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    Absolutely. I believe as well that any pursuit which doesn't start with your love/interest for it will fall apart.
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    Hey LG.. When i joined Songstuff in 2013 i was recovering (or should i say "not recovering") from a broken relationship. For me to elaborate would be too complex. Let’s just say BPD (borderline personality disorder), like any mental illness, can wreak havoc on those suffering and anyone close to them. I’ve always been a songwriter with a dream that one day i’d record a song, but mostly i write because whether my head is in a good or bad place, its a 3rd dimension. If im looking for love, in love or falling out, or just in a stage of life, i can record my feelings and express myself. Its a diary of my emotional rollercoaster. Writers are artists and artists are creative, insightful, sensitive, i could go on. You can be an introvert and extrovert at the same time. You can put your feelings out there so people understand, and you can help yourself by clearing your head… I have not a shadow of doubt what you say is fact. Writing is self - help therapy. And to have a community where you can drop in anytime and express yourself, know someone is listening, and receive advice… Songstuff to me is far more than just a forum. Songstuff has been instrumental in my recovery. When i joined i had so much going on in my head but it was too hard for me to seek help from family or friends. I wrote every idea that came to mind. I wrote constantly. It was the only time i felt at peace. And i’ve made many friends, one in particular who i consider a close friend.. (hey BK!)..A good forum can be the ultimate release for a writer. It doesn’t matter how good or bad, experienced or not… if you feel the urge to write just do it.. All you need to be a “songwriter” is the desire… And thank you Songstuff! Neil