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    Thoughts and prayers with those in Manchester.
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    I hope you all have a wonderful Memorial Weekend. Thank you to our servicemen whose aim it is to protect this country and our freedoms.
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    Cut Her Some Slack By Dawn Robertson May/2017 From a beautiful land Way before time A vision was had That a woman was right For eternity following Men would truly try To tear down that woman And make her cry Men always thinking A woman's easier to control Without self confidence Without friends or her goals But the contrary realism Is far distant from that They just want their man To love them back Woman sacrifice and go without And not say a word They keep things inside And bury their hurt Until one day she just lets it out Often years in the making She purges the pain Often crying and shaking Then she is good again And just carries on Creating a better life for others With her wings on So the next time you feel That your woman is crazy You must think again She is far from lazy Just take five minutes And cut her some slack Let her know you see her struggles And that you have her back You will become even closer And she will love you even more There's nothing better to have Then a woman you adore She will glow like the heavens And make you feel complete Because she is born to love And you are born to receive
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    Nice to see you as the Featured Artist! Congrats!!
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    Tom Petty/Joe Walsh tonight! Merry Christmas.
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    I scan through the radio stations until I hear something new that really catches my ear in a good way. Then I realize what the song is about and that it's a christian radio station. I hate when that happens.