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    The good news is this discussion isn't taking place within the confines of the forum. This is Symphonious7's Blog. Personally...I don't care BUT, if you don't mind, I will leave you with a word of caution. "Religion" is one of those infamous 3rd-rail-topics. Many feel they have a firm grasp on it, yet no 2 people I've ever known can agree on exactly what God is, much less what name he (or she) should be called. Because of that almost certain disagreement, the topic is discouraged on the website. I'm sorry gentlemen, but in the never-ending battle of "your God vs. my God" there are no winners...only pissed off losers. At the end of the day, we all get to believe whatever we wish to believe...and I wish to believe that's a good arrangement. Now, let's talk about a safe subject! How 'bout politics? Lololo..... Tom
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    There is only one copyright which is registered to the original writers of the song. I am unsure if you are able to copyright the arrangement if you have diversified from the original.
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    Very nice article, Tom! I just wonder how one can keep feeling creative when there is so much pressure to remain business minded. The bigger names have their business managers, so maybe there's some offload. What about the independent artists? How do they manage it all?
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    Good advice Tom, although regarding the $35 copyright fee I disagree that it is the only sure way of proving copyright ownership. It is important to remember that the vast majority of songwriters struggle to pay their bills let alone spend £39 copyrighting every song. As I understand it, even if you copyright a work with the US Library of Congress you will still need to take anyone who breaches your copyright to court to show that you legally own that copyright. Bearing in mind that most songwriters struggle with finances they would certainly not be in a position to hire a lawyer to fight a case especially if it was an entity like Sony records who was the perpetrator. So, what other alternatives are there for poorer songwriters; (1) Registered postage to oneself is out of the question because it doesn't hold up in a court of law. The reason for this is that it is almost impossible to prove that it has not been tampered with. (2) Posting your work on a website like Facebook, Twitter, Songstuff etc is lawfully proof of copyright as long as it is dated by that website and if your copyright is breached you can first ask your legal representative to send them a letter of `cease and desist` before taking the matter further. Some songwriters who have had their copyright breached by a known artist will sit back and wait until it has procured a great deal of revenue before taking action and whatever amount the song has earned it usually all gets paid to the copyright owner. I remember that in one particular case a whole albums revenue was awarded even though the album only contained one song that had breached copyright. (3) Copyrighting online with specialised companies is another option that you can consider. Copyrighthouse.com Charges a fee of about £10 per year to copyright an unlimited amount of songs. They maintain a register and also give you a downloadable/printable copyright certificate. (4) You can register your songs with your royalty collection agency. There are a number to choose from depending on your country of residence. Sesac, Ascap, BMI, PRS are just a few. I hope that this proves useful to those that are less wealthy than others.
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    Honestly Randy, your guess is as good as mine But if the guy's simply playing along with the track in the background, that's entirely possible. Every other cover I put up was claimed almost immediately...this was the odd one out, which is why I figured details were worth sharing. Tom
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    Well that's a new one on me! One of the last vids I shot for this series ("Too Many Hands") was just claimed by the owner of rights. What's strange is that it took 15+ months for this to occur. Bizarre Rather than monetize the video, they chose to block its' play in a single country. Guess which one? Yep, they blocked it in the U.S. Shame too, since that's probably the best one in the series. At least no one can accuse me of not going the extra mile. Back when I posted it, I remember thinking it was strange that no one laid claim to it right away. Days passed & still no claim from YouTube. So, I took it upon myself to contact then folks at YouTube...essentially reporting myself for use of copyrighted material. Still no response. As a last resort, I added a paragraph to the video description explaining the circumstances & specifying that I'd attempted to be proactive about my use of the material. Fifteen+ months passed, then today...someone laid claim to it. Go figure! Lol Chalk it up to yet another learning experience! Since it was a bit unusual, figured I'd share the circumstances here. Tom
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    Edit: I just reread what I wrote, and thought about how it came across. You need to understand I've been a shut in for YEARS studying God and becoming infactuated, it's difficult for me not to come on strong, and I see that I'm coming on TOO strong. I will try to curb this behavior into a something that considers YOUR forum, YOUR culture, YOUR feelings, more from now on. My apologies.
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    As I stated earlier, whatever works for you is personal, and it may not be what works for others. Everyone has their own path and I for one don't wish to push anything down anyones throats.
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    I believe that it's OK for a person to find out the way to their own spirit in whatever way they can. I believe in the teachings of Jesus but I also believe that we have had many great teachers in our history that can lead us to a path of righteousness. Once you tell someone that your way is the only way you are on stoney ground. I did not intend this to develope into a religious discussion, I was just relating my personal experience of where I believe my lyrics emanate from. In any case, there is a paragraph in the rules of this website that discourage religious discussion.
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    Hi, It's not just a lyric, it's a song. Look in your messages inbox in a couple of minutes A little gift for your private ears since you were the first person to comment and wish me well. Enjoy
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    That's awesome, Ray! I can see why, you've got some great lines in there! Lots of sentiment! Not sure how familiar you are over there with Faith Hill, but she's a pretty big name in country music over here. You most certainly have my hopes for your lyrics to be selected!
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    Congratulations Rudi. Enjoy it and keep busy. I bet it does feel weird with all the mixed emotions going on.
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    Unfortunately Randy, I do not know the answer to this one. But, as I'm always up for learning new things, I did a bit of research. I found nothing addressing the issue in any of the Library of Congress FAQ pages. When I Googled "copyrighting covers" I was presented with an array of online articles & articles & references. I quickly read through a couple of them. While none directly addressed your question, they did discuss in depth the process they went through to obtain the legal licensing & permissions to release their cover material. None of those articles even mentioned the subject of copyright. Bottom line - it's sounds like you're probably right. But, given that neither of us is an entertainment attorney, you may want to check with the Harry Fox folks. Chances are they've encountered the question before. A quick email may get you a definitive answer. Sorry I wasn't more help on this one! Tom
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    Tom, one more quick question as you may know the answer already. If I'm doing a cover song, do I really need to copyright it at all? I have gotten what I legally need from Harry Fox, just not sure about the actual copyright for covers.
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    ...an age-old question Sreyashi & one I do not have the answer to. Fortunately, it's not something I need to be terribly concerned about. There are advantages to remaining a hobbyist. Appreciate both your interest & comment...thanks!
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    I always give credit for my lyrics to God because I believe that when you are connected to God you are connected to your spirit where all creativity emanates from. I couldn't tell you who or what God is but to me it is a deep connection to oneself and the sum of your life experience and to make that connection you need to be able to look yourself in the eye and face the emotions that many prefer to avoid. I learned early on in life that their is no gain without pain and that by suppressing and avoiding pain it also deprives the soul of joy. When we open our soul and trust that all will be OK, we open the window to creativity.
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    Hey Symph! Nice see your name popping back up. I like this. God has a way of helping when you ask (and sometimes when you don't ask too!) I don't do mixes but can relate this to my songwriting on many of the points you've brought up here. Fear, striving for perfection, writing from the heart, knowing when to quit, being honest, and always grow and learn! See you around! Lisa