to and fro, rise, drop, do circles or waves, swirlies, etc according to the music, speeding up or slowing with the music rising with the music, falling with the music, mostly when I close my eyes and mostly with violin and cello music.
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    I have trouble visualizing anything cause it's a battle for me to not hear all music mechanically and over analyze it. But I have those moments, and remember more in my youth, songs bringing to mind very vivid images and feelings, even being able to almost "smell" things or... not literally of course but I just remember much more vivid visual/emotional journeys as a kid. As far as visualizing a person, another fun thing is when I'm right about it. Sometimes my wife and I will be listening to someone and I hear the vibe in the voice and the music and I go "Ok, this guy dresses like this, he moves like this on stage, he's got this kind of hair, I just freaking KNOW IT" And whenever I got those STRONG hunches, it's usually right hahaha it's only a certain type of singer I can do that with though. Something I thought was funny once was while listening to Sly and the Family Stone my wife said "I think this guy wears really sparkly clothes" and I was like "I doubt it, he's a hippy! I bet he's all chilled out looking in jeans and tie dye" and she was just like "I dunno.... I definitely think sparkly" so we looked him up and first video we see is this. Had to majorly hand that round to my wife, not sure why she was so convinced he'd be sparkly but he was haha I was just like "WHOA... You NAILED it..."
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    The 2 examples that stand out in my mind are Christopher Cross & Harry Chapin's bass player (the one who sang that incredible falsetto part in the bridge section of "Taxi). I'd heard the songs for years before ever seeing the singers...both look better suited to playing linebacker in the NFL. In both cases I recall being very surprised. Tom
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    Hi, John. Like this a lot! For the bridge what about building on the "good addiction" theme by saying " There's no better lover/I don't want to recover" rather than bringing in the possibility of someone else into it. Just lyrics off the top of my head to communicate the vibe. Perhaps polishing that idea up would make for a stronger bridge? ~T
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    Hey Everybody! My name's Caleb I just joined this so that I can talk about music with other like minded musicians since I live in a very small town and haven't really had the chance to meet many other musicians around here yet. I'm 19 years old and I live in the town from Footloose, Literally I live in the town where Footloose is filmed and some of the people are as stingy as the movie shows to this day. Right now I am working on making music a career of mine. I'm looking to change the current popular culture with my music and clothing etc. and while it's a lofty goal I'm determined on reaching it no matter how much work it takes. Right now the main focus is making just a decent income off of music by doing small gigs $100 bucks a night and teaching guitar but still working on building that up. I love 50s Music and Rockabilly, and am also incredibly fond of Classic Rock and 80s SynthPop. Heavily influenced by B. B. King, Santana, Eric Clapton, and Brian Setzer as far as guitar goes and when I play I suppose I sound like an odd mixture of them. I definitely wouldn't define my music as any current genre, probably something of it's own but I'm not sure, I suppose each of my tracks would fit into different genres. On a personal level I'm crazy about astrology a lot of the time, I'm a Leo with a Scorpio Rising for those of you who talk the talk, and I've been running around in biker boots, a leather jacket, and a pompadour since I was about 16 years old, and I rock the look really well if I do say myself . I'm looking for like minded musicians with a similar musical goal and I've been in and out of a couple of bands but haven't settled into anything serious yet. If you were to ask my friends to describe me that I would tell you that I was pretty intense a lot of the time but fun to be around I suppose. Yeah, I guess that about sums it up. Looking forward to meeting you all and discussing musical aesthetics. Adieu.
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    I don't know how others process information or thoughts, but I often find myself thinking in pictures. Not always, but lots. Just curious--do any of you hear someone's voice in song, someone you have no idea what they look like, and with whatever little bit of information you have, get an image of what that person looks like? It's kinda fun. But it doesn't work if you already seen a picture of them-- for me, sometimes the image changes with new information, but generally the voice doesn't age as much as the body--so you probably look younger in the image than you actually are. I get a kick out of it because an entire visual character gets built around limited information. Some images are sort of undefined for awhile, while others pop up instantly. It's even better when sometime down the road, you get to see how close or very far off you are. I really get a kick out of that! Wouldn't you like to know how someone envisions you based on your singing voice? Hah! I think it would be funny!
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    you sure you havent been mushroom foraging lately????
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    Yeah but I don't like the way they sound. Too starchy...
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    They do make good headphones... Use celery as the headband between them.
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    All those tutorials I watched, all the advice I was given, all those years cranking away at the controls, no one's ever brought this thought to my attention. Maybe my problem is the mushrooms. HOW COULD I HAVE BEEN SO BLIND.
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    can't mix without those portobellos though... it's the secret ingredient
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    Just don't turn on the stereo when you're driving!!! Or try mixing without mushrooms.
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    This is normal... seeing them with your eyes open means you're tripping.
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    For me, the shapes/colors are only when I have my eyes closed. But when they're open, I do completely zone out and can't really focus on much of anything else. I also get a weird feeling... With my eyes closed, it's almost like lucid dreaming.. without being asleep. But I can "see" where everything is and where is fits when mixing.. it's all very physical I guess Though I've never considered myself to have that s-word thingy
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    this happens to me...........mostly vocals and strings for me too i think though and other things that i can't really explain synesthesia of sorts?
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    Oh man I looked him up that just cuts like a knife like right in my heart, and you know why?? Cause I can see WHY you think that *DEATH BLOW* *falls dramatically*.... Lol but yeah when I said that I thought "People are gonna pick women with me..... and very very effeminate men...." yyyyep! lmao I'm totally exaggerating btw, I just think it's funny haha
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    @MonoStone... I picture you as Orlando Weeks from The Maccabees because that's the music I think of @symphonious7 You remind me of the guy from Perfume Genius.. for the same reason
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    So what do people here look like based on their voices? Clearly Richard looks almost exactly like Midge Ure ... What does everyone else look like?
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    I'm only a health nut as far as I have to be. I have to work at it and I'm not very good at it. When I was in my 20s & 30's I loved a good kickboxing workout and yes--had the endorphins (had to stop due to shin splints). Can't physically handle that anymore. I just started jogging with my daughter last night. Telephone poles--walked two, ran two (one sometimes). Thought my lungs were gonna explode!
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    Ah yes, what we used to refer to as the "seeing pretty colors " syndrome Exceedingly common in tripping circles.
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    Maybe stomach acid 😜
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    I remember doing a double-take when I saw the guy from the Oak Ridge Boys that sang the Giddy up oom poppa omm poppa mow mow part. Never would of guessed it was that guy. I've done a little of the visualization thing but really never for the actual person who's singing. I always visualize whatever it is I'm taking from the song, not who's playing or singing it.
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    Sometimes my wife and I will be listening to a song by an artist we've never heard and we sort of play the "what do they look like game" and it can be pretty funny cause sometimes people don't look at all how they sound. Gets really crazy when you can't even tell the gender. Something I've always thought was really funny, is if you close your eyes and listen to certain songs by cher, and imagine it's elvis, you can see it being elvis lol
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    "Sunday Christian" Sunday...Sunday Christian Fix it in a day Sunday...one day Christian Wash the sin away Sunday...one day Christian All around, you can see Other…fellow Christians Tryin’ seven days a week Monday’s selflessly kind Tuesday’s honestly fine Wednesday’s caring concern Thursday’s trustingly earned Friday’s ripe with respect…and Saturday’s love shines through But, Sunday...one day Christian Gives it just a day Hopin’…it’s enough to Keep the fires away - Primary Vocal - Secondary Vocal Sunday...one day Christian Could be you or me Repeat Harsh reality Repeat Hope to God we see Repeat Life as it could be Copyright 2007 - Tom Hoffman
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    I LOVED this. I loved the feel, the lyric, the message, I'm not sure if the reason I have NO problems with this song is cause it's that good or cause I'm biased cause I love the message so much haha But yeah I just truly dug that from start to finish, and I thought the lyric was pretty perfect. You said exactly what needed to be said in a concise, poetic, to the point way. Great song Tom!
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    If no one's mentioned it Jenn, there's an entire section of the SongStuff library dedicated to production topics..including EQ & compression. http://www.songstuff.com/recording/article/ Tom
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    A tip - Don't focus on things like mixing or arrangement too much until you have a near complete song. You shouldn't even (too often) be posting initial ideas for feedback on how the mix sounds etc (many of us do sometimes but it won't help you focus and complete). When you get an idea for a verse, record it fast and then immediately try to think of the next part...the chorus or whatever...while you're still very into the song. Write the bones of the song quickly, if you can. Once you have the bones of a complete song, you can keep dipping in as time allows to work on the arrangement and production... and the final vocal when you get chance. If you have a verse... and you feel stuck... a good next step is to check a key chart and try the other chords from the key...see if they (either alone or mixed with some of the verse chords) make a good chorus.. I underlined 'while you're still into the song' because I think that's the main thing. If you're really into a song then you should have a desire to complete it.... now and then everyone gets a bit of an idea and gets really into it but gets stuck...but the real keepers are often the ones that just seem to write themselves, and often it's about the magic you feel when you make the chord change out of the section you've been going round for ages. So again, if possible, if you find you've got a verse you love...get straight onto thinking up the next bit. Writing needs focus... so spend your 'me time' wisely... you can work on arrangement and mixing in bits n bobs in your headphones whenever you find bits of time. I sometimes find it hard to do... I get bogged down in the same bit... but I know from experience that the good ones come when you find the next part quickly (or when the progression and groove just feel complete and you love it... if it's not going to have a typical chord change chorus etc). Occasionally you might find an old verse and invent a new part for it months later...but... if you lose focus on a track and wander away before completing it then that usually means you're just not THAT into it! Otherwise you'd return to it once your distractions are out of the way. And you have to be into it for it to turn out good and get finished.
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    More often than not Shane MacGowan's name sneaks into the reviews of my songs so I figured I may just as well release my inner Shane My friend Karen helped out with some whistle playing. All and any input welcome. The Curse Of Shane MacGowan While I was still in junior school at the tender age of eight they told me at the talent show that backstage you must wait Then I stepped into the limelight and I struck that opening chord but the second I began to sing the audience all roared Shane MacGowan! Shane MacGowan! He sounds like Shane MacGowan when he sings Shane MacGowan! Shane MacGowan! He sounds like Shane MacGowan when he sings I moved on to a collage and joined the football team I played defensive quarter back my game was tough and mean when we sang the national anthem just before the game began the crowd would hear my raspy voice and the shit would hit the fan Shane MacGowan! Shane MacGowan! He sounds like MacGowan when he sings Shane MacGowan! Shane MacGowan! He sounds like Shane MacGowan when he sings In this grimy bar in Dublin where You can still smoke if you like the beer was thin as water but they had an open mic So I had myself a Guinness and I stepped onto the stage but as I started singing this one guy began to rage Holy Moses! Holy Moses! he sounds exactly like me when he sings Holy Moses! Holy Moses! he sounds exactly like me when he sings From the table in the corner a ragged man appeared he threw himself around my neck while bursting into tears "I always thought I was alone but I was clearly wrong c'mon, lets sing a duet cause the whiskey won't last long" Shane MacGowan! Shane MacGowan! We sound like Shane MacGowan when we sing Shane MacGowan! Shane MacGowan! We sound like Shane MacGowan when we sing
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    @Pahchisme Plaid I typed in her name on youtube and it came up as suzanne! always go with your gut feeling. Yeah actually I can kind of hear myself in this, though I like to use a stronger voice. Heyyyyyy... Fall Out Boy sampled this...Still, you're the only one to give me the organic comment. So thank you so much Would be amazing to have people screaming back my lyrics! @MonoStone ok ok ok I'm going to change the arrangement entirely. Start with a blank slate except for the vocals. Let me see what I can do @M57Thank you for the advice about the EQ.... I've actually tried not to learn it any other way than just relying on my own ear.. But usually I just use to presets and they seem to do okay for my ears. Yeah, the more I think about it, the fuller the line "another kiss another miss" could be. I kind of like "another kiss, just a little bit" I don't have too much swagger but I'll definitely keep your comment in mind because I agree @HoboSage I allotted you too much praise. Hahahahaa no I agree, I have pitch problems. But at least that's not too hard to fix! Thanks Hobo Ok... so I'm gonna make a super pop one. *loses all morals* Thank you everyone
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    Hey now. I am not blackballing you. I"m merely boycotting your new works in progress by not commenting on them until you finish a previous one. There's a big difference.
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    Cheers Jenn - another 2 and a half minutes!!! And a huge instrumental break and a screaming chorus.... not asking for much I don't know if this track will go that way, but you can never tell where it will go. I didn't expect it to go here when I created that simple drum pattern.
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    I'm not at all sure how to take this. But, between your back handed compliments, and Rudi trying to tell me take a chill pill, I'm beginning to wish I hadn't penned this post.
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    Cheers Tom i will look at that also. Les
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    thank you for allowing me in your home :D!!!!
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    Hi Jenn, Having fun listening to your 2 songs here at home with some friends. We like both Mr. Fox and Something To Hold On To but Something To hold On To is the fav Peggy
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    I think you should take this and then go on another 2 and a half minutes with a huge instrumental break and then screaming chorus oh wait that's how I think every song should be
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    Meaning - I'd need time to think on that. But I recently watched some footage of some new robots...and felt weirdly sorry for the way they were treated...which means they're already getting attributes which trigger emotional response in us...which is a bit scary. Mixing - If you plan to have it redone in a studio then I guess there's no need to polish the mix, but maybe just a bit so that you get the feel you want.... if you haven't already (since my opinion shouldn't sway you... It's whatever feels good to you). I've been mixing a few years, but I don't consider myself to be anything close to an expert...I still make a mess sometimes and find help here. Comment on several tracks by others here and you'll find plenty of help in return
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    I agree with Monostone, the track is nice but I feel like I could really use just a little something more maybe a little bit of pads or bass used to Accentuate your voice not to drown it out, something to sort of pair with it maybe harmonize with it.
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    Maybe it's just an attempt by Spotify to gain users by making them sign up for an account (Ka-ching) to see if there songs are on there. LOL, or maybe it's time to change the tinfoil hat. I agree with Dave's plausible tentative theory though … for now.
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    Hi, Cassie. Gorgeous voice. I like the direction the edits are going. It's feeling reminiscent of Trisha Yearwood's The Song Remembers When -- has the same appreciation of the power of a song. I think it's true that songs don't always strike us the same and you don't have to back away from that. But building up a story around that truth could take away some of the sting that others have commented on. Your edits made me think about how some couples have "our song", but what happens after the breakup? One scenario that could fit with this hook is that one person (the singer) hangs onto all the good memories associated with the song, while to the other person it's "just a song". Then the hook becomes a metaphor for wondering if the relationship had been one-sided. In my head that's a very vulnerable and intimate frame to put around these lyrics. Think of Tim McGraw/Faith Hill Like We Never Loved At All-- where the singer is still attached to the relationship and wonders if they guy ever was. You've got a good start to that kind of story arc, starting with young love and maybe progressing to marriage and mid-life, etc. I thought the first 4 lines would make a great intro/outro and also suggested some pronoun tweaks. There's so much good stuff here! Thanks for sharing. ~T Intro A turn of the dial and I wanna cry Takes me back to you and I (grammatically, this should be "you and me" but for the sake of the rhyme let's go with it!) Just can't help but sing along but maybe to you it's just a song V1 brand new shoes on an old gym floor nobody saw us slipping out the door and driving around till the crack of dawn maybe to you it's just a song And I may not know exactly where I'm going but it helps sometimes to look back where I've been to just wrap myself in a melody and a memory so strong but maybe to you, maybe to you it's just a song
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    The simplest solution may be to get the phone# or email address of your collaborator & attach the sound file to a text or email. Don't even involve SoundCloud. Tom
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    Do you have a computer? You could download the recording to your computer, and then sign on here from your computer, browse your computer and then upload from there. OR, just connect your phone to your computer and sign on here from the computer. You should be able to browse your connected phone like any other connected storage device. Also, with your app, you may have to have the recording saved to your phone's SD card (and out of internal memory) to be able to upload it the Songstuff server directly from your phone.
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    Les, you don't say what kind of phone you have, but if you used a voice recorder app to record your message, your phone saves that recording in a file - just like it stores pictures and videos in a file. Look under you phone's "file manager" or "files" for file folders associated with the voice recorder app, or file folders for "audio" or "MP3," etc. -folders that indicate that's where a stored audio recording would be saved, as oppsed to pictures or videos. Then when you find the file for your recorded message, upload it to your PM here. * UPDATE: I just noticed you tagged this "galaxy s5." This may be of help to you. http://www.solvemix.com/index.php/android-smartphones/493-samsung-galaxy-s5-where-are-voice-memos-stored-recorded-with-the-voice-recorder
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    Hi guys! Here are two songs that I have been able to release recently. Both songs are written and sung by my self and produced by my friend and fellow artist JayRams. I would love to hear your feedback and any interest in the two songs. The first song is titled 'Sorry' - This song was written by me and is a piece of art dedicated to my children through a tough period of my life. This song is a piano/ballad type song. Lauren Jade - Sorry - Prod by JayRams The second song is called 'Dream Come True' is the one of the first songs I wrote and sung my self, the music was also produced by JayRams. This song is a more upbeat and dance type of song that you may find in the charts. Lauren Jade - Dream Come True - Prod by JayRams Many Thanks, Lauren Jade & JayRams.
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    When I was younger I was seeing geometric forms when I was intensely listening to music. I was genuinely seeing them coming out of my speakers and floating into my room. But I lost that superpower. :-) To answer your question, I don't picture the faces of the singers. Actually, I think I prefer when I don't know the face of the musicians I'm listening to. Because, even if unconsciously, it could alter the way I perceive their music.